Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2003/044

Signcryption scheme for Identity-based Cryptosystems

Divya Nalla, K.C.Reddy

Abstract: An Identity-based cryptosystem is a Public Key cryptosystem in which the public keys of the entities are their identities, or strings derived from their identities. Signcryption combines digital signatures and encryption with a cost significantly smaller than that required for signature-then-encryption. This paper proposes an ID-based signcryption scheme based on bilinear pairings on elliptic curves. It is shown that the new scheme is an improved version of the existing signcryption scheme [10] by comparing the computations in both the schemes.

Category / Keywords: Signature, Signcryption, Identity based cryptosystems, ID-based signcryption, ID-based signatures.

Date: received 9 Mar 2003, last revised 2 Apr 2003, withdrawn 3 Apr 2003

Contact author: divya at msitprogram net

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Note: Theoretical proofs are being worked out.

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