Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 1998/018

Security and Composition of Multi-party Cryptographic Protocols

Ran Canetti

Abstract: We present general definitions of security for multiparty cryptographic protocols and show that, using these definitions, security is preserved under a natural composition method.

The definitions follow the general paradigm of known definitions; yet some substantial modifications and simplifications are introduced. In particular, `black-box simulation' is no longer required. The composition method is essentially the natural `subroutine substitution' method suggested by Micali and Rogaway.

We first present the general definitional approach. Next we consider several settings for multiparty protocols. These include the cases of non-adaptive and adaptive adversaries, as well as the information-theoretic and the computational models.

Category / Keywords: Multiparty cryptographic protocols, security of protocols, secure composition of protocols.

Publication Info: Appeared in the THEORY OF CRYPTOGRAPHY LIBRARY and has been included in the ePrint Archive.

Date: received June 4th, 1998. Revised July 6, 1998. Re-revised January 3, 1999. Re-re-revised August 1999.

Contact author: canetti at watson ibm com

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