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Toward an Asymmetric White-Box Proposal

Lucas Barthelemy

Abstract: This article presents a proposal for an asymmetric white-box scheme. While symmetric white-box is a well studied topic (in particular for AES white-box) with a rich literature, there is almost no public article on the topic of asymmetric white-box. However, asymmetric white-box designs are used in practice by the industry and are a real challenge. Proprietary implementations can be found in the wild but are usually heavily obfuscated and their design is not public, which makes their study impractical. The lack of public research on that topic makes it hard to assess the security of those implementations and can cause serious security issues. Our main contribution is to bring a public proposal for an asymmetric white-box scheme. Our proposal is a lattice-based cryptographic scheme that combines classical white-box techniques and arithmetic techniques to offer resilience to the white-box context. In addition, thanks to some homomorphic properties of our scheme, we use homomorphic encoding techniques to increase the security of our proposal in a white-box setting. The resulting scheme successfully performs a decryption function without exposing its secret key while its weight remains under 20 MB. While some of our techniques are designed around specific characteristics of our proposal, some of them may be adapted to other asymmetric cryptosystems. Moreover, those techniques can be used and improved in a less restrictive model than the white-box one: the grey-box model. This proposal aims to raise awareness from the research community on the study of asymmetric white-box cryptography.

Category / Keywords: implementation / white-box cryptography, asymmetric white-box cryptography, lattice based cryptography, software protection, homomorphic cryptography

Date: received 16 Jul 2020, last revised 17 Jul 2020

Contact author: lucas barthelemy92 at gmail com

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