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Information Conservational Security with “Black Hole” Keypad Compression and Scalable One-Time Pad — An Analytical Quantum Intelligence Approach to Pre- and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Wen-Ran Zhang

Abstract: Although it is widely deemed impossible to overcome the information theoretic optimality of the one-time pad (OTP) cipher in pre and post-quantum cryptography, this work shows that the optimality of information theoretic security (ITS) of OTP is paradoxical from the perspective of information conservational computing and cryptography. To prove this point, ITS of OTP is extended to information conservational security (ICS) of scalable OTP (S-OTP) with percentage-based key extension where total key length can be reduced to a condensed tiny minimum through “black hole” keypad compression coupled with “big bang” data recovery. The cost is a limited increase in total data length and network traffic; the gain is making the transmission of long messages possible without weakening information theoretic security. It is proven that if ITS/OTP were optimal, ICS/S-OTP would be impossible; on the other hand, if ICS/S-OTP were not information theoretically secure, ITS/OTP would not be secure either. Thus, we have a proof by contradiction on the paradoxical nature of OTP optimality. It is further proven that a summation with percentage distribution is a special case of equilibrium-based bipolar quantum cellular automata. This proof bridges a classical world with a quantum world and makes it possible to combine the advantages of both approaches for pre and post-quantum cryptography. It is suggested that the findings of this work form an analytical paradigm of quantum intelligence machinery toward perfect information conservational security. Some mysteries in Nature and science are identified. In particular, the question is posted: Could modern science have been like a well-founded building with a floor of observable beings, truths, and entropy but missing its roof for equilibrium, harmony, information conservation, and logically definable causality?

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Pre- and Post-Quantum Cryptography; Scalable One-Time Pad (S-OTP); Information Conservational Security (ICS); “Black Hole” Keypad Compression (BHKC) and “Big Bang” Data Recovery (BBDR); Percentage-Based Key Extension (PBKE); Percentage-Based Fuzzy Entropy (PBFE); Quantum-Fuzzy Collective Precision; Quantum Intelligence; Classical World; Quantum World; Floor-Roof Mysteries of Science

Date: received 8 Aug 2019, last revised 3 Nov 2019

Contact author: wrzhang at georgiasouthern edu

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