Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2020/034

SkyEye: A Traceable Scheme for Blockchain

Tianjun Ma and Haixia Xu and Peili Li

Abstract: Many studies focus on the blockchain privacy protection. Unfortunately, the privacy protection brings some issues (e.g., money-laundering problem). Tracing users' identities is a critical step in addressing these issues. When each user's identity in the blockchain data is determined, the regulator can do some regulatory operations (such as Big Data analysis) to decide who should be punished or who should own the lost data. In this paper, we propose SkyEye, a traceable scheme for blockchain, that can be applied to a class of blockchain application. SkyEye enables the regulator to trace users' identities. Moreover, we demonstrate the security of SkyEye under specific cryptographic assumptions. Finally, we implement two prototypes of SkyEye, and evaluate the running time and related data storage requirements by performing the aforementioned prototypes.

Category / Keywords: applications / Blockchain, Traceable scheme, Chameleon hash, Zero konwledge.

Date: received 12 Jan 2020, last revised 30 Apr 2021

Contact author: matianjun at iie ac cn

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