Paper 1999/019

Security of all RSA and Discrete Log Bits

Johan Hastad and Mats Naslund


We study the security of individual bits in an RSA encrypted message E_N(x). We show that given E_N(x), predicting any single bit in x with only a non-negligible advantage over the trivial guessing strategy, is (through a polynomial time reduction) as hard as breaking RSA. Moreover, we prove that blocks of O(log log N) bits of x are computationally indistinguishable from random bits. The results carry over to the Rabin encryption scheme. Considering the discrete exponentiation function, g^x modulo p, with probability 1-o(1) over random choices of the prime p, the analog results are demonstrated. Finally, we prove that the bits of ax+b modulo p give hard core predicates for any one-way function f.

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Published elsewhere. Appeared in the THEORY OF CRYPTOGRAPHY LIBRARY and has been included in the ePrint Archive.
public key encryptionRSAdiscrete logbit securityhard core.
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mats naslund @ era-t ericsson se
1999-08-27: received
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