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Intelligent Composed Algorithms

Frank Byszio and Dr. Klaus-Dieter Wirth and Dr. Kim Nguyen

Abstract: Intelligent Composed Algorithms (ICA) have been developed as a mechanism for introducing new cryptographic algorithms into applications and PKIs. Using ICAs, known cryptographic algorithms (Component-Algorithms) can be combined in order to obtain a stronger mix of cryptographic algorithms or primitives. Using ICAs it is also possible to use known Component-Algorithms as mutual alternatives. Furthermore, the combined and alternative use of Component-Algorithms as ICAs shall enable agile use of cryptographic algorithms without having to change standards as X.509 or CMS. An Intelligent Composed Algorithm is a flexible group of cryptographic algorithms together with the corresponding rules for their combination. The rules for the combination of Component-Algorithms are defined as algorithms (Controlling-Algorithms) themselves. In applications, ICAs are used as conventional algorithms, described by an algorithm identifier (an OID) and matching parameters. The chosen Component-Algorithms are defined by parameters of the Controlling-Algorithm. The use of ICAs impose no need to modify higher-order standards for applications and protocols, as X.509, RFC 5280, RFC 6960, RFC 2986, RFC 4210, and RFC 5652.

Category / Keywords: applications / agile use of cryptographic algorithms, public-key cryptography, PKI

Date: received 15 Jun 2021, last revised 16 Nov 2021

Contact author: Frank Byszio at bdr de, K Wirth at d-trust net, Kim Nguyen at bdr de

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