Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2019/1136

An implementation of the Paillier crypto system with threshold decryption without a trusted dealer

Thijs Veugen and Thomas Attema and Gabriele Spini

Abstract: We consider the problem of securely generating the keys of the Paillier crypto system [11] with (t, n) threshold decryption, without a trusted dealer. Nishide and Sakurai [10] describe a solution, secure in the malicious model. We use their ideas to make a simpler solution for the semi-honest model, and further introduce a few optimisations. We implement the secure key generation protocol on a single computer, and consider its performance.

Category / Keywords: implementation / threshold cryptography, implementation, Paillier, secure key generation

Date: received 2 Oct 2019

Contact author: thijs veugen at tno nl

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