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Raptor: A Practical Lattice-Based (Linkable) Ring Signature

Xingye Lu and Man Ho Au and Zhenfei Zhang

Abstract: We present (linkable) Raptor, the first lattice-based (linkable) ring signature that is practical. Our scheme is as fast as classical solutions; while the size of the signature is roughly 1.3 KB per user. Our designs are based on a completely new generic construction that is provable secure in random oracle model. Prior to our work, all existing lattice-based solutions are analogues of their discrete-log or pairing-based counterparts. We give instantiations to both standard lattice setting, as a proof of concept, and NTRU lattice, as an efficient instantiation. Our main building block is a so called Chameleon Hash Plus (CH+) function, which may be of independent research interest.

Category / Keywords: ring signatures, lattice based cryptography, falcon signature, cryptographic implementations

Date: received 11 Sep 2018, last revised 21 Sep 2018

Contact author: zhenfei zhang at hotmail com,xingye lu@connect polyu hk

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