Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/340

Delegatable Attribute-based Anonymous Credentials from Dynamically Malleable Signatures

Johannes Blömer and Jan Bobolz

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce the notion of delegatable attribute-based anonymous credentials (DAAC). Such systems offer fine-grained anonymous access control and they give the credential holder the ability to issue more restricted credentials to other users. In our model, credentials are parameterized with attributes that (1) express what the credential holder himself has been certified and (2) define which attributes he may issue to others. Furthermore, we present a practical construction of DAAC. For this construction, we deviate from the usual approach of embedding a certificate chain in the credential. Instead, we introduce a novel approach for which we identify a new primitive we call dynamically malleable signatures (DMS) as the main ingredient. This primitive may be of independent interest. We also give a first instantiation of DMS with efficient protocols.

Category / Keywords: delegatable credentials, anonymous credentials, attribute-based credentials, authentication, malleable signatures

Original Publication (with major differences): ACNS 2018

Date: received 11 Apr 2018, last revised 11 Apr 2018

Contact author: jan bobolz at upb de

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