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Discussion forum for Cryptology ePrint Archive reports posted in 2008. Please put the report number in the subject.  
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  Happy New Year 5598  luolan  16-Jun-2010 11:38 
Last Post by sohail
  Question on GŁneysu & Paar's DSP based fast modular reduction unit 6416  Artur  06-May-2010 17:39 
Last Post by Artur
  Shamir's Cube attack == My AIDA attack ! !!! 12178  10  Vielhaber  16-Dec-2009 11:54 
Last Post by Vielhaber
  The EF-CMA case 6485  jrf  08-Oct-2009 23:17 
Last Post by jrf
  Padding 7170  jungk  21-Jan-2009 18:28 
Last Post by jungk
  2008/443 "how to break TRIVIUM": does this attack work? 6726  ciphergoth  28-Nov-2008 10:29 
Last Post by ciphergoth
  intelligent block ciphers 6684  luolan  08-Nov-2008 10:48 
Last Post by luolan
  Thanks for your paper 2008/405 7195  luolan  23-Oct-2008 13:03 
Last Post by luolan
  2008/409 (fast secret sharing): Am I missing something? 6804  mdw  19-Oct-2008 06:58 
Last Post by luolan
  2008/391: Could The 1-MSB Input Difference Be The Fastest Collision Attack For MD5 ? 6884  jiri.vabek  29-Sep-2008 16:42 
Last Post by jiri.vabek
  about 2008/296 7685  zhaoyaodong  31-Jul-2008 00:08 
Last Post by zhaoyaodong
  Birthday attack of DES: clearity of step 2 of 4 7215  prasanth.thandra  18-Jul-2008 07:45 
Last Post by prasanth.thandra
  a request 7254  fatima  05-Jul-2008 06:16 
Last Post by fatima
  a question about "secure index paper" bye GOH 7397  fatima  05-Jul-2008 06:13 
Last Post by fatima
  2008/128: A Chosen IV Attack Using Phase Shifting Equivalent Keys against DECIM v2 9277  Merlin.7  17-Apr-2008 08:01 
Last Post by Tib
  A general suggestion 7651  sultan  13-Apr-2008 08:04 
Last Post by eprint-forum-admin
  2008/034 and 2007/145 7601  trustedThirdParty  05-Feb-2008 19:53 
Last Post by CryptoNovice
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