Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2002/012

Exponent Group Signature Schemes and Efficient Identity Based Signature Schemes Based on Pairings

F. Hess

Abstract: We describe general exponent group signature schemes and show how these naturally give rise to identity based signature schemes if pairings are used. We prove these schemes to be secure in the random oracle model. Furthermore we describe a particular identity based signature scheme which is quite efficient in terms of bandwidth and computing time, and we develop a further scheme which is not derived from a general exponent group signature scheme. The realization of these schemes uses supersingular elliptic curves and the Tate pairing, which is more efficient than the Weil pairing. Finally we show that these schemes have a more natural solution, than Shamir's original scheme, to the ``escrow'' property that all identity based signature schemes suffer from.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Exponent group signatures, identity based signatures, Weil

Date: received 27 Jan 2002, last revised 29 Jan 2002

Contact author: florian at cs bris ac uk

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