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Discussion forum for Cryptology ePrint Archive reports posted in 2011. Please put the report number in the subject. 
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  Paper 2011/631 has a fundamental flaw 3965  robdep  05-Aug-2012 19:43 
Last Post by Orr
  report 276/2011 3670  AG  16-Mar-2012 11:05 
Last Post by AG
  2011/694 3779  eoswald  13-Jan-2012 14:36 
Last Post by eoswald
  On Report 2011/361 3816  jsbaek  05-Jan-2012 20:31 
Last Post by jsbaek
  2011/625 double submission to CTRSA2012 and ICISC 2011 4979  ethz69  21-Nov-2011 21:55 
Last Post by ethz69
  2011/541 proposal is not new 5007  djb  08-Oct-2011 15:41 
Last Post by djb
  Error in Report 2011/516: Protecting AES with Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme by Louis Goubin and Ange Martinelli 4492  JPulkus  26-Sep-2011 09:53 
Last Post by JPulkus
  two questions about paper 2011/258 4045  Edition2  17-Sep-2011 14:28 
Last Post by Edition2
  [2011/063] Does anyone feel the notations in this paper are very difficult to follow? 5195  raullen  10-Sep-2011 02:14 
Last Post by michel2tiffin
  Eprint report 2011/312 4715  Orr  27-Jun-2011 18:41 
Last Post by Orr
  Self-Proving Mix net 3803  jivanyan  24-Jun-2011 12:39 
Last Post by jivanyan
  [211/2011] Been referred articles of V. Shorin and others have some mistakes. 4133  bzdtn  13-May-2011 09:35 
Last Post by bzdtn
  [2011/044] Another reference 4210  cohen082  02-Mar-2011 19:57 
Last Post by cohen082
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