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Discussion forum for Cryptology ePrint Archive reports posted in 2015. Please put the report number in the subject. 
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  2016/957 923  biasse  05-Oct-2016 01:48 
Last Post by biasse
  Report 2015/326: Cryptanalysis Of An Authenticated Image Encryption Scheme Based On Chaotic Maps And Memory Cellular Automata 1164  atieh.bakhshandeh  11-Jun-2016 10:44 
Last Post by atieh.bakhshandeh
  The analysis in Report 2015/1257 is not correct 1956  wqwill  17-Jan-2016 08:37 
Last Post by wqwill
  2015/1087 may not be secure 2312  zzhang  24-Nov-2015 18:21 
Last Post by zzhang
  2015/650 It looks like not secure 3177  movax  06-Jul-2015 16:40 
Last Post by Oleksandr Kazymyrov
  2015/468 FHE for plaintexts from Z_p, with prime p, do not work? 2791  movax  11-Jun-2015 21:11 
Last Post by movax
  2015/313: Quantum attacks against the short PIP problem are not polynomial time 3624  biasse  07-May-2015 20:21 
Last Post by biasse
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