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Discussion forum for Cryptology ePrint Archive reports posted in 2007. Please put the report number in the subject.  
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  Correct results on Almost everywhere secure computation (2007/346) 713  cryptography  13-Jul-2016 03:35 
Last Post by cryptography
  2007/401: Deus ex Machina? 9742  ShaiHalevi  02-Jun-2010 03:45 
Last Post by nkoblitz
  test 9930  thulasi  03-Jan-2008 10:47 
Last Post by thulasi
  2007/476: Dynamic SHA has weak expansion ME2 9554  Vlastimil Klima  29-Dec-2007 15:40 
Last Post by xuzijie
  2007/378 10040  mscott  12-Dec-2007 18:49 
Last Post by Sean O'Neil
  Report 2007/414, Optimizing double-base elliptic-curve single-scalar multiplication 9510  jamuir  23-Nov-2007 18:08 
Last Post by jamuir
  Misleading title for Report 2007/408 8652  pbarreto  16-Nov-2007 12:46 
Last Post by pbarreto
  RE Paper #2007/389: Similar results have been independently discovered by Iordanis Kerenidis and André Chailloux. 8236  Florin Ciocan  02-Nov-2007 09:48 
Last Post by Florin Ciocan
  2000/394 Garay and Ostrovsky technical report on "almost everywhere secure computation" 7465  cryptography  26-Oct-2007 15:19 
Last Post by cryptography
  your report on ePrint 8447  cryptography  19-Oct-2007 15:06 
Last Post by cryptography
  2007/377 (Extended Jacobi curves) 7809  Marc Joye  13-Oct-2007 17:21 
Last Post by evilcry
  2007/335 8546  alpkup  05-Oct-2007 20:18 
Last Post by alpkup
  2007/343 8655  dbrown  25-Sep-2007 18:12 
Last Post by dbrown
  The paper 07-217 seems interesting. 10122  otto  13-Aug-2007 15:02 
Last Post by pascal.paillier
  Security proofs for our M-IBE (report 2007/100) are provided 6912  Shengbao Wang  13-Aug-2007 07:23 
Last Post by Shengbao Wang
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