Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/605

LUSA: the HPC library for lattice-based cryptanalysis

Artur Mariano

Abstract: This paper introduces LUSA - the Lattice Unified Set of Algorithms library - a C++ library that comprises many high performance, parallel implementations of lattice algorithms, with particular focus on lattice-based cryptanalysis. Currently, LUSA offers algorithms for lattice reduction and the SVP. % and the CVP.

LUSA was designed to be 1) simple to install and use, 2) have no other dependencies, 3) be designed specifically for lattice-based cryptanalysis, including the majority of the most relevant algorithms in this field and 4) offer efficient, parallel and scalable methods for those algorithms.

LUSA explores paralellism mainly at the thread level, being based on OpenMP. However the code is also written to be efficient at the cache and operation level, taking advantage of carefully sorted data structures and data level parallelism.

This paper shows that LUSA delivers these promises, by being simple to use while consistently outperforming its counterparts, such as NTL, plll and fplll, and offering scalable, parallel implementations of the most relevant algorithms to date, which are currently not available in other libraries.

Category / Keywords: implementation / library, LUSA, lattice-basis cryptanalysis

Date: received 20 May 2020

Contact author: artur miguel at gmail com

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