Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/1583

HERMES: Scalable, Secure, and Privacy-Enhancing Vehicle Access System

Iraklis Symeonidis and Dragos Rotaru and Mustafa A. Mustafa and Bart Mennink and Bart Preneel and Panos Papadimitratos

Abstract: We propose HERMES, a scalable, secure, and privacy-enhancing system for users to share and access vehicles. HERMES securely outsources operations of vehicle access token generation to a set of untrusted servers. It builds on an earlier proposal, namely SePCAR [1], and extends the system design for improved efficiency and scalability. To cater to system and user needs for secure and private computations, HERMES utilizes and combines several cryptographic primitives with secure multiparty computation efficiently. It conceals secret keys of vehicles and transaction details from the servers, including vehicle booking details, access token information, and user and vehicle identities. It also provides user accountability in case of disputes. Besides, we provide semantic security analysis and prove that HERMES meets its security and privacy requirements. Last but not least, we demonstrate that HERMES is efficient and, in contrast to SePCAR, scales to a large number of users and vehicles, making it practical for real-world deployments. We build our evaluations with two different multiparty computation protocols: HtMAC-MiMC and CBC-MAC-AES. Our results demonstrate that HERMES with HtMAC-MiMC requires only approx 1,83 ms for generating an access token for a single-vehicle owner and approx 11,9 ms for a large branch of rental companies with over a thousand vehicles. It handles 546 and 84 access token generations per second, respectively. This results in HERMES being 696 (with HtMAC-MiMC) and 42 (with CBC-MAC-AES) times faster compared to in SePCAR for a single-vehicle owner access token generation. Furthermore, we show that HERMES is practical on the vehicle side, too, as access token operations performed on a prototype vehicle on-board unit take only approx 62,087 ms.

Category / Keywords: applications / secure multiparty computation, vehicular sharing, optimisation

Date: received 18 Dec 2020, last revised 19 Mar 2021

Contact author: iraklis symeonidis at icloud com

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