Cryptology ePrint Archive: Recent Updates

2021/1543 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Zero Knowledge, Revisited (or: How to do Quantum Rewinding Undetectably)
Alex Lombardi and Fermi Ma and Nicholas Spooner
2021/1542 ( PDF )
An End-to-End Bitstream Tamper Attack Against Flip-Chip FPGAs
Fahim Rahman and Farimah Farahmandi and Mark Tehranipoor
2021/1541 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Security of COMET Authenticated Encryption Scheme
Shay Gueron and Ashwin Jha and Mridul Nandi
2021/1540 ( PDF )
Lightweight Swarm Authentication
George Teseleanu
2021/1539 ( PDF )
Route Discovery in Private Payment Channel Networks
Zeta Avarikioti and Mahsa Bastankhah and Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Jakub Svoboda and Michelle Yeo
2021/1538 ( PDF )
SIMC: ML Inference Secure Against Malicious Clients at Semi-Honest Cost
Nishanth Chandran and Divya Gupta and Sai Lakshmi Bhavana Obbattu and Akash Shah
2021/1537 ( PDF )
PNB-based Differential Cryptanalysis of ChaCha Stream Cipher
Shotaro Miyashita and Ryoma Ito and Atsuko Miyaji
2021/1536 ( PDF )
SoK: Tokenization on Blockchain
Gang Wang and Mark Nixon
2021/1535 ( PDF )
Light-OCB: Parallel Lightweight Authenticated Cipher with Full Security
Avik Chakraborti and Nilanjan Datta and Ashwin Jha and Cuauhtemoc Manicillas Lopez and Mridul Nandi
2021/1534 ( PDF )
An Optimized GHV-Type HE Scheme: Simpler, Faster, and More Versatile
Liang Zhao and Ze Chen and Liqun Chen and Xinyi Huang
2021/1533 ( PDF )
The Legendre Symbol and the Modulo-2 Operator in Symmetric Schemes over (F_p)^n
Lorenzo Grassi and Dmitry Khovratovich and Sondre Rønjom and Markus Schofnegger
2021/1532 ( PDF )
On the Download Rate of Homomorphic Secret Sharing
Ingerid Fosli and Yuval Ishai and Victor I. Kolobov and Mary Wootters
2021/1531 ( PDF )
Squint Hard Enough: Evaluating Perceptual Hashing with Machine Learning
Jonathan Prokos and Tushar M. Jois and Neil Fendley and Roei Schuster and Matthew Green and Eran Tromer and Yinzhi Cao
2021/1530 ( PDF )
Experimenting with Collaborative zk-SNARKs: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Distributed Secrets
Alex Ozdemir and Dan Boneh
2021/1529 ( PDF )
Autoguess: A Tool for Finding Guess-and-Determine Attacks and Key Bridges
Hosein Hadipour and Maria Eichlseder
2021/1528 ( PDF )
An Alternative Approach for Computing Discrete Logarithms in Compressed SIDH
Kaizhan Lin, Weize Wang, Lin Wang, and Chang-An Zhao
2021/1527 ( PDF )
CoHA-NTT: A Configurable Hardware Accelerator for NTT-based Polynomial Multiplication
Kemal Derya and Ahmet Can Mert and Erdinç Öztürk and Erkay Savaş
2021/1526 ( PDF )
A Performance Evaluation of Pairing-Based Broadcast Encryption Systems
Arush Chhatrapati and Susan Hohenberger and James Trombo and Satyanarayana Vusirikala
2021/1525 ( PDF )
Amortizing Rate-1 OT and Applications to PIR and PSI
Melissa Chase and Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Hajiabadi and Jialin Li and Peihan Miao
2021/1524 ( PDF )
An Improved Range Proof with Base-3 Construction
Esra Günsay and Cansu Betin Onur and Murat Cenk
2021/1523 ( PDF )
Perfect Trees: Designing Energy-Optimal Symmetric Encryption Primitives
Andrea Caforio and Subhadeep Banik and Yosuke Todo and Willi Meier and Takanori Isobe and Fukang Liu and Bin Zhang
2021/1522 ( PDF )
On Cryptocurrency Wallet Design
Ittay Eyal
2021/1521 ( PDF )
Security evaluation against side-channel analysis at compilation time
Nicolas Bruneau and Charles Christen and Jean-Luc Danger and Adrien Facon and Sylvain Guilley
2021/1520 ( PDF )
Ark of the ECC: An open-source ECDSA power analysis attack on a FPGA based Curve P-256 implementation
Jean-Pierre Thibault and Colin O’Flynn and Alex Dewar
2021/1519 ( PDF )
Practical Garbled RAM: GRAM with $O(\log^2 n)$ Overhead
David Heath and Vladimir Kolesnikov and Rafail Ostrovsky
2021/1518 ( PDF )
Revisiting Mutual Information Analysis: Multidimensionality, Neural Estimation and Optimality Proofs
Valence Cristiani and Maxime Lecomte and Philippe Maurine
2021/1517 ( PDF )
HOLMES: A Platform for Detecting Malicious Inputs in Secure Collaborative Computation
Weikeng Chen and Katerina Sotiraki and Ian Chang and Murat Kantarcioglu and Raluca Ada Popa
2021/1516 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Simulatable Extraction with Minimal Assumptions: Black-Box and Constant-Round
Nai-Hui Chia and Kai-Min Chung and Xiao Liang and Takashi Yamakawa
2021/1515 ( PDF )
Blockchain-based Security Framework for Critical Industry 4.0 Cyber-physical System
Ziaur Rahman and Ibrahim Khalil and Xun Yi and Mohammed Atiquzzaman
2021/1514 ( PDF )
Clarion: Anonymous Communication from Multiparty Shuffling Protocols
Saba Eskandarian and Dan Boneh
2021/1513 ( PDF )
InterTrust: Towards an Efficient Blockchain Interoperability Architecture with Trusted Services
Gang Wang and Mark Nixon
2021/1512 ( PDF )
Smile Markovski and Vesna Dimitrova and Zlatka Trajcheska and Marija Petkovska and Mile Kostadinoski and Damjan Buhov
2021/1511 ( PDF )
Compressed SIKE Round 3 on ARM Cortex-M4
Mila Anastasova and Mojtaba Bisheh-Niasar and Reza Azarderakhsh and Mehran Mozaffari Kermani
2021/1510 ( PDF )
Pattern Devoid Cryptography
Gideon Samid
2021/1509 ( PDF )
More Lessons: Analysis of PUF-based Authentication Protocols for IoT
Karim Lounis and Mohammad Zulkernine
2021/1508 ( PDF )
High-Speed Hardware Architectures and FPGA Benchmarking of CRYSTALS-Kyber, NTRU, and Saber
Viet Ba Dang and Kamyar Mohajerani and Kris Gaj
2021/1507 ( PDF )
Parallel Quantum Addition for Korean Block Cipher
Kyungbae Jang and Gyeongju Song and Hyunjun Kim and Hyeokdong Kwon and Hyunji Kim and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1506 ( PDF )
z-OTS: a one-time hash-based digital signaturescheme with fast verification
Amos Zheng and Marcos A. Simplicio Jr.
2021/1505 ( PDF )
EVA Improved: Compiler and Extension Library for CKKS
Sangeeta Chowdhary and Wei Dai and Kim Laine and Olli Saarikivi
2021/1504 ( PDF )
CCA SecureA Posteriori Openable Encryption in the Standard Model
Xavier Bultel
2021/1503 ( PDF )
Interaction-Preserving Compilers for Secure Computation
Nico Döttling and Vipul Goyal and Giulio Malavolta and Justin Raizes
2021/1502 ( PDF )
Strong and Tight Security Guarantees against Integral Distinguishers
Phil Hebborn and Baptiste Lambin and Gregor Leander and Yosuke Todo
2021/1501 ( PDF )
Relations between Privacy, Verifiability, Accountability and Coercion-Resistance in Voting Protocols
Alisa Pankova and Jan Willemson
2021/1500 ( PDF )
Succinct Erasure Coding Proof Systems
Nicolas Alhaddad and Sisi Duan and Mayank Varia and Haibin Zhang
2021/1499 ( PDF )
Improved Lattice-Based Mix-Nets for Electronic Voting
Valeh Farzaliyev and Jan Willemson and Jaan Kristjan Kaasik
2021/1498 ( PDF )
Rectangular, Range, and Restricted AONTs: Three Generalizations of All-or-Nothing Transforms
Navid Nasr Esfahani and Douglas Stinson
2021/1497 ( PDF )
GMMT: A Revocable Group Merkle Multi-Tree Signature Scheme
Mahmoud Yehia and Riham AlTawy and T. Aaron Gulliver
2021/1496 ( PDF )
Security Analysis Of DGM and GM Group Signature Schemes Instantiated With XMSS-T
Mahmoud Yehia and Riham AlTawy and T. Aaron Gulliver
2021/1495 ( PDF )
Veri fiable Obtained Random Subsets for Improving SPHINCS+
Mahmoud Yehia and Riham AlTawy and T. Aaron Gulliver
2021/1494 ( PDF )
On the efficiency of a general attack against the MOBS cryptosystem
Christopher Battarbee and Delaram Kahrobaei and Dylan Tailor and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2021/1493 ( PDF )
VASA: Vector AES Instructions for Security Applications
Jean-Pierre Münch and Thomas Schneider and Hossein Yalame
2021/1492 ( PDF )
SoK: Password-Authenticated Key Exchange -- Theory, Practice, Standardization and Real-World Lessons
Feng Hao and Paul C. van Oorschot
2021/1491 ( PDF )
The Hidden Lattice Problem
Luca Notarnicola and Gabor Wiese
2021/1490 ( PDF )
Aggregate Measurement via Oblivious Shuffling
Erik Anderson and Melissa Chase and F. Betul Durak and Esha Ghosh and Kim Laine and Chenkai Weng
2021/1489 ( PDF )
Estimating the Effectiveness of Lattice Attacks
Kotaro Abe and Makoto Ikeda
2021/1488 ( PDF )
SuperSolver: accelerating the Delfs-Galbraith algorithm with fast subfield root detection
Maria Corte-Real Santos and Craig Costello and Jia Shi
2021/1487 ( PDF )
A Cryptographic View of Deep-Attestation, or how to do Provably-Secure Layer-Linking
Ghada Arfaoui and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Thibaut Jacques and Pascal Lafourcade and Adina Nedelcu and Cristina Onete and Léo Robert
2021/1486 ( PDF )
Mitaka: a simpler, parallelizable, maskable variant of Falcon
Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and François Gérard and Mélissa Rossi and Akira Takahashi and Mehdi Tibouchi and Alexandre Wallet and Yang Yu
2021/1485 ( PDF )
On the Timing Leakage of the Deterministic Re-encryption in HQC KEM
Clemens Hlauschek and Norman Lahr and Robin Leander Schröder
2021/1484 ( PDF )
On Forging SPHINCS+-Haraka Signatures on a Fault-tolerant Quantum Computer
Robin M. Berger and Marcel Tiepelt
2021/1483 ( PDF )
A Practical Forward-Secure DualRing
Nan Li and Yingjiu Li and Atsuko Miyaji and Yangguang Tian and Tsz Hon Yuen
2021/1482 ( PDF )
The Optimal Error Resilience of Interactive Communication Over Binary Channels
Meghal Gupta and Rachel Yun Zhang
2021/1481 ( PDF )
Interactive Error Correcting Codes Over Binary Erasure Channels Resilient to $>\frac12$ Adversarial Corruption
Meghal Gupta and Yael Tauman Kalai and Rachel Zhang
2021/1480 ( PDF )
Extractors: Low Entropy Requirements Colliding With Non-Malleability
Eldon Chung and Maciej Obremski and Divesh Aggarwal
2021/1479 ( PDF )
Reducing the Cost of Machine Learning Differential Attacks Using Bit Selection and aPartial ML-Distinguisher
Amirhossein Ebrahimi and Francesco Regazzoni and Paolo Palmieri
2021/1478 ( PDF )
Zarcanum: A Proof-of-Stake Scheme for Confidential Transactions with Hidden Amounts
sowle and koe
2021/1477 ( PDF )
Multisignature with double threshold condition in the blockchain and its application to and strong keys generating
Ruslan Skuratovskii and Alexandr Kalenyk
2021/1476 ( PDF )
Multivariate public key cryptography with polynomial composition
Emile Hautefeuille
2021/1475 ( PDF )
Circuit-based PSI for Covid-19 Risk Scoring
Leonie Reichert and Marcel Pazelt and Björn Scheuermann
2021/1474 ( PDF )
Foundations of Transaction Fee Mechanism Design
Hao Chung and Elaine Shi
2021/1473 ( PDF )
Computational self-testing for entangled magic states
Akihiro Mizutani and Yuki Takeuchi and Ryo Hiromasa and Yusuke Aikawa and Seiichiro Tani
2021/1472 ( PDF )
Improving Cryptography Based On Entropoids
Anisha Mukherjee and Saibal K. Pal
2021/1471 ( PDF )
Efficient Searchable Symmetric Encryption for Join Queries
Charanjit Jutla and Sikhar Patranabis
2021/1470 ( PDF )
Concurrent-Secure Two-Party Computation in Two Rounds from Subexponential LWE
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Rex Fernando and Amit Sahai
2021/1469 ( PDF )
New Indifferentiability Security Proof of MDPH Hash Function
Chun Guo and Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu
2021/1468 ( PDF )
LeakageVerif: Scalable and Efficient Leakage Verification in Symbolic Expressions
Quentin L. Meunier and Etienne Pons and Karine Heydemann
2021/1467 ( PDF )
On the Round Complexity of Black-box Secure MPC
Yuval Ishai and Dakshita Khurana and Amit Sahai and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2021/1466 ( PDF )
On semigroups of multivariate transformations constructed in terms of time dependent linguistic graphs and solutions of Post Quantum Multivariate Cryptography.
V. Ustimenko
2021/1465 ( PDF )
Themis: Fast, Strong Order-Fairness in Byzantine Consensus
Mahimna Kelkar and Soubhik Deb and Sishan Long and Ari Juels and Sreeram Kannan
2021/1464 ( PDF )
Polynomial-time targeted attacks on coin tossing for any number of corruptions
Omid Etesami and Ji Gao and Saeed Mahloujifar and Mohammad Mahmoody
2021/1463 ( PDF )
3-Party Distributed ORAM from Oblivious Set Membership
Brett Hemenway Falk and Daniel Noble and Rafail Ostrovsky
2021/1462 ( PDF )
Prime pairing in algorithms searching for smooth group order
Pavel Atnashev and George Woltman
2021/1461 ( PDF )
A Unified Cryptoprocessor for Lattice-based Signature and Key-exchange
Aikata and Ahmet Can Mert and David Jacquemin and Amitabh Das and Donald Matthews and Santosh Ghosh and Sujoy Sinha Roy
2021/1460 ( PDF )
Fine-Grained Cryptanalysis: Tight Conditional Bounds for Dense k-SUM and k-XOR
Itai Dinur and Nathan Keller and Ohad Klein
2021/1459 ( PDF )
Privacy-preserving Identity Management System
Jeonghyuk Lee and Jaekyung Choi and Hyunok Oh and Jihye Kim
2021/1458 ( PDF )
QC-MDPC codes DFR and the IND-CCA security of BIKE
Valentin Vasseur
2021/1457 ( PDF )
An In-Depth Symbolic Security Analysis of the ACME Standard
Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Abhishek Bichhawat and Quoc Huy Do and Pedram Hosseyni and Ralf Kuesters and Guido Schmitz and Tim Wuertele
2021/1456 ( PDF )
Server-Aided Continuous Group Key Agreement
Joël Alwen and Dominik Hartmann and Eike Kiltz and Marta Mularczyk
2021/1455 ( PDF )
Dynamic Random Probing Expansion with Quasi Linear Asymptotic Complexity
Sonia Belaïd and Matthieu Rivain and Abdul Rahman Taleb and Damien Vergnaud
2021/1454 ( PDF )
Russian Federal Remote E-voting Scheme of 2021 -- Protocol Description and Analysis
Jelizaveta Vakarjuk and Nikita Snetkov and Jan Willemson
2021/1453 ( PDF )
A State-Separating Proof for Yao’s Garbling Scheme
Chris Brzuska and Sabine Oechsner
2021/1452 ( PDF )
A Lightweight Implementation of Saber Resistant Against Side-Channel Attacks
Abubakr Abdulgadir and Kamyar Mohajerani and Viet Ba Dang and Jens-Peter Kaps and Kris Gaj
2021/1451 ( PDF )
High-Performance Hardware Implementation of CRYSTALS-Dilithium
Luke Beckwith and Duc Tri Nguyen and Kris Gaj
2021/1450 ( PDF )
Efficient Zero-Knowledge Argument in Discrete Logarithm Setting: Sublogarithmic Proof or Sublinear Verifier
Hyeonbum Lee and Jae Hong Seo
2021/1449 ( PDF )
One-more Unforgeability of Blind ECDSA
Xianrui Qin and Cailing Cai and Tsz Hon Yuen
2021/1448 ( PDF )
Secure Featurization and Applications to Secure Phishing Detection
Akash Shah and Nishanth Chandran and Mesfin Dema and Divya Gupta and Arun Gururajan and Huan Yu
2021/1447 ( PDF )
Mixed Certificate Chains for the Transition to Post-Quantum Authentication in TLS 1.3
Sebastian Paul and Yulia Kuzovkova and Norman Lahr and Ruben Niederhagen
2021/1446 ( PDF )
Batch point compression in the context of advanced pairing-based protocols
Dmitrii Koshelev
2021/1445 ( PDF )
Sleepy Channels: Bitcoin-Compatible Bi-directional Payment Channels without Watchtowers
Lukas Aumayr and Sri AravindaKrishnan Thyagarajan and Giulio Malavolta and Pedro Monero-Sánchez and Matteo Maffei
2021/1444 ( PDF )
Streamlined NTRU Prime on FPGA
Bo-Yuan Peng and Adrian Marotzke and Ming-Han Tsai and Bo-Yin Yang and Ho-Lin Chen
2021/1443 ( PDF )
Platypus: A Central Bank Digital Currency with Unlinkable Transactions and Privacy Preserving Regulation
Karl Wüst and Kari Kostiainen and Srdjan Capkun
2021/1442 ( PDF )
$P/poly$ Invalidity of the Agr17 Functional Encryption Scheme
Yupu Hu and Jun Liu and Baocang Wang and Xingting Dong and Yanbin Pan
2021/1441 ( PDF )
Length-preserving encryption with HCTR2
Paul Crowley and Nathan Huckleberry and Eric Biggers
2021/1440 ( PDF )
Improved Circuit-based PSI via Equality Preserving Compression
Kyoohyung Han and Dukjae Moon and Yongha Son
2021/1439 ( PDF )
An Addendum to the ZUC-256 Stream Cipher
ZUC Design Team
2021/1438 ( PDF )
Incremental Offline/Online PIR (extended version)
Yiping Ma and Ke Zhong and Tal Rabin and Sebastian Angel
2021/1437 ( PDF )
ModuloNET: Neural Networks Meet Modular Arithmetic for Efficient Hardware Masking
Anuj Dubey and Afzal Ahmad and Muhammad Adeel Pasha and Rosario Cammarota and Aydin Aysu
2021/1436 ( PDF )
Efficient Representation of Numerical Optimization Problems for SNARKs
Sebastian Angel and Andrew J. Blumberg and Eleftherios Ioannidis and Jess Woods
2021/1435 ( PDF )
Vectorial Decoding Algorithm for Fast Correlation Attack and Its Applications to Stream Cipher Grain-128a
ZhaoCun Zhou and DengGuo Feng and Bin Zhang
2021/1434 ( PDF )
The Language's Impact on the Enigma Machine
Daniel Matyas Perendi and Prosanta Gope
2021/1433 ( PDF )
Oblivious Transfer from Trapdoor Permutations in Minimal Rounds
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Michele Ciampi and Vipul Goyal and Abhishek Jain and Rafail Ostrovsky
2021/1432 ( PDF )
Wavelet: Code-based postquantum signatures with fast verification on microcontrollers
Gustavo Banegas and Thomas Debris-Alazard and Milena Nedeljković and Benjamin Smith
2021/1431 ( PDF )
Secure and Efficient Multi-Key FHE Scheme Supporting Multi-bit Messages from LWE Preserving Non-Interactive Decryption
Chinmoy Biswas and Ratna Dutta
2021/1430 ( PDF )
Improved Zero-Knowledge Argument of Encrypted Extended Permutation
Yi Liu and Qi Wang and Siu-Ming Yiu
2021/1429 ( PDF )
Reviewing ISO/IEC Standard for Time-stamping Services
Long Meng and Liqun Chen
2021/1428 ( PDF )
Non-randomness of S-unit lattices
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
2021/1427 ( PDF )
Public-Key Quantum Money with a Classical Bank
Omri Shmueli
2021/1426 ( PDF )
On Unpadded NTRU Quantum (In)Security
Théodore Conrad-Frenkiel and Rémi Géraud-Stewart and David Naccache
2021/1425 ( PDF )
Improving First-Order Threshold Implementations of SKINNY
Andrea Caforio and Daniel Collins and Ognjen Glamocanin and Subhadeep Banik
2021/1424 ( PDF )
PREs with HRA Security and Key Privacy Based on Standard LWE Assumptions
Yang Wang and Yanmin Zhao and Mingqiang Wang
2021/1423 ( PDF )
Encryption to the Future: A Paradigm for Sending Secret Messages to Future (Anonymous) Committees
Matteo Campanelli and Bernardo David and Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh and Anders Konring and Jesper Buus Nielsen
2021/1422 ( PDF )
Higher-Order Masked Ciphertext Comparison for Lattice-Based Cryptography
Jan-Pieter D'Anvers and Daniel Heinz and Peter Pessl and Michiel van Beirendonck and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2021/1421 ( PDF )
Breaking the $IKEp182 Challenge
Aleksei Udovenko and Giuseppe Vitto
2021/1420 ( PDF )
Extending the Tally-Hiding Ordinos System: Implementations for Borda, Hare-Niemeyer, Condorcet, and Instant-Runoff Voting
Fabian Hertel and Nicolas Huber and Jonas Kittelberger and Ralf Kuesters and Julian Liedtke and Daniel Rausch
2021/1419 ( PDF )
With a Little Help from My Friends: Constructing Practical Anonymous Credentials
Lucjan Hanzlik and Daniel Slamanig
2021/1418 ( PDF )
Autoencoder Assist: An Efficient Profiling Attack on High-dimensional Datasets
Qi Lei and Zijia Yang and Qin Wang and Yaoling Ding and Zhe Ma and An Wang
2021/1417 ( PDF )
How to Handle Invalid Queries for Malicious-Private Protocols Based on Homomorphic Encryption
Koji Nuida
2021/1416 ( PDF )
SME: Scalable Masking Extensions
Ben Marshall and Dan Page
2021/1415 ( PDF )
A Note on the Pseudorandomness of Low-Degree Polynomials over the Integers
Aayush Jain and Alexis Korb and Paul Lou and Amit Sahai
2021/1414 ( PDF )
Exploring Feature Selection Scenarios for Deep Learning-based Side-Channel Analysis
Guilherme Perin and Lichao Wu and Stjepan Picek
2021/1413 ( PDF )
Three Attacks on Proof-of-Stake Ethereum
Caspar Schwarz-Schilling and Joachim Neu and Barnabé Monnot and Aditya Asgaonkar and Ertem Nusret Tas and David Tse
2021/1412 ( PDF )
A Unified Framework of Homomorphic Encryption for Multiple Parties with Non-Interactive Setup
Hyesun Kwak and Dongwon Lee and Yongsoo Song and Sameer Wagh
2021/1411 ( PDF )
Analysis of Client-side Security for Long-term Time-stamping Services
Long Meng and Liqun Chen
2021/1410 ( PDF )
Franchised Quantum Money
Bhaskar Roberts and Mark Zhandry
2021/1409 ( PDF )
Hiding in Plain Sight: Memory-tight Proofs via Randomness Programming
Ashrujit Ghoshal and Riddhi Ghosal and Joseph Jaeger and Stefano Tessaro
2021/1408 ( PDF )
Focus is Key to Success: A Focal Loss Function for Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis
Maikel Kerkhof and Lichao Wu and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/1407 ( PDF )
A Concrete Treatment of Efficient Continuous Group Key Agreement via Multi-Recipient PKEs
Keitaro Hashimoto and Shuichi Katsumata and Eamonn Postlethwaite and Thomas Prest and Bas Westerbaan
2021/1406 ( PDF )
Non-Slanderability of Linkable Spontaneous Anonymous Group Signature (LSAG)
Veronika Kuchta and Joseph K. Liu
2021/1405 ( PDF )
Leaking Arbitrarily Many Secrets: Any-out-of-Many Proofs and Applications to RingCT Protocols
Tianyu Zheng and Shang Gao and Bin Xiao and Yubo Song
2021/1404 ( PDF )
Non-interactive Distributional Indistinguishability (NIDI) and Non-Malleable Commitments
Dakshita Khurana
2021/1403 ( PDF )
Efficient Adaptively-Secure Byzantine Agreement for Long Messages
Amey Bhangale and Chen-Da Liu-Zhang and Julian Loss and Kartik Nayak
2021/1402 ( PDF )
Guide to Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the [Discretized] Torus
Marc Joye
2021/1401 ( PDF )
HIDE & SEEK: Privacy-Preserving Rebalancing on Payment Channel Networks
Zeta Avarikioti and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Iosif Salem and Stefan Schmid and Samarth Tiwari and Michelle Yeo
2021/1400 ( PDF )
Three Input Exclusive-OR Gate Support For Boyar-Peralta's Algorithm (Extended Version)
Anubhab Baksi and Vishnu Asutosh Dasu and Banashri Karmakar and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Takanori Isobe
2021/1399 ( PDF )
Iterated Inhomogeneous Polynomials
Jiaxin Guan and Mark Zhandry
2021/1398 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Almost-Everywhere Secure Computation
Nishanth Chandran and Pouyan Forghani and Juan Garay and Rafail Ostrovsky and Rutvik Patel and Vassilis Zikas
2021/1397 ( PDF )
Practical Non-interactive Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing with Thousands of Parties
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Vadim Lyubashevsky
2021/1396 ( PDF )
NTT software optimization using an extended Harvey butterfly
Jonathan Bradbury and Nir Drucker and Marius Hillenbrand
2021/1395 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Secret Sharing for Multipartite and General Adversary Structures Supporting Parallel Evaluation of Low-degree Polynomials
Reo Eriguchi and Koji Nuida
2021/1394 ( PDF )
Rethinking Modular Multi-Exponentiation in Real-World Applications
Vidal Attias and Luigi Vigneri and Vassil Dimitrov
2021/1393 ( PDF )
Fiat–Shamir Bulletproofs are Non-Malleable (in the Algebraic Group Model)
Chaya Ganesh and Claudio Orlandi and Mahak Pancholi and Akira Takahashi and Daniel Tschudi
2021/1392 ( PDF )
Differential fault attack on DEFAULT
Chandan Dey and Sumit Kumar Pandey and Tapabrata Roy and Santanu Sarkar
2021/1391 ( PDF )
A note on a Claim of Eldar & Hallgren: LLL already solves it
Léo Ducas and Wessel van Woerden
2021/1390 ( PDF )
UC Secure Private Branching Program and Decision Tree Evaluation
Keyu Ji and Bingsheng Zhang and Tianpei Lu and Lichun Li and Kui Ren
2021/1389 ( PDF )
DPCrypto: Acceleration of Post-quantum Cryptographic Algorithms using Dot-Product Instruction on GPUs
Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo and Seong Oun Hwang and Angshuman Karmakar and Jose Maria Bermudo Mera and Ramachandra Achar
2021/1388 ( PDF )
MILES: Modeling Large S-box in MILP Based Differential Characteristic Search
Tarun Yadav and Manoj Kumar
2021/1387 ( PDF )
Triplicate functions
Lilya Budaghyan and Ivana Ivkovic and Nikolay Kaleyski
2021/1386 ( PDF )
Efficient Threshold-Optimal ECDSA
Michaella Pettit
2021/1385 ( PDF )
BlindOR: An Efficient Lattice-Based Blind Signature Scheme from OR-Proofs
Nabil Alkeilani Alkadri and Patrick Harasser and Christian Janson
2021/1384 ( PDF )
Log-S-unit lattices using Explicit Stickelberger Generators to solve Approx Ideal-SVP
Olivier Bernard and Andrea Lesavourey and Tuong-Huy Nguyen and Adeline Roux-Langlois
2021/1383 ( PDF )
MHz2k: MPC from HE over $\mathbb{Z}_{2^k}$ with New Packing, Simpler Reshare, and Better ZKP
Jung Hee Cheon and Dongwoo Kim and Keewoo Lee
2021/1382 ( PDF )
ZPiE: Zero-knowledge Proofs in Embedded systems
Xavier Salleras and Vanesa Daza
2021/1381 ( PDF )
Multi-Authority ABE, Revisited
Miguel Ambrona and Romain Gay
2021/1380 ( PDF )
Orca: Blocklisting in Sender-Anonymous Messaging
Nirvan Tyagi and Julia Len and Ian Miers and Thomas Ristenpart
2021/1379 ( PDF )
Ofelimos: Combinatorial Optimization via Proof-of-Useful-Work \\ A Provably Secure Blockchain Protocol
Matthias Fitzi and Aggelos Kiayias and Giorgos Panagiotakos and Alexander Russell
2021/1378 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Efficient Masked Ciphers: Applications to Low Latency
Tim Beyne and Siemen Dhooghe and Amir Moradi and Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi
2021/1377 ( PDF )
Fiat-Shamir Transformation of Multi-Round Interactive Proofs
Thomas Attema and Serge Fehr and Michael Klooß
2021/1376 ( PDF )
Phoenix: Secure Computation in an Unstable Network with Dropouts and Comebacks
Ivan Damgård and Daniel Escudero and Antigoni Polychroniadou
2021/1375 ( PDF )
How to Prove Schnorr Assuming Schnorr: Security of Multi- and Threshold Signatures
Elizabeth Crites and Chelsea Komlo and Mary Maller
2021/1374 ( PDF )
Information-Combining Differential Fault Attacks on DEFAULT
Marcel Nageler and Christoph Dobraunig and Maria Eichlseder
2021/1373 ( PDF )
Highly Efficient OT-Based Multiplication Protocols
Iftach Haitner and Nikolaos Makriyannis and Samuel Ranellucci and Eliad Tsfadia
2021/1372 ( PDF )
Arrows in a Quiver: A Secure Certificateless Group Key Distribution Protocol for Drones
Eugene Frimpong and Reyhaneh Rabbaninejad and Antonis Michalas
2021/1371 ( PDF )
A Generic Construction of CCA-secure Attribute-based Encryption with Equality Test
Kyoichi Asano and Keita Emura and Atsushi Takayasu and Yohei Watanabe
2021/1370 ( PDF )
Masquerade: Verifiable Multi-Party Aggregation with Secure Multiplicative Commitments
Dimitris Mouris and Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos
2021/1369 ( PDF )
Faster Isogenies for Quantum-Safe SIKE
Rami Elkhatib and Brian Koziel and Reza Azarderakhsh
2021/1368 ( PDF )
Group Signatures and Accountable Ring Signatures from Isogeny-based Assumptions
Kai-Min Chung and Yao-Ching Hsieh and Mi-Ying Huang and Yu-Hsuan Huang and Tanja Lange and Bo-Yin Yang
2021/1367 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Hybrid Steganography deployed in hospitals for compression of medical images
Avinash Vijayarangan, K.R. Sekar, R. Srikanth
2021/1366 ( PDF )
Group Signatures and More from Isogenies and Lattices: Generic, Simple, and Efficient
Ward Beullens and Samuel Dobson and Shuichi Katsumata and Yi-Fu Lai and Federico Pintore
2021/1365 ( PDF )
Collusion Resistant Revocable Ring Signatures and Group Signatures from Hard Homogeneous Spaces
Yi-Fu Lai and Samuel Dobson
2021/1364 ( PDF )
Non-applicability of the Gaborit&Aguilar-Melchor patent to Kyber and Saber
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Damien Stehlé
2021/1363 ( PDF )
On Entropy and Bit Patterns of Ring Oscillator Jitter
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2021/1362 ( PDF )
Practical Multiple Persistent Faults Analysis
Hadi Soleimany and Nasour Bagheri and Hosein Hadipour and Prasanna Ravi and Shivam Bhasin and Sara Mansouri
2021/1361 ( PDF )
Plumo: An Ultralight Blockchain Client
Psi Vesely and Kobi Gurkan and Michael Straka and Ariel Gabizon and Philipp Jovanovic and Georgios Konstantopoulos and Asa Oines and Marek Olszewski and and Eran Tromer
2021/1360 ( PDF )
Updatable Trapdoor SPHFs: Modular Construction of Updatable Zero-Knowledge Arguments and More
Behzad Abdolmaleki and Daniel Slamanig
2021/1359 ( PDF )
Families of SNARK-friendly 2-chains of elliptic curves
Youssef El Housni and Aurore Guillevic
2021/1358 ( PDF )
The Hardness of LWE and Ring-LWE: A Survey
David Balbás
2021/1357 ( PDF )
Two-Round Concurrently Secure Two-Party Computation
Behzad Abdolmaleki and Giulio Malavolta and Ahmadreza Rahimi
2021/1356 ( PDF )
Structural Mutual Information and Its Application
Youliang Tian and Zhiying Zhang and Jinbo Xiong and Jianfeng Ma
2021/1355 ( PDF )
Curve448 on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4
Hwajeong Seo and Reza Azarderakhsh
2021/1354 ( PDF )
SoK: On the Security of Cryptographic Problems from Linear Algebra
Carl Bootland and Wouter Castryck and Alan Szepieniec and Frederik Vercauteren
2021/1353 ( PDF )
Noise-Tolerant Quantum Tokens for MAC
Amit Behera and Or Sattath and Uriel Shinar
2021/1352 ( PDF )
A Thorough Treatment of Highly-Efficient NTRU Instantiations
Julien Duman and Kathrin Hövelmanns and Eike Kiltz and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler and Dominique Unruh
2021/1351 ( PDF )
Faster Lattice-Based KEMs via a Generic Fujisaki-Okamoto Transform Using Prefix Hashing
Julien Duman and Eike Kiltz and Kathrin Hövelmanns and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler
2021/1350 ( PDF )
Generalized Proof of Liabilities
Yan Ji and Konstantinos Chalkias
2021/1349 ( PDF )
Updatable Private Set Intersection
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Peihan Miao and Tiancheng Xie
2021/1348 ( PDF )
Beyond quadratic speedups in quantum attacks on symmetric schemes
Xavier Bonnetain and André Schrottenloher and Ferdinand Sibleyras
2021/1347 ( PDF )
TOTA: Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Smaller Parameters and Stronger Security
Zhaomin Yang and Xiang Xie and Huajie Shen and Shiying Chen and Jun Zhou
2021/1346 ( PDF )
WeStat: a Privacy-Preserving Mobile Data Usage Statistics System
Sébastien Canard and Nicolas Desmoulins and Sébastien Hallay and Adel Hamdi and Dominique Le Hello
2021/1345 ( PDF )
New Attacks on LowMC instances with a Single Plaintext/Ciphertext pair
Subhadeep Banik and Khashayar Barooti and Serge Vaudenay and Hailun Yan
2021/1344 ( PDF )
Racing BIKE: Improved Polynomial Multiplication and Inversion in Hardware
Jan Richter-Brockmann and Ming-Shing Chen and Santosh Ghosh and Tim Güneysu
2021/1343 ( PDF )
A Non-heuristic Approach to Time-space Tradeoffs and Optimizations for BKW
Hanlin Liu and Yu Yu
2021/1342 ( PDF )
Efficient Functional Commitments: How to Commit to Private Functions
Dan Boneh and Wilson Nguyen and Alex Ozdemir
2021/1341 ( PDF )
Anonymous Whistleblowing over Authenticated Channels
Thomas Agrikola and Geoffroy Couteau and Sven Maier
2021/1340 ( PDF )
TEDT2 - Highly Secure Leakage-resilient TBC-based Authenticated Encryption
Eik List
2021/1339 ( PDF )
Safe-Error Analysis of Post-Quantum Cryptography Mechanisms
Luk Bettale and Simon Montoya and Guénaël Renault
2021/1338 ( PDF )
Embedded Multilayer Equations: a New Hard Problem for Constructing Post-Quantum Signatures Smaller than RSA (without Hardness Assumption)
Dongxi Liu
2021/1337 ( PDF )
Large-Precision Homomorphic Sign Evaluation using FHEW/TFHE Bootstrapping
Zeyu Liu and Daniele Micciancio and Yuriy Polyakov
2021/1336 ( PDF )
Improved Computational Extractors and their Applications
Dakshita Khurana and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2021/1335 ( PDF )
Integer Functions Suitable for Homomorphic Encryption over Finite Fields
Ilia Iliashenko and Christophe Nègre and Vincent Zucca
2021/1334 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from LPN over F_p, DLIN, and PRGs in NC^0
Aayush Jain and Huijia Lin and Amit Sahai
2021/1333 ( PDF )
Paradoxical Compression with Verifiable Delay Functions
Thomas Pornin
2021/1332 ( PDF )
On the Lattice Isomorphism Problem, Quadratic Forms, Remarkable Lattices, and Cryptography
Léo Ducas and Wessel van Woerden
2021/1331 ( PDF )
Communicating Through Subliminal-Free Signatures
George Teseleanu
2021/1330 ( PDF )
On the security of ECDSA with additive key derivation and presignatures
Jens Groth and Victor Shoup
2021/1329 ( PDF )
Trail Search with CRHS Equations
John Petter Indrøy and Håvard Raddum
2021/1328 ( PDF )
Cross-Subkey Deep-Learning Side-Channel Analysis
Fanliang Hu and Huanyu Wang and Junnian Wang
2021/1327 ( PDF )
Secure Multiparty Computation in the Bounded Storage Model
Jiahui Liu and Satyanarayana Vusirikala
2021/1326 ( PDF )
FuzzyKey: Comparing Fuzzy Cryptographic Primitives on Resource-Constrained Devices
Mo Zhang and Eduard Marin and David Oswald and Dave Singelee
2021/1325 ( PDF )
Decentralized Multi-Authority ABE for NC^1 from Computational-BDH
Pratish Datta and Ilan Komargodski and Brent Waters
2021/1324 ( PDF )
Lockable Obfuscation from Circularly Insecure Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Kamil Kluczniak
2021/1323 ( PDF )
Anonymity of NIST PQC Round-3 KEMs
Keita Xagawa
2021/1322 ( PDF )
A New Adaptive Attack on SIDH
Tako Boris Fouotsa and Christophe Petit
2021/1321 ( PDF )
Blockchain-based Privacy-preserving Fair Data Trading Protocol
Yao Jiang Galteland and Shuang Wu
2021/1320 ( PDF )
Faster Key Generation of Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman
Kaizhan Lin and Fangguo Zhang and Chang-An Zhao
2021/1319 ( PDF )
Maliciously-Secure MrNISC in the Plain Model
Rex Fernando and Aayush Jain and Ilan Komargodski
2021/1318 ( PDF )
A Supersingular Isogeny-Based Ring Signature
Maryam Sheikhi Garjan and N. Gamze Orhon Kılıç and Murat Cenk
2021/1317 ( PDF )
m-Stability: Threshold Security Meets Transferable Utility
Osman Biçer and Burcu Yıldız and Alptekin Küpçü
2021/1316 ( PDF )
Towards Human Dependency Elimination: AI Approach to SCA Robustness Assessment
Unai Rioja and Lejla Batina and Igor Armendariz and Jose Luis Flores
2021/1315 ( PDF )
Certified Everlasting Zero-Knowledge Proof for QMA
Taiga Hiroka and Tomoyuki Morimae and Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa
2021/1314 ( PDF )
High-order Table-based Conversion Algorithms and Masking Lattice-based Encryption
Jean-Sébastien Coron and François Gérard and Simon Montoya and Rina Zeitoun
2021/1313 ( PDF )
Hybrid Memristor-CMOS Obfuscation Against Untrusted Foundries
Amin Rezaei and Jie Gu and Hai Zhou
2021/1312 ( PDF )
Selectively Linkable Group Signatures - Stronger Security and Preserved Verifiability
Ashley Fraser and Lydia Garms and Anja Lehmann
2021/1311 ( PDF )
Power analysis attack on Kyber
Alexandre Karlov and Natacha Linard de Guertechin
2021/1310 ( PDF )
Related-Tweak Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round TweAES
Chao Niu and Muzhou Li and Meiqin Wang and Qingju Wang and Siu-Ming Yiu
2021/1309 ( PDF )
Faster Final Exponentiation on the KSS18 Curve
Shiping Cai and Zhi Hu and Chang-An Zhao
2021/1308 ( PDF )
No-Commit Proofs: Defeating Livelock in BFT
Neil Giridharan and Heidi Howard and Ittai Abraham and Natacha Crooks and Alin Tomescu
2021/1307 ( PDF )
In-depth Analysis of Side-Channel Countermeasures for CRYSTALS-Kyber Message Encoding on ARM Cortex-M4
Hauke Malte Steffen and Lucie Johanna Kogelheide and Timo Bartkewitz
2021/1306 ( PDF )
Probabilistic micropayments with transferability
Taisei Takahashi and Akira Otsuka
2021/1305 ( PDF )
(Compact) Adaptively Secure FE for Attribute-Weighted Sums from k-Lin
Pratish Datta and Tapas Pal
2021/1304 ( PDF )
An Open Problem on the Bentness of Mesnager’s Functions
Chunming Tang and Peng Han and Qi Wang and Jun Zhang and Yanfeng Qi
2021/1303 ( PDF )
Black-Box Accumulation Based on Lattices
Sebastian H. Faller and Pascal Baumer and Michael Klooß and Alexander Koch and Astrid Ottenhues and Markus Raiber
2021/1302 ( PDF )
Using Blockchain to Achieve Decentralized Privacy In IoT Healthcare
Sajad Meisami and Mohammad Beheshti-Atashgah and Mohammad Reza Aref
2021/1301 ( PDF )
An Isogeny-Based ID Protocol Using Structured Public Keys
Karim Baghery and Daniele Cozzo and Robi Pedersen
2021/1300 ( PDF )
Report and Trace Ring Signatures
Ashley Fraser and Elizabeth A. Quaglia
2021/1299 ( PDF )
Towards Quantum Large-Scale Password Guessing on Real-World Distributions
Markus Dürmuth and Maximilian Golla and Philipp Markert and Alexander May and Lars Schlieper
2021/1298 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Authentication with Lightweight Cryptographic Primitives
Henrique Faria and José Manuel Valença
2021/1297 ( PDF )
Listen to Your Heart: Evaluation of the Cardiologic Ecosystem
Endres Puschner and Christoph Saatjohann and Markus Willing and Christian Dresen and Julia Köbe and Benjamin Rath and Christof Paar and Lars Eckardt and Uwe Haverkamp and Sebastian Schinzel
2021/1296 ( PDF )
Partitioning Oracles from Weak Key Forgeries
Marcel Armour and Carlos Cid
2021/1295 ( PDF )
Improved Quantum Hypercone Locality Sensitive Filtering in Lattice Sieving
Max Heiser
2021/1294 ( PDF )
Quantum Money from Quaternion Algebras
Daniel M. Kane and Shahed Sharif and Alice Silverberg
2021/1293 ( PDF )
A Practical Verifiable Delay Function and Delay Encryption Scheme
Angelique Faye Loe and Liam Medley and Christian O’Connell and Elizabeth A. Quaglia
2021/1292 ( PDF )
Fast Extended GCD Calculation for Large Integers for Verifiable Delay Functions
Kavya Sreedhar and Mark Horowitz and Christopher Torng
2021/1291 ( PDF )
MyOPE: Malicious securitY for Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation
Malika Izabachène and Anca Nitulescu and Paola de Perthuis and David Pointcheval
2021/1290 ( PDF )
Large-Scale Non-Interactive Threshold Cryptosystems Through Anonymity
Andreas Erwig and Sebastian Faust and Siavash Riahi
2021/1289 ( PDF )
Verifiable Isogeny Walks: Towards an Isogeny-based Postquantum VDF
Jorge Chavez-Saab and Francisco Rodríguez Henríquez and Mehdi Tibouchi
2021/1288 ( PDF )
FO-like Combiners and Hybrid Post-Quantum Cryptography
Loïs Huguenin-Dumittan and Serge Vaudenay
2021/1287 ( PDF )
The Exact Security of BIP32 Wallets
Poulami Das and Andreas Erwig and Sebastian Faust and Julian Loss and Siavash Riahi
2021/1286 ( PDF )
Post-quantum Efficient Proof for Graph 3-Coloring Problem
Ehsan Ebrahimi
2021/1285 ( PDF )
Convexity of division property transitions: theory, algorithms and compact models
Aleksei Udovenko
2021/1284 ( PDF )
APAS: Application-Specific Accelerators for RLWE-based Homomorphic Linear Transformations
Song Bian and Dur E Shahwar Kundi and Kazuma Hirozawa and Weiqiang Liu and Takashi Sato
2021/1283 ( PDF )
Parallel Verification of Serial MAC and AE Modes
Kazuhiko Minematsu and Akiko Inoue and Katsuya Moriwaki and Maki Shigeri and Hiroyasu Kubo
2021/1282 ( PDF )
On the Claims of Weak Block Synchronization in Bitcoin
Seungjin Baek and Hocheol Nam and Yongwoo Oh and Muoi Tran and Min Suk Kang
2021/1281 ( PDF )
Leveled Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes with Hensel Codes
David W. H. A. da Silva and Luke Harmon and Gaetan Delavignette and Carlos Araujo
2021/1280 ( PDF )
Snoopy: Surpassing the Scalability Bottleneck of Oblivious Storage
Emma Dauterman and Vivian Fang and Ioannis Demertzis and Natacha Crooks and Raluca Ada Popa
2021/1279 ( PDF )
Quantum Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Dirk Fischer
2021/1278 ( PDF )
A survey of algorithmic methods in IC reverse engineering
Leonid Azriel and Julian Speith and Nils Albartus and Ran Ginosara and Avi Mendelson and Christof Paar
2021/1277 ( PDF )
LifeLine for FPGA Protection: Obfuscated Cryptography for Real-World Security
Florian Stolz and Nils Albartus and Julian Speith and Simon Klix and Clemens Nasenberg and Aiden Gula and Marc Fyrbiak and Christof Paar and Tim Güneysu and Russell Tessier
2021/1276 ( PDF )
On the Security and Performance of Blockchain Sharding
Runchao Han and Jiangshan Yu and Haoyu Lin and Shiping Chen and Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo
2021/1275 ( PDF )
Counterexample to OWF Self-XOR Being a DOWF
Nathan Geier
2021/1274 ( PDF )
Tight Computational Indistinguishability Bound of Product Distributions
Nathan Geier
2021/1273 ( PDF )
OpenSquare: Decentralized Repeated Modular Squaring Service
Sri AravindaKrishnan Thyagarajan and Tiantian Gong and Adithya Bhat and Aniket Kate and Dominique Schröder
2021/1272 ( PDF )
Efficient CCA Timed Commitments in Class Groups
Sri AravindaKrishnan Thyagarajan and Guilhem Castagnos and Fabien Laguillaumie and Giulio Malavolta
2021/1271 ( PDF )
Computing the Jacobi symbol using Bernstein-Yang
Mike Hamburg
2021/1270 ( PDF )
Speak Much, Remember Little: Cryptography in the Bounded Storage Model, Revisited
Yevgeniy Dodis and Willy Quach and Daniel Wichs
2021/1269 ( PDF )
Practical Continuously Non-Malleable Randomness Encoders in the Random Oracle Model
Antonio Faonio
2021/1268 ( PDF )
Simulation-Based Bi-Selective Opening Security for Public Key Encryption
Junzuo Lai and Rupeng Yang and Zhengan Huang and Jian Weng
2021/1267 ( PDF )
Tight Quantum Indifferentiability of a Rate-1/3 Compression Function
Jan Czajkowski
2021/1266 ( PDF )
Update-Sensitive Structured Encryption with Backward Privacy
Zhiqiang Wu and Jin Wang and Keqin Li
2021/1265 ( PDF )
Special Soundness in the Random Oracle Model
Douglas Wikström
2021/1264 ( PDF )
Verifiably-Extractable OWFs and Their Applications to Subversion Zero-Knowledge
Prastudy Fauzi and Helger Lipmaa and Janno Siim and Michal Zajac and Arne Tobias Ødegaard
2021/1263 ( PDF )
Transparency Dictionaries with Succinct Proofs of Correct Operation
Ioanna Tzialla and Abhiram Kothapalli and Bryan Parno and Srinath Setty
2021/1262 ( PDF )
Reverse Firewalls for Adaptively Secure MPC without Setup
Suvradip Chakraborty and Chaya Ganesh and Mahak Pancholi and Pratik Sarkar
2021/1261 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Encryption for Fair Anonymity Applications: Defining, Implementing, and Applying Rerandomizable RCCA-secure IBE
Yi Wang and Rongmao Chen and Xinyi Huang and Jianting Ning and Baosheng Wang and Moti Yung
2021/1260 ( PDF )
Compare Before You Buy: Privacy-Preserving Selection of Threat Intelligence Providers
Jelle Vos and Zekeriya Erkin and Christian Doerr
2021/1259 ( PDF )
Parallel Repetition of $(k_1,\dots,k_{\mu})$-Special-Sound Multi-Round Interactive Proofs
Thomas Attema and Serge Fehr
2021/1258 ( PDF )
Bit Security as Computational Cost for Winning Games with High Probability
Shun Watanabe and Kenji Yasunaga
2021/1257 ( PDF )
Spreading the Privacy Blanket: Differentially Oblivious Shuffling for Differential Privacy
S. Dov Gordon and Jonathan Katz and Mingyu Liang and Jiayu Xu
2021/1256 ( PDF )
Oblivious Message Retrieval
Zeyu Liu and Eran Tromer
2021/1255 ( PDF )
How to Find Ternary LWE Keys Using Locality Sensitive Hashing
Elena Kirshanova and Alexander May
2021/1254 ( PDF )
Vector and Functional Commitments from Lattices
Chris Peikert and Zachary Pepin and Chad Sharp
2021/1253 ( PDF )
EasyPQC: Verifying Post-Quantum Cryptography
Manuel Barbosa and Gilles Barthe and Xiong Fan and Benjamin Grégoire and Shih-Han Hung and Jonathan Katz and Pierre-Yves Strub and Xiaodi Wu and Li Zhou
2021/1252 ( PDF )
Complete Practical Side-Channel-Assisted Reverse Engineering of AES-Like Ciphers
Andrea Caforio and Fatih Balli and Subhadeep Banik
2021/1251 ( PDF )
Efficient NIZKs for Algebraic Sets
Geoffroy Couteau and Helger Lipmaa and Roberto Parisella and Arne Tobias Ødegaard
2021/1250 ( PDF )
Efficient Leakage-Resilient MACs without Idealized Assumptions
Francesco Berti and Chun Guo and Thomas Peters and François-Xavier Standaert
2021/1249 ( PDF )
Flexible Anonymous Transactions (FLAX): Towards Privacy-Preserving and Composable Decentralized Finance
Wei Dai
2021/1248 ( PDF )
The Adversary Capabilities In Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Yongge Wang
2021/1247 ( PDF )
A Geometric Approach to Linear Cryptanalysis
Tim Beyne
2021/1246 ( PDF )
Astrolabous: A Universally Composable Time-Lock Encryption Scheme
Myrto Arapinis and Nikolaos Lamprou and Thomas Zacharias
2021/1245 ( PDF )
SeqL+: Secure Scan-Obfuscation with Theoretical and Empirical Validation
Seetal Potluri and Shamik Kundu and Akash Kumar and Kanad Basu and Aydin Aysu
2021/1244 ( PDF )
IvyCross: A Trustworthy and Privacy-preserving Framework for Blockchain Interoperability
Ming Li, Jian Weng∗, Member, IEEE, Yi Li, Yongdong Wu, Jiasi Weng, Dingcheng Li, Robert Deng, Fellow, IEEE
2021/1243 ( PDF )
Syndrome Decoding Estimator
Andre Esser and Emanuele Bellini
2021/1242 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Differentially Anonymous Router
Benedikt Bünz and Yuncong Hu and Shin’ichiro Matsuo and Elaine Shi
2021/1241 ( PDF )
Shuffling Public Keys (A Peer-to-peer Voting Algorithm)
Santi J. Vives
2021/1240 ( PDF )
Count Me In! Extendability for Threshold Ring Signatures
Diego F. Aranha and Mathias Hall-Andersen and Anca Nitulescu and Elena Pagnin and Sophia Yakoubov
2021/1239 ( PDF )
Quantum Linearization Attacks
Xavier Bonnetain and Gaëtan Leurent and María Naya-Plasencia and André Schrottenloher
2021/1238 ( PDF )
Generic Framework for Key-Guessing Improvements
Marek Broll and Federico Canale and Antonio Flórez-Gutiérrez and Gregor Leander and María Naya-Plasencia
2021/1237 ( PDF )
Hierarchical Integrated Signature and Encryption
Yu Chen and Qiang Tang and Yuyu Wang
2021/1236 ( PDF )
Architecture Support for Bitslicing
Pantea Kiaei with Tom Conroy with Patrick Schaumont
2021/1235 ( PDF )
Saidoyoki: Evaluating side-channel leakage in pre- and post-silicon setting
Pantea Kiaei with Zhenyuan Liu with Ramazan Kaan Eren with Yuan Yao with Patrick Schaumont
2021/1234 ( PDF )
Policy-Compliant Signatures
Christian Badertscher and Christian Matt and Hendrik Waldner
2021/1233 ( PDF )
Blockchains Enable Non-Interactive MPC
Vipul Goyal and Elisaweta Masserova and Bryan Parno and Yifan Song
2021/1232 ( PDF )
Gröbner Basis Attack on STARK-Friendly Symmetric-Key Primitives: JARVIS, MiMC and GMiMCerf
Gizem Kara and Oğuz Yayla
2021/1231 ( PDF )
Estimating (Miner) Extractable Value is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping!
Aljosha Judmayer and Nicholas Stifter and Philipp Schindler and Edgar Weippl
2021/1230 ( PDF )
Two-Round Maliciously Secure Computation with Super-Polynomial Simulation
Amit Agarwal and James Bartusek and Vipul Goyal and Dakshita Khurana and Giulio Malavolta
2021/1229 ( PDF )
Direct Product Hardness Amplification
David Lanzenberger and Ueli Maurer
2021/1228 ( PDF )
Computational Robust (Fuzzy) Extractors for CRS-dependent Sources with Minimal Min-entropy
Hanwen Feng and Qiang Tang
2021/1227 ( PDF )
Efficient Boolean Search over Encrypted Data with Reduced Leakage
Sarvar Patel and Giuseppe Persiano and Joon Young Seo and Kevin Yeo
2021/1226 ( PDF )
Succinct LWE Sampling, Random Polynomials, and Obfuscation
Lalita Devadas and Willy Quach and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Hoeteck Wee and Daniel Wichs
2021/1225 ( PDF )
Massive Superpoly Recovery with Nested Monomial Predictions
Kai Hu and Siwei Sun and Yosuke Todo and Meiqin Wang and Qingju Wang
2021/1224 ( PDF )
Trojan-Resilience without Cryptography
Suvradip Chakraborty and Stefan Dziembowski and Malgorzata Galazka and Tomasz Lizurej and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Michelle Yeo
2021/1223 ( PDF )
Generalized Pseudorandom Secret Sharing and Efficient Straggler-Resilient Secure Computation
Fabrice Benhamouda and Elette Boyle and Niv Gilboa and Shai Halevi and Yuval Ishai and Ariel Nof
2021/1222 ( PDF )
Fault-enabled chosen-ciphertext attacks on Kyber
Julius Hermelink and Peter Pessl and Thomas Pöppelmann
2021/1221 ( PDF )
Simple, Fast Malicious Multiparty Private Set Intersection
Ofri Nevo and Ni Trieu and Avishay Yanai
2021/1220 ( PDF )
Digital Signatures with Memory-Tight Security in the Multi-Challenge Setting
Denis Diemert and Kai Gellert and Tibor Jager and Lin Lyu
2021/1219 ( PDF )
Towards Tight Adaptive Security of Non-Interactive Key Exchange
Julia Hesse and Dennis Hofheinz and Lisa Kohl and Roman Langrehr
2021/1218 ( PDF )
Algebraic Adversaries in the Universal Composability Framework
Michel Abdalla and Manuel Barbosa and Jonathan Katz and Julian Loss and Jiayu Xu
2021/1217 ( PDF )
EMFI for Safety-Critical Testing of Automotive Systems
Colin O'Flynn
2021/1216 ( PDF )
Toward Optimal Deep-Learning Based Side-Channel Attacks: Probability Concentration Inequality Loss and Its Usage
Akira Ito and Rei Ueno and Naofumi Homma
2021/1215 ( PDF )
Optimization of Homomorphic Comparison Algorithm on RNS-CKKS Scheme
Eunsang Lee and Joon-Woo Lee and Young-Sik Kim and Jong-Seon No
2021/1214 ( PDF )
Black-Box Impossibilities of Obtaining 2-Round Weak ZK and Strong WI from Polynomial Hardness
Susumu Kiyoshima
2021/1213 ( PDF )
DualRing: Generic Construction of Ring Signatures with Efficient Instantiations
Tsz Hon Yuen and Muhammed F. Esgin and Joseph K. Liu and Man Ho Au and Zhimin Ding
2021/1212 ( PDF )
SPEEDY on Cortex--M3: Efficient Software Implementation of SPEEDY on ARM Cortex--M3
Hyunjun Kim and Kyungbae Jang and Gyeongju Song and Minjoo Sim and Siwoo Eum and Hyunji Kim and Hyeokdong Kwon and Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1211 ( PDF )
Grover on SPEEDY
Gyeongju Song and Kyungbae Jang and Hyunjun Kim and Siwoo Eum and Minjoo Sim and Hyunji Kim and Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1210 ( PDF )
LedMAC: More Efficient Variants of LightMAC
Yaobin Shen; Lei Wang; Dawu Gu
2021/1209 ( PDF )
Simple and Efficient Batch Verification Techniques for Verifiable Delay Functions
Lior Rotem
2021/1208 ( PDF )
On Actively-Secure Elementary MPC Reductions
Benny Applebaum and Aarushi Goel
2021/1207 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Vector Commitments via Local Equivocability
Lior Rotem and Gil Segev
2021/1206 ( PDF )
Efficient Perfectly Secure Computation with Optimal Resilience
Ittai Abraham and Gilad Asharov and Avishay Yanai
2021/1205 ( PDF )
FASTA – a stream cipher for fast FHE evaluation
Carlos Cid and John Petter Indrøy and Håvard Raddum
2021/1204 ( PDF )
Attacks on Pseudo Random Number Generators Hiding a Linear Structure
Florette Martinez
2021/1203 ( PDF )
The irreducible vectors of a lattice: Some theory and applications
Emmanouil Doulgerakis and Thijs Laarhoven and Benne de Weger
2021/1202 ( PDF )
Design Space Exploration of SABER in 65nm ASIC
Malik Imran and Felipe Almeida and Jaan Raik and Andrea Basso and Sujoy Sinha Roy and Samuel Pagliarini
2021/1201 ( PDF )
Provably Improving Election Verifiability in Belenios
Sevdenur Baloglu and Sergiu Bursuc and Sjouke Mauw and Jun Pang
2021/1200 ( PDF )
KDM Security for the Fujisaki-Okamoto Transformations in the QROM
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki
2021/1199 ( PDF )
Compressed Oblivious Encoding for Homomorphically Encrypted Search
Seung Geol Choi and Dana Dachman-Soled and S. Dov Gordon and Linsheng Liu and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2021/1198 ( PDF )
Clustering Effect in Simon and Simeck
Gaëtan Leurent and Clara Pernot and André Schrottenloher
2021/1197 ( PDF )
($\epsilon,\delta$)-indistinguishable Mixing for Cryptocurrencies
Mingyu Liang and Ioanna Karantaidou and Foteini Baldimtsi and Dov Gordon and Mayank Varia
2021/1196 ( PDF )
Concurrent Composition of Differential Privacy
Salil Vadhan and Tianhao Wang
2021/1195 ( PDF )
Do you feel a chill? Using PIR against chilling effects for censorship-resistant publishing
Miti Mazmudar and Stan Gurtler and Ian Goldberg
2021/1194 ( PDF )
Automated Truncation of Differential Trails and Trail Clustering in ARX
Alex Biryukov and Luan Cardoso dos Santos and Daniel Feher and Vesselin Velichkov and Giuseppe Vitto
2021/1193 ( PDF )
JUBILEE: Secure Debt Relief and Forgiveness
David Cerezo Sánchez
2021/1192 ( PDF )
Simple Constructions from (Almost) Regular One-Way Functions
Noam Mazor and Jiapeng Zhang
2021/1191 ( PDF )
A Simpler Model for Recovering Superpoly onTrivium
Stéphanie Delaune and Patrick Derbez and Arthur Gontier and Charles Prud'homme
2021/1190 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Attack on Lightweight Block Cipher PIPO
SeongHyuck Lim and JaeSeung Han and Tae-Ho Lee and Dong-Guk Han
2021/1189 ( PDF )
A Configurable Crystals-Kyber Hardware Implementation with Side-Channel Protection
Arpan Jati and Naina Gupta and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2021/1188 ( PDF )
Interhead Hydra Two Heads are Better than One
Maxim Jourenko and Mario Larangeira and Keisuke Tanaka
2021/1187 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Signal Key Agreement with SIDH
Samuel Dobson and Steven D. Galbraith
2021/1186 ( PDF )
A Privacy-Preserving Distributed Identity Offline-First PoCP Blockchain Paradigm
Andrew M.K. Nassief
2021/1185 ( PDF )
Giving an Adversary Guarantees (Or: How to Model Designated Verifier Signatures in a Composable Framework)
Ueli Maurer and Christopher Portmann and Guilherme Rito
2021/1184 ( PDF )
On Time-Lock Cryptographic Assumptions in Abelian Hidden-Order Groups
Aron van Baarsen and Marc Stevens
2021/1183 ( PDF )
ZkAttest: Ring and Group Signatures on top of existing ECDSA keys
Armando Faz-Hernández and Watson Ladd and Deepak Maram
2021/1182 ( PDF )
Opportunistic Algorithmic Double-Spending: How I learned to stop worrying and hedge the Fork
Nicholas Stifter and Aljosha Judmayer and Philipp Schindler and Edgar Weippl
2021/1181 ( PDF )
Rosita++: Automatic Higher-Order Leakage Elimination from Cryptographic Code
Madura A. Shelton;Łukasz Chmielewski;Niels Samwel;Markus Wagner;Lejla Batina;Yuval Yarom
2021/1180 ( PDF )
The Effect of False Positives: Why Fuzzy Message Detection Leads to Fuzzy Privacy Guarantees?
István András Seres and Balázs Pejó and Péter Burcsi
2021/1179 ( PDF )
Improved Attacks on GIFT-64
Ling Sun and Wei Wang and Meiqin Wang
2021/1178 ( PDF )
Onion Routing with Replies
Christiane Kuhn and Dennis Hofheinz and Andy Rupp and Thorsten Strufe
2021/1177 ( PDF )
Algebraic Restriction Codes and their Applications
Divesh Aggarwal and Nico Döttling and Jesko Dujmovic and Mohammad Hajiabadi and Giulio Malavolta and Maciej Obremski
2021/1176 ( PDF )
Amortized Threshold Symmetric-key Encryption
Mihai Christodorescu and Sivanarayana Gaddam and Pratyay Mukherjee and Rohit Sinha
2021/1175 ( PDF )
Adaptive Security of Multi-Party Protocols, Revisited
Martin Hirt and Chen-Da Liu-Zhang and Ueli Maurer
2021/1174 ( PDF )
On Communication-Efficient Asynchronous MPC with Adaptive Security
Annick Chopard and Martin Hirt and Chen-Da Liu-Zhang
2021/1173 ( PDF )
Lelantus Spark: Secure and Flexible Private Transactions
Aram Jivanyan and Aaron Feickert
2021/1172 ( PDF )
Systematizing Core Properties of Pairing-Based Attribute-Based Encryption to Uncover Remaining Challenges in Enforcing Access Control in Practice
Marloes Venema and Greg Alpár and Jaap-Henk Hoepman
2021/1171 ( PDF )
FAST: Secure and High Performance Format-Preserving Encryption and Tokenization
F. Betül Durak and Henning Horst and Michael Horst and Serge Vaudenay
2021/1170 ( PDF )
Downgradable Identity-Based Signatures and Trapdoor Sanitizable Signatures from Downgradable Affine MACs
Masahito Ishizaka and Shinsaku Kiyomoto
2021/1169 ( PDF )
As easy as ABC: Optimal (A)ccountable (B)yzantine (C)onsensus is easy!
Pierre Civit and Seth Gilbert and Vincent Gramoli and Rachid Guerraoui and Jovan Komatovic
2021/1168 ( PDF )
Toward a Fully Secure Authenticated Encryption Scheme From a Pseudorandom Permutation (Full Version)
Wonseok Choi and Byeonghak Lee and Jooyoung Lee and Yeongmin Lee
2021/1167 ( PDF )
fflonk: a Fast-Fourier inspired verifier efficient version of PlonK
Ariel Gabizon and Zachary J. Williamson
2021/1166 ( PDF )
Fine-tuning the ISO/IEC Standard LightMAC
Soumya Chattopadhyay and Ashwin Jha and Mridul Nandi
2021/1165 ( PDF )
Reputation at Stake! A Trust Layer over Decentralized Ledger for Multiparty Computation and Reputation-Fair Lottery
Mario Larangeira
2021/1164 ( PDF )
Cube Attacks on Round-Reduced TinyJAMBU
Wil Liam Teng and Iftekhar Salam and Wei-Chuen Yau and Josef Pieprzyk and Raphaël C.-W. Phan
2021/1163 ( PDF )
Information-Theoretically Secure MPC against Mixed Dynamic Adversaries
Ivan Damgård and Daniel Escudero and Divya Ravi
2021/1162 ( PDF )
Software Implementation of Optimal Pairings on Elliptic Curves with Odd Prime Embedding Degrees
Yu Dai and Zijian Zhou and Fangguo Zhang and Chang-An Zhao
2021/1161 ( PDF )
Balanced Non-Adjacent Forms
Marc Joye
2021/1160 ( PDF )
Classical Attacks on a Variant of the RSA Cryptosystem
Abderrahmane Nitaj and Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin and Nurul Nur Hanisah Adenan and Nur Azman Abu
2021/1159 ( PDF )
Compact and Malicious Private Set Intersection for Small Sets
Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu
2021/1158 ( PDF )
Grafting Key Trees: Efficient Key Management for Overlapping Groups
Joël Alwen and Benedikt Auerbach and Mirza Ahad Baig and Miguel Cueto and Karen Klein and Guillermo Pascual-Perez and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Michael Walter
2021/1157 ( PDF )
Lightweight Private Similarity Search
Sacha Servan-Schreiber and Simon Langowski and Srinivas Devadas
2021/1156 ( PDF )
Evolving Secret Sharing in Almost Semi-honest Model
Jyotirmoy Pramanik and Avishek Adhikari
2021/1155 ( PDF )
GPS: Integration of Graphene, PALISADE, and SGX for Large-scale Aggregations of Distributed Data
Jonathan Takeshita and Colin McKechney and Justin Pajak and Antonis Papadimitriou and Ryan Karl and Taeho Jung
2021/1154 ( PDF )
1, 2, 3, Fork: Counter Mode Variants based on a Generalized Forkcipher
Elena Andreeva and Amit Singh Bhati and Bart Preneel and Damian Vizar
2021/1153 ( PDF )
SynCirc: Efficient Synthesis of Depth-Optimized Circuits for Secure Computation
Arpita Patra and Thomas Schneider and Ajith Suresh and Hossein Yalame
2021/1152 ( PDF )
Bandersnatch: a fast elliptic curve built over the BLS12-381 scalar field
Simon Masson and Antonio Sanso and Zhenfei Zhang
2021/1151 ( PDF )
Efficient Modular Multiplication
Joppe W. Bos and Thorsten Kleinjung and Dan Page
2021/1150 ( PDF )
Silver: Silent VOLE and Oblivious Transfer from Hardness of Decoding Structured LDPC Codes
Geoffroy Couteau and Peter Rindal and Srinivasan Raghuraman
2021/1149 ( PDF )
Machine-checked ZKP for NP-relations: Formally Verified Security Proofs and Implementations of MPC-in-the-Head
José Bacelar Almeida and Manuel Barbosa and Manuel L Correia and Karim Eldefrawy and Stéphane Graham-Lengrand and Hugo Pacheco and Vitor Pereira
2021/1148 ( PDF )
Fighting Fake News in Encrypted Messaging with the Fuzzy Anonymous Complaint Tally System (FACTS)
Linsheng Liu and Daniel S. Roche and Austin Theriault and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2021/1147 ( PDF )
Clockwork Finance: Automated Analysis of Economic Security in Smart Contracts
Kushal Babel and Philip Daian and Mahimna Kelkar and Ari Juels
2021/1146 ( PDF )
Key Encapsulation Mechanism with Tight Enhanced Security in the Multi-User Setting: Impossibility Result and Optimal Tightness
Shuai Han and Shengli Liu and Dawu Gu
2021/1145 ( PDF )
Recurring Contingent Payment for Proofs of Retrievability
Aydin Abadi and Steven J. Murdoch and Thomas Zacharias
2021/1144 ( PDF )
MAYO: Practical Post-Quantum Signatures from Oil-and-Vinegar Maps
Ward Beullens
2021/1143 ( PDF )
Facial Recognition for Remote Electronic Voting – Missing Piece of the Puzzle or Yet Another Liability?
Sven Heiberg and Kristjan Krips and Jan Willemson and Priit Vinkel
2021/1142 ( -- withdrawn -- )
The Elliptic Net Algorithm Revisited
Shiping Cai and Zhi Hu and Zheng-An Yao and Chang-An Zhao
2021/1141 ( PDF )
Round-Efficient Byzantine Agreement and Multi-Party Computation with Asynchronous Fallback
Giovanni Deligios and Martin Hirt and Chen-Da Liu-Zhang
2021/1140 ( PDF )
Computing Discrete Logarithms
Robert Granger and Antoine Joux
2021/1139 ( PDF )
HyperLogLog: Exponentially Bad in Adversarial Settings
Kenneth G. Paterson and Mathilde Raynal
2021/1138 ( PDF )
Optimal Good-case Latency for Rotating Leader Synchronous BFT
Ittai Abraham and Kartik Nayak and Nibesh Shrestha
2021/1137 ( PDF )
qTESLA: Practical Implementations of a Quantum Attack Resistant Signature Scheme
Michael Burger and Juliane Krämer and Christian Bischof
2021/1136 ( PDF )
A new Parallelization for p3Enum and Parallelized Generation of Optimized Pruning Functions
Michael Burger and Christian Bischof and Juliane Krämer
2021/1135 ( PDF )
FDFB: Full Domain Functional Bootstrapping Towards Practical Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Kamil Kluczniak and Leonard Schild
2021/1134 ( PDF )
Some observations on ZUC-256
Alexander Maximov
2021/1133 ( PDF )
Multiradical isogenies
Wouter Castryck and Thomas Decru
2021/1132 ( PDF )
Safe-Error Attacks on SIKE and CSIDH
Fabio Campos and Juliane Krämer and Marcel Müller
2021/1131 ( PDF )
Multi-key Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme with Compact Ciphertext
Tanping Zhou and Zhenfeng Zhang and Long Chen and Xiaoliang Che and Wenchao Liu and Xiaoyuan Yang
2021/1130 ( PDF )
A note on group membership tests for $\G_1$, $\G_2$ and $\G_T$ on BLS pairing-friendly curves
Michael Scott
2021/1129 ( PDF )
Beauty of Cryptography: the Cryptographic Sequences and the Golden Ratio
Shenghui Su and Jianhua Zheng and Shuwang Lv
2021/1128 ( PDF )
Continuously Non-Malleable Secret Sharing: Joint Tampering, Plain Model and Capacity
Gianluca Brian and Antonio Faonio and Daniele Venturi
2021/1127 ( PDF )
Bigdata-facilitated Two-party Authenticated Key Exchange for IoT
Bowen Liu and Qiang Tang and Jianying Zhou
2021/1126 ( PDF )
Turn-Based Communication Channels
Carlo Brunetta and Mario Larangeira and Bei Liang and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Keisuke Tanaka
2021/1125 ( PDF )
Towards Explaining Epsilon: A Worst-Case Study of Differential Privacy Risks
Luise Mehner and Saskia Nuñez von Voigt and Florian Tschorsch
2021/1124 ( PDF )
A Semi-Permanent Stuck-At Fault Analysis on AES Rijndael SBox
Priyanka Joshi and Bodhisatwa Mazumdar
2021/1123 ( PDF )
Oblivious RAM with Worst-Case Logarithmic Overhead
Gilad Asharov and Ilan Komargodski and Wei-Kai Lin and Elaine Shi
2021/1122 ( PDF )
And Paper-Based is Better? Towards Comparability of Classic and Cryptographic Voting Schemes
Marc Nemes and Rebecca Schwerdt and Dirk Achenbach and Bernhard Löwe and Jörn Müller-Quade
2021/1121 ( PDF )
Constant-Time Arithmetic for Safer Cryptography
Lúcás Críostóir Meier and Simone Colombo and Marin Thiercelin and Bryan Ford
2021/1120 ( PDF )
Simpira Gets Simpler: Optimized Simpira on Microcontrollers
Minjoo Sim and Siwoo Eum and Hyeokdong Kwon and Kyungbae Jang and Hyunjun Kim and Hyunji Kim and Gyeongju Song and Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1119 ( PDF )
Automatic Classical and Quantum Rebound Attacks on AES-like Hashing by Exploiting Related-key Differentials
Xiaoyang Dong and Zhiyu Zhang and Siwei Sun and Congming Wei and Xiaoyun Wang and Lei Hu
2021/1118 ( PDF )
THC: Practical and Cost-Effective Verification of Delegated Computation
Pablo Rauzy and Ali Nehme
2021/1117 ( PDF )
All the Polynomial Multiplication You Need on RISC-V
Hwajeong Seo and Hyeokdong Kwon and Siwoo Eum and Kyungbae Jang and Hyunjun Kim and Hyunji Kim and Minjoo Sim and Gyeongju Song and Wai-Kong Lee
2021/1116 ( PDF )
Labeled PSI from Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Computation and Communication
Kelong Cong and Radames Cruz Moreno and Mariana Botelho da Gama and Wei Dai and Ilia Iliashenko and Kim Laine and Michael Rosenberg
2021/1115 ( PDF )
Evolving Secret Sharing Schemes Based on Polynomial Evaluations and Algebraic Geometry Codes
Chaoping Xing and Chen Yuan
2021/1114 ( PDF )
Remarks on MOBS and cryptosystems using semidirect products
Chris Monico
2021/1113 ( PDF )
On the Security of Doubly Efficient PIR
Elette Boyle and Justin Holmgren and Fermi Ma and Mor Weiss
2021/1112 ( PDF )
Key agreement: security / division
Daniel R. L. Brown
2021/1111 ( PDF )
A Low-Randomness Second-Order Masked AES
Tim Beyne and Siemen Dhooghe and Adrián Ranea and Danilo Šijačić
2021/1110 ( PDF )
Secure and Efficient Software Masking on Superscalar Pipelined Processors
Barbara Gigerl and Robert Primas and Stefan Mangard
2021/1109 ( PDF )
On Actively Secure Fine-grained Access Structures from Isogeny Assumptions
Philipp Muth and Fabio Campos
2021/1108 ( PDF )
Preservation of DNA Privacy During the Large Scale Detection of COVID
Marcel Hollenstein and David Naccache and Peter B. Roenne and Peter Y A Ryan and Robert Weil and Ofer Yifrach-Stav
2021/1107 ( PDF )
Multi-Leak Deep-Learning Side-Channel Analysis
Fanliang Hu and Huanyu Wang and Junnian Wang
2021/1106 ( PDF )
Primary Elements in Cyclotomic Fields with Applications to Power Residue Symbols, and More
Eric Brier and Rémi Géraud-Stewart and Marc Joye and David Naccache
2021/1105 ( PDF )
Improved Linear Approximations of SNOW-V and SNOW-Vi
Zhen Shi and Chenhui Jin and Yu Jin
2021/1104 ( PDF )
Finding Practical Distinguishers for ZUC-256 Using Modular Differences
Fukang Liu and Willi Meier and Santanu Sarkar and Gaoli Wang and Ryoma Ito and Takanori Isobe
2021/1103 ( PDF )
Exploring Differential-Based Distinguishers and Forgeries for ASCON
David Gerault and Thomas Peyrin and Quan Quan Tan
2021/1102 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Construction and Implementation of Practical Reusable and Robust Fuzzy Extractors for Fingerprint
Lin You and Wang Cheng and Gengran Hu
2021/1101 ( PDF )
Differential Privacy in Constant Function Market Makers
Tarun Chitra and Guillermo Angeris and Alex Evans
2021/1100 ( PDF )
REDsec: Running Encrypted DNNs in Seconds
Lars Folkerts and Charles Gouert and Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos
2021/1099 ( PDF )
MILP modeling of Boolean functions by minimum number of inequalities
Aleksei Udovenko
2021/1098 ( PDF )
Individual Verifiability and Revoting in the Estonian Internet Voting System
Olivier Pereira
2021/1097 ( PDF )
The Hadamard square of concatenated linear codes
Ivan Chizhov and Alexandra Davletshina
2021/1096 ( PDF )
Mt. Random: Multi-Tiered Randomness Beacons
Ignacio Cascudo and Bernardo David and Omer Shlomovits and Denis Varlakov
2021/1095 ( PDF )
Analyzing Masked Ciphers Against Transition and Coupling Effects
Siemen Dhooghe
2021/1094 ( PDF )
Resilient Uniformity: Applying Resiliency in Masking
Siemen Dhooghe and Svetla Nikova
2021/1093 ( PDF )
Quantum Algorithms for Variants of Average-Case Lattice Problems via Filtering
Yilei Chen and Qipeng Liu and Mark Zhandry
2021/1092 ( PDF )
SoK: Deep Learning-based Physical Side-channel Analysis
Stjepan Picek and Guilherme Perin and Luca Mariot and Lichao Wu and Lejla Batina
2021/1091 ( PDF )
No (Good) Loss no Gain: Systematic Evaluation of Loss functions in Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis
Maikel Kerkhof and Lichao Wu and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/1090 ( PDF )
Towards Accountability in CRS Generation
Prabhanjan Ananth and Gilad Asharov and Hila Dahari and Vipul Goyal
2021/1089 ( PDF )
Threshold scheme to share a secret by means of sound ranging
Sergij V. Goncharov
2021/1088 ( PDF )
Studying Bitcoin privacy attacks and their Impact on Bitcoin-based Identity Methods
Simin Ghesmati and Walid Fdhila and Edgar Weippl
2021/1087 ( PDF )
Methods for Decentralized Identities: Evaluation and Insights
Walid Fdhila and Nicholas Stifter and Kristian Kostal and Cihan Saglam and Markus Sabadello
2021/1086 ( PDF )
How do the Arbiter PUFs Sample the Boolean Function Class?
Animesh Roy and Dibyendu Roy and Subhamoy Maitra
2021/1085 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Encryption for Multiple Users with Less Communications
Jeongeun Park
2021/1084 ( PDF )
Towards the Least Inequalities for Describing a Subset in $Z_2^n$
Yao Sun
2021/1083 ( PDF )
Modular Design of Secure Group Messaging Protocols and the Security of MLS
Joël Alwen and Sandro Coretti and Yevgeniy Dodis and Yiannis Tselekounis
2021/1082 ( PDF )
Some remarks on how to hash faster onto elliptic curves
Dmitrii Koshelev
2021/1081 ( PDF )
OnionPIR: Response Efficient Single-Server PIR
Muhammad Haris Mughees and Hao Chen and Ling Ren
2021/1080 ( PDF )
SplitGuard: Detecting and Mitigating Training-Hijacking Attacks in Split Learning
Ege Erdogan and Alptekin Kupcu and A. Ercument Cicek
2021/1079 ( PDF )
The Exact Complexity of Pseudorandom Functions and Tight Barriers to Lower Bound Proofs
Zhiyuan Fan and Jiatu Li and Tianqi Yang
2021/1078 ( PDF )
Reflection, Rewinding, and Coin-Toss in EasyCrypt
Denis Firsov and Dominique Unruh
2021/1077 ( PDF )
MProve+ : Privacy Enhancing Proof of Reserves Protocol for Monero
Arijit Dutta and Suyash Bagad and Saravanan Vijayakumaran
2021/1076 ( PDF )
Hardness of KT Characterizes Parallel Cryptography
Hanlin Ren and Rahul Santhanam
2021/1075 ( PDF )
The security of the code-based signature scheme based on the Stern identification protocol
Victoria Vysotskaya and Ivan Chizhov
2021/1074 ( PDF )
UnSplit: Data-Oblivious Model Inversion, Model Stealing, and Label Inference Attacks Against Split Learning
Ege Erdogan and Alptekin Kupcu and A. Ercument Cicek
2021/1073 ( PDF )
"Act natural!": Having a Private Chat on a Public Blockchain
Thore Tiemann and Sebastian Berndt and Thomas Eisenbarth and Maciej Liskiewicz
2021/1072 ( PDF )
Streaming SPHINCS+ for Embedded Devices using the Example of TPMs
Ruben Niederhagen and Johannes Roth and Julian Wälde
2021/1071 ( PDF )
Improved Verifiability for BeleniosVS
Thomas Haines and Rajeev Gore
2021/1070 ( PDF )
Onyx: New Encryption and Signature Schemes with Multivariate Public Key in Degree 3
Gilles Macario-Rat and Jacques Patarin
2021/1069 ( PDF )
Djed: A Formally Verified Crypto-Backed Pegged Algorithmic Stablecoin
Joachim Zahnentferner and Dmytro Kaidalov and Jean-Frédéric Etienne and Javier Díaz
2021/1068 ( PDF )
A Simple Post-Quantum Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof from Garbled Circuits
Hongrui Cui and Kaiyi Zhang
2021/1067 ( PDF )
A Tale of Twin Primitives: Single-chip Solution for PUFs and TRNGs
Kuheli Pratihar and Urbi Chatterjee and Manaar Alam and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty
2021/1066 ( PDF )
Taphonomical Security: (DNA) Information with Foreseeable Lifespan
Fatima-Ezzahra El Orche and Marcel Hollenstein and Sarah Houdaigoui and David Naccache and Daria Pchelina and Peter B. Roenne and Peter Y.A. Ryan and Julien Weibel and Robert Weil
2021/1065 ( PDF )
Time, Privacy, Robustness, Accuracy: Trade Offs for the Open Vote Network Protocol
Gergei Bana and Marco Biroli and Megi Dervishi and Fatima-Ezzahra El Orche and Rémi Géraud-Stewart and David Naccache and Peter B. Roenne and Peter Y.A. Ryan and Hugo Waltsburger
2021/1064 ( PDF )
Glowworm Attack: Optical TEMPEST Sound Recovery via a Device’s Power Indicator LED
Ben Nassi and Yaron Pirutin and Tomer Cohen Galor and Yuval Elovici and Boris Zadov
2021/1063 ( PDF )
Cairo – a Turing-complete STARK-friendly CPU architecture
Lior Goldberg and Shahar Papini and Michael Riabzev
2021/1062 ( PDF )
On the Nonsingularity and Equivalence of NFSRs
Yingyin Pan and Jianghua Zhong and Dongdai Lin
2021/1061 ( PDF )
Edwards curves and FFT-based multiplication
Pavel Atnashev and George Woltman
2021/1060 ( PDF )
Discovering New $L$-Function Relations Using Algebraic Sieving
Hadrien Barral and Éric Brier and Rémi Géraud-Stewart and Arthur Léonard and David Naccache and Quentin Vermande and Samuel Vivien
2021/1059 ( PDF )
Revisiting cryptanalysis on ChaCha from Crypto 2020 and Eurocrypt 2021
Sabyasachi Dey and Chandan Dey and Santanu Sarkar and Willi Meier
2021/1058 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Caesar using Quantum Support Vector Machine
Hyunji Kim and Gyeongju Song and Kyoungbae Jang and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1057 ( PDF )
An Efficient Data Protection Scheme Based on Hierarchical ID-Based Encryption for Message Queueing Telemetry Transport
Chun-I Fan and Cheng-Han Shie and Yi-Fan Tseng and Hui-Chun Huang
2021/1056 ( PDF )
Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption for Multi-Keyword Search in Clouds
Chun-I Fan and Si-Jing Wu and Yi-Fan Tseng
2021/1055 ( PDF )
Threshold Schnorr with Stateless Deterministic Signing from Standard Assumptions
François Garillot and Yashvanth Kondi and Payman Mohassel and Valeria Nikolaenko
2021/1054 ( PDF )
One-time Traceable Ring Signatures
Alessandra Scafuro and Bihan Zhang
2021/1053 ( PDF )
XDIVINSA: eXtended DIVersifying INStruction Agent to Mitigate Power Side-Channel Leakage
Thinh H. Pham and Ben Marshall and Alexander Fell and Siew-Kei Lam and Daniel Page
2021/1052 ( PDF )
Comparing Lattice Families for Bounded Distance Decoding near Minkowski’s Bound.
Oleksandra Lapiha
2021/1051 ( PDF )
Collisions in Supersingular Isogeny Graphs and the SIDH-based Identification Protocol
Wissam Ghantous and Federico Pintore and Mattia Veroni
2021/1050 ( PDF )
Privacy-Enhancing Group Signcryption Scheme
Sara Ricci and Petr Dzurenda and Jan Hajny and Lukas Malina
2021/1049 ( PDF )
Binary Search in Secure Computation
Marina Blanton and Chen Yuan
2021/1048 ( PDF )
Aggregating hash-based signatures using STARKs
Irakliy Khaburzaniya and Konstantinos Chalkias and Kevin Lewi and Harjasleen Malvai
2021/1047 ( PDF )
A Correlation Attack on Full SNOW-V and SNOW-Vi
Zhen Shi and Chenhui Jin and Jiyan Zhang and Ting Cui and Lin Ding
2021/1046 ( PDF )
On the modifier Q for multivariate signature schemes
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2021/1045 ( PDF )
Minor improvements of algorithm to solve under-defined systems of multivariate quadratic equations
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2021/1044 ( PDF )
On the security of Hufu-UOV
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2021/1043 ( PDF )
Brakedown: Linear-time and post-quantum SNARKs for R1CS
Alexander Golovnev and Jonathan Lee and Srinath Setty and Justin Thaler and Riad S. Wahby
2021/1042 ( PDF )
Rate One-Third Non-malleable Codes
Divesh Aggarwal and Bhavana Kanukurthi and Sai Lakshmi Bhavana Obbattu and Maciej Obremski and Sruthi Sekar
2021/1041 ( PDF )
On the Multiplicative Complexity of Cubic Boolean Functions
Meltem Sonmez Turan and Rene Peralta
2021/1040 ( PDF )
MUSE: Secure Inference Resilient to Malicious Clients
Ryan Lehmkuhl and Pratyush Mishra and Akshayaram Srinivasan and Raluca Ada Popa
2021/1039 ( PDF )
Neyman’s Smoothness Test: a Trade-off between Moment-based and Distribution-based Leakage Detections
Si Gao and Elisabeth Oswald and Yan Yan
2021/1038 ( PDF )
Reinforced Concrete: Fast Hash Function for Zero Knowledge Proofs and Verifiable Computation
Mario Barbara and Lorenzo Grassi and Dmitry Khovratovich and Reinhard Lueftenegger and Christian Rechberger and Markus Schofnegger and Roman Walch
2021/1037 ( PDF )
Randomness Bounds for Private Simultaneous Messages and Conditional Disclosure of Secrets
Akinori Kawachi and Maki Yoshida
2021/1036 ( PDF )
Pyrros Chaidos and Vladislav Gelfer
2021/1035 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Encrypted Search with LEAKER - A framework for LEakage AttacK Evaluation on Real-world data
Seny Kamara and Abdelkarim Kati and Tarik Moataz and Thomas Schneider and Amos Treiber and Michael Yonli
2021/1034 ( PDF )
Optimal encodings to elliptic curves of $j$-invariants $0$, $1728$
Dmitrii Koshelev
2021/1033 ( PDF )
Limits of Polynomial Packings for $\mathbb{Z}_{p^k}$ and $\mathbb{F}_{p^k}$
Jung Hee Cheon and Keewoo Lee
2021/1032 ( PDF )
AdVeil: A Private Targeted-Advertising Ecosystem
Sacha Servan-Schreiber and Kyle Hogan and Srinivas Devadas
2021/1031 ( PDF )
Commitment Schemes from Supersingular Elliptic Curve Isogeny Graphs
Bruno Sterner
2021/1030 ( PDF )
A lightweight ISE for ChaCha on RISC-V
Ben Marshall and Daniel Page and Thinh Hung Pham
2021/1029 ( PDF )
LOVE a pairing
Diego F. Aranha and Elena Pagnin and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2021/1028 ( PDF )
Structural Attack (and Repair) of Diffused-Input-Blocked-Output White-Box Cryptography
Claude Carlet and Sylvain Guilley and Sihem Mesnager
2021/1027 ( PDF )
On Fingerprinting Attacks and Length-Hiding Encryption
Kai Gellert and Tibor Jager and Lin Lyu and Tom Neuschulten
2021/1026 ( -- withdrawn -- )
On the Hardness of Ring/Module/Polynomial LWR Problems
Yang Wang and Yanmin Zhao and Mingqiang Wang
2021/1025 ( PDF )
Efficient Information-Theoretic Multi-Party Computation over Non-Commutative Rings
Daniel Escudero and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez
2021/1024 ( PDF )
Efficient Implementation of Lightweight Hash Functions on GPU and Quantum Computers for IoT Applications
Wai-Kong Lee and Kyungbae Jang and Gyeongju Song and Hyunji Kim and Seong Oun Hwang and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1023 ( PDF )
SIDH Proof of Knowledge
Luca De Feo and Samuel Dobson and Steven D. Galbraith and Lukas Zobernig
2021/1022 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Middleboxes
Paul Grubbs and Arasu Arun and Ye Zhang and Joseph Bonneau and Michael Walfish
2021/1021 ( PDF )
Power-based Side Channel Attack Analysis on PQC Algorithms
Tendayi Kamucheka and Michael Fahr and Tristen Teague and Alexander Nelson and David Andrews and Miaoqing Huang
2021/1020 ( PDF )
Designing a Practical Code-based Signature Scheme from Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Trusted Setup
Shay Gueron and Edoardo Persichetti and Paolo Santini
2021/1019 ( PDF )
Implementing and Measuring KEMTLS
Sofía Celi and Armando Faz-Hernández and Nick Sullivan and Goutam Tamvada and Luke Valenta and Thom Wiggers and Bas Westerbaan and and Christopher A. Wood
2021/1018 ( PDF )
Obfustopia Built on Secret-Key Functional Encryption
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Keisuke Tanaka
2021/1017 ( PDF )
Improve Neural Distinguisher for Cryptanalysis
Zezhou Hou and Jiongjiong Ren and Shaozhen Chen
2021/1016 ( PDF )
Quantum collision finding for homomorphic hash functions
Juan Carlos Garcia-Escartin and Vicent Gimeno and Julio José Moyano-Fernández
2021/1015 ( PDF )
Look-up the Rainbow: Efficient Table-based Parallel Implementation of Rainbow Signature on 64-bit ARMv8 Processors
Hyeokdong Kwon and Hyunjun Kim and Minjoo Sim and Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo
2021/1014 ( PDF )
SoC Security Properties and Rules
Nusrat Farzana and Farimah Farahmandi and Mark Tehranipoor
2021/1013 ( PDF )
Iterative Oblivious Pseudo-Random Functions and Applications
Erik-Oliver Blass and Florian Kerschbaum and Travis Mayberry
2021/1012 ( PDF )
A Formal Security Analysis of the W3C Web Payment APIs: Attacks and Verification
Quoc Huy Do and Pedram Hosseyni and Ralf Kuesters and Guido Schmitz and Nils Wenzler and Tim Wuertele
2021/1011 ( PDF )
A Fast and Flexible Multi-Client Functional Encryption for Set Intersection
Mojtaba Rafiee
2021/1010 ( PDF )
Circuit friendly, post-quantum dynamic accumulators from RingSIS with logarithmic prover time
Endre (Silur) Abraham
2021/1009 ( PDF )
Polynomial Representation Is Tricky: Maliciously Secure Private Set Intersection Revisited
Aydin Abadi and Steven J. Murdoch and Thomas Zacharias
2021/1008 ( PDF )
Public-key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search: Cryptanalysis, Enhanced Security, and Quantum-resistant Instantiation
Zi-Yuan Liu and Yi-Fan Tseng and Raylin Tso and Masahiro Mambo and Yu-Chi Chen
2021/1007 ( PDF )
Provably Solving the Hidden Subset Sum Problem via Statistical Learning
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Agnese Gini
2021/1006 ( PDF )
UOV-Pepper: New Public Key Short Signature in Degree 3
Gilles Macario-Rat and Jacques Patarin
2021/1005 ( PDF )
On the Construction and Cryptanalysis of Multi-Ciphers
Arush Chhatrapati
2021/1004 ( PDF )
Towards Attack Resilient Arbiter PUF-Based Strong PUFs
Nils Wisiol
2021/1003 ( PDF )
SCA-secure ECC in software – mission impossible?
Lejla Batina and Łukasz Chmielewski and Björn Haase and Niels Samwel and Peter Schwabe
2021/1002 ( PDF )
Online Linear Extractors for Independent Sources
Yevgeniy Dodis and Siyao Guo and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz and Zhiye Xie
2021/1001 ( PDF )
Classical Binding for Quantum Commitments
Nir Bitansky and Zvika Brakerski
2021/1000 ( PDF )
A Lattice-based Provably Secure Multisignature Scheme in Quantum Random Oracle Model
Masayuki Fukumitsu and Shingo Hasegawa
2021/999 ( PDF )
NTRU Fatigue: How Stretched is Overstretched?
Léo Ducas and Wessel van Woerden
2021/998 ( PDF )
Polynomial multiplication on embedded vector architectures
Hanno Becker and Jose Maria Bermudo Mera and Angshuman Karmakar and Joseph Yiu and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2021/997 ( PDF )
Higher-Order Lookup Table Masking in Essentially Constant Memory
Annapurna Valiveti and Srinivas Vivek
2021/996 ( PDF )
Kadcast-NG: A Structured Broadcast Protocol for Blockchain Networks
Elias Rohrer and Florian Tschorsch
2021/995 ( PDF )
Multi-moduli NTTs for Saber on Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4
Amin Abdulrahman and Jiun-Peng Chen and Yu-Jia Chen and Vincent Hwang and Matthias J. Kannwischer and Bo-Yin Yang
2021/994 ( PDF )
BKW Meets Fourier: New Algorithms for LPN with Sparse Parities
Dana Dachman-Soled and Huijing Gong and Hunter Kippen and Aria Shahverdi
2021/993 ( PDF )
FLOD: Oblivious Defender for Private Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning with Dishonest-Majority
Ye Dong and Xiaojun Chen and Kaiyun Li and Dakui Wang and Shuai Zeng
2021/992 ( PDF )
Faster Public-key Compression of SIDH with Less Memory
Kaizhan Lin and Jianming Lin and Weize Wang and Chang-An Zhao
2021/991 ( PDF )
Fake it till you make it: Data Augmentation using Generative Adversarial Networks for all the crypto you need on small devices
Naila Mukhtar and Lejla Batina and Stjepan Picek and Yinan Kong
2021/990 ( PDF )
Secret Keys in Genus-2 SIDH
Sabrina Kunzweiler and Yan Bo Ti and Charlotte Weitkämper
2021/989 ( PDF )
Stateful KEM: Towards Optimal Robust Combiner for Key Encapsulation Mechanism
Jia Xu and Yiwen Gao and Hoon Wei Lim and Hongbing Wang and Ee-Chien Chang
2021/988 ( PDF )
Concurrent Signatures from a Variety of Keys
George Teseleanu
2021/987 ( PDF )
A Formal Security Analysis of Session Resumption Across Hostnames
Kai Gellert and Tobias Handirk
2021/986 ( PDF )
Neon NTT: Faster Dilithium, Kyber, and Saber on Cortex-A72 and Apple M1
Hanno Becker and Vincent Hwang and Matthias J. Kannwischer and Bo-Yin Yang and Shang-Yi Yang
2021/985 ( PDF )
PUF Security: Reviewing The Validity of Spoofing Attack Against Safe is the New Smart
Karim Lounis
2021/984 ( PDF )
On the Use of the Legendre Symbol in Symmetric Cipher Design
Alan Szepieniec
2021/983 ( PDF )
A Cryptographic Hash Function from Markoff Triples
Elena Fuchs and Kristin Lauter and Matthew Litman and Austin Tran
2021/982 ( PDF )
Quantum Implementation and Resource Estimates for RECTANGLE and KNOT
Anubhab Baksi and Kyungbae Jang and Gyeongju Song and Hwajeong Seo and Zejun Xiang
2021/981 ( PDF )
Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis against AES Inner Rounds
Sudharshan Swaminathan and Lukasz Chmielewski and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/980 ( PDF )
Binary Field Montgomery Multiplication on Quantum Computers
Kyoungbae Jang and Gyeong Ju Song and Hyunji Kim and Hyeokdong Kwon and Wai-Kong Lee and Zhi Hu and Hwajeong Seo
2021/979 ( PDF )
Constant-Overhead Zero-Knowledge for RAM Programs
Nicholas Franzese and Jonathan Katz and Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky and Xiao Wang and Chenkai Weng
2021/978 ( PDF )
Polymath: Low-Latency MPC via Secure Polynomial Evaluations and its Applications
Donghang Lu and Albert Yu and Aniket Kate and Hemanta Maji
2021/977 ( PDF )
Shorter and Faster Post-Quantum Designated-Verifier zkSNARKs from Lattices
Yuval Ishai and Hang Su and David J. Wu
2021/976 ( PDF )
Reinventing BEDs: Formal Treatment of Broadcast Encryption with Dealership and Practical Constructions
Sayantan Mukherjee and Avishek Majumder
2021/975 ( PDF )
Bridges connecting Encryption Schemes
Mugurel Barcau and Cristian Lupascu and Vicentiu Pasol and George C. Turcas
2021/974 ( PDF )
Fast Keyword Search over Encrypted Data with Short Ciphertext in Clouds
Yi-Fan Tseng and Chun-I Fan and Zi-Cheng Liu
2021/973 ( PDF )
A Multiplatform Parallel Approach for Lattice Sieving Algorithms
Michał Andrzejczak and Kris Gaj
2021/972 ( PDF )
Partial Key Exposure Attack on Short Secret Exponent CRT-RSA
Alexander May and Julian Nowakowski and Santanu Sarkar
2021/971 ( PDF )
Tighter Security for Schnorr Identification and Signatures: A High-Moment Forking Lemma for $\Sigma$-Protocols
Lior Rotem and Gil Segev
2021/970 ( PDF )
Short Identity-Based Signatures with Tight Security from Lattices
Jiaxin Pan and Benedikt Wagner
2021/969 ( PDF )
Influence of a Set of Variables on a Boolean Function
Aniruddha Biswas and Palash Sarkar
2021/968 ( PDF )
White-Box Implementations for Hash-Based Signatures and One-Time Passwords
Kemal Bicakci and Kemal Ulker and Yusuf Uzunay
2021/967 ( PDF )
Assessment of Quantum Threat To Bitcoin and Derived Cryptocurrencies
Stephen Holmes and Liqun Chen
2021/966 ( PDF )
Soteria: Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Apache Spark
Cláudia Brito and Pedro Ferreira and Bernardo Portela and Rui Oliveira and João Paulo
2021/965 ( PDF )
Automatic Search for Bit-based Division Property
Shibam Ghosh and Orr Dunkelman
2021/964 ( PDF )
Secure Quantum Computation with Classical Communication
James Bartusek
2021/963 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Key-Blinding for Authentication in Anonymity Networks
Edward Eaton and Douglas Stebila and Roy Stracovsky
2021/962 ( PDF )
Practically Solving LPN
Thom Wiggers and Simona Samardjiska
2021/961 ( PDF )
Cryptimeleon: A Library for Fast Prototyping of Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Schemes
Jan Bobolz and Fabian Eidens and Raphael Heitjohann and Jeremy Fell
2021/960 ( PDF )
The SPEEDY Family of Block Ciphers - Engineering an Ultra Low-Latency Cipher from Gate Level for Secure Processor Architectures
Gregor Leander and Thorben Moos and Amir Moradi and Shahram Rasoolzadeh
2021/959 ( PDF )
The Best of Two Worlds: Deep Learning-assisted Template Attack
Lichao Wu and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/958 ( PDF )
When the Decoder Has to Look Twice: Glitching a PUF Error Correction
Jonas Ruchti and Michael Gruber and Michael Pehl
2021/957 ( PDF )
Three-Round Secure Multiparty Computation from Black-Box Two-Round Oblivious Transfer
Arpita Patra and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2021/956 ( PDF )
Chosen Ciphertext k-Trace Attacks on Masked CCA2 Secure Kyber
Mike Hamburg and Julius Hermelink and Robert Primas and Simona Samardjiska and Thomas Schamberger and Silvan Streit and Emanuele Strieder and Christine van Vredendaal
2021/955 ( PDF )
Higher-degree supersingular group actions
Mathilde Chenu and Benjamin Smith
2021/954 ( PDF )
Scabbard: a suite of efficient learning with rounding key-encapsulation mechanisms
Jose Maria Bermudo Mera and Angshuman Karmakar and Suparna Kundu and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2021/953 ( PDF )
State-free End-to-End Encrypted Storage and Chat Systems based on Searchable Encryption
Keita Emura and Ryoma Ito and Sachiko Kanamori and Ryo Nojima and Yohei Watanabe
2021/952 ( PDF )
On the Evaluation of Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis
Lichao Wu and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/951 ( PDF )
Bitslice Masking and Improved Shuffling: How and When to Mix Them in Software?
Melissa Azouaoui and Olivier Bronchain and Vincent Grosso and Kostas Papagiannopoulos and François-Xavier Standaert
2021/950 ( PDF )
Exploring Crypto-Physical Dark Matter and Learning with Physical Rounding Towards Secure and Efficient Fresh Re-Keying
Sébastien Duval and Pierrick Méaux and Charles Momin and François-Xavier Standaert
2021/949 ( PDF )
A High-Speed Architecture for the Reduction in VDF Based on a Class Group
Yifeng Song and Danyang Zhu and Jing Tian and Zhongfeng Wang
2021/948 ( PDF )
How to Make a Secure Index for Searchable Symmetric Encryption, Revisited
Yohei Watanabe and Takeshi Nakai and Kazuma Ohara and Takuya Nojima and Yexuan Liu and Mitsugu Iwamoto and Kazuo Ohta
2021/947 ( PDF )
Autocorrelations of vectorial Boolean functions
Anne Canteaut and Lukas Kölsch and Chao Li and Chunlei Li and Kangquan Li and Longjiang Qu and Friedrich Wiemer
2021/946 ( PDF )
Hidden Cosets and Applications to Unclonable Cryptography
Andrea Coladangelo and Jiahui Liu and Qipeng Liu and Mark Zhandry
2021/945 ( PDF )
Limits on the Adaptive Security of Yao's Garbling
Chethan Kamath and Karen Klein and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Daniel Wichs
2021/944 ( PDF )
Systematic Side-channel Analysis of Curve25519 with Machine Learning
Léo Weissbart and Łukasz Chmielewski and Stjepan Picek and Lejla Batina
2021/943 ( PDF )
Breaking the Circuit-Size Barrier for Secure Computation under Quasi-Polynomial LPN
Geoffroy Couteau and Pierre Meyer
2021/942 ( PDF )
Compact Ring Signatures from Learning With Errors
Rohit Chatterjee and Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Hajiabadi and Dakshita Khurana and Xiao Liang and Giulio Malavolta and Omkant Pandey and Sina Shiehian
2021/941 ( PDF )
Spectral Approach to Process the (Multivariate) High-Order Template Attack against Any Masking Scheme
Maamar Ouladj and Sylvain Guilley and Philippe Guillot and Farid Mokrane
2021/940 ( PDF )
SecretStore: A Secrecy as a Service model to enable the Cloud Storage to store user's secret data
Ripon Patgiri and Malaya Dutta Borah and Laiphrakpam Dolendro Singh
2021/939 ( PDF )
OmniLytics: A Blockchain-based Secure Data Market for Decentralized Machine Learning
Jiacheng Liang and Songze Li and Wensi Jiang and Bochuan Cao and Chaoyang He
2021/938 ( PDF )
Plactic signatures
Daniel R. L. Brown
2021/937 ( PDF )
Storing data that is updated regularly on a client machine securely
Artem Los
2021/936 ( PDF )
FIVER -- Robust Verification of Countermeasures against Fault Injections
Jan Richter-Brockmann and Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi and Pascal Sasdrich and Amir Moradi and Tim Güneysu
2021/935 ( PDF )
ROTed: Random Oblivious Transfer for embedded devices
Pedro Branco and Luís Fiolhais and Manuel Goulão and Paulo Martins and Paulo Mateus and Leonel Sousa
2021/934 ( PDF )
ECLIPSE: Enhanced Compiling method for Pedersen-committed zkSNARK Engines
Diego F. Aranha and Emil Madsen Bennedsen and Matteo Campanelli and Chaya Ganesh and Claudio Orlandi and Akira Takahashi
2021/933 ( PDF )
Fast Factoring Integers by SVP Algorithms, corrected
Claus Peter Schnorr
2021/932 ( PDF )
Succinct Functional Commitment for a Large Class of Arithmetic Circuits
Helger Lipmaa and Kateryna Pavlyk
2021/931 ( PDF )
Practical Key Recovery Attacks on FlexAEAD
Orr Dunkelman and Maria Eichlseder and Daniel Kales and Nathan Keller and Gaëtan Leurent and Markus Schofnegger
2021/930 ( PDF )
Darlin: Recursive Proofs using Marlin
Ulrich Haböck and Alberto Garoffolo and Daniele Di Benedetto
2021/929 ( PDF )
A polynomial time key-recovery attack on the Sidon cryptosystem
Pierre Briaud and Jean-Pierre Tillich and Javier Verbel
2021/928 ( PDF )
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Galois NFSRs Equivalent to Fibonacci Ones and Their Application to the Stream Cipher Trivium
Jianghua Zhong and Yingyin Pan and Wenhui Kong and Dongdai Lin
2021/927 ( PDF )
A New Simple Technique to Bootstrap Various Lattice Zero-Knowledge Proofs to QROM Secure NIZKs
Shuichi Katsumata
2021/926 ( PDF )
On Treewidth, Separators and Yao's Garbling
Chethan Kamath and Karen Klein and Krzysztof Pietrzak
2021/925 ( PDF )
Bilinear Map Based One-Time Signature Scheme with Secret Key Exposure
Marten van Dijk and Deniz Gurevin and Chenglu Jin and Omer Khan and Phuong Ha Nguyen
2021/924 ( PDF )
On Removing Rejection Conditions in Practical Lattice-Based Signatures
Rouzbeh Behnia and Yilei Chen and Daniel Masny
2021/923 ( PDF )
On the (in)security of ElGamal in OpenPGP
Luca De Feo and Bertram Poettering and Alessandro Sorniotti
2021/922 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Provably Secure Short Signature Scheme from Isogeny between Elliptic Curves
Kunal Dey and Sumit Kumar Debnath
2021/921 ( PDF )
Semilinear transformations in coding theory and their application to cryptography
Wenshuo Guo and Fang-Wei Fu
2021/920 ( PDF )
Non-malleable Commitments against Quantum Attacks
Nir Bitansky and Huijia Lin and Omri Shmueli
2021/919 ( PDF )
The supersingular isogeny path and endomorphism ring problems are equivalent
Benjamin Wesolowski
2021/918 ( PDF )
The Round Complexity of Quantum Zero-Knowledge
Orestis Chardouvelis and Giulio Malavolta
2021/917 ( PDF )
CODBS: A cascading oblivious search protocol optimized for real-world relational database indexes
Rogério Pontes and Bernardo Portela and Manuel Barbosa and Ricardo Vilaça
2021/916 ( PDF )
Mithril: Stake-based Threshold Multisignatures
Pyrros Chaidos and Aggelos Kiayias
2021/915 ( PDF )
A PCP Theorem for Interactive Proofs and Applications
Gal Arnon and Alessandro Chiesa and Eylon Yogev
2021/914 ( PDF )
Principal Component Analysis using CKKS Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Samanvaya Panda
2021/913 ( PDF )
Practical complexities of probabilistic algorithms for solving Boolean polynomial systems
Stefano Barbero and Emanuele Bellini and Carlo Sanna and Javier Verbel
2021/912 ( PDF )
On the looseness of FO derandomization
Daniel J. Bernstein
2021/911 ( PDF )
SoK: Understanding BFT Consensus in the Age of Blockchains
Gang Wang
2021/910 ( PDF )
SECDSA: Mobile signing and authentication under classical ``sole control''
Eric Verheul
2021/909 ( PDF )
Efficiency through Diversity in Ensemble Models applied to Side-Channel Attacks – A Case Study on Public-Key Algorithms –
Gabriel Zaid and Lilian Bossuet and Amaury Habrard and Alexandre Venelli
2021/908 ( PDF )
Selection of sampling keys for cryptographic tests
George Marinakis
2021/907 ( PDF )
zkKYC: A solution concept for KYC without knowing your customer, leveraging self-sovereign identity and zero-knowledge proofs
Pieter Pauwels
2021/906 ( PDF )
Two Public-Key Cryptosystems Based on Expanded Gabidulin Codes
Wenshuo Guo and Fang-Wei Fu
2021/905 ( PDF )
A Tale of Two Boards: On the Influence of Microarchitecture on Side-Channel Leakage
Vipul Arora and Ileana Buhan and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/904 ( PDF )
Spatial Dependency Analysis to Extract Information from Side-Channel Mixtures
Aurélien Vasselle and Hugues Thiebeauld and Philippe Maurine
2021/903 ( PDF )
Nowhere to Leak: Forward and Backward Private Symmetric Searchable Encryption in the Multi-Client Setting (Extended Version)
Alexandros Bakas and Antonis Michalas
2021/902 ( PDF )
Breaking Masked and Shuffled CCA Secure Saber KEM by Power Analysis
Kalle Ngo and Elena Dubrova and Thomas Johansson
2021/901 ( PDF )
Resolvable Block Designs in Construction of Approximate Real MUBs that are Sparse
Ajeet Kumar and Subhamoy Maitra
2021/900 ( PDF )
ANS-based Compression and Encryption with 128-bit Security
Seyit Camtepe and Jarek Duda and Arash Mahboubi and Pawel Morawiecki and Surya Nepal and Marcin Pawlowski and Josef Pieprzyk
2021/899 ( PDF )
Homomorphic decryption in blockchains via compressed discrete-log lookup tables
Panagiotis Chatzigiannis and Konstantinos Chalkias and Valeria Nikolaenko
2021/898 ( PDF )
On Extremal Expanding Algebraic Graphs and post-quantum secure delivery of passwords, encryption maps and tools for multivariate digital signatures.
Vasyl Ustimenko
2021/897 ( PDF )
A Rational Protocol Treatment of 51% Attacks
Christian Badertscher and Yun Lu and Vassilis Zikas
2021/896 ( PDF )
Rebuttal to claims in Section 2.1 of the ePrint report 2021/583 "Entropoid-based cryptography is group exponentiation in disguise"
Danilo Gligoroski
2021/895 ( PDF )
Targeted Lossy Functions and Applications
Willy Quach and Brent Waters and Daniel Wichs
2021/894 ( PDF )
History of Cryptographic Key Sizes
Nigel P. Smart and Emmanuel Thome
2021/893 ( PDF )
DEMO: AirCollect: Efficiently Recovering Hashed Phone Numbers Leaked via Apple AirDrop
Alexander Heinrich and Matthias Hollick and Thomas Schneider and Milan Stute and Christian Weinert
2021/892 ( PDF )
Low-Latency Keccak at any Arbitrary Order
Sara Zarei and Aein Rezaei Shahmirzadi and Hadi Soleimany and Raziye Salarifard and Amir Moradi
2021/891 ( PDF )
White Box Traitor Tracing
Mark Zhandry
2021/890 ( PDF )
A Note on One-way Functions and Sparse Languages
Yanyi Liu and Rafael Pass
2021/889 ( PDF )
Counterexamples to New Circular Security Assumptions Underlying iO
Sam Hopkins and Aayush Jain and Huijia Lin
2021/888 ( PDF )
Lifting Standard Model Reductions to Common Setup Assumptions
Ngoc Khanh Nguyen and Eftychios Theodorakis and Bogdan Warinschi
2021/887 ( PDF )
Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol in the Standard Model under Weaker Assumptions
Janaka Alawatugoda and Taechan Kim
2021/886 ( PDF )
Computational Records with Aging Hardware: Controlling Half the Output of SHA-256
Mellila Bouam and Charles Bouillaguet and Claire Delaplace and Camille Noûs
2021/885 ( PDF )
MPC-Friendly Symmetric Cryptography from Alternating Moduli: Candidates, Protocols, and Applications
Itai Dinur and Steven Goldfeder and Tzipora Halevi and Yuval Ishai and Mahimna Kelkar and Vivek Sharma and Greg Zaverucha
2021/884 ( PDF )
Blockchain Layer Zero: Characterizing the Bitcoin Network through Measurements, Models, and Simulations
Elias Rohrer and Florian Tschorsch
2021/883 ( PDF )
Oblivious Key-Value Stores and Amplification for Private Set Intersection
Gayathri Garimella and Benny Pinkas and Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu and Avishay Yanai
2021/882 ( PDF )
Computational Hardness of Optimal FairComputation: Beyond Minicrypt
Hemanta K. Maji and Mingyuan Wang
2021/881 ( PDF )
Secure Code-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanism with Short Ciphertext and Secret Key
Jayashree Dey and Ratna Dutta
2021/880 ( PDF )
Towards Tight Random Probing Security
Gaëtan Cassiers and Sebastian Faust and Maximilian Orlt and François-Xavier Standaert
2021/879 ( PDF )
Leakage Perturbation is Not Enough: Breaking Structured Encryption Using Simulated Annealing
Zichen Gui and Kenneth G. Paterson and Sikhar Patranabis
2021/878 ( PDF )
Programmable RO (PRO): A Multipurpose Countermeasure against Side-channel and Fault Injection Attacks
Yuan Yao and Pantea Kiaei and Richa Singh and Shahin Tajik and Patrick Schaumont
2021/877 ( PDF )
A Fully Anonymous e-Voting Protocol Employing Universal zk-SNARKs and Smart Contracts
Aritra Banerjee
2021/876 ( PDF )
Code Constructions and Bounds for Identification via Channels
Onur Gunlu and Joerg Kliewer and Rafael F. Schaefer and Vladimir Sidorenko
2021/875 ( PDF )
Hybrid Signal protocol for post-quantum email encryption
Sara Stadler and Vitor Sakaguti and Harjot Kaur and Anna Lena Fehlhaber
2021/874 ( PDF )
Chosen-ciphertext Clustering Attack on CRYSTALS-KYBER using the Side-channel Leakage of Barrett Reduction
Bo-Yeon Sim and Aesun Park and Dong-Guk Han
2021/873 ( PDF )
KHAPE: Asymmetric PAKE from Key-Hiding Key Exchange
Yanqi Gu and Stanislaw Jarecki and Hugo Krawczyk
2021/872 ( PDF )
W-OTS(+) up my Sleeve! A Hidden Secure Fallback for Cryptocurrency Wallets
David Chaum and Mario Larangeira and Mario Yaksetig and William Carter
2021/871 ( PDF )
Traceable Secret Sharing and Applications
Vipul Goyal and Yifan Song and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2021/870 ( PDF )
SoK: Gröbner Basis Algorithms for Arithmetization Oriented Ciphers
Jan Ferdinand Sauer and Alan Szepieniec
2021/869 ( PDF )
MiniLedger: Compact-sized Anonymous and Auditable Distributed Payments
Panagiotis Chatzigiannis and Foteini Baldimtsi
2021/868 ( PDF )
Low-Latency Hardware Masking of PRINCE
Nicolai Müller and Thorben Moos and Amir Moradi
2021/867 ( PDF )
Key-Policy ABE with Delegation of Rights
Cécile Delerablée and Lénaïck Gouriou and David Pointcheval
2021/866 ( PDF )
The One-More Discrete Logarithm Assumption in the Generic Group Model
Balthazar Bauer and Georg Fuchsbauer and Antoine Plouviez
2021/865 ( PDF )
Quantum Key Search for Ternary LWE
Iggy van Hoof and Elena Kirshanova and Alexander May
2021/864 ( PDF )
A Fast and Simple Partially Oblivious PRF, with Applications
Nirvan Tyagi and Sofı́a Celi and Thomas Ristenpart and Nick Sullivan and Stefano Tessaro and Christopher A. Wood
2021/863 ( PDF )
Authenticated Key Exchange and Signatures with Tight Security in the Standard Model
Shuai Han and Tibor Jager and Eike Kiltz and Shengli Liu and Jiaxin Pan and Doreen Riepel and Sven Schäge
2021/862 ( PDF )
Receiver-Anonymity in Rerandomizable RCCA-Secure Cryptosystems Resolved
Yi Wang and Rongmao Chen and Guomin Yang and Xinyi Huang and Baosheng Wang and Moti Yung
2021/861 ( PDF )
Standard Model Leakage-Resilient Authenticated Key Exchange using Inner-product Extractors
Janaka Alawatugoda and Tatsuaki Okamoto
2021/860 ( PDF )
Verification of the security in Boolean masked circuits
Vahid Jahandideh
2021/859 ( PDF )
Concrete Evaluation of the Random Probing Security
Vahid Jahandideh
2021/858 ( PDF )
Full key recovery side-channel attack against ephemeral SIKE on the Cortex-M4
Aymeric Genêt and Natacha Linard de Guertechin and Novak Kaluđerović
2021/857 ( PDF )
Secure Computation for G-Module and its Applications
Qizhi Zhang and Bingsheng Zhang and Lichun Li and Shan Yin and Juanjuan Sun
2021/856 ( PDF )
Key Guessing Strategies for Linear Key-Schedule Algorithms in Rectangle Attacks
Xiaoyang Dong and Lingyue Qin and Siwei Sun and Xiaoyun Wang
2021/855 ( PDF )
Donner: UTXO-Based Virtual Channels Across Multiple Hops
Lukas Aumayr and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei
2021/854 ( PDF )
PQC: R-Propping of a Simple Oblivious Transfer
Pedro Hecht
2021/853 ( PDF )
Private Signaling
Varun Madathil and Alessandra Scafuro and István András Seres and Omer Shlomovits and Denis Varlakov
2021/852 ( PDF )
Improved Structured Encryption for SQL Databases via Hybrid Indexing
David Cash and Ruth Ng and Adam Rivkin
2021/851 ( PDF )
Multiple Candidates Coercion-Resistant Blockchain-Based E-Voting Protocol With Receipts
Riccardo Longo and Chiara Spadafora
2021/850 ( PDF )
Resistance of Isogeny-Based Cryptographic Implementations to a Fault Attack
Élise Tasso and Luca De Feo and Nadia El Mrabet and and Simon Pontié
2021/849 ( PDF )
Curse of Re-encryption: A Generic Power/EM Analysis on Post-Quantum KEMs
Rei Ueno and Keita Xagawa and Yutaro Tanaka and Akira Ito and Junko Takahashi and Naofumi Homma
2021/848 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption for Turing Machines with Dynamic Bounded Collusion from LWE
Shweta Agrawal and Monosij Maitra and Narasimha Sai Vempati and Shota Yamada
2021/847 ( PDF )
Dynamic Collusion Bounded Functional Encryption from Identity-Based Encryption
Rachit Garg and Rishab Goyal and George Lu and Brent Waters
2021/846 ( PDF )
Ergo Hackathon: Crowdfunded Smart Contract Pools Research and Conceptualization
Bronson Brooks Richard and Gary Waugh
2021/845 ( PDF )
An Intermediate Secret-Guessing Attack on Hash-Based Signatures
Roland Booth and Yanhong Xu and Sabyasachi Karati and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
2021/844 ( PDF )
A note on IND-qCCA security in the ROM and its applications
Loïs Huguenin-Dumittan and Serge Vaudenay
2021/843 ( PDF )
Environmentally Friendly Composable Multi-Party Computation in the Plain Model from Standard (Timed) Assumptions
Brandon Broadnax and Jeremias Mechler and Jörn Müller-Quade
2021/842 ( PDF )
PCPs and Instance Compression from a Cryptographic Lens
Liron Bronfman and Ron D. Rothblum
2021/841 ( PDF )
MPC for $Q_2$ Access Structures over Rings and Fields
Robin Jadoul and Nigel P. Smart and Barry Van Leeuwen
2021/840 ( PDF )
Fault-Injection Attacks against NIST's Post-Quantum Cryptography Round 3 KEM Candidates
Keita Xagawa and Akira Ito and Rei Ueno and Junko Takahashi and Naofumi Homma
2021/839 ( PDF )
Prudent Practices in Security Standardization
Feng Hao
2021/838 ( PDF )
Anonymous and Distributed Authentication for Peer-to-Peer Networks
Pasan Tennakoon and Supipi Karunathilaka and Rishikeshan Lavakumar and Janaka Alawatugoda
2021/837 ( PDF )
On McEliece type cryptosystems using self-dual codes with large minimum weight
Luca Mariot and Stjepan Picek and Radinka Yorgova
2021/836 ( PDF )
Towards a Unified Approach to Black-Box Constructions of Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Xiao Liang and Omkant Pandey
2021/835 ( PDF )
Practical, Label Private Deep Learning Training based on Secure Multiparty Computation and Differential Privacy
Sen Yuan and Milan Shen and Ilya Mironov and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2021/834 ( PDF )
Unconditional Communication-Efficient MPC via Hall's Marriage Theorem
Vipul Goyal and Antigoni Polychroniadou and Yifan Song
2021/833 ( PDF )
ATLAS: Efficient and Scalable MPC in the Honest Majority Setting
Vipul Goyal and Hanjun Li and Rafail Ostrovsky and Antigoni Polychroniadou and Yifan Song
2021/832 ( PDF )
On the Efficiency and Flexibility of Signature Verification
Cecilia Boschini and Dario Fiore and Elena Pagnin
2021/831 ( PDF )
Private Remote Sources for Secure Multi-Function Computation
Onur Gunlu and Matthieu Bloch and Rafael F. Schaefer
2021/830 ( PDF )
Analysis and Protection of the Two-metric Helper Data Scheme
Lars Tebelmann and Ulrich Kühne and Jean-Luc Danger and Michael Pehl
2021/829 ( PDF )
To Shift or Not to Shift: Understanding GEA-1
Christof Beierle and Patrick Felke and Gregor Leander
2021/828 ( PDF )
Row, Row, Row Your Boat: How to Not Find Weak Keys in Pilsung
Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup and Eyal Ronen and Gregory G. Rose and Yuval Yarom
2021/827 ( PDF )
TransNet: Shift Invariant Transformer Network for Power Attack
Suvadeep Hajra and Sayandeep Saha and Manaar Alam and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2021/826 ( PDF )
OpenSSLNTRU: Faster post-quantum TLS key exchange
Daniel J. Bernstein and Billy Bob Brumley and Ming-Shing Chen and Nicola Tuveri
2021/825 ( PDF )
Balancing Quality and Efficiency in Private Clustering with Affinity Propagation
Hannah Keller and Helen Möllering and Thomas Schneider and Hossein Yalame
2021/824 ( PDF )
Security Characterization of J-PAKE and its Variants
Michel Abdalla and Manuel Barbosa and Peter B. Rønne and Peter Y.A. Ryan and Petra Šala
2021/823 ( PDF )
GPU-accelerated PIR with Client-Independent Preprocessing for Large-Scale Applications
Daniel Günther and Maurice Heymann and Benny Pinkas and Thomas Schneider
2021/822 ( PDF )
One-out-of-$q$ OT Combiners
Oriol Farràs and Jordi Ribes-González
2021/821 ( PDF )
On the hardness of the NTRU problem
Alice Pellet-Mary and Damien Stehlé
2021/820 ( PDF )
Further Improving Differential-Linear Attacks: Applications to Chaskey and Serpent
Marek Broll and Federico Canale and Nicolas David and Antonio Florez-Gutierrez and Gregor Leander and María Naya-Plasencia and Yosuke Todo
2021/819 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of the GPRS Encryption Algorithms GEA-1 and GEA-2
Christof Beierle and Patrick Derbez and Gregor Leander and Gaëtan Leurent and Håvard Raddum and Yann Rotella and David Rupprecht and Lukas Stennes
2021/818 ( PDF )
CTng: Secure Certificate and Revocation Transparency
Hemi Leibowitz and Haitham Ghalwash and Ewa Syta and Amir Herzberg
2021/817 ( PDF )
Give Me 5 Minutes: Attacking ASCAD with a Single Side-Channel Trace
Olivier Bronchain and Gaëtan Cassiers and François-Xavier Standaert
2021/816 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Approximate k-Nearest-Neighbors Search that Hides Access, Query and Volume Patterns
Alexandra Boldyreva and Tianxin Tang
2021/815 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis of FF3-1 and FEA
Tim Beyne
2021/814 ( PDF )
A New Way to Achieve Round-Efficient Byzantine Agreement
Matthias Fitzi and Chen-Da Liu-Zhang and Julian Loss
2021/813 ( PDF )
Intelligent Composed Algorithms
Frank Byszio and Dr. Klaus-Dieter Wirth and Dr. Kim Nguyen
2021/812 ( PDF )
TOPPool: Time-aware Optimized Privacy-Preserving Ridesharing
Elena Pagnin and Gunnar Gunnarsson and Pedram Talebi and Claudio Orlandi and Andrei Sabelfeld:
2021/811 ( PDF )
A General Purpose Transpiler for Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Shruthi Gorantala and Rob Springer and Sean Purser-Haskell and William Lam and Royce Wilson and Asra Ali and Eric P. Astor and Itai Zukerman and Sam Ruth and Christoph Dibak and Phillipp Schoppmann and Sasha Kulankhina and Alain Forget and David Marn and Cameron Tew and Rafael Misoczki and Bernat Guillen and Xinyu Ye and Dennis Kraft and Damien Desfontaines and Aishe Krishnamurthy and Miguel Guevara and Irippuge Milinda Perera and Yurii Sushko and Bryant Gipson
2021/810 ( PDF )
Efficient Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement without Private Setups
Yingzi Gao and Yuan Lu and Zhenliang Lu and Qiang Tang and Jing Xu and Zhenfeng Zhang
2021/809 ( PDF )
SoK: Efficient Privacy-preserving Clustering
Aditya Hegde and Helen Möllering and Thomas Schneider and Hossein Yalame
2021/808 ( PDF )
SNARGs for $\mathcal{P}$ from LWE
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Abhishek Jain and Zhengzhong Jin
2021/807 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Batch Arguments for NP from Standard Assumptions
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Abhishek Jain and Zhengzhong Jin
2021/806 ( PDF )
Boosting the Security of Blind Signature Schemes
Jonathan Katz and Julian Loss and Michael Rosenberg
2021/805 ( PDF )
Practical Settlement Bounds for Proof-of-Work Blockchains
Peter Gaži and Ling Ren and Alexander Russell
2021/804 ( PDF )
A Note on ``Reduction Modulo $2^{448}-2^{224}-1$''
Timothy Shelton
2021/803 ( PDF )
On the Privacy of Protocols based on CPA-Secure Homomorphic Encryption
Adi Akavia and Margarita Vald
2021/802 ( PDF )
On Secret Sharing, Randomness, and Random-less Reductions for Secret Sharing
Divesh Aggarwal and Eldon Chung and Maciej Obremski and João Ribeiro
2021/801 ( PDF )
Memory-Hard Puzzles in the Standard Model with Applications to Memory-Hard Functions and Resource-Bounded Locally Decodable Codes
Mohammad Hassan Ameri and Alexander R. Block and Jeremiah Blocki
2021/800 ( PDF )
TEMP: Time-locked Encryption Made Practical
Leemon Baird and Pratyay Mukherjee and Rohit Sinha
2021/799 ( PDF )
Lattice Attacks on NTRU and LWE: A History of Refinements
Martin Albrecht and Léo Ducas
2021/798 ( PDF )
Probabilistic Dynamic Input Output Automata
Pierre Civit and Maria Potop-Butucaru
2021/797 ( PDF )
LLVM-based Circuit Compilation for Practical Secure Computation
Tim Heldmann and Thomas Schneider and Oleksandr Tkachenko and Christian Weinert and Hossein Yalame
2021/796 ( PDF )
How Byzantine is a Send Corruption?
Karim Eldefrawy and Julian Loss and Ben Terner
2021/795 ( PDF )
Transforming Secure Comparison Protocol from Passive to Active Adversary Model
Wei Jiang
2021/794 ( PDF )
Reverse Engineering the Micro-Architectural Leakage Features of a Commercial Processor
Si Gao and Elisabeth Oswald and Dan Page
2021/793 ( PDF )
Property-Preserving Hash Functions from Standard Assumptions
Nils Fleischhacker and Kasper Green Larsen and Mark Simkin
2021/792 ( PDF )
Pseudo-Random Walk on Ideals: Practical Speed-Up in Relation Collection for Class Group Computation
Madhurima Mukhopadhyay and Palash Sarkar
2021/791 ( PDF )
Open Sesame: A Novel Non-SAT-Attack against CAS-Lock
Akashdeep Saha and Urbi Chatterjee and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty
2021/790 ( PDF )
A Side-Channel Assisted Attack on NTRU
Amund Askeland and Sondre Rønjom
2021/789 ( PDF )
P2DPI: Practical and Privacy-Preserving Deep Packet Inspection
Jongkil Kim and Seyit Camtepe and Joonsang Baek and Willy Susilo and Josef Pieprzyk and Surya Nepal
2021/788 ( PDF )
Somewhere Statistical Soundness, Post-Quantum Security, and SNARGs
Yael Tauman Kalai and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Rachel Yun Zhang
2021/787 ( PDF )
Mobile Voting -- Still Too Risky?
Sven Heiberg and Kristjan Krips and Jan Willemson
2021/786 ( PDF )
Volume-Hiding Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Forward and Backward Privacy
Yongjun Zhao and Huaxiong Wang and Kwok-Yan Lam
2021/785 ( PDF )
Lower bounds on lattice sieving and information set decoding
Elena Kirshanova and Thijs Laarhoven
2021/784 ( PDF )
Analysis and Recommendations for MAC and Key Lengths in Delayed Disclosure GNSS Authentication Protocols
Ignacio Fernández-Hernández and Tomer Ashur and Vincent Rijmen
2021/783 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning with Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Deep Neural Network
Joon-Woo Lee and HyungChul Kang and Yongwoo Lee and Woosuk Choi and Jieun Eom and Maxim Deryabin and Eunsang Lee and Junghyun Lee and Donghoon Yoo and Young-Sik Kim and Jong-Seon No
2021/782 ( PDF )
On the deployment of FlyClient as a velvet fork: chain-sewing attacks and countermeasures
Tristan Nemoz and Alexei Zamyatin
2021/781 ( PDF )
Quantum-Resistant Security for Software Updates on Low-power Networked Embedded Devices
Gustavo Banegas and Koen Zandberg and Adrian Herrmann and Emmanuel Baccelli and Benjamin Smith
2021/780 ( PDF )
Netlist Decompilation Workflow for Recovered Design Verification, Validation, and Assurance
Katie Liszewski and Tim McDonley and Josh Delozier and Andrew Elliott and Dylan Jones and Matt Sutter and Adam Kimura
2021/779 ( PDF )
More efficient post-quantum KEMTLS with pre-distributed public keys
Peter Schwabe and Douglas Stebila and Thom Wiggers
2021/778 ( PDF )
Efficient secret key reusing attribute-based encryption from lattices
Xinyuan Qian and Wenyuan Wu
2021/777 ( PDF )
Asynchronous Data Dissemination and its Applications
Sourav Das and Zhuolun Xiang and Ling Ren
2021/776 ( PDF )
SoK: Applying Blockchain Technology in Industrial Internet of Things
Gang Wang
2021/775 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Broadcast in Resource-Restricted Cryptography
Ran Cohen and Juan Garay and Vassilis Zikas
2021/774 ( PDF )
On Tight Quantum Security of HMAC and NMAC in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
Akinori Hosoyamada and Tetsu Iwata
2021/773 ( PDF )
HEX-BLOOM: An Efficient Method for Authenticity and Integrity Verification in Privacy-preserving Computing
Ripon Patgiri and Malaya Dutta Borah
2021/772 ( PDF )
Falcon Down: Breaking Falcon Post-Quantum Signature Scheme through Side-Channel Attacks
Emre Karabulut and Aydin Aysu
2021/771 ( PDF )
Securing Secure Aggregation: Mitigating Multi-Round Privacy Leakage in Federated Learning
Jinhyun So and Ramy E. Ali and Basak Guler and Jiantao Jiao and Salman Avestimehr
2021/770 ( PDF )
Multi-key Private Matching for Compute
Prasad Buddhavarapu and Benjamin M Case and Logan Gore and Andrew Knox and Payman Mohassel and Shubho Sengupta and Erik Taubeneck and Min Xue
2021/769 ( PDF )
Post-quantum Asynchronous Deniable Key Exchange and the Signal Handshake
Jacqueline Brendel and Rune Fiedler and Felix Günther and Christian Janson and Douglas Stebila
2021/768 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Decision Trees Training and Prediction
Adi Akavia and Max Leibovich and Yehezkel S. Resheff and Roey Ron and Moni Shahar and Margarita Vald
2021/767 ( PDF )
White-box Cryptography with Device Binding from Token-based Obfuscation and more
Shashank Agrawal and Estuardo Alpirez Bock and Yilei Chen and Gaven Watson
2021/766 ( PDF )
Etherless Ethereum Tokens: Simulating Native Tokens in Ethereum
John Andrews and Michele Ciampi and Vassilis Zikas
2021/765 ( PDF )
Dynamic Volume-Hiding Encrypted Multi-Maps with Applications to Searchable Encryption
Ghous Amjad and Sarvar Patel and Giuseppe Persiano and Kevin Yeo and Moti Yung
2021/764 ( PDF )
Covert Learning: How to Learn with an Untrusted Intermediary
Ran Canetti and Ari Karchmer
2021/763 ( PDF )
Fragment and Forge: Breaking Wi-Fi Through Frame Aggregation and Fragmentation
Mathy Vanhoef
2021/762 ( PDF )
A wide class of Boolean functions generalizing the hidden weight bit function
Claude Carlet
2021/761 ( PDF )
Parameterization of Boolean functions by vectorial functions and associated constructions
Claude Carlet
2021/760 ( PDF )
Analysis of CryptoNote Transaction Graphs using the Dulmage-Mendelsohn Decomposition
Saravanan Vijayakumaran
2021/759 ( PDF )
Cerebro: A Platform for Multi-Party Cryptographic Collaborative Learning
Wenting Zheng and Ryan Deng and Weikeng Chen and Raluca Ada Popa and Aurojit Panda and Ion Stoica
2021/758 ( PDF )
Quantum cryptography based on an algorithm for determining simultaneously all the mappings of a Boolean function
Koji Nagata and Renata Wong and Do Ngoc Diep and Tadao Nakamura
2021/757 ( PDF )
On the Dual of Generalized Bent Functions
Jiaxin Wang Fang-Wei Fu
2021/756 ( PDF )
A Novel Completeness Test and its Application to Side Channel Attacks and Simulators
Si Gao and Elisabeth Oswald
2021/755 ( PDF )
Tetrad: Actively Secure 4PC for Secure Training and Inference
Nishat Koti and Arpita Patra and Rahul Rachuri and Ajith Suresh
2021/754 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Training of Tree Ensembles over Continuous Data
Samuel Adams and Chaitali Choudhary and Martine De Cock and Rafael Dowsley and David Melanson and Anderson C. A. Nascimento and Davis Railsback and Jianwei Shen
2021/753 ( PDF )
Anonymous Device Authorization for Cellular Networks
Abida Haque and Varun Madathil and Bradley Reaves and Alessandra Scafuro
2021/752 ( PDF )
Quantum Reduction of Finding Short Code Vectors to the Decoding Problem
Thomas Debris-Alazard and Maxime Remaud and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2021/751 ( PDF )
Grain-128AEADv2: Strengthening the Initialization Against Key Reconstruction
Martin Hell and Thomas Johansson and Alexander Maximov and Willi Meier and Hirotaka Yoshida
2021/750 ( PDF )
Appenzeller to Brie: Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Mixed-Mode Arithmetic and $\mathbb{Z}_{2^k}$
Carsten Baum and Lennart Braun and Alexander Munch-Hansen and Peter Scholl
2021/749 ( PDF )
Three Halves Make a Whole? Beating the Half-Gates Lower Bound for Garbled Circuits
Mike Rosulek and Lawrence Roy
2021/748 ( PDF )
A Complete Characterization of Game-Theoretically Fair, Multi-Party Coin Toss
Ke Wu and Gilad Asharov and Elaine Shi (random author ordering)
2021/747 ( PDF )
Elmo: Recursive Virtual Payment Channels for Bitcoin
Aggelos Kiayias and Orfeas Stefanos Thyfronitis Litos
2021/746 ( PDF )
What is All the FaaS About? - Remote Exploitation of FPGA-as-a-Service Platforms
Nitin Pundir and Fahim Rahman and Farimah Farahmandi and Mark Tehranipoor
2021/745 ( PDF )
Generic-Group Identity-Based Encryption: A Tight Impossibility Result
Gili Schul-Ganz and Gil Segev
2021/744 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Proofs of Isogeny Knowledge and Application to Post-quantum One-Time Verifiable Random Function
Antonin Leroux
2021/743 ( PDF )
Manta: a Plug and Play Private DeFi Stack
Shumo Chu and Yu Xia and Zhenfei Zhang
2021/742 ( PDF )
Conclave: A Collective Stake Pool Protocol
Dimitris Karakostas and Aggelos Kiayias and Mario Larangeira
2021/741 ( PDF )
NTRU leads to Anonymous, Robust Public-Key Encryption
Keita Xagawa
2021/740 ( PDF )
The Boneh-Katz Transformation, Revisited: Pseudorandom/Obliviously-Samplable PKE from Lattices and Codes and Its Application
Keita Xagawa
2021/739 ( PDF )
A New Framework for Garbled Circuits
Tomer Ashur and Efrat Cohen and Carmit Hazay and Avishay Yanai
2021/738 ( PDF )
On the Impossibility of Purely Algebraic Signatures
Nico Döttling and Dominik Hartmann and Dennis Hofheinz and Eike Kiltz and Sven Schäge and Bogdan Ursu
2021/737 ( PDF )
GIFT-COFB is Tightly Birthday Secure with Encryption Queries
Akiko Inoue and Kazuhiko Minematsu
2021/736 ( PDF )
Adam in Private: Secure and Fast Training of Deep Neural Networks with Adaptive Moment Estimation
Nuttapong Attrapadung and Koki Hamada and Dai Ikarashi and Ryo Kikuchi and Takahiro Matsuda and Ibuki Mishina and Hiraku Morita and Jacob C. N. Schuldt
2021/735 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Protections for Picnic Signatures
Diego F. Aranha and Sebastian Berndt and Thomas Eisenbarth and Okan Seker and Akira Takahashi and Luca Wilke and Greg Zaverucha
2021/734 ( PDF )
First-Order Hardware Sharings of the AES
Siemen Dhooghe and Svetla Nikova and Vincent Rijmen
2021/733 ( PDF )
GenoPPML – a framework for genomic privacy-preserving machine learning
Sergiu Carpov and Nicolas Gama and Mariya Georgieva and Dimitar Jetchev
2021/732 ( PDF )
Preimage Attacks on 4-round Keccak by Solving Multivariate Quadratic Systems
Congming Wei and Chenhao Wu and Ximing Fu and Xiaoyang Dong and Kai He and Jue Hong and Xiaoyun Wang
2021/731 ( PDF )
Pasta: A Case for Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption
Christoph Dobraunig and Lorenzo Grassi and Lukas Helminger and Christian Rechberger and Markus Schofnegger and Roman Walch
2021/730 ( PDF )
Mystique: Efficient Conversions for Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Applications to Machine Learning
Chenkai Weng and Kang Yang and Xiang Xie and Jonathan Katz and Xiao Wang
2021/729 ( PDF )
Improved Programmable Bootstrapping with Larger Precision and Efficient Arithmetic Circuits for TFHE
Ilaria Chillotti and Damien Ligier and Jean-Baptiste Orfila and Samuel Tap
2021/728 ( PDF )
Laconic Private Set Intersection and Applications
Navid Alamati and Pedro Branco and Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Hajiabadi and Sihang Pu
2021/727 ( PDF )
SoK: Privacy-Preserving Computing in the Blockchain Era
Ghada Almashaqbeh and Ravital Solomon
2021/726 ( PDF )
Asymmetric All-or-nothing Transforms
Navid Nasr Esfahani and Douglas R. Stinson
2021/725 ( PDF )
KEMTLS with Delayed Forward Identity Protection in (Almost) a Single Round Trip
Felix Günther and Simon Rastikian and Patrick Towa and Thom Wiggers
2021/724 ( PDF )
Tri-op redactable blockchains with block modification, removal, and insertion
Mohammad Sadeq Dousti and Alptekin Küpçü
2021/723 ( PDF )
Cache attack on MISTY1
Haopeng Fan; Wenhao Wang; Yongjuan Wang; Wenyu Zhang; Qingjun Yuan
2021/722 ( PDF )
Chosen Ciphertext Secure Keyed Two-Level Homomorphic Encryption
Yusaku Maeda and Koji Nuida
2021/721 ( PDF )
Index Calculus Attacks on Hyperelliptic Jacobians with Effective Endomorphisms
Sulamithe Tsakou and Sorina Ionica
2021/720 ( PDF )
On Reverse Engineering Neural Network Implementation on GPU
Łukasz Chmielewski and Léo Weissbart
2021/719 ( PDF )
Conditional Differential-Neural Cryptanalysis
Zhenzhen Bao and Jian Guo and Meicheng Liu and Li Ma and Yi Tu
2021/718 ( PDF )
Will You Cross the Threshold for Me? - Generic Side-Channel Assisted Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks on NTRU-based KEMs
Prasanna Ravi and Martianus Frederic Ezerman and Shivam Bhasin and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Sujoy Sinha Roy
2021/717 ( PDF )
Explain Some Noise: Ablation Analysis for Deep Learning-based Physical Side-channel Analysis
Lichao Wu and Yoo-Seung Won and Dirmanto Jap and Guilherme Perin and Shivam Bhasin and Stjepan Picek
2021/716 ( PDF )
SSE and SSD: Page-Efficient Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Angèle Bossuat and Raphael Bost and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Brice Minaud and Michael Reichle
2021/715 ( PDF )
Hours of Horus: Keyless Cryptocurrency Wallets
Dionysis Zindros
2021/712 ( PDF )
DEFAULT: Cipher Level Resistance Against Differential Fault Attack
Anubhab Baksi and Shivam Bhasin and Jakub Breier and Mustafa Khairallah and Thomas Peyrin and Sumanta Sarkar and Siang Meng Sim
2021/710 ( PDF )
VOProof: Constructing Shorter and Faster-to-Verify zkSNARKs with Vector Oracles
Yuncong Zhang and Ren Zhang and Geng Wang and Dawu Gu
2021/709 ( PDF )
Bounded Collusion ABE for TMs from IBE
Rishab Goyal and Ridwan Syed and Brent Waters
2021/707 ( PDF )
Lattice Enumeration for Tower NFS: a 521-bit Discrete Logarithm Computation
Gabrielle De Micheli and Pierrick Gaudry and Cécile Pierrot
2021/706 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of an oblivious PRF from supersingular isogenies
Andrea Basso and Péter Kutas and Simon-Philipp Merz and Christophe Petit and Antonio Sanso
2021/703 ( PDF )
Quantum Multi-Collision Distinguishers
Zhenzhen Bao and Jian Guo and Shun Li and Phuong Pham
2021/701 ( PDF )
Multidimentional ModDiv public key exchange protocol
Samir Bouftass
2021/700 ( PDF )
DeCSIDH: Delegating isogeny computations in the CSIDH setting
Robi Pedersen
2021/699 ( PDF )
Radical Isogenies on Montgomery Curves
Hiroshi Onuki and Tomoki Moriya
2021/697 ( PDF )
GoAT: File Geolocation via Anchor Timestamping
Deepak Maram and Iddo Bentov and Mahimna Kelkar and Ari Juels
2021/691 ( PDF )
General Bootstrapping Approach for RLWE-based Homomorphic Encryption
Andrey Kim and Maxim Deryabin and Jieun Eom and Rakyong Choi and Yongwoo Lee and Whan Ghang and Donghoon Yoo
2021/690 ( PDF )
On Communication Models and Best-Achievable Security in Two-Round MPC
Aarushi Goel and Abhishek Jain and Manoj Prabhakaran and Rajeev Raghunath
2021/689 ( PDF )
OSHA: A General-purpose One-way Secure Hash Algorithm
Ripon Patgiri
2021/678 ( PDF )
Faster indifferentiable hashing to elliptic $\mathbb{F}_{\!q^2}$-curves
Dmitrii Koshelev
2021/676 ( PDF )
Extending the GLS endomorphism to speed up GHS Weil descent using Magma
Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez and Benjamin Smith
2021/673 ( PDF )
zkCNN: Zero Knowledge Proofs for Convolutional Neural Network Predictions and Accuracy
Tianyi Liu and Xiang Xie and Yupeng Zhang
2021/671 ( PDF )
Multi-Threshold Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Atsuki Momose and Ling Ren
2021/668 ( PDF )
Grover on SM3
Gyeongju Song and Kyungbae Jang and Hyunji Kim and Wai-Kong Lee and Zhi Hu and Hwajeong Seo
2021/667 ( PDF )
Optimized Implementation of SM4 on AVR Microcontrollers, RISC-V Processors, and ARM Processors
Hyeokdong Kwon and Hyunjun Kim and Siwoo Eum and Minjoo Sim and Hyunji Kim and Wai-Kong Lee and Zhi Hu and Hwajeong Seo
2021/664 ( PDF )
A Trustless GQ Multi-Signature Scheme with Identifiable Abort
Handong Cui and Tsz Hon Yuen
2021/658 ( PDF )
A Practical Adaptive Key Recovery Attack on the LGM (GSW-like) Cryptosystem
Prastudy Fauzi and Martha Norberg Hovd and Håvard Raddum
2021/652 ( PDF )
Detector+: An Approach for Detecting, Isolating, and Preventing Timing Attacks
Arsalan Javeed and Cemal Yilmaz and Erkay Savas
2021/645 ( PDF )
Legendre PRF (Multiple) Key Attacks and the Power of Preprocessing
Alexander May and Floyd Zweydinger
2021/644 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Semidirect Product Key Exchange Using Matrices Over Non-Commutative Rings
Christopher Battarbee and Delaram Kahrobaei and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2021/634 ( PDF )
Setting Up Efficient TFHE Parameters for Multivalue Plaintexts and Multiple Additions
Jakub Klemsa
2021/629 ( PDF )
SoK: How private is Bitcoin? Classification and Evaluation of Bitcoin Mixing Techniques
Simin Ghesmati and Walid Fdhila and Edgar Weippl
2021/628 ( PDF )
The Availability-Accountability Dilemma and its Resolution via Accountability Gadgets
Joachim Neu and Ertem Nusret Tas and David Tse
2021/626 ( PDF )
Help, my Signal has bad Device! Breaking the Signal Messenger’s Post-CompromiseSecurity through a Malicious Device
Jan Wichelmann and Sebastian Berndt and Claudius Pott and Thomas Eisenbarth
2021/625 ( PDF )
Plactic key agreement
Daniel R. L. Brown
2021/616 ( PDF )
An Efficient and Generic Construction for Signal's Handshake (X3DH): Post-Quantum, State Leakage Secure, and Deniable
Keitaro Hashimoto and Shuichi Katsumata and Kris Kwiatkowski and Thomas Prest
2021/608 ( PDF )
Layering diverse cryptography to lower risks of future and secret attacks: post-quantum estimates
Daniel R. L. Brown
2021/607 ( PDF )
Signed (Group) Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange with Tight Security
Jiaxin Pan and Chen Qian and Magnus Ringerud
2021/596 ( PDF )
Mutual Accountability Layer: Accountable Anonymity within Accountable Trust
Vanesa Daza and Abida Haque and Alessandra Scafuro and Alexandros Zacharakis and Arantxa Zapico
2021/593 ( PDF )
Differentially Oblivious Database Joins: Overcoming the Worst-Case Curse of Fully Oblivious Algorithms
Shumo Chu and Danyang Zhuo and Elaine Shi and T-H. Hubert Chan (randomized author ordering)
2021/590 ( PDF )
An Algebraic Framework for Universal and Updatable SNARKs
Carla Ràfols and Arantxa Zapico
2021/587 ( PDF )
PrORAM: Fast $O(\log n)$ Private Coin ZK ORAM
David Heath and Vladimir Kolesnikov
2021/586 ( PDF )
A New Approach for finding Low-Weight Polynomial Multiples
Laila El Aimani
2021/585 ( PDF )
Exact Lattice Sampling from Non-Gaussian Distributions
Maxime Plançon and Thomas Prest
2021/584 ( PDF )
Effects of Quantization on the Multiple-Round Secret-Key Capacity
Onur Gunlu and Ueli Maurer and Joao Ribeiro
2021/583 ( PDF )
Entropoids: Groups in Disguise
Lorenz Panny
2021/580 ( PDF )
Lightweight, Maliciously Secure Verifiable Function Secret Sharing
Leo de Castro and Antigoni Polychroniadou
2021/579 ( PDF )
Quantum Key-length Extension
Joseph Jaeger and Fang Song and Stefano Tessaro
2021/572 ( PDF )
Sine Series Approximation of the Mod Function for Bootstrapping of Approximate HE
Charanjit Singh Jutla and Nathan Manohar
2021/569 ( PDF )
Automated Generation of Masked Hardware
David Knichel and Amir Moradi and Nicolai Müller and Pascal Sasdrich
2021/564 ( PDF )
SMILE: Set Membership from Ideal Lattices with Applications to Ring Signatures and Confidential Transactions
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Ngoc Khanh Nguyen and Gregor Seiler
2021/554 ( PDF )
Grover on Caesar and Vigenère Ciphers
Gyeongju Song and Kyungbae Jang and Hyunji Kim and Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo
2021/553 ( PDF )
PARASITE: PAssword Recovery Attack against Srp Implementations in ThE wild
Daniel De Almeida Braga and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Mohamed Sabt
2021/551 ( PDF )
Efficient Sorting of Homomorphic Encrypted Data with $k$-way Sorting Network
Seungwan Hong and Seunghong Kim and Jiheon Choi and Younho Lee and Jung Hee Cheon
2021/545 ( PDF )
MatRiCT+: More Efficient Post-Quantum Private Blockchain Payments
Muhammed F. Esgin and Ron Steinfeld and Raymond K. Zhao
2021/544 ( PDF )
Improved guess-and-determine and distinguishing attacks on SNOW-V
Jing Yang and Thomas Johansson and Alexander Maximov
2021/543 ( PDF )
The Case for SIKE: A Decade of the Supersingular Isogeny Problem
Craig Costello
2021/540 ( PDF )
Efficient Range Proofs with Transparent Setup from Bounded Integer Commitments
Geoffroy Couteau and Michael Klooß and Huang Lin and Michael Reichle
2021/534 ( PDF )
Splitting authentication codes with perfect secrecy: new results, constructions and connections with algebraic manipulation detection codes
Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson
2021/532 ( PDF )
Rainbow on Cortex-M4
Tung Chou and Matthias J. Kannwischer and Bo-Yin Yang
2021/529 ( PDF )
SnarkPack: Practical SNARK Aggregation
Nicolas Gailly and Mary Maller and Anca Nitulescu
2021/526 ( PDF )
Reinforcement Learning-based Design of Side-channel Countermeasures
Jorai Rijsdijk and Lichao Wu and Guilherme Perin
2021/523 ( PDF )
No Time to Hash: On Superefficient Entropy Accumulation
Yevgeniy Dodis and Siyao Guo and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz and Zhiye Xie
2021/513 ( PDF )
On One-way Functions from NP-Complete Problems
Yanyi Liu and Rafael Pass
2021/507 ( PDF )
The t-wise Independence of Substitution-Permutation Networks
Tianren Liu and Stefano Tessaro and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2021/506 ( PDF )
Delegating Supersingular Isogenies over $\mathbb{F}_{p^2}$ with Cryptographic Applications
Robi Pedersen and Osmanbey Uzunkol
2021/503 ( PDF )
Almost-Asynchronous MPC under Honest Majority, Revisited
Matthieu Rambaud and Antoine Urban
2021/501 ( PDF )
zkHawk: Practical Private Smart Contracts from MPC-based Hawk
Aritra Banerjee and Michael Clear and Hitesh Tewari
2021/500 ( PDF )
Order-C Secure Multiparty Computation for Highly Repetitive Circuits
Gabrielle Beck and Aarushi Goel and Abhishek Jain and Gabriel Kaptchuk
2021/499 ( PDF )
Optimizing Registration Based Encryption
Kelong Cong and Karim Eldefrawy and Nigel P. Smart
2021/486 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of End-to-End Encryption for Zoom Meetings
Takanori Isobe and Ryoma Ito
2021/484 ( PDF )
Efficient Scalable Multi-Party Private Set Intersection Using Oblivious PRF
Alireza Kavousi and Javad Mohajeri and Mahmoud Salmasizadeh
2021/483 ( PDF )
Masking Kyber: First- and Higher-Order Implementations
Joppe W. Bos and Marc Gourjon and Joost Renes and Tobias Schneider and Christine van Vredendaal
2021/480 ( PDF )
Fast and Error-Free Negacyclic Integer Convolution using Extended Fourier Transform
Jakub Klemsa
2021/479 ( PDF )
Masked Accelerators and Instruction Set Extensions for Post-Quantum Cryptography
Tim Fritzmann and Michiel Van Beirendonck and Debapriya Basu Roy and Patrick Karl and Thomas Schamberger and Ingrid Verbauwhede and Georg Sigl
2021/477 ( PDF )
Exploiting ROLLO's Constant-Time Implementations with a Single-Trace Analysis
Agathe Cheriere and Lina Mortajine and Tania Richmond and Nadia El Mrabet
2021/475 ( PDF )
Private Liquidity Matching using MPC
Shahla Atapoor and Nigel P. Smart and Younes Talibi Alaoui
2021/474 ( PDF )
Algebraic Attacks on Rasta and Dasta Using Low-Degree Equations
Fukang Liu and Santanu Sarkar and Willi Meier and Takanori Isobe
2021/473 ( PDF )
Cryptonomial: A Framework for Private Time-Series Polynomial Calculations
Ryan Karl and Jonathan Takeshita and Alamin Mohammed and Aaron Striegel and and Taeho Jung
2021/472 ( PDF )
CryptoGram: Fast Private Calculations of Histograms over Multiple Users’ Inputs
Ryan Karl and Jonathan Takeshita and Alamin Mohammed and Aaron Striegel and Taeho Jung
2021/468 ( PDF )
Viaduct: An Extensible, Optimizing Compiler for Secure Distributed Programs (Technical Report)
Coşku Acay and Rolph Recto and Joshua Gancher and Andrew C. Myers and Elaine Shi
2021/464 ( PDF )
iTimed: Cache Attacks on the Apple A10 Fusion SoC
Gregor Haas and Seetal Potluri and Aydin Aysu
2021/456 ( PDF )
Hardening Circuit-Design IP Against Reverse-Engineering Attacks
Animesh Chhotaray and Thomas Shrimpton
2021/455 ( PDF )
Guessing Bits: Improved Lattice Attacks on (EC)DSA with Nonce Leakage
Chao Sun and Thomas Espitau and Mehdi Tibouchi and Masayuki Abe
2021/453 ( PDF )
Merkle^2: A Low-Latency Transparency Log System
Yuncong Hu and Kian Hooshmand and Harika Kalidhindi and Seung Jin Yang and Raluca Ada Popa
2021/452 ( -- withdrawn -- )
SAT-based Method to Improve Neural Distinguisher and Applications to SIMON
Zezhou Hou and Jiongjiong Ren and Shaozhen Chen
2021/437 ( PDF )
Formal security analysis of MPC-in-the-head zero-knowledge protocols
Nikolaj Sidorenco and Sabine Oechsner and Bas Spitters
2021/433 ( PDF )
Formations for the Quantum Random Oracle
Aaram Yun
2021/430 ( PDF )
Lattice Enumeration on GPUs for fplll
Simon Pohmann and Marc Stevens and Jens Zumbrägel
2021/427 ( PDF )
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks Revisited: Key-recovery, Collision, and Preimage Attacks
Xiaoyang Dong and Jialiang Hua and Siwei Sun and Zheng Li and Xiaoyun Wang and Lei Hu
2021/424 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of SFrame
Takanori Isobe and Ryoma Ito and Kazuhiko Minematsu
2021/422 ( PDF )
Stacking Sigmas: A Framework to Compose $\Sigma$-Protocols for Disjunctions
Aarushi Goel and Matthew Green and Mathias Hall-Andersen and Gabriel Kaptchuk
2021/421 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation of Null Quantum Circuits and Applications
James Bartusek and Giulio Malavolta
2021/420 ( PDF )
Intel HEXL: Accelerating Homomorphic Encryption with Intel AVX512-IFMA52
Fabian Boemer and Sejun Kim and Gelila Seifu and Fillipe D.M. de Souza and Vinodh Gopal
2021/412 ( PDF )
Unclonable Encryption, Revisited
Prabhanjan Ananth and Fatih Kaleoglu
2021/409 ( PDF )
On the Anonymity Guarantees of Anonymous Proof-of-Stake Protocols
Markulf Kohlweiss and Varun Madathil and Kartik Nayak and Alessandra Scafuro
2021/407 ( PDF )
Improved Quantum Algorithms for the k-XOR Problem
André Schrottenloher
2021/406 ( PDF )
Disappearing Cryptography in the Bounded Storage Model
Jiaxin Guan and Mark Zhandry
2021/404 ( PDF )
Chain Reductions for Multi-Signatures and the HBMS Scheme
Mihir Bellare and Wei Dai
2021/401 ( PDF )
Output Prediction Attacks on Block Ciphers using Deep Learning
Hayato Kimura and Keita Emura and Takanori Isobe and Ryoma Ito and Kazuto Ogawa and Toshihiro Ohigashi
2021/397 ( PDF )
SSProve: A Foundational Framework for Modular Cryptographic Proofs in Coq
Carmine Abate and Philipp G. Haselwarter and Exequiel Rivas and Antoine Van Muylder and Théo Winterhalter and Nikolaj Sidorenco and Catalin Hritcu and Kenji Maillard and Bas Spitters
2021/396 ( PDF )
LESS-FM: Fine-tuning Signatures from the Code Equivalence Problem
Alessandro Barenghi and Jean-Francois Biasse and Edoardo Persichetti and Paolo Santini
2021/387 ( PDF )
Quantum-access security of the Winternitz one-time signature scheme
Christian Majenz and Chanelle Matadah Manfouo and Maris Ozols
2021/384 ( PDF )
Analysis and Probing of Parallel Channels in the Lightning Network
Alex Biryukov and Gleb Naumenko and Sergei Tikhomirov
2021/376 ( PDF )
On the Impossibility of Post-Quantum Black-Box Zero-Knowledge in Constant Rounds
Nai-Hui Chia and Kai-Min Chung and Qipeng Liu and Takashi Yamakawa
2021/374 ( PDF )
ZXAD: High-volume Attack Mitigation for Tor
Akshaya Mani and Ian Goldberg
2021/369 ( PDF )
A Note on Algebraic Decomposition Method for Masked Implementation
Shoichi Hirose
2021/358 ( PDF )
Time- and Space-Efficient Arguments from Groups of Unknown Order
Alexander R. Block and Justin Holmgren and Alon Rosen and Ron D. Rothblum and Pratik Soni
2021/355 ( PDF )
A Hard Crystal - Implementing Dilithium on Reconfigurable Hardware
Georg Land and Pascal Sasdrich and Tim Güneysu
2021/353 ( PDF )
Fully-succinct Publicly Verifiable Delegation from Constant-Size Assumptions
Alonso González and Alexandros Zacharakis
2021/348 ( PDF )
Decoding supercodes of Gabidulin codes and applications to cryptanalysis
Maxime Bombar and Alain Couvreur
2021/346 ( PDF )
Round-optimal Honest-majority MPC in Minicrypt and with Everlasting Security
Benny Applebaum and Eliran Kachlon and Arpita Patra
2021/345 ( PDF )
Private Blocklist Lookups with Checklist
Dmitry Kogan and Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
2021/344 ( PDF )
Efficient and Universally Composable Single Secret Leader Election from Pairings
Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Emanuele Giunta
2021/343 ( PDF )
Adaptive Security via Deletion in Attribute-Based Encryption: Solutions from Search Assumptions in Bilinear Groups
Rishab Goyal and Jiahui Liu and Brent Waters
2021/337 ( PDF )
Identity-certifying Authority-aided Identity-based Searchable Encryption Framework in Cloud Systems
Zi-Yuan Liu and Yi-Fan Tseng and Raylin Tso and Yu-Chi Chen and Masahiro Mambo
2021/334 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Succinct Arguments: Breaking the Quantum Rewinding Barrier
Alessandro Chiesa and Fermi Ma and Nicholas Spooner and Mark Zhandry
2021/333 ( PDF )
Sumcheck Arguments and their Applications
Jonathan Bootle and Alessandro Chiesa and Katerina Sotiraki
2021/325 ( PDF )
Spectrum: High-Bandwidth Anonymous Broadcast with Malicious Security
Zachary Newman and Sacha Servan-Schreiber and Srinivas Devadas
2021/322 ( PDF )
Rinocchio: SNARKs for Ring Arithmetic
Chaya Ganesh and Anca Nitulescu and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez
2021/321 ( PDF )
Abuse Resistant Law Enforcement Access Systems
Matthew Green and Gabriel Kaptchuk and Gijs Van Laer
2021/310 ( PDF )
A New Neural Distinguisher Considering Features Derived from Multiple Ciphertext Pairs
Yi Chen and Yantian Shen and Hongbo Yu and Sitong Yuan
2021/307 ( PDF )
A Compressed $\Sigma$-Protocol Theory for Lattices
Thomas Attema and Ronald Cramer and Lisa Kohl
2021/303 ( PDF )
The More The Merrier: Reducing the Cost of Large Scale MPC
S. Dov Gordon and Daniel Starin and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2021/302 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Verifiable Random Function from Symmetric Primitives in PoS Blockchain
Maxime Buser and Rafael Dowsley and Muhammed F. Esgin and Shabnam Kasra Kermanshahi and Veronika Kuchta and Joseph K. Liu and Raphael Phan and Zhenfei Zhang
2021/301 ( PDF )
Indifferentiable hashing to ordinary elliptic $\mathbb{F}_{\!q}$-curves of $j=0$ with the cost of one exponentiation in $\mathbb{F}_{\!q}$
Dmitrii Koshelev
2021/299 ( PDF )
HashSplit: Exploiting Bitcoin Asynchrony to Violate Common Prefix and Chain Quality
Muhammad Saad and Afsah Anwar and Srivatsan Ravi and David Mohaisen
2021/297 ( PDF )
HashWires: Hyperefficient Credential-Based Range Proofs
Konstantinos Chalkias and Shir Cohen and Kevin Lewi and Fredric Moezinia and Yolan Romailler
2021/293 ( PDF )
Thinking Outside the Superbox
Nicolas Bordes and Joan Daemen and Daniël Kuijsters and Gilles Van Assche
2021/292 ( PDF )
Quantum Collision Attacks on Reduced SHA-256 and SHA-512
Akinori Hosoyamada and Yu Sasaki
2021/290 ( PDF )
Dummy Shuffling against Algebraic Attacks in White-box Implementations
Alex Biryukov and Aleksei Udovenko
2021/285 ( PDF )
Quadratic Secret Sharing and Conditional Disclosure of Secrets
Amos Beimel and Hussien Othman and Naty Peter
2021/280 ( PDF )
Online-Extractability in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
Jelle Don and Serge Fehr and Christian Majenz and Christian Schaffner
2021/274 ( PDF )
Large Message Homomorphic Secret Sharing from DCR and Applications
Lawrence Roy and Jaspal Singh
2021/271 ( PDF )
On the CCA Compatibility of Public-Key Infrastructure
Dakshita Khurana and Brent Waters
2021/269 ( PDF )
Steel: Composable Hardware-based Stateful and Randomised Functional Encryption
Pramod Bhatotia and Markulf Kohlweiss and Lorenzo Martinico and Yiannis Tselekounis
2021/264 ( PDF )
FAST: Fair Auctions via Secret Transactions
Bernardo David and Lorenzo Gentile and Mohsen Pourpouneh
2021/261 ( PDF )
MIRACLE: MIcRo-ArChitectural Leakage Evaluation
Ben Marshall and Dan Page and James Webb
2021/259 ( PDF )
Fully projective radical isogenies in constant-time
Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez and Krijn Reijnders
2021/258 ( PDF )
Secure Wire Shuffling in the Probing Model
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Lorenzo Spignoli
2021/256 ( PDF )
Gage MPC: Bypassing Residual Function Leakage for Non-Interactive MPC
Ghada Almashaqbeh and Fabrice Benhamouda and Seungwook Han and Daniel Jaroslawicz and Tal Malkin and Alex Nicita and Tal Rabin and Abhishek Shah and Eran Tromer
2021/255 ( PDF )
A Simple Algebraic Attack on 3-Round LowMC
Fukang Liu and Takanori Isobe and Willi Meier
2021/253 ( PDF )
Improved single-round secure multiplication using regenerating codes
Mark Abspoel and Ronald Cramer and Daniel Escudero and Ivan Damgård and Chaoping Xing
2021/251 ( PDF )
Generic Compiler for Publicly Verifiable Covert Multi-Party Computation
Sebastian Faust and Carmit Hazay and David Kretzler and Benjamin Schlosser
2021/247 ( PDF )
Generic Hardware Private Circuits - Towards Automated Generation of Composable Secure Gadgets
David Knichel and Pascal Sasdrich and Amir Moradi
2021/244 ( PDF )
Forward Secret Encrypted RAM: Lower Bounds and Applications
Alexander Bienstock and Yevgeniy Dodis and Kevin Yeo
2021/238 ( PDF )
Two Sides of The Same Coin: Weak-Keys and More Efficient Variants of CRAFT
Gregor Leander and Shahram Rasoolzadeh
2021/237 ( PDF )
Post-quantum Security of OAEP Transform
Ehsan Ebrahimi
2021/236 ( PDF )
SNOW-Vi: an extreme performance variant of SNOW-V for lower grade CPUs
Patrik Ekdahl and Thomas Johansson and Alexander Maximov and Jing Yang
2021/235 ( PDF )
More Efficient Digital Signatures with Tight Multi-User Security
Denis Diemert and Kai Gellert and Tibor Jager and Lin Lyu
2021/232 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Fast Factoring Integers by SVP Algorithms
Claus Peter Schnorr
2021/231 ( -- withdrawn -- )
LL-ORAM: A Forward and Backward Private Oblivious RAM
Zhiqiang Wu and Xiaoyong Tang and Jin Wang and Tan Deng
2021/224 ( PDF )
Improved Linear Approximations to ARX Ciphers and Attacks Against ChaCha
Murilo Coutinho and T. C. Souza Neto
2021/223 ( PDF )
Escaping from Consensus: Instantly Redactable Blockchain Protocols in Permissionless Setting
Xinyu Li and Jing Xu and Lingyuan Yin and Yuan Lu and Qiang Tang and Zhenfeng Zhang
2021/221 ( PDF )
The Direction of Updatable Encryption Does Matter
Ryo Nishimaki
2021/219 ( PDF )
Snarky Ceremonies
Markulf Kohlweiss and Mary Maller and Janno Siim and Mikhail Volkhov
2021/218 ( PDF )
SimS: a Simplification of SiGamal
Tako Boris Fouotsa and Christophe Petit
2021/216 ( PDF )
How to Meet Ternary LWE Keys
Alexander May
2021/210 ( PDF )
YOSO: You Only Speak Once / Secure MPC with Stateless Ephemeral Roles
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Hugo Krawczyk and Bernardo Magri and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Tal Rabin and Sophia Yakoubov
2021/209 ( PDF )
Sampling methods for cryptographic tests
George Marinakis
2021/208 ( PDF )
Secure Poisson Regression
Mahimna Kelkar and Phi Hung Le and Mariana Raykova and Karn Seth
2021/205 ( PDF )
Compact Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Threshold ECDSA with Trustless Setup
Tsz Hon Yuen and Handong Cui and Xiang Xie
2021/204 ( PDF )
Revisiting Homomorphic Encryption Schemes for Finite Fields
Andrey Kim and Yuriy Polyakov and Vincent Zucca
2021/202 ( PDF )
Subtractive Sets over Cyclotomic Rings: Limits of Schnorr-like Arguments over Lattices
Martin R. Albrecht and Russell W. F. Lai
2021/197 ( PDF )
Gambling for Success: The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis in Deep Learning-based SCA
Guilherme Perin and Lichao Wu and Stjepan Picek
2021/190 ( PDF )
Decidability of Secure Non-interactive Simulation of Doubly Symmetric Binary Source
Hamidreza Amini Khorasgani and Hemanta K. Maji and Hai H. Nguyen
2021/188 ( PDF )
Tight Security Bounds for Micali’s SNARGs
Alessandro Chiesa and Eylon Yogev
2021/185 ( PDF )
No Silver Bullet: Optimized Montgomery Multiplication on Various 64-bit ARM Platforms
Hwajeong Seo and Pakize Sanal and Wai-Kong Lee and Reza Azarderakhsh
2021/182 ( PDF )
The Legendre Pseudorandom Function as a Multivariate Quadratic Cryptosystem: Security and Applications
István András Seres and Máté Horváth and Péter Burcsi
2021/168 ( PDF )
Small Leaks Sink a Great Ship: An Evaluation of Key Reuse Resilience of PQC Third Round Finalist NTRU-HRSS
Xiaohan Zhang and Chi Cheng and Ruoyu Ding
2021/167 ( PDF )
Stealing Neural Network Models through the Scan Chain: A New Threat for ML Hardware
Seetal Potluri and Aydin Aysu
2021/163 ( PDF )
CNF-FSS and its Applications
Paul Bunn and Eyal Kushilevitz and Rafail Ostrovsky
2021/162 ( PDF )
Verifiable Capacity-bound Functions: A New Primitive from Kolmogorov Complexity
Giuseppe Ateniese and Long Chen and Danilo Francati and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Qiang Tang
2021/161 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Generic Adaptor Signature
Xianrui Qin and Handong Cui and Tsz Hon Yuen
2021/157 ( PDF )
Sycon: A New Milestone in Designing ASCON-like Permutations
Kalikinkar Mandal and Dhiman Saha and Sumanta Sarkar and Yosuke Todo
2021/156 ( PDF )
Mechanized Proofs of Adversarial Complexity and Application to Universal Composability
Manuel Barbosa and Gilles Barthe and Benjamin Grégoire and Adrien Koutsos and Pierre-Yves Strub
2021/153 ( PDF )
On the Isogeny Problem with Torsion Point Information
Tako Boris Fouotsa and Péter Kutas and Simon-Philipp Merz
2021/151 ( PDF )
On Sufficient Oracles for Secure Computation with Identifiable Abort
Mark Simkin and Luisa Siniscalchi and and Sophia Yakoubov
2021/149 ( PDF )
Quantum Security of the Legendre PRF
Paul Frixons and André Schrottenloher
2021/146 ( PDF )
Securely Computing Piecewise Constant Codes
Benjamin E. Diamond
2021/145 ( PDF )
A Security Framework for Distributed Ledgers
Mike Graf and Daniel Rausch and Viktoria Ronge and Christoph Egger and Ralf Kuesters and Dominique Schröder
2021/143 ( PDF )
On Bitcoin Cash’s Target Recalculation Functions
Juan Garay and Yu Shen
2021/135 ( PDF )
Acyclicity Programming for Sigma-Protocols
Masayuki Abe and Miguel Ambrona and Andrej Bogdanov and Miyako Ohkubo and Alon Rosen
2021/134 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a code-based signature scheme without trapdoors
Marco Baldi and Jean-Christophe Deneuville and Edoardo Persichetti and Paolo Santini
2021/133 ( PDF )
smartFHE: Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts from Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Ravital Solomon and Ghada Almashaqbeh
2021/123 ( PDF )
A Systematic Approach and Analysis of Key Mismatch Attacks on Lattice-Based NIST Candidate KEMs
Yue Qin and Chi Cheng and Xiaohan Zhang and Yanbin Pan and Lei Hu and Jintai Ding
2021/114 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of CPace
Michel Abdalla and Björn Haase and Julia Hesse
2021/110 ( PDF )
Replacing Probability Distributions in Security Games via Hellinger Distance
Kenji Yasunaga
2021/100 ( PDF )
SPURT: Scalable Distributed Randomness Beacon with Transparent Setup
Sourav Das and Vinith Krishnan and Irene Miriam Isaac and Ling Ren
2021/097 ( PDF )
A New and Improved Reduction Proof of Cascade PRF
Mridul Nandi
2021/096 ( PDF )
Gladius: LWR based efficient hybrid public key encryption with distributed decryption
Kelong Cong and Daniele Cozzo and Varun Maram and Nigel P. Smart
2021/095 ( PDF )
Collusion-Deterrent Threshold Information Escrow
Easwar Vivek Mangipudi and Donghang Lu and Alexandros Psomas and Aniket Kate
2021/093 ( PDF )
Response-Hiding Encrypted Ranges: Revisiting Security via Parametrized Leakage-Abuse Attacks
Evgenios M. Kornaropoulos and Charalampos Papamanthou and Roberto Tamassia
2021/091 ( PDF )
Programmable Bootstrapping Enables Efficient Homomorphic Inference of Deep Neural Networks
Ilaria Chillotti and Marc Joye and Pascal Paillier
2021/089 ( PDF )
Fuzzy Message Detection
Gabrielle Beck and Julia Len and Ian Miers and Matthew Green
2021/085 ( PDF )
Complete Analysis of Implementing Isogeny-based Cryptography using Huff Form of Elliptic Curves
Suhri Kim
2021/084 ( PDF )
Ariadne Thread and Pepper: New Multivariate Cryptographic Schemes with Public Keys in Degree 3
Gilles Macario-Rat and Jacques Patarin
2021/078 ( PDF )
An Incentive-Compatible Smart Contract for Decentralized Commerce
Nikolaj I. Schwartzbach
2021/076 ( PDF )
QuickSilver: Efficient and Affordable Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Circuits and Polynomials over Any Field
Kang Yang and Pratik Sarkar and Chenkai Weng and Xiao Wang
2021/071 ( PDF )
Reinforcement Learning for Hyperparameter Tuning in Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis
Jorai Rijsdijk and Lichao Wu and Guilherme Perin and Stjepan Picek
2021/069 ( PDF )
Fast Privacy-Preserving Text Classification based on Secure Multiparty Computation
Amanda Resende and Davis Railsback and Rafael Dowsley and Anderson C. A. Nascimento and Diego F. Aranha
2021/066 ( PDF )
A Deep Learning Approach for Active S-box Prediction of Lightweight Generalized Feistel Block Ciphers
Mohamed Fadl Idris and Je Sen Teh and Jasy Liew Suet Yan and Wei-Zhu Yeoh
2021/060 ( PDF )
UC Non-Interactive, Proactive, Threshold ECDSA with Identifiable Aborts
Ran Canetti and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder and Nikolaos Makriyannis and Udi Peled
2021/059 ( PDF )
The Cost of Adaptivity in Security Games on Graphs
Chethan Kamath and Karen Klein and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Michael Walter
2021/056 ( PDF )
The Study of Modulo $2^n$
Zhongfeng Niu
2021/054 ( PDF )
The Cost of IEEE Arithmetic in Secure Computation
David W. Archer and Shahla Atapoor and Nigel P. Smart
2021/048 ( PDF )
Efficient Lattice Gadget Decomposition Algorithm with Bounded Uniform Distribution
Sohyun Jeon and Hyang-Sook Lee and Jeongeun Park
2021/041 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum LMS and SPHINCS+ Hash-Based Signatures for UEFI Secure Boot
Panos Kampanakis and Peter Panburana and Michael Curcio and Chirag Shroff and Md Mahbub Alam
2021/033 ( PDF )
Quantum-resistant Anonymous IBE with Traceable Identities
Zi-Yuan Liu and Yi-Fan Tseng and Raylin Tso and Masahiro Mambo and Yu-Chi Chen
2021/023 ( PDF )
What is Meant by Permissionless Blockchains?
Nicholas Stifter and Aljosha Judmayer and Philipp Schindler and Andreas Kern and Walid Fdhila
2021/015 ( PDF )
SoK: Remote Power Analysis
Macarena C. Martínez-Rodríguez and Ignacio M. Delgado-Lozano and Billy Bob Brumley
2020/1620 ( PDF )
Neural Aided Statistical Attack for Cryptanalysis
Yi Chen and Yantian Shen and Hongbo Yu and Sitong Yuan
2020/1618 ( PDF )
Proof-Carrying Data without Succinct Arguments
Benedikt Bünz and Alessandro Chiesa and William Lin and Pratyush Mishra and Nicholas Spooner
2020/1613 ( PDF )
Lockable Signatures for Blockchains: Scriptless Scripts for All Signatures
Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan and Giulio Malavolta
2020/1601 ( PDF )
Adaptive layer-two dispute periods in blockchains
Rami Khalil and Naranker Dulay
2020/1598 ( PDF )
MILP Based Differential Attack on Round Reduced WARP
Manoj Kumar and Tarun Yadav
2020/1596 ( PDF )
Batched Differentially Private Information Retrieval
Kinan Dak Albab and Rawane Issa and Mayank Varia and Kalman Graffi
2020/1593 ( PDF )
Towards Post-Quantum Updatable Public-Key Encryption via Supersingular Isogenies
Edward Eaton and David Jao and Chelsea Komlo and Youcef Mokrani
2020/1592 ( PDF )
Puncturable Pseudorandom Sets and Private Information Retrieval with Near-Optimal Online Bandwidth and Time
Elaine Shi and Waqar Aqeel and Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran and Bruce Maggs
2020/1591 ( PDF )
Game-Theoretic Fairness Meets Multi-Party Protocols: The Case of Leader Election
Kai-Min Chung and T-H. Hubert Chan and Ting Wen and Elaine Shi (random author ordering)
2020/1589 ( PDF )
Unifying Presampling via Concentration Bounds
Siyao Guo and Qian Li and Qipeng Liu and Jiapeng Zhang
2020/1588 ( PDF )
Deniable Fully Homomorphic Encryption from LWE
Shweta Agrawal and Shafi Goldwasser and Saleet Mossel
2020/1585 ( PDF )
Semi-Regularity of Pairs of Boolean Polynomials
Timothy J. Hodges and Hari R. Iyer
2020/1580 ( PDF )
Achieving State Machine Replication without Honest Players
Conor McMenamin and Vanesa Daza and Matteo Pontecorvi
2020/1579 ( PDF )
Efficient Verifiable Image Redacting based on zk-SNARKs
Hankyung Ko and Ingeun Lee and Seunghwa Lee and Jihye Kim and Hyunok Oh
2020/1574 ( PDF )
Analysing Mining Machine Shutdown Price
Shange Fu and Jiangshan Yu and Rafael Dowsley and Joseph Liu
2020/1572 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Achieve Fully Decentralized End to End encryption meeting via Blockchain
Yang Tan
2020/1561 ( PDF )
Cryptonite: A Framework for Flexible Time-Series Secure Aggregation with Online Fault Tolerance
Ryan Karl and Jonathan Takeshita and Taeho Jung
2020/1556 ( PDF )
Honest Majority MPC with Abort with Minimal Online Communication
Daniel Escudero and Anders Dalskov
2020/1536 ( PDF )
Halo Infinite: Recursive zk-SNARKs from any Additive Polynomial Commitment Scheme
Dan Boneh and Justin Drake and Ben Fisch and Ariel Gabizon
2020/1527 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge IOPs with Linear-Time Prover and Polylogarithmic-Time Verifier
Jonathan Bootle and Alessandro Chiesa and Siqi Liu
2020/1523 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Security of DbHtS MACs: Beyond-Birthday-Bound in the Multi-User Setting
Yaobin Shen; Lei Wang; Dawu Gu; Jian Weng
2020/1517 ( PDF )
Constructing Locally Leakage-resilient Linear Secret-sharing Schemes
Hemanta Maji and Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky and Tom Suad and Mingyuan Wang
2020/1515 ( PDF )
The classification of quadratic APN functions in 7 variables
Konstantin Kalgin and Valeriya Idrisova
2020/1510 ( PDF )
Quantum Computationally Predicate-Binding Commitments with Application in Quantum Zero-Knowledge Arguments for NP
Jun Yan
2020/1503 ( PDF )
Recovery Attack on Bob's Secrets in CRYSTALS-KYBER and SABER
Satoshi Okada and Yuntao Wang
2020/1499 ( PDF )
Analysing the HPKE Standard
Joël Alwen and Bruno Blanchet and Eduard Hauck and Eike Kiltz and Benjamin Lipp and Doreen Riepel
2020/1497 ( PDF )
A note on the calculation of some functions in finite fields: Tricks of the Trade
Michael Scott
2020/1489 ( PDF )
On the (Ir)Replaceability of Global Setups, or How (Not) to Use a Global Ledger
Christian Badertscher and Julia Hesse and Vassilis Zikas
2020/1487 ( PDF )
One-Way Functions Imply Secure Computation in a Quantum World
James Bartusek and Andrea Coladangelo and Dakshita Khurana and Fermi Ma
2020/1482 ( PDF )
Optimized Polynomial Multiplier Architectures for Post-Quantum KEM Saber
Andrea Basso and Sujoy Sinha Roy
2020/1471 ( PDF )
On The Round Complexity of Secure Quantum Computation
James Bartusek and Andrea Coladangelo and Dakshita Khurana and Fermi Ma
2020/1464 ( PDF )
Round Efficient Secure Multiparty Quantum Computation with Identifiable Abort
Bar Alon and Hao Chung and Kai-Min Chung and Mi-Ying Huang and Yi Lee and Yu-Ching Shen
2020/1457 ( PDF )
The Cost to Break SIKE: A Comparative Hardware-Based Analysis with AES and SHA-3
Patrick Longa and Wen Wang and Jakub Szefer
2020/1456 ( PDF )
How to Abuse and Fix Authenticated Encryption Without Key Commitment
Ange Albertini and Thai Duong and Shay Gueron and Stefan Kölbl and Atul Luykx and Sophie Schmieg
2020/1454 ( PDF )
Rate-1 Quantum Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Orestis Chardouvelis and Nico Doettling and Giulio Malavolta
2020/1452 ( PDF )
ASAP: Algorithm Substitution Attacks on Cryptographic Protocols
Sebastian Berndt and Jan Wichelmann and Claudius Pott and Tim-Henrik Traving and Thomas Eisenbarth
2020/1449 ( PDF )
More Efficient Amortization of Exact Zero-Knowledge Proofs for LWE
Jonathan Bootle and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Ngoc Khanh Nguyen and Gregor Seiler
2020/1446 ( PDF )
Line-Point Zero Knowledge and Its Applications
Samuel Dittmer and Yuval Ishai and Rafail Ostrovsky
2020/1410 ( PDF )
Mac'n'Cheese: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits with Nested Disjunctions
Carsten Baum and Alex J. Malozemoff and Marc B. Rosen and Peter Scholl
2020/1407 ( PDF )
Computing Square Roots Faster than the Tonelli-Shanks/Bernstein Algorithm
Palash Sarkar
2020/1399 ( PDF )
A New Generalisation of the Goldwasser-Micali Cryptosystem Based on the Gap $2^k$-Residuosity Assumption
Diana Maimut and George Teseleanu
2020/1398 ( PDF )
Minimal binary linear codes - a general framework based on bent concatenation
Fengrong Zhang and Enes Pasalic and René Rodríguez and Yongzhuang Wei
2020/1384 ( PDF )
A Black-Box Approach to Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge in Constant Rounds
Nai-Hui Chia and Kai-Min Chung and Takashi Yamakawa
2020/1378 ( PDF )
Correlation-Intractable Hash Functions via Shift-Hiding
Alex Lombardi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2020/1371 ( PDF )
Privacy Amplification with Tamperable Memory via Non-malleable Two-source Extractors
Divesh Aggarwal and Maciej Obremski and João Ribeiro and Mark Simkin and Luisa Siniscalchi
2020/1351 ( PDF )
Tight State-Restoration Soundness in the Algebraic Group Model
Ashrujit Ghoshal and Stefano Tessaro
2020/1335 ( PDF )
Transciphering Framework for Approximate Homomorphic Encryption (Full Version)
Jihoon Cho and Jincheol Ha and Seongkwang Kim and Byeonghak Lee and Joohee Lee and Jooyoung Lee and Dukjae Moon and Hyojin Yoon
2020/1330 ( PDF )
Fantastic Four: Honest-Majority Four-Party Secure Computation With Malicious Security
Anders Dalskov and Daniel Escudero and Marcel Keller
2020/1328 ( PDF )
SWiSSSE: System-Wide Security for Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Zichen Gui and Kenneth G. Paterson and Sikhar Patranabis and Bogdan Warinschi
2020/1314 ( PDF )
Secure Software Leasing from Standard Assumptions
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa
2020/1306 ( PDF )
Simulation Extractable Versions of Groth’s zk-SNARK Revisited
Oussama Amine and Karim Baghery and Zaira Pindado and Carla Ràfols
2020/1305 ( PDF )
On the Compressed-Oracle Technique, and Post-Quantum Security of Proofs of Sequential Work
Kai-Min Chung and Serge Fehr and Yu-Hsuan Huang and Tai-Ning Liao
2020/1303 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Cryptography with Contemporary Co-Processors: Beyond Kronecker, Schönhage-Strassen & Nussbaumer
Joppe W. Bos and Joost Renes and Christine van Vredendaal
2020/1294 ( PDF )
Coco: Co-Design and Co-Verification of Masked Software Implementations on CPUs
Barbara Gigerl and Vedad Hadzic and Robert Primas and Stefan Mangard and Roderick Bloem
2020/1290 ( PDF )
FORTIS: Selfish Mining Mitigation by (FOR)geable (TI)me(S)tamps
Osman Biçer and Alptekin Küpçü
2020/1281 ( PDF )
Key Agreement for Decentralized Secure Group Messaging with Strong Security Guarantees
Matthew Weidner and Martin Kleppmann and Daniel Hugenroth and Alastair R. Beresford
2020/1274 ( PDF )
Dory: Efficient, Transparent arguments for Generalised Inner Products and Polynomial Commitments
Jonathan Lee
2020/1267 ( PDF )
Fault Attacks In Symmetric Key Cryptosystems
Anubhab Baksi and Shivam Bhasin and Jakub Breier and Dirmanto Jap and Dhiman Saha
2020/1266 ( PDF )
Multi-Party Functional Encryption
Shweta Agrawal and Rishab Goyal and Junichi Tomida
2020/1264 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Humanly Computable Passwords as Lattice based OTP generator with LWE
Slawomir Matelski
2020/1262 ( PDF )
Multi-stage Proof-of-Works: Properties and Vulnerabilities
Paolo D'Arco and Zahra Ebadi Ansaroudi and Francesco Mogavero
2020/1261 ( PDF )
MuSig2: Simple Two-Round Schnorr Multi-Signatures
Jonas Nick and Tim Ruffing and Yannick Seurin
2020/1260 ( PDF )
Lattice Reduction with Approximate Enumeration Oracles: Practical Algorithms and Concrete Performance
Martin R. Albrecht and Shi Bai and Jianwei Li and Joe Rowell
2020/1259 ( PDF )
Correlated Randomness Teleportation via Semi-trusted Hardware - Enabling Silent Multi-party Computation
Yibiao Lu and Bingsheng Zhang and Hong-Sheng Zhou and Weiran Liu and Lei Zhang and Kui Ren
2020/1254 ( PDF )
Broadcast-Optimal Two Round MPC with an Honest Majority
Ivan Damgård and Bernardo Magri and Divya Ravi and Luisa Siniscalchi and Sophia Yakoubov
2020/1252 ( PDF )
Adaptive Extractors and their Application to Leakage Resilient Secret Sharing
Nishanth Chandran and Bhavana Kanukurthi and Sai Lakshmi Bhavana Obbattu and Sruthi Sekar
2020/1248 ( PDF )
Random-index PIR and Applications
Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi and Bernardo Magri and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Sophia Yakoubov
2020/1246 ( PDF )
The Mother of All Leakages: How to Simulate Noisy Leakages via Bounded Leakage (Almost) for Free
Gianluca Brian and Antonio Faonio and Maciej Obremski and João Ribeiro and Mark Simkin and Maciej Skórski and Daniele Venturi
2020/1245 ( PDF )
Two-round trip Schnorr multi-signatures via delinearized witnesses
Handan Kilinc Alper and Jeffrey Burdges
2020/1243 ( PDF )
A New Variant of Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Using Quotient Ring: QR-UOV
Hiroki Furue and Yasuhiko Ikematsu and Yutaro Kiyomura and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2020/1235 ( PDF )
Assessing Lightweight Block Cipher Security using Linear and Nonlinear Machine Learning Classifiers
Ting Rong Lee and Je Sen Teh and Norziana Jamil and Jasy Liew Suet Yan and Jiageng Chen
2020/1234 ( PDF )
Impossibility on the Schnorr Signature from the One-more DL Assumption in the Non-programmable Random Oracle Model
Masayuki Fukumitsu and Shingo Hasegawa
2020/1231 ( PDF )
vault1317/signal-dakez: An authenticated key exchange protocol with a public key concealing and a participation deniability designed for secure messaging
Richard B. Riddick
2020/1230 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Certificateless Public-key Authenticate Searchable Encryption with Probabilistic Trapdoor Generation
Leixiao Cheng and Fei Meng
2020/1229 ( PDF )
Decentralized Asset Custody Scheme with Security against Rational Adversary
Zhaohua Chen and Guang Yang
2020/1221 ( PDF )
Verifiable Functional Encryption using Intel SGX
Tatsuya Suzuki and Keita Emura and Toshihiro Ohigashi and Kazumasa Omote
2020/1212 ( PDF )
Triply Adaptive UC NIZK
Ran Canetti and Pratik Sarkar and Xiao Wang
2020/1211 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Public-key Authenticate Searchable Encryption With Probabilistic Trapdoor Generation
Leixiao Cheng and Fei Meng
2020/1203 ( PDF )
Efficient Bootstrapping for Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Non-Sparse Keys
Jean-Philippe Bossuat and Christian Mouchet and Juan Troncoso-Pastoriza and Jean-Pierre Hubaux
2020/1197 ( PDF )
Black-Box Non-Interactive Non-Malleable Commitments
Rachit Garg and Dakshita Khurana and George Lu and Brent Waters
2020/1187 ( PDF )
Coupling of Random Systems
David Lanzenberger and Ueli Maurer
2020/1174 ( PDF )
Proximity Searchable Encryption for the Iris Biometrics
Sohaib Ahmad and Chloe Cachet and Luke Demarest and Benjamin Fuller and Ariel Hamlin
2020/1170 ( PDF )
On the Power of an Honest Majority in Three-Party Computation Without Broadcast
Bar Alon and Ran Cohen and Eran Omri and Tom Suad
2020/1157 ( PDF )
Secure Massively Parallel Computation for Dishonest Majority
Rex Fernando and Ilan Komargodski and Yanyi Liu and Elaine Shi
2020/1154 ( PDF )
Functional Encryption for Set Intersection in the Multi-Client Setting
Kwangsu Lee and Minhye Seo
2020/1150 ( PDF )
Terrorist Attacks for Fake Exposure Notifications in Contact Tracing Systems
Gennaro Avitabile and Daniele Friolo and Ivan Visconti
2020/1133 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of Subterranean 2.0
Ling Song and Yi Tu and Danping Shi and Lei Hu
2020/1132 ( PDF )
A Logarithmic Lower Bound for Oblivious RAM (for all parameters)
Ilan Komargodski and Wei-Kai Lin
2020/1130 ( PDF )
Secure training of decision trees with continuous attributes
Mark Abspoel and Daniel Escudero and Nikolaj Volgushev
2020/1127 ( PDF )
SideLine: How Delay-Lines (May) Leak Secrets from your SoC
Joseph Gravellier and Jean-Max Dutertre and Yannick Teglia and Philippe Loubet Moundi
2020/1125 ( PDF )
High-Speed FPGA Implementation of SIKE Based on An Ultra-Low-Latency Modular Multiplier
Jing Tian and Bo Wu and Zhongfeng Wang
2020/1122 ( PDF )
The Velvet Path to Superlight Blockchain Clients
Aggelos Kiayias and Andrianna Polydouri and Dionysis Zindros
2020/1118 ( PDF )
Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Approximation Error
Andrey Kim and Antonis Papadimitriou and Yuriy Polyakov
2020/1109 ( PDF )
Karatsuba-based square-root Vélu’s formulas applied to two isogeny-based protocols
Gora Adj and Jesús-Javier Chi-Domínguez and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2020/1108 ( PDF )
Radical isogenies
Wouter Castryck and Thomas Decru and Frederik Vercauteren
2020/1107 ( PDF )
Scalable Ciphertext Compression Techniques for Post-Quantum KEMs and their Applications
Shuichi Katsumata and Kris Kwiatkowski and Federico Pintore and Thomas Prest
2020/1087 ( PDF )
Efficient Identity-Based Encryption with Hierarchical Key-Insulation from HIBE
Keita Emura and Atsushi Takayasu and Yohei Watanabe
2020/1070 ( PDF )
Efficient indifferentiable hashing to elliptic curves $y^2 = x^3 + b$ provided that $b$ is a quadratic residue
Dmitrii Koshelev
2020/1069 ( PDF )
Lunar: a Toolbox for More Efficient Universal and Updatable zkSNARKs and Commit-and-Prove Extensions
Matteo Campanelli and Antonio Faonio and Dario Fiore and Anaïs Querol and Hadrián Rodríguez
2020/1068 ( PDF )
An Efficient Transformation Capabilities of Single Database Private Block Retrieval
Radhakrishna Bhat
2020/1040 ( PDF )
MoSS: Modular Security Specifications Framework
Amir Herzberg and Hemi Leibowitz and Ewa Syta and Sara Wrotniak
2020/1034 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Full LowMC and LowMC-M with Algebraic Techniques
Fukang Liu and Takanori Isobe and Willi Meier
2020/1033 ( PDF )
RandChain: A Scalable and Fair Decentralised Randomness Beacon
Runchao Han and Haoyu Lin and Jiangshan Yu
2020/1022 ( PDF )
Polynomial IOPs for Linear Algebra Relations
Alan Szepieniec and Yuncong Zhang
2020/1011 ( PDF )
Private Join and Compute from PIR with Default
Tancrède Lepoint and Sarvar Patel and Mariana Raykova and Karn Seth and Ni Trieu
2020/993 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Masked Ciphers: A not so Random Idea
Tim Beyne and Siemen Dhooghe and Zhenda Zhang
2020/986 ( PDF )
The MALICIOUS Framework: Embedding Backdoors into Tweakable Block Ciphers
Thomas Peyrin and Haoyang Wang
2020/982 ( PDF )
Election Verifiability Revisited: Automated Security Proofs and Attacks on Helios and Belenios
Sevdenur Baloglu and Sergiu Bursuc and Sjouke Mauw and Jun Pang
2020/975 ( PDF )
Aardvark: An Asynchronous Authenticated Dictionary with Applications to Account-based Cryptocurrencies
Derek Leung and Yossi Gilad and Sergey Gorbunov and Leonid Reyzin and Nickolai Zeldovich
2020/969 ( PDF )
Hashing to elliptic curves of $j=0$ and quadratic imaginary orders of class number $2$
Dmitrii Koshelev
2020/955 ( PDF )
Public-key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search: A Generic Construction and Its Quantum-resistant Instantiation
Zi-Yuan Liu and Yi-Fan Tseng and Raylin Tso and Masahiro Mambo and Yu-Chi Chen
2020/947 ( PDF )
Data Oblivious Algorithms for Multicores
Vijaya Ramachandran and Elaine Shi
2020/945 ( PDF )
On the (in)security of ROS
Fabrice Benhamouda and Tancrède Lepoint and Julian Loss and Michele Orrù and Mariana Raykova
2020/943 ( PDF )
Analysing and Improving Shard Allocation Protocols for Sharded Blockchains
Runchao Han and Jiangshan Yu and Ren Zhang
2020/941 ( PDF )
Alternative Tower Field Construction for Quantum Implementation of the AES S-box
Doyoung Chung and Seungkwang Lee and Dooho choi and Jooyoung Lee
2020/921 ( PDF )
Practical Dynamic Group Signature with Efficient Concurrent Joins and Batch Verifications
Hyoseung Kim and Youngkyung Lee and Michel Abdalla and Jong Hwan Park
2020/918 ( -- withdrawn -- )
An Efficient Certificateless Authentication Protocol for the SAE J1939
Basker Palaniswamy
2020/917 ( PDF )
Formalizing Nakamoto-Style Proof of Stake
Søren Eller Thomsen and Bas Spitters
2020/914 ( PDF )
Ultra-Short Multivariate Public Key Signatures
Jacques Patarin and Gilles Macario-Rat and Maxime Bros and Eliane Koussa
2020/912 ( PDF )
Magnifying Side-Channel Leakage of Lattice-Based Cryptosystems with Chosen Ciphertexts: The Case Study of Kyber
Zhuang Xu and Owen Pemberton and Sujoy Sinha Roy and David Oswald and Wang Yao and Zhiming Zheng
2020/892 ( PDF )
Divided We Stand, United We Fall: Security Analysis of Some SCA+SIFA Countermeasures Against SCA-Enhanced Fault Template Attacks
Sayandeep Saha and Arnab Bag and Dirmanto Jap and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Shivam Bhasin
2020/886 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Revocable Hierarchical IBE from $k$-linear Assumption
Keita Emura and Atsushi Takayasu and Yohei Watanabe
2020/866 ( PDF )
Development of The RISC-V Entropy Source Interface
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen and G. Richard Newell and Ben Marshall
2020/829 ( PDF )
Refined Analysis of the Asymptotic Complexity of the Number Field Sieve
Aude Le Gluher and Pierre-Jean Spaenlehauer and Emmanuel Thomé
2020/810 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Few Explanations for <Fast-to-Finalize Nakamoto-Like Consensus>
Shuyang Tang
2020/809 ( PDF )
On (expected polynomial) runtime in cryptography
Michael Klooß
2020/779 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Time-Lock Puzzles and Applications
Cody Freitag and Ilan Komargodski and Rafael Pass and Naomi Sirkin
2020/777 ( PDF )
Dynamic Universal Accumulator with Batch Update over Bilinear Groups
Giuseppe Vitto and Alex Biryukov
2020/776 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Codes for Bounded Polynomial-Depth Tampering
Dana Dachman-Soled and Ilan Komargodski and Rafael Pass
2020/773 ( PDF )
An Instruction Set Extension to Support Software-Based Masking
Si Gao and Johann Großschädl and Ben Marshall and Dan Page and Thinh Pham and Francesco Regazzoni
2020/756 ( PDF )
Provable Security Analysis of FIDO2
Manuel Barbosa and Alexandra Boldyreva and Shan Chen and Bogdan Warinschi
2020/754 ( PDF )
Fluid MPC: Secure Multiparty Computation with Dynamic Participants
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Aarushi Goel and Matthew Green and Abhishek Jain and Gabriel Kaptchuk
2020/744 ( PDF )
Internal Symmetries and Linear Properties: Full-permutation Distinguishers and Improved Collisions on Gimli
Antonio Flórez Gutiérrez and Gaëtan Leurent and María Naya-Plasencia and Léo Perrin and André Schrottenloher and Ferdinand Sibleyras
2020/739 ( PDF )
Versatile and Sustainable Timed-Release Encryption and Sequential Time-Lock Puzzles
Peter Chvojka and Tibor Jager and Daniel Slamanig and Christoph Striecks
2020/733 ( PDF )
A Side-Channel Resistant Implementation of SABER
Michiel Van Beirendonck and Jan-Pieter D'Anvers and Angshuman Karmakar and Josep Balasch and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2020/691 ( PDF )
Improved Threshold Signatures, Proactive Secret Sharing, and Input Certification from LSS Isomorphisms
Diego Aranha and Anders Dalskov and Daniel Escudero and Claudio Orlandi
2020/688 ( PDF )
Lin2-Xor Lemma and Log-size Linkable Threshold Ring Signature
Anton A. Sokolov
2020/678 ( PDF )
Stronger Notions and a More Efficient Construction of Threshold Ring Signatures
Alexander Munch-Hansen and Claudio Orlandi and Sophia Yakoubov
2020/660 ( PDF )
Efficient Software Implementation of the SIKE Protocol Using a New Data Representation
Jing Tian and Piaoyang Wang and Zhe Liu and Jun Lin and Zhongfeng Wang and Johann Großschädl
2020/657 ( PDF )
Traceable Constant-Size Multi-Authority Credentials
Chloé Hébant and David Pointcheval
2020/654 ( PDF )
Proximity Gaps for Reed-Solomon Codes
Eli Ben-Sasson and Dan Carmon and Yuval Ishai and Swastik Kopparty and Shubhangi Saraf
2020/651 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of ``FS-PEKS: Lattice-based Forward Secure Public-key Encryption with Keyword Search for Cloud-assisted Industrial Internet of Things''
Zi-Yuan Liu and Yi-Fan Tseng and Raylin Tso
2020/639 ( PDF )
Constructions for Quantum Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Anne Broadbent and Raza Ali Kazmi
2020/635 ( PDF )
Two-Round Oblivious Linear Evaluation from Learning with Errors
Pedro Branco and Nico Döttling and Paulo Mateus
2020/633 ( PDF )
Improved torsion-point attacks on SIDH variants
Victoria de Quehen and Péter Kutas and Chris Leonardi and Chloe Martindale and Lorenz Panny and Christophe Petit and Katherine E. Stange
2020/631 ( PDF )
Simultaneous Diagonalization of Incomplete Matrices and Applications
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Luca Notarnicola and Gabor Wiese
2020/622 ( PDF )
The Direction of Updatable Encryption does not Matter Much
Yao Jiang
2020/610 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Stronger Multilinear Maps from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Navid Alamati and Hart Montgomery and Sikhar Patranabis
2020/603 ( PDF )
Masking in Fine-Grained Leakage Models: Construction, Implementation and Verification
Gilles Barthe and Marc Gourjon and Benjamin Gregoire and Maximilian Orlt and Clara Paglialonga and Lars Porth
2020/598 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Au et al. Dynamic Universal Accumulator
Alex Biryukov and Aleksei Udovenko and Giuseppe Vitto
2020/596 ( PDF )
Relationships between quantum IND-CPA notions
Tore Vincent Carstens and Ehsan Ebrahimi and Gelo Tabia and and Dominique Unruh
2020/560 ( PDF )
Zerojoin: Combining Zerocoin and CoinJoin
Alexander Chepurnoy and Amitabh Saxena
2020/552 ( PDF )
High-Precision Bootstrapping of RNS-CKKS Homomorphic Encryption Using Optimal Minimax Polynomial Approximation and Inverse Sine Function
Joon-Woo Lee and Eunsang Lee and Yongwoo Lee and Young-Sik Kim and Jong-Seon No
2020/543 ( PDF )
Kachina - Foundations of Private Smart Contracts
Thomas Kerber and Aggelos Kiayias and Markulf Kohlweiss
2020/537 ( PDF )
TARDIS: A Foundation of Time-Lock Puzzles in UC
Carsten Baum and Bernardo David and Rafael Dowsley and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Sabine Oechsner
2020/533 ( PDF )
Anonymous Lottery in the Proof-of-Stake Setting
Foteini Baldimtsi and Varun Madathil and Alessandra Scafuro and Linfeng Zhou
2020/528 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving COVID-19 Contact Tracing App: A Zero-Knowledge Proof Approach
Joseph K. Liu and Man Ho Au and Tsz Hon Yuen and Cong Zuo and Jiawei Wang and Amin Sakzad and Xiapu Luo and Li Li and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
2020/527 ( PDF )
Aggregatable Subvector Commitments for Stateless Cryptocurrencies
Alin Tomescu and Ittai Abraham and Vitalik Buterin and Justin Drake and Dankrad Feist and Dmitry Khovratovich
2020/505 ( PDF )
ConTra Corona: Contact Tracing against the Coronavirus by Bridging the Centralized–Decentralized Divide for Stronger Privacy
Wasilij Beskorovajnov and Felix Dörre and Gunnar Hartung and Alexander Koch and Jörn Müller-Quade and Thorsten Strufe
2020/493 ( PDF )
Towards Defeating Mass Surveillance and SARS-CoV-2: The Pronto-C2 Fully Decentralized Automatic Contact Tracing System
Gennaro Avitabile and Vincenzo Botta and Vincenzo Iovino and Ivan Visconti
2020/492 ( PDF )
UC Non-Interactive, Proactive, Threshold ECDSA
Ran Canetti and Nikolaos Makriyannis and Udi Peled
2020/476 ( PDF )
Generalized Channels from Limited Blockchain Scripts and Adaptor Signatures
Lukas Aumayr and Oguzhan Ersoy and Andreas Erwig and Sebastian Faust and Kristina Hostakova and Matteo Maffei and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Siavash Riahi
2020/474 ( PDF )
Tiramisu: Black-Box Simulation Extractable NIZKs in the Updatable CRS Model
Karim Baghery and Mahdi Sedaghat
2020/472 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Bracing A Transaction DAG with A Backbone Chain
Shuyang Tang
2020/468 ( PDF )
Distributed Auditing Proofs of Liabilities
Konstantinos Chalkias and Kevin Lewi and Payman Mohassel and Valeria Nikolaenko
2020/461 ( PDF )
A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Solving the Hidden Subset Sum Problem
Jean-Sébastien Coron and Agnese Gini
2020/456 ( PDF )
General Congestion Attack on HTLC-Based Payment Channel Networks
Zhichun Lu and Runchao Han and Jiangshan Yu
2020/440 ( PDF )
Sublattice Attack on Poly-LWE with Wide Error Distributions
Hao Chen
2020/379 ( PDF )
Post-quantum WireGuard
Andreas Hülsing and Kai-Chun Ning and Peter Schwabe and Florian Weber and Philip R. Zimmermann
2020/370 ( PDF )
Multiparty Generation of an RSA Modulus
Megan Chen and Ran Cohen and Jack Doerner and Yashvanth Kondi and Eysa Lee and Schuyler Rosefield and abhi shelat
2020/364 ( PDF )
Subversion-Resistant Quasi-Adaptive NIZK and Applications to Modular zk-SNARKs
Behzad Abdolmaleki and Daniel Slamanig
2020/328 ( PDF )
Weight-Based Nakamoto-Style Blockchains
Simon Holmgaard Kamp and Bernardo Magri and Christian Matt and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Søren Eller Thomsen and Daniel Tschudi
2020/316 ( PDF )
Beyond Software Watermarking: Traitor-Tracing for Pseudorandom Functions
Rishab Goyal and Sam Kim and Brent Waters and David J. Wu
2020/304 ( PDF )
Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-Learning-With-Errors
Christian Mouchet and Juan Troncoso-Pastoriza and Jean-Philippe Bossuat and Jean-Pierre Hubaux
2020/277 ( PDF )
Full Analysis of Nakamoto Consensus in Bounded-Delay Networks
Juan Garay and Aggelos Kiayias and Nikos Leonardos
2020/266 ( PDF )
Quantum Indistinguishability for Public Key Encryption
Tommaso Gagliardoni and Juliane Krämer and Patrick Struck
2020/252 ( PDF )
Secure Non-interactive Simulation: Feasibility & Rate
Hamidreza Amini Khorasgani and Hemanta K. Maji and Hai H. Nguyen
2020/221 ( PDF )
Multiparty Reusable Non-Interactive Secure Computation
Fabrice Benhamouda and Huijia Lin
2020/219 ( PDF )
Multi-Client Functional Encryption for Separable Functions
Michele Ciampi and Luisa Siniscalchi and Hendrik Waldner
2020/207 ( PDF )
(Public) Verifiability For Composable Protocols Without Adaptivity Or Zero-Knowledge
Carsten Baum and Bernardo David and Rafael Dowsley
2020/205 ( PDF )
SodsBC: A Post-quantum by Design Asynchronous Blockchain Framework
Shlomi Dolev and Bingyong Guo and Jianyu Niu and Ziyu Wang
2020/200 ( PDF )
Leakage and Tamper Resilient Permutation-Based Cryptography
Christoph Dobraunig and Bart Mennink and Robert Primas
2020/196 ( PDF )
Trustless unknown-order groups
Samuel Dobson and Steven D. Galbraith and Benjamin Smith
2020/179 ( PDF )
Mind the Middle Layer: The HADES Design Strategy Revisited
Nathan Keller and Asaf Rosemarin
2020/177 ( PDF )
Revisiting (R)CCA Security and Replay Protection
Christian Badertscher and Ueli Maurer and Christopher Portmann and Guilherme Rito
2020/166 ( PDF )
Non Atomic Payment Splitting in Channel Networks
Stefan Dziembowski and Paweł Kędzior
2020/161 ( PDF )
Pushing the Limits of Valiant's Universal Circuits: Simpler, Tighter and More Compact
Hanlin Liu and Yu Yu and Shuoyao Zhao and Jiang Zhang and Wenling Liu and Zhenkai Hu
2020/153 ( PDF )
Constructing Secure Multi-Party Computation with Identifiable Abort
Nicholas-Philip Brandt and Sven Maier and Tobias Müller and Jörn Müller-Quade
2020/142 ( PDF )
TARDIGRADE: An Atomic Broadcast Protocol for Arbitrary Network Conditions
Erica Blum and Jonathan Katz and Julian Loss
2020/130 ( PDF )
Breaking the $O(\sqrt n)$-Bit Barrier: Byzantine Agreement with Polylog Bits Per Party
Elette Boyle and Ran Cohen and Aarushi Goel
2020/121 ( PDF )
When HEAAN Meets FV: a New Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Memory Overhead
Hao Chen and Ilia Iliashenko and Kim Laine
2020/098 ( PDF )
Improved key recovery on the Legendre PRF
Novak Kaluđerović and Thorsten Kleinjung and Dusan Kostic
2020/086 ( PDF )
Bootstrapping in FHEW-like Cryptosystems
Daniele Micciancio and Yuriy Polyakov
2020/084 ( PDF )
Bandwidth-efficient threshold EC-DSA
Guilhem Castagnos and Dario Catalano and Fabien Laguillaumie and Federico Savasta and Ida Tucker
2020/064 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Dual System in Lattice: Fully Secure ABE from LWE Assumption
Geng Wang and Ming Wan and Zhen Liu and Dawu Gu
2020/018 ( PDF )
Triptych: logarithmic-sized linkable ring signatures with applications
Sarang Noether and Brandon Goodell
2020/011 ( PDF )
Towards Vehicular Digital Forensics from Decentralized Trust: An Accountable, Privacy-preservation, and Secure Realization
Ming Li,Jian Weng, Jia-Nan Liu, Xiaodong Lin, Charlie Obimbo
2020/010 ( PDF )
Faster point compression for elliptic curves of $j$-invariant $0$
Dmitrii Koshelev
2019/1483 ( PDF )
Communication--Computation Trade-offs in PIR
Asra Ali and Tancrède Lepoint and Sarvar Patel and Mariana Raykova and Phillipp Schoppmann and Karn Seth and Kevin Yeo
2019/1442 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Server-Aided Revocable Identity-Based Encryption Revisited
Fei Meng
2019/1394 ( PDF )
Voltage-based Covert Channels using FPGAs
Dennis R. E. Gnad and Cong Dang Khoa Nguyen and Syed Hashim Gillani and Mehdi B. Tahoori
2019/1348 ( PDF )
Network Time with a Consensus on Clock
Handan Kilinc Alper
2019/1336 ( PDF )
Critical Perspectives on Provable Security: Fifteen Years of "Another Look" Papers
Neal Koblitz and Alfred Menezes
2019/1315 ( PDF )
Trident: Efficient 4PC Framework for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
Harsh Chaudhari and Rahul Rachuri and Ajith Suresh
2019/1306 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Valid Blockchain-based Data Trading Ecosystem
Taotao li and Dequan li
2019/1300 ( PDF )
Actively Secure Setup for SPDZ
Dragos Rotaru and Nigel P. Smart and Titouan Tanguy and Frederik Vercauteren and Tim Wood
2019/1294 ( PDF )
Hashing to elliptic curves of $j$-invariant $1728$
Dmitrii Koshelev
2019/1291 ( PDF )
SÉTA: Supersingular Encryption from Torsion Attacks
Luca De Feo and Cyprien Delpech de Saint Guilhem and Tako Boris Fouotsa and Péter Kutas and Antonin Leroux and Christophe Petit and Javier Silva and Benjamin Wesolowski
2019/1165 ( PDF )
Fast verification of masking schemes in characteristic two
Nicolas Bordes and Pierre Karpman
2019/1147 ( PDF )
Batching non-membership proofs with bilinear accumulators
Steve Thakur
2019/1098 ( PDF )
Full-Threshold Actively-Secure Multiparty Arithmetic Circuit Garbling
Eleftheria Makri and Tim Wood
2019/1097 ( PDF )
Anonymous Transactions with Revocation and Auditing in Hyperledger Fabric
Dmytro Bogatov and Angelo De Caro and Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Björn Tackmann
2019/1075 ( PDF )
Private Information Retrieval with Sublinear Online Time
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Dmitry Kogan
2019/1047 ( PDF )
Marlin: Preprocessing zkSNARKs with Universal and Updatable SRS
Alessandro Chiesa and Yuncong Hu and Mary Maller and Pratyush Mishra and Psi Vesely and Nicholas Ward
2019/959 ( PDF )
Table Redundancy Method for Protecting against Fault Attacks
Seungkwang Lee and Nam-su Jho and Myungchul Kim
2019/955 ( PDF )
Structure-Preserving and Re-randomizable RCCA-secure Public Key Encryption and its Applications
Antonio Faonio and Dario Fiore and Javier Herranz and Carla Ràfols
2019/953 ( PDF )
PLONK: Permutations over Lagrange-bases for Oecumenical Noninteractive arguments of Knowledge
Ariel Gabizon and Zachary J. Williamson and Oana Ciobotaru
2019/948 ( PDF )
Generic Side-channel attacks on CCA-secure lattice-based PKE and KEM schemes
Prasanna Ravi and Sujoy Sinha Roy and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Shivam Bhasin
2019/832 ( PDF )
Asymptotically-Good Arithmetic Secret Sharing over Z/(p^\ell Z) with Strong Multiplication and Its Applications to Efficient MPC
Ronald Cramer and Matthieu Rambaud and Chaoping Xing
2019/807 ( PDF )
When PKI (finally) met Provable Security
Hemi Leibowitz and Amir Herzberg and Ewa Syta
2019/751 ( PDF )
Discrete logarithms in quasi-polynomial time in finite fields of fixed characteristic
Thorsten Kleinjung and Benjamin Wesolowski
2019/706 ( PDF )
Endemic Oblivious Transfer
Daniel Masny and Peter Rindal
2019/692 ( PDF )
Synchronous Consensus with Optimal Asynchronous Fallback Guarantees
Erica Blum and Jonathan Katz and Julian Loss
2019/662 ( PDF )
Generalized Proofs of Knowledge with Fully Dynamic Setup
Christian Badertscher and Daniel Jost and Ueli Maurer
2019/657 ( PDF )
Multi-Party PSM, Revisited: Improved Communication and Unbalanced Communication
Leonard Assouline and Tianren Liu
2019/627 ( PDF )
Unconditionally Secure Computation Against Low-Complexity Leakage
Andrej Bogdanov and Yuval Ishai and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2019/610 ( PDF )
Improved Cryptanalysis of the AJPS Mersenne Based Cryptosystem
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Agnese Gini
2019/491 ( PDF )
Best Information is Most Successful
Eloi de Cherisey and Sylvain Guilley and Olivier Rioul and Pablo Piantanida
2019/477 ( PDF )
The Complexities of Healing in Secure Group Messaging: Why Cross-Group Effects Matter
Cas Cremers and Britta Hale and Konrad Kohbrok
2019/473 ( PDF )
A Method to Reduce the Key Size of UOV Signature Scheme
Chengdong Tao
2019/354 ( PDF )
Benchmarking Privacy Preserving Scientific Operations
Abdelrahaman Aly and Nigel P. Smart
2019/317 ( PDF )
Libra: Succinct Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Optimal Prover Computation
Tiancheng Xie and Jiaheng Zhang and Yupeng Zhang and Charalampos Papamanthou and Dawn Song
2019/309 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of CLT13 Multilinear Maps with Independent Slots
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Luca Notarnicola
2019/291 ( PDF )
CCA Security and Trapdoor Functions via Key-Dependent-Message Security
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Takahiro Matsuda and Keisuke Tanaka
2019/260 ( PDF )
A Modular Treatment of Blind Signatures from Identification Schemes
Eduard Hauck and Eike Kiltz and Julian Loss
2019/257 ( PDF )
Uncloneable Quantum Encryption via Oracles
Anne Broadbent and Sébastien Lord
2019/234 ( PDF )
On the Shortness of Vectors to be found by the Ideal-SVP Quantum Algorithm
Léo Ducas and Maxime Plançon and Benjamin Wesolowski
2019/164 ( PDF )
Use your Brain! Arithmetic 3PC For Any Modulus with Active Security
Hendrik Eerikson and Marcel Keller and Claudio Orlandi and Pille Pullonen and Joonas Puura and Mark Simkin
2019/162 ( PDF )
A New Blockchain Proposal Supporting Multi-Stage Proof-of-Work
Palash Sarkar
2018/1199 ( PDF )
Quantum Equivalence of the DLP and CDHP for Group Actions
Steven Galbraith and Lorenz Panny and Benjamin Smith and Frederik Vercauteren
2018/1140 ( PDF )
Efficient Fully-Leakage Resilient One-More Signature Schemes
Antonio Faonio
2018/1129 ( PDF )
On Kilian's Randomization of Multilinear Map Encodings
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Hilder V. L. Pereira
2018/1128 ( PDF )
Direct Anonymous Attestation with Optimal TPM Signing Efficiency
Kang Yang and Liqun Chen and Zhenfeng Zhang and Christopher J.P. Newton and Bo Yang and Li Xi
2018/1123 ( PDF )
When Theory Meets Practice: A Framework for Robust Profiled Side-channel Analysis
Stjepan Picek and Annelie Heuser and Lichao Wu and Cesare Alippi and Francesco Regazzoni
2018/1121 ( PDF )
An Analysis of the ProtonMail Cryptographic Architecture
Nadim Kobeissi
2018/957 ( PDF )
Same Point Composable and Nonmalleable Obfuscated Point Functions
Peter Fenteany and Benjamin Fuller
2018/854 ( PDF )
Universal Multi-Party Poisoning Attacks
Saeed Mahloujifar and Mahammad Mahmoody and Ameer Mohammed
2018/838 ( PDF )
(Tightly) QCCA-Secure Key-Encapsulation Mechanism in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
Keita Xagawa and Takashi Yamakawa
2018/753 ( PDF )
Decentralized Policy-Hiding Attribute-Based Encryption with Receiver Privacy
Yan Michalevsky and Marc Joye
2018/666 ( PDF )
Reproducible Families of Codes and Cryptographic Applications
Paolo Santini and Edoardo Persichetti and Marco Baldi
2018/607 ( PDF )
SEEMless: Secure End-to-End Encrypted Messaging with less trust
Melissa Chase and Apoorvaa Deshpande and Esha Ghosh and Harjasleen Malvai
2018/170 ( PDF )
On the Ring-LWE and Polynomial-LWE problems
Miruna Rosca and Damien Stehlé and Alexandre Wallet
2018/104 ( PDF )
PHANTOM and GHOSTDAG: A Scalable Generalization of Nakamoto Consensus
Yonatan Sompolinsky and Shai Wyborski and Aviv Zohar
2018/049 ( PDF )
Attacks and Countermeasures for White-box Designs
Alex Biryukov and Aleksei Udovenko
2017/1113 ( PDF )
The Discrete-Logarithm Problem with Preprocessing
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Dmitry Kogan
2017/1005 ( PDF )
Tightly-Secure Key-Encapsulation Mechanism in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
Tsunekazu Saito and Keita Xagawa and Takashi Yamakawa
2017/1002 ( PDF )
On the Closest Vector Problem for Lattices Constructed from Polynomials and Their Cryptographic Applications
Zhe Li and San Ling and Chaoping Xing and Sze Ling Yeo
2017/649 ( PDF )
Blockcipher-based Authenticated Encryption: How Small Can We Go?
Avik Chakraborti and Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Mridul Nandi
2017/604 ( PDF )
A Modular Analysis of the Fujisaki-Okamoto Transformation
Dennis Hofheinz and Kathrin Hövelmanns and Eike Kiltz
2017/593 ( PDF )
Solving multivariate polynomial systems and an invariant from commutative algebra
Alessio Caminata and Elisa Gorla
2017/552 ( PDF )
Fast Secure Two-Party ECDSA Signing
Yehuda Lindell
2017/409 ( PDF )
Maliciously Secure Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation with Constant Overhead
Satrajit Ghosh and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Tobias Nilges
2016/984 ( PDF )
Design Strategies for ARX with Provable Bounds: SPARX and LAX (Full Version)
Daniel Dinu and Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko and Vesselin Velichkov and Johann Großschädl and Alex Biryukov
2016/749 ( PDF )
Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Adaptive Security
Kwangsu Lee
2016/539 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of a Theorem: Decomposing the Only Known Solution to the Big APN Problem (Full Version)
Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko and Alex Biryukov
2016/457 ( PDF )
Wei Yuan
2016/398 ( PDF )
Algebraic Insights into the Secret Feistel Network (Full version)
Léo Perrin and Aleksei Udovenko
2015/1191 ( PDF )
A Formal Analysis of Prefetching in Profiled Cache-Timing Attacks on Block Ciphers
Chester Rebeiro and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2015/942 ( PDF )
Ballot secrecy: Security definition, sufficient conditions, and analysis of Helios
Ben Smyth
2015/472 ( PDF )
High Performance Multi-Party Computation for Binary Circuits Based on Oblivious Transfer
Sai Sheshank Burra and Enrique Larraia and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Peter Sebastian Nordholt and Claudio Orlandi and Emmanuela Orsini and Peter Scholl and Nigel P. Smart
2013/246 ( PDF )
A New Lever Function with Adequate Indeterminacy
Shenghui Su and Ping Luo and Shuwang Lv and Maozhi Xu
2012/711 ( PDF )
Unprovable Security of 2-Message Zero Knowledge
Kai-Min Chung and Edward Lui and Mohammad Mahmoody and Rafael Pass
2010/442 ( PDF )
Algebraic Pseudorandom Functions with Improved Efficiency from the Augmented Cascade
Dan Boneh and Hart Montgomery and Ananth Raghunathan

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