Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/781

Interpolation Attacks on Round-Reduced Elephant, Kravatte and Xoofff

Haibo Zhou and Rui Zong and Xiaoyang Dong and Keting Jia and Willi Meier

Abstract: We introduce an interpolation attack using the \textsc{Moebius Transform}. This can reduce the time complexity to get a linear system of equations for specified intermediate state bits, which is general to cryptanalysis of some ciphers with update function of low algebraic degree. Along this line, we perform an interpolation attack against \textsc{Elephant-Delirium}, a round 2 submission of the ongoing NIST lightweight cryptography project. This is the first third-party cryptanalysis on this cipher. Moreover, we promote the interpolation attack by applying it to the \textbf{Farfalle} pseudo-random constructions \textsc{Kravatte} and \textsc{Xoofff}. Our attacks turn out to be the most efficient method for these ciphers thus far.

Category / Keywords: applications / Interpolation Attack, Moebius Transform, Elephant, Kravatte, Xoofff

Date: received 24 Jun 2020, last revised 2 Jul 2020

Contact author: haibo chou at qq com,xiaoyangdong@tsinghua edu cn,willi meier@fhnw ch

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