Cryptology ePrint Archive: Listing for 2017

2017/1262 ( PDF )
A New Index Calculus Algorithm for the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem and Summation Polynomial Evaluation
Gary McGuire and Daniela Mueller
2017/1261 ( PDF )
A Comprehensive Performance Analysis of Hardware Implementations of CAESAR Candidates
Sachin Kumar and Jawad Haj-Yahya and Mustafa Khairallah and Mahmoud A. Elmohr and Anupam Chattopadhyay
2017/1260 ( PDF )
Collision Resistant Hashing from Sub-exponential Learning Parity with Noise
Yu Yu and Jiang Zhang and Jian Weng and Chun Guo and Xiangxue Li
2017/1259 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of HK17
Haoyu Li and Renzhang Liu and Yanbin Pan and Tianyuan Xie
2017/1258 ( PDF )
Remarks on Quaternions/Octonion Based Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol Submitted to NIST PQC Project
Yongge Wang and Qutaibah m. Malluhi
2017/1257 ( PDF )
A first-order chosen-plaintext DPA attack on the third round of DES
Oscar Reparaz and Benedikt Gierlichs
2017/1256 ( PDF )
A Universally Composable Treatment of Network Time
Ran Canetti and Kyle Hogan and Aanchal Malhotra and Mayank Varia
2017/1255 ( PDF )
On the Strategy and Behavior of Bitcoin Mining with N-attackers
Hanqing Liu and Na Ruan and Rongtian Du and Weijia Jia
2017/1254 ( PDF )
Practical Applications of Improved Gaussian Sampling for Trapdoor Lattices
Kamil Doruk Gür and Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Gerard W. Ryan and Hadi Sajjadpour and Erkay Savaş
2017/1253 ( PDF )
Micro-Architectural Power Simulator for Leakage Assessment of Cryptographic Software on ARM Cortex-M3 Processors
Yann Le Corre and Johann Großschädl and Daniel Dinu
2017/1252 ( PDF )
Breakdown Resilience of Key Exchange Protocols: NewHope, TLS 1.3, and Hybrids
Jacqueline Brendel and Marc Fischlin and Felix Günther
2017/1251 ( PDF )
A toolbox for software optimization of QC-MDPC code-based cryptosystems
Nir Drucker and Shay Gueron
2017/1250 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Delegation for Low-Space Non-Deterministic Computation
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Yael Tauman Kalai and Dakshita Khurana and Amit Sahai and Daniel Wichs
2017/1249 ( PDF )
Quantum cryptanalysis on some Generalized Feistel Schemes
Xiaoyang Dong and Zheng Li and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/1248 ( PDF )
Foundations of Homomorphic Secret Sharing
Elette Boyle and Niv Gilboa and Yuval Ishai and Huijia Lin and Stefano Tessaro
2017/1247 ( PDF )
Block encryption of quantum messages
Min Liang and Li Yang
2017/1246 ( PDF )
Verification of FPGA-augmented trusted computing mechanisms based on Applied Pi Calculus
Alessandro Cilardo and Andrea Primativo
2017/1245 ( PDF )
IntegriKey: End-to-End Integrity Protection of User Input
Aritra Dhar and Der-Yeuan Yu and Kari Kostiainen and Srdjan Capkun
2017/1244 ( PDF )
Corrections to ''Further Improving Efficiency of Higher-Order Masking Schemes by Decreasing Randomness Complexity''
Shuang Qiu and Rui Zhang and Yongbin Zhou and Wei Cheng
2017/1243 ( PDF )
Augmented Black-Box Simulation and Zero Knowledge Argument for NP
Li Hongda and Pan Dongxue and Ni Peifang
2017/1242 ( PDF )
Designing Proof of Transaction Puzzles for Cryptocurrency
Taotao Li and Parhat Abla and Mingsheng Wang and Qianwen Wei
2017/1241 ( PDF )
A Public-key Encryption Scheme Based on Non-linear Indeterminate Equations (Giophantus)
Koichiro Akiyama and Yasuhiro Goto and Shinya Okumura and Tsuyoshi Takagi and Koji Nuida and Goichiro Hanaoka and Hideo Shimizu and Yasuhiko Ikematsu
2017/1240 ( PDF )
UWB with Pulse Reordering: Securing Ranging against Relay and Physical-Layer Attacks
Mridula Singh and Patrick Leu and Srdjan Capkun
2017/1239 ( PDF )
An Efficient NIZK Scheme for Privacy-Preserving Transactions over Account-Model Blockchain
Shunli Ma and Yi Deng and Debiao He and Jiang Zhang and Xiang Xie
2017/1238 ( PDF )
Efficient Oblivious Data Structures for Database Services on the Cloud
Thang Hoang and Ceyhun D. Ozkaptan and Gabriel Hackebeil and Attila A. Yavuz
2017/1237 ( PDF )
A High-Security Searchable Encryption Framework for Privacy-Critical Cloud Storage Services
Thang Hoang and Attila A. Yavuz and Jorge Guajardo
2017/1236 ( PDF )
Fast Quantum Algorithm for Solving Multivariate Quadratic Equations
Jean-Charles Faugère and Kelsey Horan and Delaram Kahrobaei and Marc Kaplan and Elham Kashefi and Ludovic Perret
2017/1235 ( PDF )
Practical Quantum-Safe Voting from Lattices
Rafaël del Pino and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregory Neven and Gregor Seiler
2017/1234 ( PDF )
High-Precision Privacy-Preserving Real-Valued Function Evaluation
Christina Boura and Ilaria Chillotti and Nicolas Gama and Dimitar Jetchev and Stanislav Peceny and Alexander Petric
2017/1233 ( PDF )
Provably secure compilation of side-channel countermeasures
Gilles Barthe and Benjamin Grégoire and Vincent Laporte
2017/1232 ( PDF )
Optimal Linear Secret Sharing Schemes for Graph Access Structures on Six Participants
Motahhareh Gharahi and Shahram Khazaei
2017/1231 ( PDF )
Integer Reconstruction Public-Key Encryption
Houda Ferradi and David Naccache
2017/1230 ( PDF )
Overdrive: Making SPDZ Great Again
Marcel Keller and Valerio Pastro and Dragos Rotaru
2017/1229 ( PDF )
Quantum Demiric-Selçuk Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks: Applications to 6-Round Generic Feistel Constructions
Akinori Hosoyamada and Yu Sasaki
2017/1228 ( PDF )
Speed-ups and time-memory trade-offs for tuple lattice sieving
Gottfried Herold and Elena Kirshanova and Thijs Laarhoven
2017/1227 ( PDF )
VerMI: Verification Tool for Masked Implementations
Victor Arribas and Svetla Nikova and Vincent Rijmen
2017/1226 ( PDF )
New (and Old) Proof Systems for Lattice Problems
Navid Alamati and Chris Peikert and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz
2017/1225 ( PDF )
Fast Garbling of Circuits over 3-Valued Logic
Yehuda Lindell and Avishay Yanai
2017/1224 ( PDF )
Practical Cryptanalysis of a Public-key Encryption Scheme Based on Non-linear Indeterminate Equations at SAC 2017
Keita Xagawa
2017/1223 ( PDF )
Generic Low-Latency Masking in Hardware
Hannes Gross and Rinat Iusupov and Roderick Bloem
2017/1222 ( PDF )
Forward-Private Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Efficient Search
Muslum Ozgur Ozmen and Thang Hoang and Attila A. Yavuz
2017/1221 ( PDF )
Weak-Unforgeable Tags for Secure Supply Chain Management
Marten van Dijk and Chenglu Jin and Hoda Maleki and Phuong Ha Nguyen and Reza Rahaeimehr
2017/1220 ( PDF )
Off-line Digital Cash Schemes Providing Unlinkability, Anonymity and Change
Lynn Batten and Xun Yi
2017/1219 ( PDF )
Correlations Between (Nonlinear) Combiners of Input and Output of Random Functions and Permutations
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2017/1218 ( PDF )
TERMinator Suite: Benchmarking Privacy-Preserving Architectures
Dimitris Mouris and Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos and Michail Maniatakos
2017/1217 ( PDF )
Linear Regression Side Channel Attack Applied on Constant XOR
Shan Fu and Zongyue Wang and Fanxing Wei and Guoai Xu and An Wang
2017/1216 ( PDF )
Probabilistic and Considerate Attestation of IoT Devices against Roving Malware
Xavier Carpent and Norrathep Rattanavipanon and Gene Tsudik
2017/1215 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based Public Key Searchable Encryption from Experimental Perspectives
Rouzbeh Behnia and Muslum Ozgur Ozmen and Attila A. Yavuz
2017/1214 ( PDF )
HILA5 Pindakaas: On the CCA security of lattice-based encryption with error correction
Daniel J. Bernstein and Leon Groot Bruinderink and Tanja Lange and Lorenz Panny
2017/1213 ( PDF )
On hybrid SIDH schemes using Edwards and Montgomery curve arithmetic
Michael Meyer and Steffen Reith and Fabio Campos
2017/1212 ( PDF )
A New Crypto-Classifier Service for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities
Oana Stan and Mohamed-Haykel Zayani and Renaud Sirdey and Amira Ben Hamida and Alessandro Ferreira Leite and Mallek Mziou-Sallami
2017/1211 ( PDF )
Zero-Sum Partitions of PHOTON Permutations
Qingju Wang and Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger
2017/1210 ( PDF )
Two-Face: New Public Key Multivariate Schemes
Gilles Macario-Rat and Jacques Patarin
2017/1209 ( PDF )
Improvements for Finding Impossible Differentials of Block Cipher Structures
Yiyuan Luo and Xuejia Lai
2017/1208 ( PDF )
Security notions for cloud storage and deduplication
Colin Boyd and Gareth T. Davies and Kristian Gjøsteen and Mohsen Toorani and Håvard Raddum
2017/1207 ( PDF )
Unconditionally secure multi-party quantum commitment scheme
Mingqiang Wang and Xue Wang and Tao Zhan
2017/1206 ( PDF )
Asymptotically faster quantum algorithms to solve multivariate quadratic equations
Daniel J. Bernstein and Bo-Yin Yang
2017/1205 ( PDF )
Connecting Legendre with Kummer and Edwards
Sabyasachi Karati and Palash Sarkar
2017/1204 ( PDF )
Horizontal Clustering Side-Channel Attacks on Embedded ECC Implementations (Extended Version)
Erick Nascimento and Lukasz Chmielewski
2017/1203 ( PDF )
Short Double- and N-Times-Authentication-Preventing Signatures from ECDSA and More
David Derler and Sebastian Ramacher and Daniel Slamanig
2017/1202 ( PDF )
Faster Cryptographic Hash Function From Supersingular Isogeny Graphs
Javad Doliskani and Geovandro C. C. F. Pereira and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto
2017/1201 ( PDF )
Collusion Resistant Watermarking Schemes for Cryptographic Functionalities
Rupeng Yang and Man Ho Au and Junzuo Lai and Qiuliang Xu and Zuoxia Yu
2017/1200 ( PDF )
MixColumns Properties and Attacks on (round-reduced) AES with a Single Secret S-Box
Lorenzo Grassi
2017/1199 ( PDF )
Quantum Key-recovery Attack on Feistel Structures
Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/1198 ( PDF )
Computing isogenies between Montgomery curves using the action of (0,0)
Joost Renes
2017/1197 ( PDF )
Reassessing Security of Randomizable Signatures
David Pointcheval and Olivier Sanders
2017/1196 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Secure Remote Password Protocol from RLWE Problem
Xinwei Gao and Jintai Ding and Jiqiang Liu and Lin Li
2017/1195 ( PDF )
CAPA: The Spirit of Beaver against Physical Attacks
Oscar Reparaz and Lauren De Meyer and Begül Bilgin and Victor Arribas and Svetla Nikova and Ventzislav Nikov and Nigel Smart
2017/1194 ( PDF )
Improved Differential Cryptanalysis on Generalized Feistel Schemes
Ivan Tjuawinata and Tao Huang and Hongjun Wu
2017/1193 ( PDF )
Rhythmic Keccak: SCA Security and Low Latency in HW
Victor Arribas and Begül Bilgin and George Petrides and Svetla Nikova and Vincent Rijmen
2017/1192 ( PDF )
Efficient Implementation of Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange from RLWE and Post-Quantum TLS
Xinwei Gao and Jintai Ding and Lin Li and Saraswathy RV and Jiqiang Liu
2017/1191 ( PDF )
Data Is a Stream: Security of Stream-Based Channels
Marc Fischlin and Felix Günther and Giorgia Azzurra Marson and Kenneth G. Paterson
2017/1190 ( PDF )
EPIC: Efficient Private Image Classification (or: Learning from the Masters)
Eleftheria Makri and Dragos Rotaru and Nigel P. Smart and Frederik Vercauteren
2017/1189 ( PDF )
Return Of Bleichenbacher's Oracle Threat (ROBOT)
Hanno Böck and Juraj Somorovsky and Craig Young
2017/1188 ( PDF )
Signature Schemes with a Fuzzy Private Key
Kenta Takahashi and Takahiro Matsuda and Takao Murakami and Goichiro Hanaoka and Masakatsu Nishigaki
2017/1187 ( PDF )
On the Round Complexity of OT Extension
Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Mahmoody and Daniel Masny and Izaak Meckler
2017/1186 ( PDF )
On Multiparty Garbling of Arithmetic Circuits
Aner Ben-Efraim
2017/1185 ( PDF )
Complete Attack on RLWE Key Exchange with reused keys, without Signal Leakage
Jintai Ding, Scott Fluhrer, Saraswathy RV
2017/1184 ( PDF )
EFLASH: A New Multivariate Encryption Scheme
Ryann Cartor and Daniel Smith-Tone
2017/1183 ( PDF )
Round2: KEM and PKE based on GLWR
Hayo Baan and Sauvik Bhattacharya and Oscar Garcia-Morchon and Ronald Rietman and Ludo Tolhuizen and Jose-Luis Torre-Arce and Zhenfei Zhang
2017/1182 ( PDF )
Distributed Algorithms Made Secure: A Graph Theoretic Approach
Merav Parter and Eylon Yogev
2017/1181 ( PDF )
Implementing Joux-Vitse's Crossbred Algorithm for Solving MQ Systems over GF(2) on GPUs
Ruben Niederhagen and Kai-Chun Ning and Bo-Yin Yang
2017/1180 ( PDF )
FPGA-based Niederreiter Cryptosystem using Binary Goppa Codes
Wen Wang and Jakub Szefer and Ruben Niederhagen
2017/1179 ( PDF )
On the exponents of APN power functions and Sidon sets, sum-free sets, and Dickson polynomials
Claude Carlet and Stjepan Picek
2017/1178 ( PDF )
Comparison analysis and efficient implementation of reconciliation-based RLWE key exchange protocol
Xinwei Gao and Jintai Ding and Saraswathy RV and Lin Li and Jiqiang Liu
2017/1177 ( PDF )
Reusable Authentication from the Iris
Benjamin Fuller and Sailesh Simhadri and James Steel
2017/1176 ( PDF )
Cyclic Locking and Memristor-based Obfuscation Against CycSAT and Inside Foundry Attacks
Amin Rezaei and Yuanqi Shen and Shuyu Kong and Jie Gu and Hai Zhou
2017/1175 ( PDF )
Short Solutions to Nonlinear Systems of Equations
Alan Szepieniec and Bart Preneel
2017/1174 ( PDF )
Efficient Optimal Ate Pairing at 128-bit Security Level
Md. Al-Amin Khandaker and Yuki Nanjo and Loubna Ghammam and Sylvain Duquesne and Yasuyuki Nogami and Yuta Kodera
2017/1173 ( PDF )
Fully Verifiable Secure Delegation of Pairing Computation: Cryptanalysis and An Efficient Construction
Osmanbey Uzunkol and Öznur Kalkar and İsa Sertkaya
2017/1172 ( PDF )
A Note on Stream Ciphers that Continuously Use the IV
Matthias Hamann and Matthias Krause and Willi Meier
2017/1171 ( PDF )
Attacks on the AJPS Mersenne-based cryptosystem
Koen de Boer and Léo Ducas and Stacey Jeffery and Ronald de Wolf
2017/1170 ( PDF )
SAT-based Bit-flipping Attack on Logic Encryptions
Yuanqi Shen and Amin Rezaei and Hai Zhou
2017/1169 ( PDF )
There Goes Your PIN: Exploiting Smartphone Sensor Fusion Under Single and Cross User Setting
David Berend and Bernhard Jungk and Shivam Bhasin
2017/1168 ( PDF )
Itsuku: a Memory-Hardened Proof-of-Work Scheme
Fabien Coelho and Arnaud Larroche and Baptiste Colin
2017/1167 ( PDF )
Cryptocurrency Voting Games
Sanjay Bhattacherjee and Palash Sarkar
2017/1166 ( PDF )
SCADPA: Side-Channel Assisted Differential-Plaintext Attack on Bit Permutation Based Ciphers
Jakub Breier and Dirmanto Jap and Shivam Bhasin
2017/1165 ( PDF )
Fast and Universally-Composable Oblivious Transfer and Commitment Scheme with Adaptive Security
Megha Byali and Arpita Patra and Divya Ravi and Pratik Sarkar
2017/1164 ( PDF )
Chameleon: A Hybrid Secure Computation Framework for Machine Learning Applications
M. Sadegh Riazi and Christian Weinert and Oleksandr Tkachenko and Ebrahim M. Songhori and Thomas Schneider and Farinaz Koushanfar
2017/1163 ( PDF )
MILP-aided Cryptanalysis of Round Reduced ChaCha
Najwa Aaraj and Florian Caullery and Marc Manzano
2017/1162 ( PDF )
Kayawood, a Key Agreement Protocol
Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E Gunnells
2017/1161 ( PDF )
A Review of Existing 4-bit Crypto S-box cryptanalysis Techniques and Two New Techniques with 4-bit Boolean Functions for Cryptanalysis of 4-bit Crypto S-boxes.
Sankhanil Dey and Ranjan Ghosh
2017/1160 ( PDF )
A Practical Cryptanalysis of WalnutDSA
Daniel Hart and DoHoon Kim and Giacomo Micheli and Guillermo Pascual Perez and Christophe Petit and Yuxuan Quek
2017/1159 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of indistinguishability obfuscation using GGH13 without ideals
Gu Chunsheng
2017/1158 ( PDF )
Oblivious Dynamic Searchable Encryption via Distributed PIR and ORAM
Thang Hoang and Attila A. Yavuz and Betul F. Durak and Jorge Guajardo
2017/1157 ( PDF )
ARM2GC: Succinct Garbled Processor for Secure Computation
Ebrahim M Songhori and M Sadegh Riazi and Siam U Hussain and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi and Farinaz Koushanfar
2017/1156 ( PDF )
Two-Round Multiparty Secure Computation from Minimal Assumptions
Sanjam Garg and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2017/1155 ( PDF )
A Survey and Refinement of Repairable Threshold Schemes
Thalia M. Laing and Douglas R. Stinson
2017/1154 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Accumulators with Applications to Ring Signatures from Symmetric-Key Primitives
David Derler and Sebastian Ramacher and Daniel Slamanig
2017/1153 ( PDF )
Tesseract: Real-Time Cryptocurrency Exchange using Trusted Hardware
Iddo Bentov and Yan Ji and Fan Zhang and Yunqi Li and Xueyuan Zhao and Lorenz Breidenbach and Philip Daian and Ari Juels
2017/1152 ( PDF )
Symbolic Security Criteria for Blockwise Adaptive Secure Modes of Encryption
Catherine Meadows
2017/1151 ( PDF )
Shorter Linear Straight-Line Programs for MDS Matrices
Thorsten Kranz and Gregor Leander and Ko Stoffelen and Friedrich Wiemer
2017/1150 ( PDF )
SWiM: Secure Wildcard Pattern Matching From OT Extension
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu
2017/1149 ( PDF )
Improved Cryptanalysis of HFEv- via Projection
Jintai Ding and Ray Perlner and Albrecht Petzoldt and Daniel Smith-Tone
2017/1148 ( PDF )
Improvements to the Linear Operations of LowMC: A Faster Picnic
Daniel Kales and Léo Perrin and Angela Promitzer and Sebastian Ramacher and Christian Rechberger
2017/1147 ( PDF )
Under Pressure: Security of Caesar Candidates beyond their Guarantees
Serge Vaudenay and Damian Vizár
2017/1146 ( PDF )
A Zero-Knowledge Version of vSQL
Yupeng Zhang and Daniel Genkin and Jonathan Katz and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Charalampos Papamanthou
2017/1145 ( PDF )
vSQL: Verifying Arbitrary SQL Queries over Dynamic Outsourced Databases
Yupeng Zhang and Daniel Genkin and Jonathan Katz and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Charalampos Papamanthou
2017/1144 ( PDF )
How Far Can We Reach? Breaking Masked AES Smartcard Implementation Using One Trace
Wei Cheng and Chao Zheng and Yuchen Cao and Yongbin Zhou and Hailong Zhang and Sylvain Guilley and Laurent Sauvage
2017/1143 ( PDF )
Faster key compression for isogeny-based cryptosystems
Gustavo H. M. Zanon and Marcos A. Simplicio Jr and Geovandro C. C. F. Pereira and Javad Doliskani and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto
2017/1142 ( PDF )
PIR with compressed queries and amortized query processing
Sebastian Angel and Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Srinath Setty
2017/1141 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Bivium using a Boolean all solution solver
Virendra Sule and Anmol Yadav
2017/1140 ( PDF )
Lattice Klepto: Turning Post-Quantum Crypto Against Itself
Robin Kwant and Tanja Lange and Kimberley Thissen
2017/1139 ( PDF )
Decoding Linear Codes with High Error Rate and its Impact for LPN Security
Leif Both and Alexander May
2017/1138 ( PDF )
The Parallel Repetition of Non-Signaling Games: Counterexamples and Dichotomy
Justin Holmgren and Lisa Yang
2017/1137 ( PDF )
Note on the Robustness of CAESAR Candidates
Daniel Kales and Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel
2017/1136 ( PDF )
Clustering Related-Tweak Characteristics: Application to MANTIS-6
Maria Eichlseder and Daniel Kales
2017/1135 ( PDF )
On the Complexity of the Hybrid Approach on HFEv-
Albrecht Petzoldt
2017/1134 ( PDF )
Machine-Learning Attacks on PolyPUFs, OB-PUFs, RPUFs, LHS-PUFs, and PUF–FSMs
Jeroen Delvaux
2017/1133 ( PDF )
Sentiment Protocol: A Decentralized Protocol Leveraging Crowd Sourced Wisdom
Anton Muehlemann
2017/1132 ( PDF )
Doubly-efficient zkSNARKs without trusted setup
Riad S. Wahby and Ioanna Tzialla and abhi shelat and Justin Thaler and Michael Walfish
2017/1131 ( PDF )
A Certain Family of Subgroups of $\mathbb Z_n^\star$ Is Weakly Pseudo-Free under the General Integer Factoring Intractability Assumption
Mikhail Anokhin
2017/1130 ( PDF )
Information-Theoretic Secret-Key Agreement: The Asymptotically Tight Relation Between the Secret-Key Rate and the Channel Quality Ratio
Daniel Jost and Ueli Maurer and Joao L. Ribeiro
2017/1129 ( PDF )
Probabilistic solution of Yao's millionaires' problem
Mariya Bessonov and Dima Grigoriev and Vladimir Shpilrain
2017/1128 ( PDF )
Forward Secure Efficient Group Signature in Dynamic Setting using Lattices
Meenakshi Kansal and Ratna Dutta and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2017/1127 ( PDF )
On the Leakage Resilience of Ring-LWE Based Public Key Encryption
Dana Dachman-Soled and Huijing Gong and Mukul Kulkarni and Aria Shahverdi
2017/1126 ( PDF )
Privacy Games for Syntactic Privacy Notions
Robin Ankele and Andrew Simpson
2017/1125 ( PDF )
k-Round MPC from k-Round OT via Garbled Interactive Circuits
Fabrice Benhamouda and Huijia Lin
2017/1124 ( PDF )
A formal model of Bitcoin transactions
Nicola Atzei and Massimo Bartoletti and Stefano Lande and Roberto Zunino
2017/1123 ( PDF )
Relaxed Lattice-Based Signatures with Short Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Cecilia Boschini and Jan Camenisch and Gregory Neven
2017/1122 ( PDF )
On post-processing in the quantum algorithm for computing short discrete logarithms
Martin Ekerå
2017/1121 ( PDF )
Differential Attacks on LILLIPUT Cipher
Valérie Nachef and Nicolas Marrière and Emmanuel Volte
2017/1120 ( PDF )
A Ciphertext-Size Lower Bound for Order-Preserving Encryption with Limited Leakage
David Cash and Cong Zhang
2017/1119 ( PDF )
Detection of cryptographic algorithms with grap
Léonard Benedetti and Aurélien Thierry and Julien Francq
2017/1118 ( PDF )
Solida: A Blockchain Protocol Based on Reconfigurable Byzantine Consensus
Ittai Abraham and Dahlia Malkhi and Kartik Nayak and Ling Ren and Alexander Spiegelman
2017/1117 ( PDF )
Risky Traitor Tracing and New Differential Privacy Negative Results
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Andrew Russell and Brent Waters
2017/1116 ( PDF )
A Constant-Size Signature Scheme with a Tighter Reduction from the CDH Assumption
Kaisei Kajita and Kazuto Ogawa and Eiichiro Fujisaki
2017/1115 ( PDF )
Hardware Aspects of Montgomery Modular Multiplication
Colin D. Walter
2017/1114 ( PDF )
Fast Homomorphic Evaluation of Deep Discretized Neural Networks
Florian Bourse and Michele Minelli and Matthias Minihold and Pascal Paillier
2017/1113 ( PDF )
The Discrete-Logarithm Problem with Preprocessing
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Dmitry Kogan
2017/1112 ( PDF )
Manifold Learning Towards Masking Implementations: A First Study
Changhai Ou and Degang Sun and Zhu Wang and Xinping Zhou and Wei Cheng
2017/1111 ( PDF )
Fuzzy Password Authenticated Key Exchange
Pierre-Alain Dupont and Julia Hesse and David Pointcheval and Leonid Reyzin and Sophia Yakoubov
2017/1110 ( PDF )
A Systematic Evaluation of Profiling Through Focused Feature Selection
Stjepan Picek and Annelie Heuser and Alan Jovic and Lejla Batina
2017/1109 ( PDF )
EzPC: Programmable, Efficient, and Scalable Secure Two-Party Computation for Machine Learning
Nishanth Chandran and Divya Gupta and Aseem Rastogi and Rahul Sharma and Shardul Tripathi
2017/1108 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Pairings
Kristin Lauter and Michael Naehrig
2017/1107 ( PDF )
Hardness of Non-Interactive Differential Privacy from One-Way Functions
Lucas Kowalczyk and Tal Malkin and Jonathan Ullman and Daniel Wichs
2017/1106 ( PDF )
Formal Analysis of a TTP-Free Blacklistable Anonymous Credentials System (Full Version)
Weijin Wang and Yu Qin and Jingbin Liu and Dengguo Feng
2017/1105 ( PDF )
FFSSE: Flexible Forward Secure Searchable Encryption with Efficient Performance
Zheli Liu and Siyi Lv and Yu Wei and Jin Li and Joseph K. Liu and Yang Xiang
2017/1104 ( PDF )
Efficient provable-secure NTRUEncrypt over any cyclotomic field
Yang Wang and Mingqiang Wang
2017/1103 ( PDF )
A new chosen IV statistical distinguishing framework to attack symmetric ciphers, and its application to ACORN-v3 and Grain-128a
Vahid Amin Ghafari and Honggang Hu
2017/1102 ( PDF )
ID-HABE: Incorporating ID-based Revocation, Delegation, and Authority Hierarchy into Attribute-Based Encryption
Qiuxiang Dong and Dijiang Huang and Jim Luo and Myong Kang
2017/1101 ( PDF )
HIR-CP-ABE: Hierarchical Identity Revocable Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Secure and Flexible Data Sharing
Qiuxiang Dong and Dijiang Huang and Jim Luo and Myong Kang
2017/1100 ( PDF )
IR-CP-ABE: Identity Revocable Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Flexible Secure Group-Based Communication
Weijia Wang and Zhijie Wang and Bing Li and Qiuxiang Dong and Dijiang Huang
2017/1099 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of a Dynamic Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Using Linear Subspace Method
Sadegh Jamshidpour and Zahra Ahmadian
2017/1098 ( PDF )
The Strength of Weak Randomization: Efficiently Searchable Encryption with Minimal Leakage
David Pouliot and Scott Griffy and Charles V. Wright
2017/1097 ( PDF )
Non-malleable Randomness Encoders and their Applications
Bhavana Kanukurthi and Sai Lakshmi Bhavana Obbattu and Sruthi Sekar
2017/1096 ( PDF )
IND-CCA-secure Key Encapsulation Mechanism in the Quantum Random Oracle Model, Revisited
Haodong Jiang and Zhenfeng Zhang and Long Chen and Hong Wang and Zhi Ma
2017/1095 ( PDF )
Analysis of the Bitcoin UTXO set
Sergi Delgado-Segura and Cristina Pérez-Solà and Guillermo Navarro-Arribas and Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí
2017/1094 ( PDF )
Privately Constraining and Programming PRFs, the LWE Way
Chris Peikert and Sina Shiehian
2017/1093 ( PDF )
Proposal for Protocol on a Quorum Blockchain with Zero Knowledge
Thomas Espel and Laurent Katz and Guillaume Robin
2017/1092 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Secure Computation with Corrupted Tokens
Nishanth Chandran and Wutichai Chongchitmate and Rafail Ostrovsky and Ivan Visconti
2017/1091 ( PDF )
Fairness in an Unfair World: Fair Multiparty Computation from public Bulletin Boards
Arka Rai Choudhuri and Matthew Green and Abhishek Jain and Gabriel Kaptchuk and Ian Miers
2017/1090 ( PDF )
Enter the Hydra: Towards Principled Bug Bounties and Exploit-Resistant Smart Contracts
Lorenz Breidenbach and Philip Daian and Florian Tramèr and Ari Juels
2017/1089 ( PDF )
Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data: Refined Model and New Constructions
Jian Liu and Li Duan and Yong Li and N. Asokan
2017/1088 ( PDF )
Promise Zero Knowledge and its Applications to Round Optimal MPC
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Vipul Goyal and Abhishek Jain and Yael Tauman Kalai and Dakshita Khurana and Amit Sahai
2017/1087 ( PDF )
General purpose integer factoring
Arjen K. Lenstra
2017/1086 ( PDF )
Order-Revealing Encryption: File-Injection Attack and Forward Security
Xingchen Wang and Yunlei Zhao
2017/1085 ( PDF )
Improving Side-channel Analysis through Semi-supervised Learning
Stjepan Picek and Annelie Heuser and Alan Jovic and Karlo Knezevic and Tania Richmond
2017/1084 ( PDF )
Lightweight MDS Serial-type Matrices with Minimal Fixed XOR Count (Full version)
Dylan Toh and Jacob Teo and Khoongming Khoo and Siang Meng Sim
2017/1083 ( PDF )
CAMFAS: A Compiler Approach to Mitigate Fault Attacks via Enhanced SIMDization
Zhi Chen and Junjie Shen and Alex Nicolau and Alex Veidenbaum and Nahid Farhady Ghalaty and Rosario Cammarota
2017/1082 ( PDF )
Instruction Duplication: Leaky and Not Too Fault-Tolerant!
Lucian Cojocar and Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Niek Timmers
2017/1081 ( PDF )
The Montgomery and Joye Powering Ladders are Dual
Colin D. Walter
2017/1080 ( PDF )
Quantum Lightning Never Strikes the Same State Twice
Mark Zhandry
2017/1079 ( PDF )
Entropy Reduction for the Correlation-Enhanced Power Analysis Collision Attack
Andreas Wiemers and Dominik Klein
2017/1078 ( PDF )
The Tao of Inference in Privacy-Protected Databases
Vincent Bindschaedler and Paul Grubbs and David Cash and Thomas Ristenpart and Vitaly Shmatikov
2017/1077 ( PDF )
A New Generalization of the KMOV Cryptosystem
Maher Boudabra and Abderrahmane Nitaj
2017/1076 ( PDF )
A generalized attack on RSA type cryptosystems
Martin Bunder and Abderrahmane Nitaj and Willy Susilo and Joseph Tonien
2017/1075 ( PDF )
XHX - A Framework for Optimally Secure Tweakable Block Ciphers from Classical Block Ciphers and Universal Hashing
Ashwin Jha and Eik List and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Sweta Mishra and Mridul Nandi
2017/1074 ( PDF )
A Practical Fault Attack on ARX-like Ciphers with a Case Study on ChaCha20
S V Dilip Kumar and Sikhar Patranabis and Jakub Breier and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Shivam Bhasin and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Anubhab Baksi
2017/1073 ( PDF )
One Plus One is More than Two: A Practical Combination of Power and Fault Analysis Attacks on PRESENT and PRESENT-like Block Ciphers
Sikhar Patranabis and Jakub Breier and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Shivam Bhasin
2017/1072 ( PDF )
Settling the mystery of $Z_r=r$ in RC4
Sabyasachi Dey and Santanu Sarkar
2017/1071 ( PDF )
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on 3-Line Generalized Feistel Networks
Le Dong and Yongxia Mao
2017/1070 ( PDF )
The Transaction Graph for Modeling Blockchain Semantics
Christian Cachin and Angelo De Caro and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Björn Tackmann and Marko Vukolić
2017/1069 ( PDF )
Non-Malleability vs. CCA-Security: The Case of Commitments
Brandon Broadnax and Valerie Fetzer and Jörn Müller-Quade and Andy Rupp
2017/1068 ( PDF )
Frequency-smoothing encryption: preventing snapshot attacks on deterministically encrypted data
Marie-Sarah Lacharité and Kenneth G. Paterson
2017/1067 ( PDF )
Regulating Storage Overhead in Existing PoW-based Blockchains
Frederik Armknecht and Jens-Matthias Bohli and Ghassan O. Karame and Wenting Li
2017/1066 ( PDF )
Bulletproofs: Short Proofs for Confidential Transactions and More
Benedikt Bünz and Jonathan Bootle and Dan Boneh and Andrew Poelstra and Pieter Wuille and Greg Maxwell
2017/1065 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Reyhaneh Rabaninejad and Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar and Mahmoud Ahmadian Attari and Mohammad Reza Aref
2017/1064 ( PDF )
An Algebraic Approach to Maliciously Secure Private Set Intersection
Satrajit Ghosh and Tobias Nilges
2017/1063 ( PDF )
Improved Division Property Based Cube Attacks Exploiting Algebraic Properties of Superpoly (Full Version)
Qingju Wang and Yonglin Hao and Yosuke Todo and Chaoyun Li and Takanori Isobe and Willi Meier
2017/1062 ( PDF )
Towards Breaking the Exponential Barrier for General Secret Sharing
Tianren Liu and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Hoeteck Wee
2017/1061 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Codes from Average-Case Hardness: AC0, Decision Trees, and Streaming Space-Bounded Tampering
Marshall Ball and Dana Dachman-Soled and Mukul Kulkarni and Tal Malkin
2017/1060 ( PDF )
Thwarting Leakage Abuse Attacks against Searchable Encryption -- A Formal Approach and Applications to Database Padding
Raphael Bost and Pierre-Alain Fouque
2017/1059 ( PDF )
CP-consensus: a Blockchain Protocol Based on Synchronous Timestamps of Compass Satellite
Lijing Zhou and Licheng Wang and Yiru Sun
2017/1058 ( PDF )
Optimal Key Consensus in Presence of Noise
Zhengzhong Jin and Yunlei Zhao
2017/1057 ( PDF )
Montgomery Arithmetic from a Software Perspective
Joppe W. Bos and Peter L. Montgomery
2017/1056 ( PDF )
Round-Optimal Secure Multi-Party Computation
Shai Halevi and Carmit Hazay and Antigoni Polychroniadou and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/1055 ( PDF )
Cellular Automata Based S-boxes
Luca Mariot and Stjepan Picek and Alberto Leporati and Domagoj Jakobovic
2017/1054 ( PDF )
On the security of another CRC based ultralightweight RFID authentication protocol
Seyed Farhad Aghili and Hamid Mala
2017/1053 ( PDF )
A Note on 'Further Improving Efficiency of Higher-Order Masking Scheme by Decreasing Randomness Complexity'
Gilles Barthe and François Dupressoir and Benjamin Grégoire
2017/1052 ( PDF )
Early Detection and Analysis of Leakage Abuse Vulnerabilities
Charles V. Wright and David Pouliot
2017/1051 ( PDF )
A Novel Use of Kernel Discriminant Analysis as a Higher-Order Side-Channel Distinguisher
Xinping Zhou and Carolyn Whitnall and Elisabeth Oswald and Degang Sun and Zhu Wang
2017/1050 ( PDF )
Scalable Multi-party Computation for zk-SNARK Parameters in the Random Beacon Model
Sean Bowe and Ariel Gabizon and Ian Miers
2017/1049 ( PDF )
A Practical Implementation of Identity-Based Encryption over NTRU Lattices
Sarah McCarthy and Neil Smyth and Elizabeth O’Sullivan
2017/1048 ( PDF )
Non-malleable Codes against Lookahead Tampering
Divya Gupta and Hemanta K. Maji and Mingyuan Wang
2017/1047 ( PDF )
Consolidating Inner Product Masking
Josep Balasch and Sebastian Faust and Benedikt Gierlichs and Clara Paglialonga and François-Xavier Standaert
2017/1046 ( PDF )
Approximate Thumbnail Preserving Encryption
Byron Marohn and Charles V. Wright and Wu-chi Feng and Mike Rosulek and Rakesh B. Bobba
2017/1045 ( PDF )
Tightly-Secure PAK(E)
José Becerra and Vincenzo Iovino and Dimiter Ostrev and Petra Šala and Marjan Škrobot
2017/1044 ( PDF )
Strain: A Secure Auction for Blockchains
Erik-Oliver Blass and Florian Kerschbaum
2017/1043 ( PDF )
An E-voting Protocol Based on Blockchain
Yi Liu and Qi Wang
2017/1042 ( PDF )
On one-round reliable message transmission
René Bødker Christensen
2017/1041 ( PDF )
Compact Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Small Hamming Weight
Ivan Damgård and Ji Luo and Sabine Oechsner and Peter Scholl and Mark Simkin
2017/1040 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Threshold Implementations of GIFT: A Trade-off Analysis
Arpan Jati and Naina Gupta and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya and Donghoon Chang
2017/1039 ( PDF )
Dronecrypt - An Efficient Cryptographic Framework for Small Aerial Drones
Muslum Ozgur Ozmen and Attila A. Yavuz
2017/1038 ( PDF )
Embedded Proofs for Verifiable Neural Networks
Hervé Chabanne and Julien Keuffer and Refik Molva
2017/1037 ( PDF )
DAGS: Key Encapsulation using Dyadic GS Codes
Gustavo Banegas and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Brice Odilon Boidje and Pierre-Louis Cayrel and Gilbert Ndollane Dione and Kris Gaj and Cheikh Thiecoumba Gueye and Richard Haeussler and Jean Belo Klamti and Ousmane N'diaye and Duc Tri Nguyen and Edoardo Persichetti and and Jefferson E. Ricardini
2017/1036 ( PDF )
Rotational-XOR Cryptanalysis of Reduced-round SPECK
Yunwen Liu and Glenn De Witte and Adrián Ranea and Tomer Ashur
2017/1035 ( PDF )
Privacy-respecting Reward Generation and Accumulation for Participatory Sensing Applications
Tassos Dimitriou
2017/1034 ( PDF )
Tight on Budget? Tight Bounds for r-Fold Approximate Differential Privacy
Sebastian Meiser and Esfandiar Mohammadi
2017/1033 ( PDF )
Foundations of Differentially Oblivious Algorithms
T-H. Hubert Chan and Kai-Min Chung and Bruce Maggs and Elaine Shi
2017/1032 ( PDF )
Performing Computations on Hierarchically Shared Secrets
Giulia Traverso and Denise Demirel and Johannes Buchmann
2017/1031 ( PDF )
Lightweight Design Choices for LED-like Block Ciphers
Sumanta Sarkar and Habeeb Syed and Rajat Sadhukhan and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/1030 ( PDF )
New MILP Modeling: Improved Conditional Cube Attacks on Keccak-based Constructions
Ling Song and Jian Guo and Danping Shi and San Ling
2017/1029 ( PDF )
Efficient Designated-Verifier Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge
Pyrros Chaidos and Geoffroy Couteau
2017/1028 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of 1-Round KECCAK
Rajendra Kumar and Mahesh Sreekumar Rajasree and Hoda AlKhzaimi
2017/1027 ( PDF )
Eliminating Variables in Boolean Equation Systems
Bjørn Møller Greve and Håvard Raddum and Gunnar Fløystad and Øyvind Ytrehus
2017/1026 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Cube Attack against Full Kravatte
Jian Guo and Ling Song
2017/1025 ( PDF )
Rounded Gaussians -- Fast and Secure Constant-Time Sampling for Lattice-Based Crypto
Andreas Hülsing and Tanja Lange and Kit Smeets
2017/1024 ( PDF )
Revisiting a Masked Lookup-Table Compression Scheme
Srinivas Vivek
2017/1023 ( PDF )
Several Masked Implementations of the Boyar-Peralta AES S-Box
Ashrujit Ghoshal and Thomas De Cnudde
2017/1022 ( PDF )
Direct Anonymous Attestation from Lattices
Rachid El Bansarkhani and Ali El Kaafarani
2017/1021 ( PDF )
Bricklayer Attack: A Side-Channel Analysis on the ChaCha Quarter Round
Alexandre Adomnicai and Jacques J.A. Fournier and Laurent Masson
2017/1020 ( PDF )
A Novel Pre-Computation Scheme of Window $\tau$NAF for Koblitz Curves
Wei Yu and Saud Al Musa and Guangwu Xu and Bao Li
2017/1019 ( PDF )
Looting the LUTs : FPGA Optimization of AES and AES-like Ciphers for Authenticated Encryption
Mustafa Khairallah and Anupam Chattopadhyay and Thomas Peyrin
2017/1018 ( PDF )
A Fair Protocol for Data Trading Based on Bitcoin Transactions
Sergi Delgado-Segura and Cristina Pérez-Solà and Guillermo Navarro-Arribas and Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí
2017/1017 ( PDF )
Differential Cryptanalysis of 18-Round PRIDE
Virginie Lallemand and Shahram Rasoolzadeh
2017/1016 ( PDF )
Differentially Private Access Patterns in Secure Computation
Sahar Mazloom and S. Dov Gordon
2017/1015 ( PDF )
A Faster Software Implementation of the Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol
Armando Faz-Hernández and Julio López and Eduardo Ochoa-Jiménez and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2017/1014 ( PDF )
Attacking Deterministic Signature Schemes using Fault Attacks
Damian Poddebniak and Juraj Somorovsky and Sebastian Schinzel and Manfred Lochter and Paul Rösler
2017/1013 ( PDF )
Homomorphic SIM$^2$D Operations: Single Instruction Much More Data
Wouter Castryck and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren
2017/1012 ( PDF )
Conditional Cube Attack on Round-Reduced River Keyak
Wenquan Bi and Zheng Li and Xiaoyang Dong and Lu Li and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/1011 ( PDF )
Efficient and Universally Composable Protocols for Oblivious Transfer from the CDH Assumption
Eduard Hauck and Julian Loss
2017/1010 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A New Digital Rights Management Solution Based on White-Box Cryptography
Jun Liu and Yupu Hu
2017/1009 ( PDF )
Architecture level Optimizations for Kummer based HECC on FPGAs
Gabriel Gallin and Turku Ozlum Celik and Arnaud Tisserand
2017/1008 ( PDF )
Automatic Characterization of Exploitable Faults: A Machine Learning Approach
Sayandeep Saha and Dirmanto Jap and Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Shivam Bhasin and Pallab Dasgupta
2017/1007 ( PDF )
Malware encryption schemes - rerandomizable ciphertexts encrypted using environmental keys
Herman Galteland and Kristian Gjøsteen
2017/1006 ( PDF )
Round and Communication Efficient Unconditionally-secure MPC with $t < n/3$ in Partially Synchronous Network
Ashish Choudhury and Arpita Patra and Divya Ravi
2017/1005 ( PDF )
Tightly-Secure Key-Encapsulation Mechanism in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
Tsunekazu Saito and Keita Xagawa and Takashi Yamakawa
2017/1004 ( PDF )
Garbled Protocols and Two-Round MPC from Bilinear Maps
Sanjam Garg and Akshayaram Srinivasan
2017/1003 ( PDF )
Secure Multi-Party Computation in Large Networks
Varsha Dani and Valerie King and Mahnush Movahedi and Jared Saia and Mahdi Zamani
2017/1002 ( PDF )
On the Closest Vector Problem for Lattices Constructed from Polynomials and Their Cryptographic Applications
Zhe Li and San Ling and Chaoping Xing and Sze Ling Yeo
2017/1001 ( PDF )
Impossibility of Order-Revealing Encryption in Idealized Models
Mark Zhandry and Cong Zhang
2017/1000 ( PDF )
No right to remain silent: Isolating Malicious Mixes
Hemi Leibowitz and Ania Piotrowska and George Danezis and Amir Herzberg
2017/999 ( PDF )
Shortest Vector from Lattice Sieving: a Few Dimensions for Free
Léo Ducas
2017/998 ( PDF )
A Comparative Investigation of Approximate Attacks on Logic Encryptions
Yuanqi Shen and Amin Rezaei and Hai Zhou
2017/997 ( PDF )
Hash Proof Systems over Lattices Revisited
Fabrice Benhamouda and Olivier Blazy and Léo Ducas and Willy Quach
2017/996 ( PDF )
Large FHE gates from Tensored Homomorphic Accumulator
Guillaume Bonnoron and Léo Ducas and Max Fillinger
2017/995 ( PDF )
A signature scheme from Learning with Truncation
Jeffrey Hoffstein and Jill Pipher and William Whyte and Zhenfei Zhang
2017/994 ( PDF )
Separable Statistics and Multidimensional Linear Cryptanalysis
S. Fauskanger and I. Semaev
2017/993 ( PDF )
A Framework for Efficient Adaptively Secure Composable Oblivious Transfer in the ROM
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Bernardo David and Rafael Dowsley and Kirill Morozov and Anderson C. A. Nascimento
2017/992 ( PDF )
Leakage Bounds for Gaussian Side Channels
Thomas Unterluggauer and Thomas Korak and Stefan Mangard and Robert Schilling and Luca Benini and Frank Gürkaynak and Michael Muehlberghuber
2017/991 ( PDF )
Secure Code Updates for Smart Embedded Devices based on PUFs
Wei Feng and Yu Qin and Shijun Zhao and Ziwen Liu and Xiaobo Chu and Dengguo Feng
2017/990 ( PDF )
Bounds on Differential and Linear Branch Number of Permutations
Sumanta Sarkar and Habeeb Syed
2017/989 ( PDF )
Decentralized Multi-Client Functional Encryption for Inner Product
Jérémy Chotard and Edouard Dufour-Sans and Romain Gay and Duong Hieu Phan and David Pointcheval
2017/988 ( PDF )
On Rejection Sampling Algorithms for Centered Discrete Gaussian Distribution over Integers
Yusong Du and Baodian Wei
2017/987 ( PDF )
Key Dependent Message Security and Receiver Selective Opening Security for Identity-Based Encryption
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/986 ( PDF )
On the Hardness of Computing Endomorphism Rings of Supersingular Elliptic Curves
Kirsten Eisentraeger and Sean Hallgren and Travis Morrison
2017/985 ( PDF )
Breaking Ed25519 in WolfSSL
Niels Samwel and Lejla Batina and Guido Bertoni and Joan Daemen and Ruggero Susella
2017/984 ( PDF )
Self-Guarding Cryptographic Protocols against Algorithm Substitution Attacks
Marc Fischlin and Sogol Mazaheri
2017/983 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Encryption in the Generic Group Model: Automated Proofs and New Constructions
Miguel Ambrona and Gilles Barthe and Romain Gay and Hoeteck Wee
2017/982 ( PDF )
Mind the Gap: Where Provable Security and Real-World Messaging Don't Quite Meet
Katriel Cohn-Gordon and Cas Cremers
2017/981 ( PDF )
Efficient Maliciously Secure Multiparty Computation for RAM
Marcel Keller and Avishay Yanai
2017/980 ( PDF )
Yoyo Tricks with AES
Sondre Rønjom and Navid Ghaedi Bardeh and Tor Helleseth
2017/979 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Ridge Regression with only Linearly-Homomorphic Encryption
Irene Giacomelli and Somesh Jha and Marc Joye and C. David Page and Kyonghwan Yoon
2017/978 ( PDF )
New Constructions of Identity-Based and Key-Dependent Message Secure Encryption Schemes
Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Hajiabadi and Daniel Masny
2017/977 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis against Symmetric-Key Schemes with Online Classical Queries and Offline Quantum Computations
Akinori Hosoyamada and Yu Sasaki
2017/976 ( PDF )
Improvements for Gate-Hiding Garbled Circuits
Mike Rosulek
2017/975 ( PDF )
Differential Attacks on Deterministic Signatures
Christopher Ambrose and Joppe W. Bos and Björn Fay and Marc Joye and Manfred Lochter and Bruce Murray
2017/974 ( PDF )
Obscuro: A Bitcoin Mixer using Trusted Execution Environments
Muoi Tran and Loi Luu and Min Suk Kang and Iddo Bentov and Prateek Saxena
2017/973 ( PDF )
Symmetric Searchable Encryption with Sharing and Unsharing
Sarvar Patel and Giuseppe Persiano and Kevin Yeo
2017/972 ( PDF )
Multi-Input Functional Encryption for Inner Products: Function-Hiding Realizations and Constructions without Pairings
Michel Abdalla and Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Romain Gay and Bogdan Ursu
2017/971 ( PDF )
An Improved Protocol for Securely Solving the Shortest Path Problem and its Application to Combinatorial Auctions
Abdelrahaman Aly and Sara Cleemput
2017/970 ( PDF )
A New Functional Encryption for Multidimensional Range Query
Jia Xu and Ee-Chien Chang and Jianying Zhou
2017/969 ( PDF )
Fast and Adaptively Secure Signatures in the Random Oracle Model from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Bei Liang and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa
2017/968 ( PDF )
Template Attack on Blinded Scalar Multiplication with Asynchronous perf-ioctl Calls
Sarani Bhattacharya and Clementine Maurice and Shivam Bhasin and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/967 ( PDF )
Anonymous IBE, Leakage Resilience and Circular Security from New Assumptions
Zvika Brakerski and Alex Lombardi and Gil Segev and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/966 ( PDF )
Optimal Parameters for XMSS^MT
Andreas Hülsing and Lea Rausch and Johannes Buchmann
2017/965 ( PDF )
WOTS+ -- Shorter Signatures for Hash-Based Signature Schemes
Andreas Hülsing
2017/964 ( PDF )
Recursive ORAMs with Practical Constructions
Sarvar Patel and Giuseppe Persiano and Kevin Yeo
2017/963 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work
Aggelos Kiayias and Andrew Miller and Dionysis Zindros
2017/962 ( PDF )
Hard and Easy Problems for Supersingular Isogeny Graphs
Christophe Petit and Kristin Lauter
2017/961 ( PDF )
An Offline Dictionary Attack against zkPAKE Protocol
Jose Becerra and Peter Y.A. Ryan and Petra Sala and Marjan Skrobot
2017/960 ( PDF )
Unforgeable Quantum Encryption
Gorjan Alagic and Tommaso Gagliardoni and Christian Majenz
2017/959 ( PDF )
Choosing Parameters for the Subfield Lattice Attack against overstretched NTRU
Dung Hoang Duong and Masaya Yasuda and Tsuyoshi Takagi
2017/958 ( PDF )
Two-Message, Oblivious Evaluation of Cryptographic Functionalities
Nico Döttling and Nils Fleischhacker and Johannes Krupp and Dominique Schröder
2017/957 ( PDF )
From Selective IBE to Full IBE and Selective HIBE
Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg
2017/956 ( PDF )
Threshold Cryptosystems From Threshold Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Dan Boneh and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder and Aayush Jain and Sam Kim and Peter M. R. Rasmussen and Amit Sahai
2017/955 ( PDF )
Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Genome-Wide Association Study
Charlotte Bonte and Eleftheria Makri and Amin Ardeshirdavani and Jaak Simm and Yves Moreau and Frederik Vercauteren
2017/954 ( PDF )
Anonymity Trilemma: Strong Anonymity, Low Bandwidth Overhead, Low Latency---Choose Two
Debajyoti Das and Sebastian Meiser and Esfandiar Mohammadi and Aniket Kate
2017/953 ( PDF )
Threshold Kleptographic Attacks on Discrete Logarithm Based Signatures
George Teseleanu
2017/952 ( PDF )
Secure Two-Party Computation with Fairness -- A Necessary Design Principle
Yehuda Lindell and Tal Rabin
2017/951 ( PDF )
Bounding the cache-side-channel leakage of lattice-based signature schemes using program semantics
Nina Bindel and Johannes Buchmann and Juliane Krämer and Heiko Mantel and Johannes Schickel and Alexandra Weber
2017/950 ( PDF )
Blockwise $p$-Tampering Attacks on Cryptographic Primitives, Extractors, and Learners
Saeed Mahloujifar and Mohammad Mahmoody
2017/949 ( PDF )
Practical and Robust Secure Logging from Fault-Tolerant Sequential Aggregate Signatures
Gunnar Hartung and Björn Kaidel and Alexander Koch and Jessica Koch and Dominik Hartmann
2017/948 ( PDF )
Evolving Secret Sharing: Dynamic Thresholds and Robustness
Ilan Komargodski and Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky
2017/947 ( PDF )
Actively Secure Garbled Circuits with Constant Communication Overhead in the Plain Model
Carmit Hazay and Yuval Ishai and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/946 ( PDF )
The MMap Strikes Back: Obfuscation and New Multilinear Maps Immune to CLT13 Zeroizing Attacks
Fermi Ma and Mark Zhandry
2017/945 ( PDF )
Moderately Hard Functions: Definition, Instantiations, and Applications
Joël Alwen and Björn Tackmann
2017/944 ( PDF )
A Unified Approach to Constructing Black-box UC Protocols in Trusted Setup Models
Susumu Kiyoshima and Huijia Lin and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/943 ( PDF )
When does Functional Encryption Imply Obfuscation?
Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Mahmoody and Ameer Mohammed
2017/942 ( PDF )
On Secure Two-Party Computation in Three Rounds
Prabhanjan Ananth and Abhishek Jain
2017/941 ( -- withdrawn -- )
CoRPA: A Novel Efficient Shared Data Auditing Protocol in Cloud Storage
Reyhaneh Rabaninejad and Mahmoud Ahmadian Attari and Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar and Mohammad Reza Aref
2017/940 ( PDF )
Linear Secret-Sharing Schemes for Forbidden Graph Access Structures
Amos Beimel and Oriol Farràs and Yuval Mintz and Naty Peter
2017/939 ( PDF )
Towards Optimal Pre-processing in Leakage Detection
Changhai Ou and Degang Sun and Zhu Wang and Xinping Zhou
2017/938 ( PDF )
On the security of the WOTS-PRF signature scheme
Philip Lafrance and Alfred Menezes
2017/937 ( PDF )
Random Oracles and Non-Uniformity
Sandro Coretti and Yevgeniy Dodis and Siyao Guo and John Steinberger
2017/936 ( PDF )
A tight security reduction in the quantum random oracle model for code-based signature schemes
André Chailloux and Thomas Debris-Alazard
2017/935 ( PDF )
Overcoming Cryptographic Impossibility Results using Blockchains
Rishab Goyal and Vipul Goyal
2017/934 ( PDF )
Adaptively Indistinguishable Garbled Circuits
Zahra Jafargholi and Alessandra Scafuro and Daniel Wichs
2017/933 ( PDF )
Improving Stateless Hash-Based Signatures
Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Guillaume Endignoux
2017/932 ( PDF )
Why Attackers Lose: Design and Security Analysis of Arbitrarily Large XOR Arbiter PUFs
Nils Wisiol and Christoph Graebnitz and Marian Margraf and Manuel Oswald and Tudor A. A. Soroceanu and Benjamin Zengin
2017/931 ( PDF )
Delayed-Input Non-Malleable Zero Knowledge and Multi-Party Coin Tossing in Four Rounds
Michele Ciampi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti
2017/930 ( PDF )
Four-state Non-malleable Codes with Explicit Constant Rate
Bhavana Kanukurthi and Sai Lakshmi Bhavana Obbattu and Sruthi Sekar
2017/929 ( PDF )
How to Securely Compute with Noisy Leakage in Quasilinear Complexity
Dahmun Goudarzi and Antoine Joux and Matthieu Rivain
2017/928 ( PDF )
Environmental Authentication in Malware
Jeremy Blackthorne and Benjamin Kaiser and Benjamin Fuller and Bulent Yener
2017/927 ( PDF )
Near-Optimal Secret Sharing and Error Correcting Codes in AC0
Kuan Cheng and Yuval Ishai and Xin Li
2017/926 ( PDF )
How to Construct a Leakage-Resilient (Stateless) Trusted Party
Daniel Genkin and Yual Ishai and Mor Weiss
2017/925 ( PDF )
Resettably-Sound Resettable Zero Knowledge in Constant Rounds
Wutichai Chongchitmate and Rafail Ostrovsky and Ivan Visconti
2017/924 ( PDF )
Oblivious Hashing Revisited, and Applications to Asymptotically Efficient ORAM and OPRAM
T-H. Hubert Chan and Yue Guo and Wei-Kai Lin and Elaine Shi
2017/923 ( PDF )
Batched Multi-hop Multi-key FHE from ring-LWE with Compact Ciphertext Extension
Long Chen and Zhenfeng Zhang and Xueqing Wang
2017/922 ( PDF )
On the impossibility of entropy reversal, and its application to zero-knowledge proofs
Shachar Lovett and Jiapeng Zhang
2017/921 ( PDF )
RingCT 2.0: A Compact Accumulator-Based (Linkable Ring Signature) Protocol for Blockchain Cryptocurrency Monero
Shi-Feng Sun and Man Ho Au and Joseph K. Liu and Tsz Hon Yuen and Dawu Gu
2017/920 ( PDF )
Round-Optimal Secure Two-Party Computation from Trapdoor Permutations
Michele Ciampi and Rafail Ostrovsky and Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti
2017/919 ( PDF )
Improving the Linear Programming Technique in the Search for Lower Bounds in Secret Sharing
Oriol Farras and Tarik Kaced and Sebastia Martin and Carles Padro
2017/918 ( PDF )
Linear Repairing Codes and Side-Channel Attacks
Hervé Chabanne and Houssem Maghrebi and Emmanuel Prouff
2017/917 ( PDF )
A practical, perfectly secure password scheme in the bounded retrieval model
Moses Liskov
2017/916 ( PDF )
A Concrete Treatment of Fiat-Shamir Signatures in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
Eike Kiltz and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Christian Schaffner
2017/915 ( PDF )
Efficient Algorithms for Broadcast and Consensus Based on Proofs of Work
Lisa Eckey and Sebastian Faust and Julian Loss
2017/914 ( PDF )
Cache-Oblivious and Data-Oblivious Sorting and Applications
T-H. Hubert Chan and Yue Guo and Wei-Kai Lin and Elaine Shi
2017/913 ( PDF )
Thunderella: Blockchains with Optimistic Instant Confirmation
Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi
2017/912 ( PDF )
On Two Round Rerunnable MPC Protocols
Paul Laird
2017/911 ( PDF )
Variable-Length Bit Mapping and Error-Correcting Codes for Higher-Order Alphabet PUFs
Vincent Immler and Matthias Hiller and Qinzhi Liu and Andreas Lenz and Antonia Wachter-Zeh
2017/910 ( PDF )
Thwarting Fault Attacks using the Internal Redundancy Countermeasure (IRC)
Benjamin Lac and Anne Canteaut and Jacques J.A. Fournier and Renaud Sirdey
2017/909 ( PDF )
Clarifying the subset-resilience problem
Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Guillaume Endignoux
2017/908 ( PDF )
Yet Another Compiler for Active Security or: Efficient MPC Over Arbitrary Rings
Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi and Mark Simkin
2017/907 ( PDF )
On the differential equivalence of APN functions
Anastasiya Gorodilova
2017/906 ( PDF )
Notes On GGH13 Without The Presence Of Ideals
Martin R. Albrecht and Alex Davidson and Enrique Larraia and Alice Pellet--Mary
2017/905 ( PDF )
Shorter Ring Signatures from Standard Assumptions
Alonso González
2017/904 ( PDF )
On Iterative Collision Search for LPN and Subset Sum
Srinivas Devadas and Ling Ren and Hanshen Xiao
2017/903 ( PDF )
On Zero-Testable Homomorphic Encryption and Publicly Verifiable Non-Interactive Arguments
Omer Paneth and Guy N. Rothblum
2017/902 ( PDF )
How Low Can You Go? Short Structure-Preserving Signatures for Diffie-Hellman Vectors
Essam Ghadafi
2017/901 ( PDF )
Stateful Multi-Client Verifiable Computation
Christian Cachin and Esha Ghosh and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Björn Tackmann
2017/900 ( PDF )
Proof of a shuffle for lattice-based cryptography (Full version)
Núria Costa and Ramiro Martínez and Paz Morillo
2017/899 ( PDF )
Kaleidoscope: An Efficient Poker Protocol with Payment Distribution and Penalty Enforcement
Bernardo David and Rafael Dowsley and Mario Larangeira
2017/898 ( PDF )
Putting Wings on SPHINCS
Stefan Kölbl
2017/897 ( PDF )
Formal Verification of Masked Hardware Implementations in the Presence of Glitches
Roderick Bloem and Hannes Gross and Rinat Iusupov and Bettina Könighofer and Stefan Mangard and Johannes Winter
2017/896 ( PDF )
Design, Implementation and Performance Analysis of Highly Efficient Algorithms for AES Key Retrieval in Access-driven Cache-based Side Channel Attacks
Ashokkumar C and M. Bhargav Sri Venkatesh and Ravi Prakash Giri and Bernard Menezes
2017/895 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis of DES with Asymmetries
Andrey Bogdanov and Philip S. Vejre
2017/894 ( PDF )
An Efficient Pairing-Based Shuffle Argument
Prastudy Fauzi and Helger Lipmaa and Janno Siim and Michal Zajac
2017/893 ( PDF )
Beyond Hellman's Time-Memory Trade-Offs with Applications to Proofs of Space
Hamza Abusalah and Joël Alwen and Bram Cohen and Danylo Khilko and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Leonid Reyzin
2017/892 ( PDF )
The Iterated Random Function Problem
Ritam Bhaumik and Nilanjan Datta and Avijit Dutta and Nicky Mouha and Mridul Nandi
2017/891 ( PDF )
Finding Bugs in Cryptographic Hash Function Implementations
Nicky Mouha and Mohammad S Raunak and D. Richard Kuhn and Raghu Kacker
2017/890 ( PDF )
On the One-Per-Message Unforgeability of (EC)DSA and its Variants
Manuel Fersch and Eike Kiltz and Bertram Poettering
2017/889 ( PDF )
On Fast Multiplication in Binary Finite Fields and Optimal Primitive Polynomials over GF(2)
Alexander Maximov and Helena Sjoberg
2017/888 ( PDF )
Asynchronous provably-secure hidden services
Philippe Camacho and Fernando Krell
2017/887 ( PDF )
Succinct Spooky Free Compilers Are Not Black Box Sound
Zvika Brakerski and Yael Tauman Kalai and Renen Perlman
2017/886 ( PDF )
Compression for trace zero points on twisted Edwards curves
Giulia Bianco and Elisa Gorla
2017/885 ( PDF )
PermuteRam: Optimizing Oblivious Computation for Efficiency
Shruti Tople and Hung Dang and Prateek Saxena and Ee-Chien Chang
2017/884 ( PDF )
Scalar multiplication in compressed coordinates in the trace-zero subgroup
Giulia Bianco and Elisa Gorla
2017/883 ( PDF )
Strengthening the Security of Encrypted Databases: Non-Transitive JOINs
Ilya Mironov and Gil Segev and Ido Shahaf
2017/882 ( PDF )
Towards an in-depth understanding of privacy parameters for randomized sanitization mechanisms
Baptiste Olivier and Tony Quertier
2017/881 ( PDF )
Möbius: Trustless Tumbling for Transaction Privacy
Sarah Meiklejohn and Rebekah Mercer
2017/880 ( PDF )
Using the Estonian Electronic Identity Card for Authentication to a Machine (Extended Version)
Danielle Morgan and Arnis Parsovs
2017/879 ( PDF )
Formal Verification of Side-channel Countermeasures via Elementary Circuit Transformations
Jean-Sebastien Coron
2017/878 ( PDF )
Raziel: Private and Verifiable Smart Contracts on Blockchains
David Cerezo Sánchez
2017/877 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Format-Preserving Encryption
Mihir Bellare and Viet Tung Hoang
2017/876 ( PDF )
All-But-Many Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Selective Opening Chosen-Ciphertext Security from LWE
Benoit Libert and Amin Sakzad and Damien Stehle and Ron Steinfeld
2017/875 ( PDF )
Instantaneous Decentralized Poker
Iddo Bentov and Ranjit Kumaresan and Andrew Miller
2017/874 ( PDF )
Non-Trivial Witness Encryption and Null-iO from Standard Assumptions
Zvika Brakerski and Aayush Jain and Ilan Komargodski and Alain Passelegue and Daniel Wichs
2017/873 ( PDF )
Cycle Slicer: An Algorithm for Building Permutations on Special Domains
Sarah Miracle and Scott Yilek
2017/872 ( PDF )
Linear-Time Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Arithmetic Circuit Satisfiability
Jonathan Bootle and Andrea Cerulli and Essam Ghadafi and Jens Groth and Mohammad Hajiabadi and Sune K. Jakobsen
2017/871 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Multiparty Computation without Correlated Randomness
Shai Halevi and Yuval Ishai and Abhishek Jain and Ilan Komargodski and Amit Sahai and Eylon Yogev
2017/870 ( PDF )
Tightly-Secure Signatures from Five-Move Identification Protocols
Eike Kiltz and Julian Loss and Jiaxin Pan
2017/869 ( PDF )
Amortizing Randomness Complexity in Private Circuits
Sebastian Faust and Clara Paglialonga and Tobias Schneider
2017/868 ( PDF )
New Key Recovery Attacks on Minimal Two-Round Even-Mansour Ciphers
Takanori Isobe and Kyoji Shibutani
2017/867 ( PDF )
On the security of a Certificateless Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme without Pairing
Arinjita Paul and S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and C. Pandu Rangan
2017/866 ( PDF )
Enhanced Modelling of Authenticated Key Exchange Security
Papa B. Seye and Augustin P. Sarr
2017/865 ( PDF )
The First Thorough Side-Channel Hardware Trojan
Maik Ender and Samaneh Ghandali and Amir Moradi and Christof Paar
2017/864 ( PDF )
Quantum Multicollision-Finding Algorithm
Akinori Hosoyamada and Yu Sasaki and Keita Xagawa
2017/863 ( PDF )
The Minimum Number of Cards in Practical Card-based Protocols
Julia Kastner and Alexander Koch and Stefan Walzer and Daiki Miyahara and Yu-ichi Hayashi and Takaaki Mizuki and Hideaki Sone
2017/862 ( PDF )
Efficient Scalable Constant-Round MPC via Garbled Circuits
Aner Ben-Efraim and Yehuda Lindell and Eran Omri
2017/861 ( PDF )
On the Depth of Oblivious Parallel RAM
T-H. Hubert Chan and Kai-Min Chung and Elaine Shi
2017/860 ( PDF )
Automatic Search of Bit-Based Division Property for ARX Ciphers and Word-Based Division Property
Ling Sun and Wei Wang and Meiqin Wang
2017/859 ( PDF )
ABE with Tag Made Easy: Concise Framework and New Instantiations in Prime-order Groups
Jie Chen and Junqing Gong
2017/858 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis of SHA-3 under Relaxed Fault Models
Pei Luo and Yunsi Fei and Liwei Zhang and A. Adam Ding
2017/857 ( PDF )
Image Classification using non-linear Support Vector Machines on Encrypted Data
Anthony Barnett and Jay Santokhi and Michael Simpson and Nigel P. Smart and Charlie Stainton-Bygrave and Srnivas Vivek and Adrian Waller
2017/856 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Lattice-Based PRFs and Applications to E-Cash
Benoît Libert and San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang
2017/855 ( PDF )
Fault Attack on ACORN v3
Xiaojuan Zhang and Xiutao Feng and Dongdai Lin
2017/854 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Password Policy Check from Lattices
Khoa Nguyen and Benjamin Hong Meng Tan and Huaxiong Wang
2017/853 ( PDF )
Generic Forward-Secure Key Agreement Without Signatures
Cyprien de Saint Guilhem and Nigel P. Smart and Bogdan Warinschi
2017/852 ( PDF )
Blockcipher-based MACs: Beyond the Birthday Bound without Message Length
Yusuke Naito
2017/851 ( PDF )
How to Use Metaheuristics for Design of Symmetric-Key Primitives
Ivica Nikolić
2017/850 ( PDF )
Breaking and Fixing Secure Similarity Approximations: Dealing with Adversarially Perturbed Inputs
Evgenios M. Kornaropoulos and Petros Efstathopoulos
2017/849 ( PDF )
FAST: Disk Encryption and Beyond
Debrup Chakraborty and Sebati Ghosh and Cuauhtemoc Mancillas Lopez and Palash Sarkar
2017/848 ( PDF )
Single Key Variant of PMAC_Plus
Nilanjan Datta and Avijit Dutta and Mridul Nandi and Goutam Paul and Liting Zhang
2017/847 ( PDF )
An Efficient Quantum Collision Search Algorithm and Implications on Symmetric Cryptography
André Chailloux and María Naya-Plasencia and André Schrottenloher
2017/846 ( PDF )
How to Prove Megabytes (Per Second)
Yaron Gvili
2017/845 ( PDF )
Improved Security for OCB3
Ritam Bhaumik and Mridul Nandi
2017/844 ( PDF )
Implementing Conjunction Obfuscation under Entropic Ring LWE
David Bruce Cousins and Giovanni Di Crescenzo and Kamil Doruk Gür and Kevin King and Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Gerard W. Ryan and Erkay Savaş
2017/843 ( PDF )
Hybrid Encryption in a Multi-User Setting, Revisited
Federico Giacon and Eike Kiltz and Bertram Poettering
2017/842 ( PDF )
Quam Bene Non Quantum: Bias in a Family of Quantum Random Number Generators
Darren Hurley-Smith and Julio Hernandez-Castro
2017/841 ( PDF )
Efficient Length Doubling From Tweakable Block Ciphers
Yu Long Chen and Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink and Bart Preneel
2017/840 ( PDF )
Fast Scalar Multiplication for Elliptic Curves over Binary Fields by Efficiently Computable Formulas
Saud Al Musa and Guangwu Xu
2017/839 ( PDF )
Noiseless Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Jing Li and Licheng Wang
2017/838 ( PDF )
Two-Round PAKE from Approximate SPH and Instantiations from Lattices
Jiang Zhang and Yu Yu
2017/837 ( PDF )
Tight Security Analysis of EHtM MAC
Avijit Dutta and Ashwin Jha and Mridul Nandi
2017/836 ( PDF )
Efficient Square-based Montgomery Multiplier for All Type C.1 Pentanomials
Yin Li and Xingpo Ma and Qin Chen and Chuanda Qi
2017/835 ( PDF )
Coppersmith's lattices and ``focus groups'': an attack on small-exponent RSA
Stephen D. Miller and Bhargav Narayanan and Ramarathnam Venkatesan
2017/834 ( PDF )
Authentication from Weak PRFs with Hidden Auxiliary Input
Daniel Masny
2017/833 ( PDF )
Efficient Hybrid Proxy Re-Encryption for Practical Revocation and Key Rotation
Steven Myers and Adam Shull
2017/832 ( PDF )
Mixture Differential Cryptanalysis and Structural Truncated Differential Attacks on round-reduced AES
Lorenzo Grassi
2017/831 ( PDF )
Security Proof of JAMBU under Nonce Respecting and Nonce Misuse Cases
Geng Wang and Haiyang Zhang and Fengmei Liu
2017/830 ( PDF )
Security proof for Round Robin Differential Phase Shift QKD
Daan Leermakers and Boris Skoric
2017/829 ( PDF )
Fault Attacks Made Easy: Differential Fault Analysis Automation on Assembly Code
Jakub Breier and Xiaolu Hou and Yang Liu
2017/828 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Standardizing Bad Cryptographic Practice - A Teardown of the IEEE Standard for Protecting Electronic-design Intellectual Property
Animesh Chhotaray and Adib Nahiyan and Thomas Shrimpton and Domenic J Forte and Mark Tehranipoor
2017/827 ( PDF )
Scaling ORAM for Secure Computation
Jack Doerner and abhi shelat
2017/826 ( PDF )
5Gen-C: Multi-input Functional Encryption and Program Obfuscation for Arithmetic Circuits
Brent Carmer and Alex J. Malozemoff and Mariana Raykova
2017/825 ( PDF )
Querying for Queries: Indexes of Queries for Efficient and Expressive IT-PIR
Syed Mahbub Hafiz and Ryan Henry
2017/824 ( PDF )
Improved Security Notions for Proxy Re-Encryption to Enforce Access Control
Ela Lee
2017/823 ( PDF )
Revive: Rebalancing Off-Blockchain Payment Networks
Rami Khalil and Arthur Gervais
2017/822 ( PDF )
On the Power of Optical Contactless Probing: Attacking Bitstream Encryption of FPGAs
Shahin Tajik and Heiko Lohrke and Jean-Pierre Seifert and Christian Boit
2017/821 ( PDF )
A Fast and Verified Software Stack for Secure Function Evaluation
José Bacelar Almeida and Manuel Barbosa and Gilles Barthe and François Dupressoir and Benjamin Grégoire and Vincent Laporte and Vitor Pereira
2017/820 ( PDF )
Concurrency and Privacy with Payment-Channel Networks
Giulio Malavolta and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei and Srivatsan Ravi
2017/819 ( PDF )
S3ORAM: A Computation-Efficient and Constant Client Bandwidth Blowup ORAM with Shamir Secret Sharing
Thang Hoang and Ceyhun D. Ozkaptan and Attila A. Yavuz and Jorge Guajardo and Tam Nguyen
2017/818 ( PDF )
No-Match Attacks and Robust Partnering Definitions – Defining Trivial Attacks for Security Protocols is Not Trivial
Yong Li and Sven Schäge
2017/817 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Universal Designated Verifier Signature Scheme with Non-Delegatability in the Standard Model
Parvin Rastegari and Mehdi Berenjkoub
2017/816 ( PDF )
A Framework for Constructing Fast MPC over Arithmetic Circuits with Malicious Adversaries and an Honest-Majority
Yehuda Lindell and Ariel Nof
2017/815 ( PDF )
Revisiting the Expected Cost of Solving uSVP and Applications to LWE
Martin R. Albrecht and Florian Göpfert and Fernando Virdia and Thomas Wunderer
2017/814 ( PDF )
Fast FPGA Implementations of Diffie-Hellman on the Kummer Surface of a Genus-2 Curve
Philipp Koppermann and Fabrizio De Santis and Johann Heyszl and Georg Sigl
2017/813 ( PDF )
Industrial Feasibility of Private Information Retrieval
Angela Jäschke and Björn Grohmann and Frederik Armknecht and Andreas Schaad
2017/812 ( PDF )
Optimal PRFs from Blockcipher Designs
Bart Mennink and Samuel Neves
2017/811 ( PDF )
Reassessing Grover's Algorithm
Scott Fluhrer
2017/810 ( PDF )
The TypTop System: Personalized Typo-Tolerant Password Checking
Rahul Chatterjee and Joanne Woodage and Yuval Pnueli and Anusha Chowdhury and Thomas Ristenpart
2017/809 ( PDF )
High-Precision Arithmetic in Homomorphic Encryption
Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Rachel Player and Yuhou Xia
2017/808 ( PDF )
On the Untapped Potential of Encoding Predicates by Arithmetic Circuits and Their Applications
Shuichi Katsumata
2017/807 ( PDF )
FAME: Fast Attribute-based Message Encryption
Shashank Agrawal and Melissa Chase
2017/806 ( PDF )
May the Fourth Be With You: A Microarchitectural Side Channel Attack on Several Real-World Applications of Curve25519
Daniel Genkin and Luke Valenta and Yuval Yarom
2017/805 ( PDF )
Forward and Backward Private Searchable Encryption from Constrained Cryptographic Primitives
Raphael Bost and Brice Minaud and Olga Ohrimenko
2017/804 ( PDF )
Improved Conditional Cube Attacks on Keccak Keyed Modes with MILP Method
Zheng Li and Wenquan Bi and Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/803 ( PDF )
Role-Based Ecosystem for Design, Development, and Deployment of Secure Multi-Party Data Analytics Applications
Andrei Lapets and Kinan Dak Albab and Rawane Issa and Lucy Qin and Mayank Varia and Azer Bestavros and Frederick Jansen
2017/802 ( PDF )
New Techniques for Structural Batch Verification in Bilinear Groups with Applications to Groth-Sahai Proofs
Gottfried Herold and Max Hoffmann and Michael Klooß and Carla Ràfols and Andy Rupp
2017/801 ( PDF )
Short Attribute-Based Signatures for Arbitrary Turing Machines from Standard Assumptions
Pratish Datta and Ratna Dutta and Sourav Mukhopadhyay
2017/800 ( PDF )
Collisions and Semi-Free-Start Collisions for Round-Reduced RIPEMD-160
Fukang Liu and Florian Mendel and Gaoli Wang
2017/799 ( PDF )
Practical Multi-party Private Set Intersection from Symmetric-Key Techniques
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Naor Matania and Benny Pinkas and Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu
2017/798 ( PDF )
More Efficient Universal Circuit Constructions
Daniel Günther and Ágnes Kiss and Thomas Schneider
2017/797 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Multi-Designated Verifiers Signature Schemes with Threshold Verifiability: Generic Pattern and a Concrete Scheme in the Standard Model
Parvin Rastegari and Mehdi Berenjkoub
2017/796 ( PDF )
Lightweight Symmetric-Key Hidden Vector Encryption without Pairings
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/795 ( PDF )
Private Constrained PRFs (and More) from LWE
Zvika Brakerski and Rotem Tsabary and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Hoeteck Wee
2017/794 ( PDF )
Anonymous Single-Round Server-Aided Verification
Elena Pagnin and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/793 ( PDF )
McBits Revisited
Tung Chou
2017/792 ( PDF )
Gimli, Lord of the Glittering TRS-80
Jean-Marie Chauvet
2017/791 ( PDF )
Merged Mining: Curse of Cure?
Aljosha Judmayer and Alexei Zamyatin and Nicholas Stifter and Artemios G. Voyiatzis and Edgar Weippl
2017/790 ( PDF )
TinyOLE: Efficient Actively Secure Two-Party Computation from Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation
Nico Döttling and Satrajit Ghosh and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Tobias Nilges and Roberto Trifiletti
2017/789 ( PDF )
Low-communication parallel quantum multi-target preimage search
Gustavo Banegas and Daniel J. Bernstein
2017/788 ( PDF )
Attack on AES Implementation Exploiting Publicly-visible Partial Result
William Diehl
2017/787 ( PDF )
When Are Opaque Predicates Useful?
Lukas Zobernig and Steven D. Galbraith and Giovanni Russello
2017/786 ( PDF )
A Cryptographic Look at Multi-Party Channels
Patrick Eugster and Giorgia Azzurra Marson and Bertram Poettering
2017/785 ( PDF )
What about Bob? The Inadequacy of CPA Security for Proxy Reencryption
Aloni Cohen
2017/784 ( PDF )
Secure Channels and Termination: The Last Word on TLS
Colin Boyd and Britta Hale
2017/783 ( PDF )
HAL — The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for Hardware Reverse Engineering, Trojan Detection and Insertion
Marc Fyrbiak and Sebastian Wallat and Pawel Swierczynski and Max Hoffmann and Sebastian Hoppach and Matthias Wilhelm and Tobias Weidlich and Russell Tessier and Christof Paar
2017/782 ( PDF )
Efficient Attribute-Based Secure Keyword Search on the Cloud Storage
Wanfen Guo and Xiaolei Dong and Zhenfu Cao and Jiachen Shen
2017/781 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based Techniques for Accountable Anonymity: Composition of Abstract Stern’s Protocols and Weak PRF with Efficient Protocols from LWR
Rupeng Yang and Man Ho Au and Junzuo Lai and Qiuliang Xu and Zuoxia Yu
2017/780 ( PDF )
New Algorithms for Solving LPN
Bin Zhang and Xinxin Gong
2017/779 ( PDF )
Efficient Random Grid Visual Cryptographic Schemes having Essential Members
Bibhas Chandra Das and Md Kutubuddin Sardar and Avishek Adhikari
2017/778 ( PDF )
MCMix: Anonymous Messaging via Secure Multiparty Computation
Nikolaos Alexopoulos and Aggelos Kiayias and Riivo Talviste and Thomas Zacharias
2017/777 ( PDF )
Encrypting Messages for Incomplete Chains of Certificates
Sanjit Chatterjee and Deepak Garg and Aniket Kate and Tobias Theobald
2017/776 ( PDF )
Field lifting for smaller UOV public keys
Ward Beullens and Bart Preneel
2017/775 ( PDF )
Consensus from Signatures of Work
Juan A. Garay and Aggelos Kiayias and Giorgos Panagiotakos
2017/774 ( PDF )
Computational problems in supersingular elliptic curve isogenies
Steven D. Galbraith and Frederik Vercauteren
2017/773 ( PDF )
A Novel Cryptographic Framework for Cloud File Systems and CryFS, a Provably-Secure Construction
Sebastian Messmer and Jochen Rill and Dirk Achenbach and Jörn Müller-Quade
2017/772 ( PDF )
Locality-Preserving Oblivious RAM
Gilad Asharov and T-H. Hubert Chan and Kartik Nayak and Rafael Pass and Ling Ren and Elaine Shi
2017/771 ( PDF )
Post-quantum security of the sponge construction
Jan Czajkowski and Leon Groot Bruinderink and Andreas Hülsing and Christian Schaffner and Dominique Unruh
2017/770 ( PDF )
PAPEETE: Private, Authorized, and Fast Personal Genomic Testing
Angelo Massimo Perillo and Emiliano De Cristofaro
2017/769 ( PDF )
Malicious-Secure Private Set Intersection via Dual Execution
Peter Rindal and Mike Rosulek
2017/768 ( PDF )
An Efficient Certificateless Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme without Pairing
S.Sharmila Deva Selvi and Arinjita Paul and C. Pandu Rangan
2017/767 ( PDF )
Quantum Key-Recovery on full AEZ
Xavier Bonnetain
2017/766 ( PDF )
GLYPH: A New Instantiation of the GLP Digital Signature Scheme
Arjun Chopra
2017/765 ( PDF )
Necessary conditions for designing secure stream ciphers with the minimal internal states
Vahid Amin Ghafari and Honggang Hu and Mohammadsadegh alizadeh
2017/764 ( PDF )
Categorising and Comparing Cluster-Based DPA Distinguishers
Xinping Zhou and Carolyn Whitnall and Elisabeth Oswald and Degang Sun and Zhu Wang
2017/763 ( PDF )
Improved Fully Homomorphic Encryption without Bootstrapping
Masahiro Yagisawa
2017/762 ( PDF )
Private Collaborative Neural Network Learning
Melissa Chase and Ran Gilad-Bachrach and Kim Laine and Kristin Lauter and Peter Rindal
2017/761 ( PDF )
Anti-SAT: Mitigating SAT Attack on Logic Locking
Yang Xie and Ankur Srivastava
2017/760 ( -- withdrawn -- )
GIFT: A Small Present (Full version)
Subhadeep Banik and Sumit Kumar Pandey and Thomas Peyrin and Yu Sasaki and Siang Meng Sim and Yosuke Todo
2017/759 ( PDF )
Simple Amortized Proofs of Shortness for Linear Relations over Polynomial Rings
Carsten Baum and Vadim Lyubashevsky
2017/758 ( PDF )
On Improving Integer Factorization and Discrete Logarithm Computation using Partial Triangulation
Fabrice Boudot
2017/757 ( PDF )
CAKE: Code-based Algorithm for Key Encapsulation
Paulo S. L. M. Barreto and Shay Gueron and Tim Gueneysu and Rafael Misoczki and Edoardo Persichetti and Nicolas Sendrier and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2017/756 ( PDF )
Verifiable Private Polynomial Evaluation
Xavier Bultel and Manik Lal Das and Hardik Gajera and David Gérault and Matthieu Giraud and Pascal Lafourcade
2017/755 ( PDF )
Efficient, Reusable Fuzzy Extractors from LWE
Daniel Apon and Chongwon Cho and Karim Eldefrawy and Jonathan Katz
2017/754 ( PDF )
Long-Term Secure Time-Stamping using Preimage-Aware Hash Functions
Ahto Buldas and Matthias Geihs and Johannes Buchmann
2017/753 ( PDF )
CryptHOL: Game-based Proofs in Higher-order Logic
David A. Basin and Andreas Lochbihler and S. Reza Sefidgar
2017/752 ( PDF )
A Note on Attribute-Based Group Homomorphic Encryption
Michael Clear and Ciaran McGoldrick
2017/751 ( PDF )
Twisting Lattice and Graph Techniques to Compress Transactional Ledgers
Rémi Géraud and David Naccache and Răzvan Roşie
2017/750 ( PDF )
Adaptive-Secure VRFs with Shorter Keys from Static Assumptions
Răzvan Roşie
2017/749 ( PDF )
Searchable Encryption with Optimal Locality: Achieving Sublogarithmic Read Efficiency
Ioannis Demertzis and Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Charalampos Papamanthou
2017/748 ( PDF )
Efficient reductions in cyclotomic rings - Application to R-LWE based FHE schemes
Jean-Claude Bajard and Julien Eynard and Anwar Hasan and Paulo Martins and Leonel Sousa and Vincent Zucca
2017/747 ( PDF )
sLiSCP: Simeck-based Permutations for Lightweight Sponge Cryptographic Primitives
Riham AlTawy and Raghvendra Rohit and Morgan He and Kalikinkar Mandal and Gangqiang Yang and Guang Gong
2017/746 ( PDF )
On the Tightness of Forward-Secure Signature Reductions
Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and David Pointcheval
2017/745 ( PDF )
A Quantum ``Magic Box'' for the Discrete Logarithm Problem
Burton S. Kaliski Jr.
2017/744 ( PDF )
Binary Hash Tree based Certificate Access Management
Virendra Kumar and Jonathan Petit and William Whyte
2017/743 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of 22 1/2 rounds of Gimli
Mike Hamburg
2017/742 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Compact-LWE
Jonathan Bootle and Mehdi Tibouchi
2017/741 ( PDF )
Dynamic Searchable Public-Key Ciphertexts with Fast Performance and Practical Security
Peng Xu and Xia Gao and Wei Wang and Willy Susilo and Qianhong Wu and Hai Jin
2017/740 ( PDF )
Convolutional Neural Networks with Data Augmentation against Jitter-Based Countermeasures -- Profiling Attacks without Pre-Processing --
Eleonora Cagli and Cécile Dumas and Emmanuel Prouff
2017/739 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Secure Storage with Replication and Transparent Deduplication
Iraklis Leontiadis and Reza Curtmola
2017/738 ( PDF )
Private Intersection-Sum Protocol with Applications to Attributing Aggregate Ad Conversions
Mihaela Ion and Ben Kreuter and Erhan Nergiz and Sarvar Patel and Shobhit Saxena and Karn Seth and David Shanahan and Moti Yung
2017/737 ( PDF )
SecReach: Secure Reachability Computation on Encrypted Location Check-in Data
Hanyu Quan and Boyang Wang and Iraklis Leontiadis and Ming Li and Yuqing Zhang
2017/736 ( PDF )
SGX Remote Attestation is not Sufficient
Yogesh Swami
2017/735 ( PDF )
Faster Bootstrapping with Multiple Addends
TanPing ZHOU and XiaoYuan YANG and LongFei LIU and Wei ZHANG and YiTao DING
2017/734 ( PDF )
Round Optimal Concurrent Non-Malleability from Polynomial Hardness
Dakshita Khurana
2017/733 ( PDF )
Decoding Generalized Reed-Solomon Codes and Its Application to RLCE Encryption Scheme
Yongge Wang
2017/732 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Ridge Regression Without Garbled Circuits
Marc Joye
2017/731 ( PDF )
Revisiting Difficulty Control for Blockchain Systems
Dmitry Meshkov and Alexander Chepurnoy and Marc Jansen
2017/730 ( PDF )
Second Order Statistical Behavior of LLL and BKZ
Yang Yu and Léo Ducas
2017/729 ( PDF )
Success Probability of Multiple/Multidimensional Linear Cryptanalysis Under General Key Randomisation Hypotheses
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2017/728 ( PDF )
Evidence-Based Trust Mechanism Using Clustering Algorithms for Distributed Storage Systems
Giulia Traverso and Carlos Garcia Cordero and Mehrdad Nojoumian and Reza Azarderakhsh and Denise Demirel and Sheikh Mahbub Habib and Johannes Buchmann
2017/727 ( PDF )
A note on the implementation of the Number Theoretic Transform
Michael Scott
2017/726 ( PDF )
Proposal of primitive polynomials for Linux kernel PRNG
2017/725 ( PDF )
AS$^3$: Adaptive Social Secret Sharing for Distributed Storage Systems
Giulia Traverso and Denise Demirel and Sheikh Mahbub Habib and Johannes Buchmann
2017/724 ( PDF )
Dynamic and Verifiable Hierarchical Secret Sharing
Giulia Traverso and Denise Demirel and Johannes Buchmann
2017/723 ( PDF )
An Equivalence Between Attribute-Based Signatures and Homomorphic Signatures, and New Constructions for Both
Rotem Tsabary
2017/722 ( PDF )
A Simpler Rate-Optimal CPIR Protocol
Helger Lipmaa and Kateryna Pavlyk
2017/721 ( PDF )
On Making U2F Protocol Leakage-Resilient via Re-keying
Donghoon Chang and Sweta Mishra and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya and Ajit Pratap Singh1
2017/720 ( PDF )
Computing Low-Weight Discrete Logarithms
Bailey Kacsmar and Sarah Plosker and Ryan Henry
2017/719 ( PDF )
Efficient Proactive Secret Sharing
Jacqueline Brendel and Denise Demirel
2017/718 ( PDF )
Conditionally Secure Secrecy Computation using Secret Sharing Scheme for n<2k-1 (full paper)
Ahmad Akmal Aminuddin Mohd Kamal and Keiichi Iwamura
2017/717 ( PDF )
Fault Attacks on XEX Mode with Application to certain Authenticated Encryption Modes
Hassan Qahur Al Mahri and Leonie Simpson and Harry Bartlett and Ed Dawson and Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong
2017/716 ( PDF )
Anonymous Post-Quantum Cryptocash
Huang Zhang and Fangguo Zhang and Haibo Tian and Man Ho Au
2017/715 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning via Additively Homomorphic Encryption
Le Trieu Phong and Yoshinori Aono and Takuya Hayashi and Lihua Wang and Shiho Moriai
2017/714 ( PDF )
The Edited Truth
Shafi Goldwasser and Saleet Klein and Daniel Wichs
2017/713 ( PDF )
More is Less: On the End-to-End Security of Group Chats in Signal, WhatsApp, and Threema
Paul Rösler and Christian Mainka and Jörg Schwenk
2017/712 ( PDF )
On desynchronised El Gamal algorithm
Vasyl Ustimenko
2017/711 ( PDF )
Composable Masking Schemes in the Presence of Physical Defaults and the Robust Probing Model
Sebastian Faust and Vincent Grosso and Santos Merino Del Pozo and Clara Paglialonga and François-Xavier Standaert
2017/710 ( PDF )
Distributed Computing with Channel Noise
Abhinav Aggarwal and Varsha Dani and Thomas P. Hayes and Jared Saia
2017/709 ( PDF )
spKEX: An optimized lattice-based key exchange
Sauvik Bhattacharya and Oscar Garcia-Morchon and Ronald Rietman and Ludo Tolhuizen
2017/708 ( PDF )
Reconsidering the Security Bound of AES-GCM-SIV
Tetsu Iwata and Yannick Seurin
2017/707 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Ridge Regression on Distributed Data
Irene Giacomelli and Somesh Jha and C. David Page and Kyonghwan Yoon
2017/706 ( PDF )
SCATTER : A New Dimension in Side-Channel
Hugues Thiebeauld and Georges Gagnerot and Antoine Wurcker and Christophe Clavier
2017/705 ( PDF )
Multi-Hop Distance Estimation: How Far are You?
Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Cristina Onete and Elena Pagnin and Mahesh Perera
2017/704 ( PDF )
A Key Backup Scheme Based on Bitcoin
Zhongxiang Zheng and Chunhuan Zhao and Haining Fan and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/703 ( PDF )
Optimally Sound Sigma Protocols Under DCRA
Helger Lipmaa
2017/702 ( PDF )
Better Bounds for Block Cipher Modes of Operation via Nonce-Based Key Derivation
Shay Gueron and Yehuda Lindell
2017/701 ( PDF )
Improved Reconstruction Attacks on Encrypted Data Using Range Query Leakage
Marie-Sarah Lacharité and Brice Minaud and Kenneth G. Paterson
2017/700 ( PDF )
Linearly Homomorphic Authenticated Encryption with Provable Correctness and Public Verifiability
Johannes Buchmann and Denise Demirel and Lucas Schabhüser and Patrick Struck
2017/699 ( PDF )
Runtime Code Polymorphism as a Protection Against Side Channel Attacks
Damien Couroussé and Thierno Barry and Bruno Robisson and Philippe Jaillon and Olivier Potin and Jean-Louis Lanet
2017/698 ( PDF )
δ-subgaussian Random Variables in Cryptography
Sean Murphy and Rachel Player
2017/697 ( PDF )
On Internal Re-keying
Liliya R. Ahmetzyanova and Evgeny K. Alekseev and Igor B. Oshkin and Stanislav V. Smyshlyaev
2017/696 ( PDF )
A Humble Theory and Application for Logic Encryption
Hai Zhou
2017/695 ( PDF )
Updatable Tokenization: Formal Definitions and Provably Secure Constructions
Christian Cachin and Jan Camenisch and Eduarda Freire-Stoegbuchner and Anja Lehmann
2017/694 ( PDF )
Atomically Trading with Roger: Gambling on the success of a hardfork
Patrick McCorry and Ethan Heilman and Andrew Miller
2017/693 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Deoxys and its Internal Tweakable Block Ciphers
Carlos Cid and Tao Huang and Thomas Peyrin and Yu Sasaki and Ling Song
2017/692 ( PDF )
Towards Characterizing Securely Computable Two-Party Randomized Functions
Deepesh Data and Manoj Prabhakaran
2017/691 ( PDF )
Universal Forgery and Key Recovery Attacks: Application to FKS, FKD and Keyak
Fanbao Liu and Fengmei Liu
2017/690 ( PDF )
High Performance Post-Quantum Key Exchange on FPGAs
Po-Chun Kuo and Wen-Ding Li and Yu-Wei Chen and Yuan-Che Hsu and Bo-Yuan Peng and Chen-Mou Cheng and Bo-Yin Yang
2017/689 ( PDF )
On the security of HMFEv
Yasufumi Hashimoto
2017/688 ( PDF )
Quantum Collision-Finding in Non-Uniform Random Functions
Marko Balogh and Edward Eaton and Fang Song
2017/687 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Impossibility of Secure Multi-Party Products in Non-Abelian Groups
Jessica Covington and Megan Golbek and Mike Rosulek
2017/686 ( PDF )
On the Necessity of a Prescribed Block Validity Consensus: Analyzing Bitcoin Unlimited Mining Protocol
Ren Zhang and Bart Preneel
2017/685 ( PDF )
Compact-LWE: Enabling Practically Lightweight Public Key Encryption for Leveled IoT Device Authentication
Dongxi Liu and Nan Li and Jongkil Kim and Surya Nepal
2017/684 ( PDF )
Z-Channel: Scalable and Efficient Scheme in Zerocash
Yuncong Zhang and Yu Long and Zhen Liu and Zhiqiang Liu and Dawu Gu
2017/683 ( PDF )
Efficient Privacy-Preserving General Edit Distance and Beyond
Ruiyu Zhu and Yan Huang
2017/682 ( PDF )
Conditional Blind Signatures
Alexandros Zacharakis and Panagiotis Grontas and Aris Pagourtzis
2017/681 ( PDF )
Logical loophole in random 3-bit sequence generator
Alexandre de Castro
2017/680 ( PDF )
SOFIA: MQ-based signatures in the QROM
Ming-Shing Chen and Andreas Hülsing and Joost Rijneveld and Simona Samardjiska and Peter Schwabe
2017/679 ( PDF )
Searchable Encryption with Access Control
Nils Löken
2017/678 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Attack on Grain v1, ACORN v3 and Lizard
Akhilesh Anilkumar Siddhanti and Santanu Sarkar and Subhamoy Maitra and Anupam Chattopadhyay
2017/677 ( PDF )
Faster Unbalanced Private Set Intersection
Amanda Cristina Davi Resende and Diego de Freitas Aranha
2017/676 ( PDF )
Dynamic Verifiable Encrypted Keyword Search Using Bitmap Index and Homomorphic MAC
Rajkumar Ramasamy and S.Sree Vivek and Praveen George and Bharat S. Rawal Kshatriya
2017/675 ( PDF )
Memory-Tight Reductions
Benedikt Auerbach and David Cash and Manuel Fersch and Eike Kiltz
2017/674 ( PDF )
Transparent Memory Encryption and Authentication
Mario Werner and Thomas Unterluggauer and Robert Schilling and David Schaffenrath and Stefan Mangard
2017/673 ( PDF )
Differential Fault Analysis Automation
Sayandeep Saha and Ujjawal Kumar and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Pallab Dasgupta
2017/672 ( PDF )
Coding for interactive communication beyond threshold adversaries
Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky and Slava Radune
2017/671 ( PDF )
Guru: Universal Reputation Module for Distributed Consensus Protocols
Alex Biryukov and Daniel Feher and Dmitry Khovratovich
2017/670 ( PDF )
Private Set Intersection for Unequal Set Sizes with Mobile Applications
Ágnes Kiss and Jian Liu and Thomas Schneider and N. Asokan and Benny Pinkas
2017/669 ( PDF )
Speeding up Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication without Precomputation
Kwang Ho Kim and Junyop Choe and Song Yun Kim and Namsu Kim and Sekung Hong
2017/668 ( PDF )
Spot the Black Hat in a Dark Room: Parallelized Controlled Access Searchable Encryption on FPGAs
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/667 ( PDF )
High-speed key encapsulation from NTRU
Andreas Hülsing and Joost Rijneveld and John M. Schanck and Peter Schwabe
2017/666 ( PDF )
On Ends-to-Ends Encryption: Asynchronous Group Messaging with Strong Security Guarantees
Katriel Cohn-Gordon and Cas Cremers and Luke Garratt and Jon Millican and Kevin Milner
2017/665 ( PDF )
Lower bounds on communication for multiparty computation of multiple «AND» instances with secret sharing
Michael Raskin
2017/664 ( PDF )
Message Franking via Committing Authenticated Encryption
Paul Grubbs and Jiahui Lu and Thomas Ristenpart
2017/663 ( PDF )
Securing Memory Encryption and Authentication Against Side-Channel Attacks Using Unprotected Primitives
Thomas Unterluggauer and Mario Werner and Stefan Mangard
2017/662 ( PDF )
The problem with the SURF scheme
Thomas Debris-Alazard and Nicolas Sendrier and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2017/661 ( PDF )
MuSE: Multimodal Searchable Encryption for Cloud Applications
Bernardo Ferreira and João Leitão and Henrique Domingos
2017/660 ( PDF )
Profiling Good Leakage Models For Masked Implementations
Changhai Ou and Zhu Wang and Degang Sun and Xinping Zhou
2017/659 ( PDF )
Forward-Secure Searchable Encryption on Labeled Bipartite Graphs
Russell W. F. Lai and Sherman S. M. Chow
2017/658 ( PDF )
Privacy for Targeted Advertising
Avradip Mandal and John Mitchell and Hart Montgomery and Arnab Roy
2017/657 ( PDF )
CCA-secure Predicate Encryption from Pair Encoding in Prime Order Groups: Generic and Efficient
Sanjit Chatterjee and Sayantan Mukherjee and Tapas Pandit
2017/656 ( PDF )
A Scalable Proof-of-Stake Blockchain in the Open Setting (or, How to Mimic Nakamoto's Design via Proof-of-Stake)
Lei Fan and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2017/655 ( PDF )
A Real-time Inversion Attack on the GMR-2 Cipher Used in the Satellite Phones
Jiao Hu and Ruilin Li and Chaojing Tang
2017/654 ( PDF )
A Secure and Private Billing Protocol for Smart Metering
Tom Eccles and Basel Halak
2017/653 ( PDF )
Universal Forgery with Birthday Paradox: Application to Blockcipher-based Message Authentication Codes and Authenticated Encryptions
Fanbao Liu and Fengmei Liu
2017/652 ( PDF )
Pseudorandom Functions: Three Decades Later
Andrej Bogdanov and Alon Rosen
2017/651 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Rescuing LoRaWAN 1.0
Gildas Avoine and Loïc Ferreira
2017/650 ( PDF )
Efficient Public Trace and Revoke from Standard Assumptions
Shweta Agrawal and Sanjay Bhattacherjee and Duong Hieu Phan and Damien Stehle and Shota Yamada
2017/649 ( PDF )
Blockcipher-based Authenticated Encryption: How Small Can We Go?
Avik Chakraborti and Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Mridul Nandi
2017/648 ( PDF )
CHAINIAC: Proactive Software-Update Transparency via Collectively Signed Skipchains and Verified Builds
Kirill Nikitin and Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias and Philipp Jovanovic and Linus Gasser and Nicolas Gailly and Ismail Khoffi and Justin Cappos and Bryan Ford
2017/647 ( PDF )
A TMDTO Attack Against Lizard
Subhamoy Maitra and Nishant Sinha and Akhilesh Siddhanti and Ravi Anand and Sugata Gangopadhyay
2017/646 ( PDF )
Rational Trust Modeling
Mehrdad Nojoumian
2017/645 ( PDF )
SPHINCS-Simpira: Fast Stateless Hash-based Signatures with Post-quantum Security
Shay Gueron and Nicky Mouha
2017/644 ( -- withdrawn -- )
On Space-Scarce Economy In Blockchain Systems
Alexander Chepurnoy and Dmitry Meshkov
2017/643 ( PDF )
Private Data Aggregation on a Budget
Morten Dahl and Valerio Pastro and Mathieu Poumeyrol
2017/642 ( PDF )
Reducing Multi-Secret Sharing Problem to Sharing a Single Secret Based on Cellular Automata
Nasrollah Pakniat and Mahnaz Noroozi and Ziba Eslami
2017/641 ( PDF )
Integer Version of Ring-LWE and its Applications
Gu Chunsheng
2017/640 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Provably Secure Attestations for Arbitrary RSA Prime Generation Algorithms
Fabrice Benhamouda and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2017/639 ( PDF )
One TPM to Bind Them All: Fixing TPM 2.0 for Provably Secure Anonymous Attestation
Jan Camenisch and Liqun Chen and Manu Drijvers and Anja Lehmann and David Novick and Rainer Urian
2017/638 ( PDF )
From Single-Key to Collusion-Resistant Secret-Key Functional Encryption by Leveraging Succinctness
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/637 ( PDF )
Very High Order Masking: Efficient Implementation and Security Evaluation
Anthony Journault and François-Xavier Standaert
2017/636 ( PDF )
Implementing 128-bit Secure MPKC Signatures
Ming-Shing Chen and Wen-Ding Li and Bo-Yuan Peng and Bo-Yin Yang and Chen-Mou Cheng
2017/635 ( PDF )
Perun: Virtual Payment Hubs over Cryptocurrencies
Stefan Dziembowski and Lisa Eckey and Sebastian Faust and Daniel Malinowski
2017/634 ( PDF )
CRYSTALS -- Kyber: a CCA-secure module-lattice-based KEM
Joppe Bos and Léo Ducas and Eike Kiltz and Tancrède Lepoint and Vadim Lyubashevsky and John M. Schanck and Peter Schwabe and Gregor Seiler and Damien Stehlé
2017/633 ( PDF )
CRYSTALS -- Dilithium: Digital Signatures from Module Lattices
Leo Ducas and Tancrede Lepoint and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Peter Schwabe and Gregor Seiler and Damien Stehle
2017/632 ( PDF )
Generalized Polynomial Decomposition for S-boxes with Application to Side-Channel Countermeasures
Dahmun Goudarzi and Matthieu Rivain and Damien Vergnaud and Srinivas Vivek
2017/631 ( PDF )
Certifying Trapdoor Permutations, Revisited
Ran Canetti and Amit Lichtenberg
2017/630 ( PDF )
Gimli: a cross-platform permutation
Daniel J. Bernstein and Stefan Kölbl and Stefan Lucks and Pedro Maat Costa Massolino and Florian Mendel and Kashif Nawaz and Tobias Schneider and Peter Schwabe and François-Xavier Standaert and Yosuke Todo and Benoît Viguier
2017/629 ( PDF )
A Systematic Approach to the Side-Channel Analysis of ECC Implementations with Worst-Case Horizontal Attacks
Romain Poussier and Yuanyuan Zhou and François-Xavier Standaert
2017/628 ( PDF )
Middle-Product Learning With Errors
Miruna Rosca and Amin Sakzad and Ron Steinfeld and Damien Stehle
2017/627 ( PDF )
Sliding right into disaster: Left-to-right sliding windows leak
Daniel J. Bernstein and Joachim Breitner and Daniel Genkin and Leon Groot Bruinderink and Nadia Heninger and Tanja Lange and Christine van Vredendaal and Yuval Yarom
2017/626 ( PDF )
CycSAT: SAT-Based Attack on Cyclic Logic Encryptions
Hai Zhou and Ruifeng Jiang and Shuyu Kong
2017/625 ( PDF )
How to Break Secure Boot on FPGA SoCs through Malicious Hardware
Nisha Jacob and Johann Heyszl and Andreas Zankl and Carsten Rolfes and Georg Sigl
2017/624 ( PDF )
Fast Leakage Assessment
Oscar Reparaz and Benedikt Gierlichs and Ingrid Verbauwhede
2017/623 ( PDF )
Back to Massey: Impressively fast, scalable and tight security evaluation tools
Marios O. Choudary and P.G. Popescu
2017/622 ( PDF )
GIFT: A Small Present
Subhadeep Banik and Sumit Kumar Pandey and Thomas Peyrin and Yu Sasaki and Siang Meng Sim and Yosuke Todo
2017/621 ( PDF )
Novel Bypass Attack and BDD-based Tradeoff Analysis Against all Known Logic Locking Attacks
Xiaolin Xu and Bicky Shakya and Mark M. Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte
2017/620 ( PDF )
The Algebraic Group Model and its Applications
Georg Fuchsbauer and Eike Kiltz and Julian Loss
2017/619 ( PDF )
Black-Box Constructions of Signature Schemes in the Bounded Leakage Setting
Qiong Huang and Jianye Huang
2017/618 ( PDF )
CacheZoom: How SGX Amplifies The Power of Cache Attacks
Ahmad Moghimi and Gorka Irazoqui and Thomas Eisenbarth
2017/617 ( PDF )
Secure Arithmetic Computation with Constant Computational Overhead
Benny Applebaum and Ivan Damgård and Yuval Ishai and Michael Nielsen and Lior Zichron
2017/616 ( PDF )
Statement Voting
Bingsheng Zhang and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2017/615 ( PDF )
A Framework to Select Parameters for Lattice-Based Cryptography
Nabil Alkeilani Alkadri and Johannes Buchmann and Rachid El Bansarkhani and Juliane Krämer
2017/614 ( PDF )
Brute–Force Search Strategies for Single–Trace and Few–Traces Template Attacks on the DES Round Keys of a Recent Smart Card
Mathias Wagner and Stefan Heyse and Charles Guillemet
2017/613 ( PDF )
Illusion and Dazzle: Adversarial Optical Channel Exploits against Lidars for Automotive Applications
Hocheol Shin and Dohyun Kim and Yujin Kwon and Yongdae Kim
2017/612 ( PDF )
Large Modulus Ring-LWE $\geq$ Module-LWE
Martin R. Albrecht and Amit Deo
2017/611 ( PDF )
Multi-Rate Threshold FlipThem
David Leslie and Chris Sherfield and Nigel P. Smart
2017/610 ( PDF )
Differential Attacks: Using Alternative Operations
Céline Blondeau and Roberto Civino and Massimiliano Sala
2017/609 ( PDF )
On the discrete logarithm problem for prime-field elliptic curves
Alessandro Amadori and Federico Pintore and Massimiliano Sala
2017/608 ( PDF )
Your Rails Cannot Hide From Localized EM: How Dual-Rail Logic Fails on FPGAs
Vincent Immler and Robert Specht and Florian Unterstein
2017/607 ( PDF )
Leighton-Micali Hash-Based Signatures in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
Edward Eaton
2017/606 ( PDF )
Creating Cryptographic Challenges Using Multi-Party Computation: The LWE Challenge
Johannes Buchmann and Niklas Büscher and Florian Göpfert and Stefan Katzenbeisser and Juliane Krämer and Daniele Micciancio and Sander Siim and Christine van Vredendaal and Michael Walter
2017/605 ( PDF )
Unlinkable and Strongly Accountable Sanitizable Signatures from Verifiable Ring Signatures
Xavier Bultel and Pascal Lafourcade
2017/604 ( PDF )
A Modular Analysis of the Fujisaki-Okamoto Transformation
Dennis Hofheinz and Kathrin Hövelmanns and Eike Kiltz
2017/603 ( PDF )
Cryptanalytic Time-Memory Tradeoff for Password Hashing Schemes
Donghoon Chang and Arpan Jati and Sweta Mishra and Somitra Kumar Sanadhya
2017/602 ( PDF )
A multi-party protocol for constructing the public parameters of the Pinocchio zk-SNARK
Sean Bowe and Ariel Gabizon and Matthew D. Green
2017/601 ( PDF )
Implementation and Evaluation of a Lattice-Based Key-Policy ABE Scheme
Wei Dai and Yarkın Doröz and Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Hadi Sajjadpour and Erkay Savaş and Berk Sunar
2017/600 ( PDF )
Bit-Sliding: A Generic Technique for Bit-Serial Implementations of SPN-based Primitives -- Applications to AES, PRESENT and SKINNY
Jeremy Jean and Amir Moradi and Thomas Peyrin and Pascal Sasdrich
2017/599 ( PDF )
A Subversion-Resistant SNARK
Behzad Abdolmaleki and Karim Baghery and Helger Lipmaa and Michal Zajac
2017/598 ( PDF )
Quantum Resource Estimates for Computing Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms
Martin Roetteler and Michael Naehrig and Krysta M. Svore and Kristin Lauter
2017/597 ( PDF )
Round Optimal Concurrent MPC via Strong Simulation
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Vipul Goyal and Abhishek Jain and Dakshita Khurana and Amit Sahai
2017/596 ( PDF )
A Side-Channel Assisted Cryptanalytic Attack Against QcBits
Mélissa Rossi and Mike Hamburg and Michael Hutter and Mark E. Marson
2017/595 ( PDF )
FPGA-based Key Generator for the Niederreiter Cryptosystem using Binary Goppa Codes
Wen Wang and Jakub Szefer and Ruben Niederhagen
2017/594 ( PDF )
Single-Trace Side-Channel Attacks on Masked Lattice-Based Encryption
Robert Primas and Peter Pessl and Stefan Mangard
2017/593 ( PDF )
Solving multivariate polynomial systems and an invariant from commutative algebra
Alessio Caminata and Elisa Gorla
2017/592 ( PDF )
Speeding up lattice sieve with Xeon Phi coprocessor
Anja Becker and Dusan Kostic
2017/591 ( PDF )
On the Security of Carrier Phase-based Ranging
Hildur Olafsdottir and Aanjhan Ranganathan and Srdjan Capkun
2017/590 ( PDF )
Constant bandwidth ORAM with small block size using PIR operations
Linru Zhang and Gongxian Zeng and Yuechen Chen and Siu-Ming Yiu and Nairen Cao and Zheli Liu
2017/589 ( PDF )
An Attempt to Cryptanalyze A Partially Known Cipher Algorithm
Juay Guan Hee
2017/588 ( PDF )
Renyi Entropy Estimation Revisited
Maciej Obremski and Maciej Skorski
2017/587 ( PDF )
Subversion-zero-knowledge SNARKs
Georg Fuchsbauer
2017/586 ( PDF )
Deterministic, Stash-Free Write-Only ORAM
Daniel S. Roche and Adam J. Aviv and Seung Geol Choi and Travis Mayberry
2017/585 ( PDF )
Internet Voting Using Zcash
Pavel Tarasov and Hitesh Tewari
2017/584 ( PDF )
Hacking in the Blind: (Almost) Invisible Runtime User Interface Attacks
Luka Malisa and Kari Kostiainen and Thomas Knell and David Sommer and Srdjan Capkun
2017/583 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Side-Channel Attacks on BLISS Lattice-Based Signatures -- Exploiting Branch Tracing Against strongSwan and Electromagnetic Emanations in Microcontrollers
Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benoit Gerard and Mehdi Tibouchi
2017/582 ( PDF )
(Finite) Field Work: Choosing the Best Encoding of Numbers for FHE Computation
Angela Jäschke and Frederik Armknecht
2017/581 ( PDF )
Time-Memory Trade-offs for Parallel Collision Search Algorithms
Monika Trimoska and Sorina Ionica and Gilles Dequen
2017/580 ( PDF )
Analysing Relations involving small number of Monomials in AES S- Box
Riddhi Ghosal
2017/579 ( PDF )
Birthday Attack on Dual EWCDM
Mridul Nandi
2017/578 ( PDF )
TLS-N: Non-repudiation over TLS Enabling - Ubiquitous Content Signing for Disintermediation
Hubert Ritzdorf and Karl Wüst and Arthur Gervais and Guillaume Felley and Srdjan Capkun
2017/577 ( PDF )
Boot Attestation: Secure Remote Reporting with Off-The-Shelf IoT Sensors
Steffen Schulz and André Schaller and Florian Kohnhäuser and Stefan Katzenbeisser
2017/576 ( PDF )
The Security of SIMON-like Ciphers Against Linear Cryptanalysis
Zhengbin Liu and Yongqiang Li and Mingsheng Wang
2017/575 ( PDF )
Quantum Collision-Resistance of Non-uniformly Distributed Functions: Upper and Lower Bounds
Ehsan Ebrahimi and Dominique Unruh
2017/574 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Secure User Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for HWSN Tailored for the Internet of Things Environment
Hamidreza Yazdanpanah and Mahdi Azizi and Seyed Morteza Pournaghi
2017/573 ( PDF )
Ouroboros Praos: An adaptively-secure, semi-synchronous proof-of-stake protocol
Bernardo David and Peter Gaži and Aggelos Kiayias and Alexander Russell
2017/572 ( PDF )
MXPUF: Secure PUF Design against State-of-the-art Modeling Attacks
Phuong Ha Nguyen and Durga Prasad Sahoo and Chenglu Jin and Kaleel Mahmood and Marten van Dijk
2017/571 ( PDF )
Faster Algorithms for Isogeny Problems using Torsion Point Images
Christophe Petit
2017/570 ( PDF )
Can You Trust Your Encrypted Cloud? An Assessment of SpiderOakONE’s Security
Anders P. K. Dalskov and Claudio Orlandi
2017/569 ( PDF )
Enforcing Input Correctness via Certification in Garbled Circuit Evaluation
Yihua Zhang and Marina Blanton and Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani
2017/568 ( PDF )
Towards Doubly Efficient Private Information Retrieval
Ran Canetti and Justin Holmgren and Silas Richelson
2017/567 ( PDF )
Can We Access a Database Both Locally and Privately?
Elette Boyle and Yuval Ishai and Rafael Pass and Mary Wootters
2017/566 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payments Revisited: Attacks and Payments for Services
Matteo Campanelli and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder and Luca Nizzardo
2017/565 ( PDF )
A Formal Foundation for Secure Remote Execution of Enclaves
Pramod Subramanyan and Rohit Sinha and Ilia Lebedev and Srinivas Devadas and Sanjit Seshia
2017/564 ( PDF )
Performance Counters to Rescue: A Machine Learning based safeguard against Micro-architectural Side-Channel-Attacks
Manaar Alam and Sarani Bhattacharya and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Sourangshu Bhattacharya
2017/563 ( PDF )
Weak is Better: Tightly Secure Short Signatures from Weak PRFs
Jacob Alperin-Sheriff and Daniel Apon
2017/562 ( PDF )
Making Password Authenticated Key Exchange Suitable For Resource-Constrained Industrial Control Devices
Björn Haase and Benoît Labrique
2017/561 ( PDF )
Privacy-Free Garbled Circuits for Formulas: Size Zero and Information-Theoretic
Yashvanth Kondi and Arpita Patra
2017/560 ( PDF )
Notes on the design and analysis of SIMON and SPECK
Ray Beaulieu and Douglas Shors and Jason Smith and Stefan Treatman-Clark and Bryan Weeks and Louis Wingers
2017/559 ( PDF )
Human Computing for Handling Strong Corruptions in Authenticated Key Exchange
Alexandra Boldyreva and Shan Chen and Pierre-Alain Dupont and David Pointcheval
2017/558 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Detecting Large Integer Arithmetic for Defense Against Crypto Ransomware
Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Ziya Alper Genç and Erdinç Öztürk
2017/557 ( PDF )
Watermarking Public-key Cryptographic Functionalities and Implementations
Foteini Baldimtsi and Aggelos Kiayias and Katerina Samari
2017/556 ( PDF )
Multiplication and Division over Extended Galois Field GF($p^q$): A new Approach to find Monic Irreducible Polynomials over any Galois Field GF($p^q$).
Sankhanil Dey and Ranjan Ghosh
2017/555 ( PDF )
Robust Non-Interactive Multiparty Computation Against Constant-Size Collusion
Fabrice Benhamouda and Hugo Krawczyk and Tal Rabin
2017/554 ( PDF )
Trapping ECC with Invalid Curve Bug Attacks
Renaud Dubois
2017/553 ( PDF )
Further Analysis of a Proposed Hash-Based Signature Standard
Scott Fluhrer
2017/552 ( PDF )
Fast Secure Two-Party ECDSA Signing
Yehuda Lindell
2017/551 ( PDF )
A Fourier Analysis Based Attack against Physically Unclonable Functions
Fatemeh Ganji and Shahin Tajik and Jean-Pierre Seifert
2017/550 ( PDF )
Committed MPC - Maliciously Secure Multiparty Computation from Homomorphic Commitments
Tore Kasper Frederiksen and Benny Pinkas and Avishay Yanai
2017/549 ( PDF )
ZeroTrace : Oblivious Memory Primitives from Intel SGX
Sajin Sasy and Sergey Gorbunov and Christopher W. Fletcher
2017/548 ( PDF )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption from the Finite Field Isomorphism Problem
Yarkın Doröz and Jeffrey Hoffstein and Jill Pipher and Joseph H. Silverman and Berk Sunar and William Whyte and Zhenfei Zhang
2017/547 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of an Ultra-lightweight RFID Authentication Protocol for M-commerce
Seyed Farhad Aghili and Hamid Mala
2017/546 ( PDF )
Hitesh Tewari and Arthur Hughes and Stefan Weber and Tomas Barry
2017/545 ( PDF )
Resource-efficient OT combiners with active security
Ignacio Cascudo and Ivan Damgård and Oriol Farràs and Samuel Ranellucci
2017/544 ( PDF )
Securing Abe's Mix-net Against Malicious Verifiers via Witness Indistinguishability
Elette Boyle and Saleet Klein and Alon Rosen and Gil Segev
2017/543 ( PDF )
Identity-Based Encryption from the Diffie-Hellman Assumption
Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg
2017/542 ( PDF )
A New Distribution-Sensitive Secure Sketch and Popularity-Proportional Hashing
Joanne Woodage and Rahul Chatterjee and Yevgeniy Dodis and Ari Juels and Thomas Ristenpart
2017/541 ( PDF )
Lower Bounds on Obfuscation from All-or-Nothing Encryption Primitives
Sanjam Garg and Mohammad Mahmoody and Ameer Mohammed
2017/540 ( PDF )
Snarky Signatures: \\ Minimal Signatures of Knowledge from Simulation-Extractable SNARKs
Jens Groth and Mary Maller
2017/539 ( PDF )
Public-Seed Pseudorandom Permutations
Pratik Soni and Stefano Tessaro
2017/538 ( PDF )
New security notions and feasibility results for authentication of quantum data
Sumegha Garg and Henry Yuen and Mark Zhandry
2017/537 ( PDF )
Information-theoretic Indistinguishability via the Chi-squared Method
Wei Dai and Viet Tung Hoang and Stefano Tessaro
2017/536 ( PDF )
HACL*: A Verified Modern Cryptographic Library
Jean Karim Zinzindohoué, Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Jonathan Protzenko, Benjamin Beurdouche
2017/535 ( PDF )
ZMAC: A Fast Tweakable Block Cipher Mode for Highly Secure Message Authentication
Tetsu Iwata and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Thomas Peyrin and Yannick Seurin
2017/534 ( PDF )
Functional Graph Revisited: Updates on (Second) Preimage Attacks on Hash Combiners
Zhenzhen Bao and Lei Wang and Jian Guo and Dawu Gu
2017/533 ( PDF )
Quantum non-malleability and authentication
Gorjan Alagic and Christian Majenz
2017/532 ( PDF )
All-But-Many Lossy Trapdoor Functions from Lattices and Applications
Xavier Boyen and Qinyi Li
2017/531 ( PDF )
Template Attack vs Bayes Classifier
Stjepan Picek and Annelie Heuser and Sylvain Guilley
2017/530 ( PDF )
Non-Malleable Codes for Space-Bounded Tampering
Sebastian Faust and Kristina Hostakova and Pratyay Mukherjee and Daniele Venturi
2017/529 ( PDF )
Non-Full Sbox Linearization: Applications to Collision Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak
Ling Song and Guohong Liao and Jian Guo
2017/528 ( PDF )
Componentwise APNness, Walsh uniformity of APN functions and cyclic-additive difference sets
Claude Carlet
2017/527 ( PDF )
Key Rotation for Authenticated Encryption
Adam Everspaugh and Kenneth Paterson and Thomas Ristenpart and Sam Scott
2017/526 ( PDF )
Evaluating web PKIs - A Survey
Jiangshan Yu and Mark Ryan
2017/525 ( PDF )
Kurosawa-Desmedt Meets Tight Security
Romain Gay and Dennis Hofheinz and Lisa Kohl
2017/524 ( PDF )
Compact Structure-preserving Signatures with Almost Tight Security
Masayuki Abe and Dennis Hofheinz and Ryo Nishimaki and Miyako Ohkubo and Jiaxin Pan
2017/523 ( PDF )
Short, Invertible Elements in Partially Splitting Cyclotomic Rings and Applications to Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregor Seiler
2017/522 ( PDF )
On the Hardness of the Mersenne Low Hamming Ratio Assumption
Marc Beunardeau and Aisling Connolly and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2017/521 ( PDF )
Breaking the FF3 Format-Preserving Encryption Standard Over Small Domains
F. Betül Durak and Serge Vaudenay
2017/520 ( PDF )
The Price of Low Communication in Secure Multi-Party Computation
Juan Garay and Yuval Ishai and Rafail Ostrovsky and Vassilis Zikas
2017/519 ( PDF )
Efficient, Constant-Round and Actively Secure MPC: Beyond the Three-Party Case
Nishanth Chandran and Juan A. Garay and Payman Mohassel and Satyanarayana Vusirikala
2017/518 ( PDF )
qDSA: Small and Secure Digital Signatures with Curve-based Diffie-Hellman Key Pairs
Joost Renes and Benjamin Smith
2017/517 ( PDF )
PRF-ODH: Relations, Instantiations, and Impossibility Results
Jacqueline Brendel and Marc Fischlin and Felix Günther and Christian Janson
2017/516 ( PDF )
Characterizations of the differential uniformity of vectorial functions by the Walsh transform
Claude Carlet
2017/515 ( PDF )
Be Adaptive, Avoid Overcommitting
Zahra Jafargholi and Chethan Kamath and Karen Klein and Ilan Komargodski and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Daniel Wichs
2017/514 ( PDF )
Identity-based Encryption from Codes with Rank Metric
Philippe Gaborit and Adrien Hauteville and Duong Hieu Phan and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2017/513 ( PDF )
Recovering Short Generators of Principal Fractional Ideals in Cyclotomic Fields of Conductor $p^\alpha q^\beta$
Patrick Holzer and Thomas Wunderer
2017/512 ( -- withdrawn -- )
2017/511 ( PDF )
State of the Art in Lightweight Symmetric Cryptography
Alex Biryukov and Leo Perrin
2017/510 ( PDF )
Hedging Public-Key Encryption in the Real World
Alexandra Boldyreva and Christopher Patton and Thomas Shrimpton
2017/509 ( PDF )
Quantum Security of NMAC and Related Constructions
Fang Song and Aaram Yun
2017/508 ( PDF )
Generalized Distinguishing Attack: A New Cryptanalysis of AES-like Permutations
Victor Cauchois and Clément Gomez and Reynald Lercier
2017/507 ( PDF )
Inverted Leftover Hash Lemma
Maciej Obremski and Maciej Skórski
2017/506 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Optimal Overcoming Weak Expectations
Maciej Skorski
2017/505 ( PDF )
Side-Channel Attacks on BLISS Lattice-Based Signatures -- Exploiting Branch Tracing Against strongSwan and Electromagnetic Emanations in Microcontrollers
Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benoit Gerard and Mehdi Tibouchi
2017/504 ( PDF )
A simple and compact algorithm for SIDH with arbitrary degree isogenies
Craig Costello and Huseyin Hisil
2017/503 ( PDF )
Encryption Switching Protocols Revisited: Switching modulo $p$
Guilhem Castagnos and Laurent Imbert and Fabien Laguillaumie
2017/502 ( PDF )
DeepSecure: Scalable Provably-Secure Deep Learning
Bita Darvish Rouhani and M. Sadegh Riazi and Farinaz Koushanfar
2017/501 ( PDF )
A Formal Treatment of Multi-key Channels
Felix Günther and Sogol Mazaheri
2017/500 ( PDF )
Algebraic XOR-RKA-Secure Pseudorandom Functions from Post-Zeroizing Multilinear Maps
Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda and Alain Passelègue
2017/499 ( PDF )
Optimal Security Reductions for Unique Signatures: Bypassing Impossibilities with A Counterexample
Fuchun Guo and Rongmao Chen and Willy Susilo and Jianchang Lai and Guomin Yang and Yi Mu
2017/498 ( PDF )
Full-State Keyed Duplex With Built-In Multi-User Support
Joan Daemen and Bart Mennink and Gilles Van Assche
2017/497 ( PDF )
Time-Memory Tradeoff Attacks on the MTP Proof-of-Work Scheme
Itai Dinur and Niv Nadler
2017/496 ( PDF )
Modes of Operation Suitable for Computing on Encrypted Data
Dragos Rotaru and Nigel P. Smart and Martijn Stam
2017/495 ( PDF )
Multi-Key Authenticated Encryption with Corruptions: Reductions are Lossy
Tibor Jager and Martijn Stam and Ryan Stanley-Oakes and Bogdan Warinschi
2017/494 ( PDF )
A Reaction Attack on the QC-LDPC McEliece Cryptosystem
Tomas Fabsic and Viliam Hromada and Paul Stankovski and Pavol Zajac and Qian Guo and Thomas Johansson
2017/493 ( PDF )
Robust Fuzzy Extractors and Helper Data Manipulation Attacks Revisited: Theory vs Practice
Georg T. Becker
2017/492 ( PDF )
Reducing Communication Channels in MPC
Marcel Keller and Dragos Rotaru and Nigel P. Smart and Tim Wood
2017/491 ( PDF )
Laconic Oblivious Transfer and its Applications
Chongwon Cho and Nico Döttling and Sanjam Garg and Divya Gupta and Peihan Miao and Antigoni Polychroniadou
2017/490 ( PDF )
To BLISS-B or not to be - Attacking strongSwan's Implementation of Post-Quantum Signatures
Peter Pessl and Leon Groot Bruinderink and Yuval Yarom
2017/489 ( PDF )
Multi Collision Resistant Hash Functions and their Applications
Itay Berman and Akshay Degwekar and Ron D. Rothblum and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/488 ( PDF )
Multi-Collision Resistance: A Paradigm for Keyless Hash Functions
Nir Bitansky and Yael Tauman Kalai and Omer Paneth
2017/487 ( PDF )
New Linear Attacks on Block Cipher GOST
2017/486 ( PDF )
Collision Resistant Hashing for Paranoids: Dealing with Multiple Collisions
Ilan Komargodski and Moni Naor and Eylon Yogev
2017/485 ( PDF )
Authenticating compromisable storage systems
Jiangshan Yu and Mark Ryan and Liqun Chen
2017/484 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Middle Lattice on the Overstretched NTRU Problem for General Modulus Polynomial
Jung Hee Cheon and Minki Hhan and Changmin Lee
2017/483 ( PDF )
A multi-start heuristic for multiplicative depth minimization of boolean circuits
Sergiu Carpov and Pascal Aubry and Renaud Sirdey
2017/482 ( PDF )
On the Statistical Leak of the GGH13 Multilinear Map and some Variants
Léo Ducas and Alice Pellet--Mary
2017/481 ( PDF )
A New Public-Key Cryptosystem via Mersenne Numbers
Divesh Aggarwal and Antoine Joux and Anupam Prakash and Miklos Santha
2017/480 ( PDF )
Sharper Bounds in Lattice-Based Cryptography using the Rényi Divergence
Thomas Prest
2017/479 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Time-Series Data with Public Verifiability from Simple Assumptions
Keita Emura
2017/478 ( PDF )
Refined Probability of Differential Characteristics Including Dependency Between Multiple Rounds
Anne Canteaut and Eran Lambooij and Samuel Neves and Shahram Rasoolzadeh and Yu Sasaki and Marc Stevens
2017/477 ( PDF )
Constrained Keys for Invertible Pseudorandom Functions
Dan Boneh and Sam Kim and David J. Wu
2017/476 ( PDF )
Forward-Security under Continual Leakage
Mihir Bellare and Adam O'Neill and Igors Stepanovs
2017/475 ( PDF )
Security of Even--Mansour Ciphers under Key-Dependent Messages
Pooya Farshim and Louiza Khati and Damien Vergnaud
2017/474 ( PDF )
Insuperability of the Standard Versus Ideal Model Gap for Tweakable Blockcipher Security
Bart Mennink
2017/473 ( PDF )
Encrypted Davies-Meyer and Its Dual: Towards Optimal Security Using Mirror Theory
Bart Mennink and Samuel Neves
2017/472 ( PDF )
A Unified Framework for Secure Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
Cengiz Orencik and Erkay Savas and Mahmoud Alewiwi
2017/471 ( PDF )
Total Break of the Fully Homomorphic Multivariate Encryption Scheme of 2017/458: Decryption can not be of low degree
Jacob Alperin-Sheriff and Jintai Ding and Albrecht Petzoldt and Daniel Smith Tone
2017/470 ( PDF )
On the Relation Between SIM and IND-RoR Security Models for PAKEs
José Becerra and Vincenzo Iovino and Dimiter Ostrev and Marjan Skrobot
2017/469 ( PDF )
Short CCA-Secure Attribute-Based Encryption
Hiroaki Anada and Seiko Arita
2017/468 ( PDF )
Why Your Encrypted Database Is Not Secure
Paul Grubbs and Thomas Ristenpart and Vitaly Shmatikov
2017/467 ( PDF )
Access Control Encryption for General Policies from Standard Assumptions
Sam Kim and David J. Wu
2017/466 ( PDF )
Tweakable Blockciphers for Efficient Authenticated Encryptions with Beyond the Birthday-Bound Security
Yusuke Naito
2017/465 ( PDF )
Lelantos: A Blockchain-based Anonymous Physical Delivery System
Riham AlTawy and Muhammad ElSheikh and Amr M. Youssef and Guang Gong
2017/464 ( PDF )
On the Structure of Unconditional UC Hybrid Protocols
Mike Rosulek and Morgan Shirley
2017/463 ( PDF )
Proving Resistance against Invariant Attacks: How to Choose the Round Constants
Christof Beierle and Anne Canteaut and Gregor Leander and Yann Rotella
2017/462 ( PDF )
Leakage-Resilient Tweakable Encryption from One-Way Functions
Suvradip Chakraborty and Chester Rebeiro and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and C. Pandu Rangan
2017/461 ( PDF )
Security Definitions For Hash Functions: Combining UCE and Indifferentiability
Daniel Jost and Ueli Maurer
2017/460 ( PDF )
Transitioning to a Quantum-Resistant Public Key Infrastructure
Nina Bindel and Udyani Herath and Matthew McKague and Douglas Stebila
2017/459 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of Arbiter PUF and Its Lightweight Compositions Under Predictability Test
Phuong Ha Nguyen and Durga Prasad Sahoo and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/458 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Fully Homomorphic Encryption Using Multivariate Polynomials
Matthew Tamayo-Rios and Jean-Charles Faugère and Ludovic Perret and Peng Hui How and Robin Zhang
2017/457 ( PDF )
Universal Construction of Cheater-Identifiable Secret Sharing Against Rushing Cheaters without Honest Majority
Masahito Hayashi and Takeshi Koshiba
2017/456 ( PDF )
Proxy Re-Encryption and Re-Signatures from Lattices
Xiong Fan and Feng-Hao Liu
2017/455 ( PDF )
Vector Encoding over Lattices and Its Applications
Daniel Apon and Xiong Fan and Feng-Hao Liu
2017/454 ( PDF )
Algorand: Scaling Byzantine Agreements for Cryptocurrencies
Yossi Gilad and Rotem Hemo and Silvio Micali and Georgios Vlachos and Nickolai Zeldovich
2017/453 ( PDF )
Subtleties in Security Definitions for Predicate Encryption with Public Index
Johannes Blömer and Gennadij Liske
2017/452 ( PDF )
Oblivious Neural Network Predictions via MiniONN transformations
Jian Liu and Mika Juuti and Yao Lu and N. Asokan
2017/451 ( PDF )
Efficient Compilers for After-the-Fact Leakage: from CPA to CCA-2 secure PKE to AKE
Suvradip Chakraborty and Goutam Paul and C. Pandu Rangan
2017/450 ( PDF )
Privacy-preserving biometric authentication: challenges and directions
Elena Pagnin and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa
2017/449 ( PDF )
Differentially 4-Uniform Permutations with the Best Known Nonlinearity from Butterflies
Shihui Fu and Xiutao Feng and Baofeng Wu
2017/448 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Obfuscation of Bloom Filter Queries from Ring-LWE
Alex Davidson
2017/447 ( PDF )
Block Chain based Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Huige Li and Haibo Tian and Fangguo Zhang
2017/446 ( PDF )
Secretly Embedding Trapdoors into Contract Signing Protocols
Diana Maimut and George Teseleanu
2017/445 ( PDF )
Practical Strongly Invisible and Strongly Accountable Sanitizable Signatures
Michael Till Beck and Jan Camenisch and David Derler and Stephan Krenn and Henrich C. Pöhls and Kai Samelin and Daniel Slamanig
2017/444 ( PDF )
CrowdBC: A Blockchain-based Decentralized Framework for Crowdsourcing
Ming Li, Jian Weng, Anjia Yang, Wei Lu,Yue Zhang, Lin Hou, Jia-Nan Liu, Yang Xiang, Robert H. Deng
2017/443 ( PDF )
Practical Graphs for Optimal Side-Channel Resistant Memory-Hard Functions
Joel Alwen and Jeremiah Blocki and Ben Harsha
2017/442 ( PDF )
On the Depth-Robustness and Cumulative Pebbling Cost of Argon2i
Jeremiah Blocki and Samson Zhou
2017/441 ( PDF )
New Approach to Practical Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Cryptography
Suvradip Chakraborty and Janaka Alawatugoda and C. Pandu Rangan
2017/440 ( PDF )
Cryptographic Security Analysis of T-310
Nicolas T. Courtois and Klaus Schmeh and Jörg Drobick and Jacques Patarin and Maria-Bristena Oprisanu and Matteo Scarlata and Om Bhallamudi
2017/439 ( PDF )
Practically Efficient Secure Single-Commodity Multi-Market Auctions
Abdelrahaman Aly and Mathieu Van Vyve
2017/438 ( PDF )
GLITCH: A Discrete Gaussian Testing Suite For Lattice-Based Cryptography
James Howe and Máire O'Neill
2017/437 ( PDF )
Slothful reduction
Michael Scott
2017/436 ( PDF )
A Uniform Class of Weak Keys for Universal Hash Functions
Kaiyan Zheng and Peng Wang
2017/435 ( PDF )
Analyzing Multi-Key Security Degradation
Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink and Kenneth G. Paterson
2017/434 ( PDF )
FourQ on embedded devices with strong countermeasures against side-channel attacks
Zhe Liu and Patrick Longa and Geovandro Pereira and Oscar Reparaz and Hwajeong Seo
2017/433 ( PDF )
Two-Message Witness Indistinguishability and Secure Computation in the Plain Model from New Assumptions
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Sanjam Garg and Yuval Ishai and Amit Sahai and Akshay Wadia
2017/432 ( PDF )
Statistical and Linear Independence of Binary Random Variables
Kaisa Nyberg
2017/431 ( PDF )
Understanding RUP Integrity of COLM
Nilanjan Datta and Atul Luykx and Bart Mennink and Mridul Nandi
2017/430 ( PDF )
Improving TFHE: faster packed homomorphic operations and efficient circuit bootstrapping
Ilaria Chillotti and Nicolas Gama and Mariya Georgieva and Malika Izabachène
2017/429 ( PDF )
Strengthening Access Control Encryption
Christian Badertscher and Christian Matt and Ueli Maurer
2017/428 ( PDF )
Optimal Ramp Schemes and Related Combinatorial Objects
Douglas R. Stinson
2017/427 ( PDF )
Grover Meets Simon - Quantumly Attacking the FX-construction
Gregor Leander and Alexander May
2017/426 ( PDF )
FHPKE based on multivariate discrete logarithm problem
Masahiro Yagisawa
2017/425 ( PDF )
Card-Based Protocols Using Unequal Division Shuffles
Akihiro Nishimura and Takuya Nishida and Yu-ichi Hayashi and Takaaki Mizuki and Hideaki Sone
2017/424 ( PDF )
HILA5: On Reliability, Reconciliation, and Error Correction for Ring-LWE Encryption
Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen
2017/423 ( PDF )
Foundations for Actively Secure Card-based Cryptography
Alexander Koch and Stefan Walzer
2017/422 ( PDF )
PUF+IBE: Blending Physically Unclonable Functions with Identity Based Encryption for Authentication and Key Exchange in IoTs
Urbi Chatterjee and Vidya Govindan and Rajat Sadhukhan and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Rajat Subhra Chakraborty and Debashis Mahata and Mukesh Prabhu
2017/421 ( PDF )
Exploring Naccache-Stern Knapsack Encryption
Éric Brier and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2017/420 ( PDF )
Construction and Filtration of Lightweight Formalized MDS Matrices
Shiyi Zhang and Yongjuan Wang and Yang Gao and Tao Wang
2017/419 ( PDF )
Efficient hash maps to \mathbb{G}_2 on BLS curves
Alessandro Budroni and Federico Pintore
2017/418 ( PDF )
Strong Authenticated Key Exchange with Auxiliary Inputs
Rongmao Chen and Yi Mu and Guomin Yang and Willy Susilo and Fuchun Guo
2017/417 ( PDF )
A Proof-of-Stake protocol for consensus on Bitcoin subchains
Massimo Bartoletti and Stefano Lande and Alessandro Sebastian Podda
2017/416 ( PDF )
Breaking and Fixing the HB+DB protocol
Ioana Boureanu and David Gerault and Pascal Lafourcade and Cristina Onete
2017/415 ( PDF )
Towards Practical PFE: An Efficient 2-Party Private Function Evaluation Protocol Based on Half Gates
Osman Bicer and Muhammed Ali Bingol and Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and Albert Levi
2017/414 ( PDF )
Symmetrically and Asymmetrically Hard Cryptography (Full Version)
Alex Biryukov and Leo Perrin
2017/413 ( PDF )
Correlation Power Analysis Attack against STT-MRAM Based Cyptosystems
Abhishek Chakraborty and Ankit Mondal and Ankur Srivastava
2017/412 ( PDF )
Improved Attack on Full-round Grain-128
Ximing Fu and Xiaoyun Wang and Jiazhe Chen and Marc Stevens and Xiaoyang Dong
2017/411 ( PDF )
A New Algorithm for Inversion mod $p^k$
Çetin Kaya Koç
2017/410 ( PDF )
Fast Proxy Re-Encryption for Publish/Subscribe Systems
Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Gyana Sahu and Vinod Vaikuntanthan
2017/409 ( PDF )
Maliciously Secure Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation with Constant Overhead
Satrajit Ghosh and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Tobias Nilges
2017/408 ( PDF )
Combinatorial Subset Difference Public Key Broadcast Encryption Scheme for Secure Multicast
Jihye Kim and Jiwon Lee and Seunghwa Lee and Hyunok Oh
2017/407 ( PDF )
SplitCommit: Implementing and Analyzing Homomorphic UC Commitments
Peter Rindal and Roberto Trifiletti
2017/406 ( PDF )
OmniLedger: A Secure, Scale-Out, Decentralized Ledger via Sharding
Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias and Philipp Jovanovic and Linus Gasser and Nicolas Gailly and Ewa Syta and Bryan Ford
2017/405 ( PDF )
Security Analysis of ``PSLP: Privacy-Preserving Single-Layer Perceptron Learning for e-Healthcare''
Jingjing Wang and Xiaoyu Zhang and Jingjing guo and Jianfeng Wang
2017/404 ( PDF )
Short generators without quantum computers: the case of multiquadratics
Jens Bauch and Daniel J. Bernstein and Henry de Valence and Tanja Lange and Christine van Vredendaal
2017/403 ( PDF )
Condition on composite numbers easily factored with elliptic curve method
Masaaki Shirase
2017/402 ( PDF )
A New Approach to Round-Optimal Secure Multiparty Computation
Prabhanjan Ananth and Arka Rai Choudhuri and Abhishek Jain
2017/401 ( PDF )
Synthesis of Adaptive Side-Channel Attacks
Quoc-Sang Phan and Lucas Bang and Corina S. Păsăreanu and Pasquale Malacaria and Tevfik Bultan
2017/400 ( PDF )
A Leakage-Abuse Attack Against Multi-User Searchable Encryption
Cédric Van Rompay and Refik Molva and Melek Önen
2017/399 ( PDF )
Practical Evaluation of Masking Software Countermeasures on an IoT processor
David McCann and Elisabeth Oswald
2017/398 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Security of Fiat-Shamir
Dominique Unruh
2017/397 ( PDF )
Efficient One-Time Signatures from Quasi-Cyclic Codes: a Full Treatment
Edoardo Persichetti
2017/396 ( PDF )
SecureML: A System for Scalable Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
Payman Mohassel and Yupeng Zhang
2017/395 ( PDF )
Higher-Order Side-Channel Protected Implementations of Keccak
Hannes Gross and David Schaffenrath and Stefan Mangard
2017/394 ( PDF )
Double-spending Prevention for Bitcoin zero-confirmation transactions
Cristina Pérez-Solà and Sergi Delgado-Segura and Guillermo Navarro-Arribas and Jordi Herrera-Joancomartı́
2017/393 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Interdomain Routing at Internet Scale
Gilad Asharov and Daniel Demmler and Michael Schapira and Thomas Schneider and Gil Segev and Scott Shenker and Michael Zohner
2017/392 ( PDF )
Running compression algorithms in the encrypted domain: a case-study on the homomorphic execution of RLE
Sébastien Canard and Sergiu Carpov and Donald Nokam Kuate and Renaud Sirdey
2017/391 ( PDF )
Another Look at Success Probability in Linear Cryptanalysis
Subhabrata Samajder and Palash Sarkar
2017/390 ( PDF )
On the Security of Classic Protocols for Unique Witness Relations
Yi Deng and Xuyang Song and Jingyue Yu and Yu Chen
2017/389 ( PDF )
Decentralized Blacklistable Anonymous Credentials with Reputation
Rupeng Yang and Man Ho Au and Qiuliang Xu and Zuoxia Yu
2017/388 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Key Exchange on ARMv8-A -- A New Hope for NEON made Simple
Silvan Streit and Fabrizio De Santis
2017/387 ( PDF )
Homomorphically Encrypted Arithmetic Operations over the Integer Ring
Chen Xu and Jingwei Chen and Wenyuan Wu and Yong Feng
2017/386 ( PDF )
Four Round Secure Computation without Setup
Zvika Brakerski and Shai Halevi and Antigoni Polychroniadou
2017/385 ( PDF )
Garbled Circuits as Randomized Encodings of Functions: a Primer
Benny Applebaum
2017/384 ( PDF )
Time-Memory-Data Tradeoff Attacks against Small-State Stream Ciphers
Matthias Hamann and Matthias Krause and Willi Meier and Bin Zhang
2017/383 ( PDF )
Super-Isolated Elliptic Curves and Abelian Surfaces in Cryptography
Travis Scholl
2017/382 ( PDF )
A General Degenerate Grouping Power Attack with Specific Application to SIMON and SPECK
Steven Cavanaugh
2017/381 ( PDF )
Quantum one-way permutation over the finite field of two elements
Alexandre de Castro
2017/380 ( PDF )
Watermarking Cryptographic Functionalities from Standard Lattice Assumptions
Sam Kim and David J. Wu
2017/379 ( PDF )
Fault attack on Supersingular Isogeny Cryptosystems
Yan Bo Ti
2017/378 ( PDF )
Faster Secure Multi-Party Computation of AES and DES Using Lookup Tables
Marcel Keller and Emmanuela Orsini and Dragos Rotaru and Peter Scholl and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez and Srinivas Vivek
2017/377 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Bartering Secure Against Active Adversaries
Stefan Wüller and Ulrike Meyer and Susanne Wetzel
2017/376 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Determining the Minimum Degree of an S-box
P. R. Mishra, Sumanta Sarkar and Indivar Gupta
2017/375 ( PDF )
Do you need a Blockchain?
Karl Wüst and Arthur Gervais
2017/374 ( PDF )
Loop-abort faults on supersingular isogeny cryptosystems
Alexandre Gélin and Benjamin Wesolowski
2017/373 ( PDF )
Fully Dynamic Multi Target Homomorphic Attribute-Based Encryption
Ryo Hiromasa and Yutaka Kawai
2017/372 ( PDF )
A crossbred algorithm for solving Boolean polynomial systems
Antoine Joux and Vanessa Vitse
2017/371 ( PDF )
On the Construction of Lightweight Orthogonal MDS Matrices
Lijing Zhou, Licheng Wang and Yiru Sun
2017/370 ( PDF )
"The Simplest Protocol for Oblivious Transfer'' Revisited
Ziya Alper Genç and Vincenzo Iovino and Alfredo Rial
2017/369 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Enforcing Input Correctness via Certification in Garbled Circuit Evaluation
Yihua Zhang and Marina Blanton and Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani
2017/368 ( PDF )
Analysis of Toeplitz MDS Matrices
Sumanta Sarkar and Habeeb Syed
2017/367 ( PDF )
Fork-Free Hybrid Consensus with Flexible Proof-of-Activity
Zhiqiang Liu and Shuyang Tang and Sherman S.M. Chow and Zhen Liu and Yu Long
2017/366 ( PDF )
BitFlip: A Randomness-Rich Cipher
Gideon Samid and Serguei Popov
2017/365 ( PDF )
The Complexity of Public-Key Cryptography
Boaz Barak
2017/364 ( PDF )
Round-Preserving Parallel Composition of Probabilistic-Termination Cryptographic Protocols
Ran Cohen and Sandro Coretti and Juan Garay and Vassilis Zikas
2017/363 ( PDF )
TOPPSS: Cost-minimal Password-Protected Secret Sharing based on Threshold OPRF
Stanislaw Jarecki and Aggelos Kiayias and Hugo Krawczyk and Jiayu Xu
2017/362 ( PDF )
Universally Composable Zero-Knowledge Proof of Membership
Jesper Buus Nielsen
2017/361 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation for All Circuits from Secret-Key Functional Encryption
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/360 ( PDF )
Provably Secure Three-party Password Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Based On Ring Learning With Error
Dongqing Xu, Debiao He, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Jianhua Chen
2017/359 ( PDF )
Conditional Disclosure of Secrets via Non-Linear Reconstruction
Tianren Liu and Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Hoeteck Wee
2017/358 ( PDF )
Almost Optimal Oblivious Transfer from QA-NIZK
Olivier Blazy and Céline Chevalier and Paul Germouty
2017/357 ( PDF )
Continuous Non-Malleable Codes in the 8-Split-State Model
Divesh Aggarwal and Nico Dottling and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Maciej Obremski and Erick Purwanto
2017/356 ( PDF )
XOR of PRPs in a Quantum World
Bart Mennink and Alan Szepieniec
2017/355 ( PDF )
White-Box Cryptography: Don't Forget About Grey Box Attacks
Estuardo Alpirez Bock and Joppe W. Bos and Chris Brzuska and Charles Hubain and Wil Michiels and Cristofaro Mune and Eloi Sanfelix Gonzalez and Philippe Teuwen and Alexander Treff
2017/354 ( PDF )
Tightly Secure Ring-LWE Based Key Encapsulation with Short Ciphertexts
Martin R. Albrecht and Emmanuela Orsini and Kenneth G. Paterson and Guy Peer and Nigel P. Smart
2017/353 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based Group Signatures: Achieving Full Dynamicity with Ease
San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang and Yanhong Xu
2017/352 ( PDF )
A low-resource quantum factoring algorithm
Daniel J. Bernstein and Jean-François Biasse and Michele Mosca
2017/351 ( PDF )
Post-quantum RSA
Daniel J. Bernstein and Nadia Heninger and Paul Lou and Luke Valenta
2017/350 ( PDF )
The Montgomery ladder on binary elliptic curves
Thomaz Oliveira and Julio López and Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez
2017/349 ( PDF )
LMS vs XMSS: Comparion of two Hash-Based Signature Standards
Panos Kampanakis, Scott Fluhrer
2017/348 ( PDF )
Removal Attacks on Logic Locking and Camouflaging Techniques
Muhammad Yasin and Bodhisatwa Mazumdar and Ozugr Sinanoglu and Jeyavijayan Rajendran
2017/347 ( PDF )
Predictive Aging of Reliability of two Delay PUFs
Naghmeh Karimi and Jean-Luc Danger and Florent Lozac'h and Sylvain Guilley
2017/346 ( PDF )
Some cryptanalytic results on Lizard
Subhadeep Banik and Takanori Isobe
2017/345 ( PDF )
Mind the Gap: Towards Secure 1st-order Masking in Software
Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Nikita Veshchikov
2017/344 ( PDF )
DUPLO: Unifying Cut-and-Choose for Garbled Circuits
Vladimir Kolesnikov and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Mike Rosulek and Ni Trieu and Roberto Trifiletti
2017/343 ( PDF )
Towards a Classification of Non-interactive Computational Assumptions in Cyclic Groups
Essam Ghadafi and Jens Groth
2017/342 ( PDF )
Multilinear Maps Using a Variant of Ring-LWE
Gu Chunsheng
2017/341 ( PDF )
Steganography techniques
Dragoş Dumitrescu and Ioan-Mihail Stan and Emil Simion
2017/340 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Enhancing Security by Combining Biometrics and Cryptography
Diana Popa and Emil Simion
2017/339 ( PDF )
ElsieFour: A Low-Tech Authenticated Encryption Algorithm For Human-to-Human Communication
Alan Kaminsky
2017/338 ( PDF )
A Traceability Analysis of Monero's Blockchain
Amrit Kumar and Clément Fischer and Shruti Tople and Prateek Saxena
2017/337 ( PDF )
Authentication of Outsourced Linear Function Query with Efficient Updates
Gang Sheng and Chunming Tang and Wei Gao and Yunlu Cai and Xing Hu
2017/336 ( PDF )
Carmina GEORGESCU and Alina PETRESCU-NITA and Emil SIMION and Antonela TOMA
2017/335 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression on Distributed Data
Irene Giacomelli and Somesh Jha and C. David Page
2017/334 ( PDF )
Updating key size estimations for pairings
Razvan Barbulescu and Sylvain Duquesne
2017/333 ( PDF )
Faster Homomorphic Function Evaluation using Non-Integral Base Encoding
Charlotte Bonte and Carl Bootland and Joppe W. Bos and Wouter Castryck and Ilia Iliashenko and Frederik Vercauteren
2017/332 ( PDF )
Reforgeability of Authenticated Encryption Schemes
Christian Forler and Eik List and Stefan Lucks and Jakob Wenzel
2017/331 ( PDF )
Optimal attacks on qubit-based Quantum Key Recycling
Daan Leermakers and Boris Skoric
2017/330 ( PDF )
Distinguisher-Dependent Simulation in Two Rounds and its Applications
Abhishek Jain and Yael Tauman Kalai and Dakshita Khurana and Ron Rothblum
2017/329 ( PDF )
Maliciously Secure Multi-Client ORAM
Matteo Maffei (TU Wien) and Giulio Malavolta (FAU) and Manuel Reinert (CISPA, Saarland University) and Dominique Schröder (FAU)
2017/328 ( PDF )
Evaluating Bernstein-Rabin-Winograd Polynomials
Sebati Ghosh and Palash Sarkar
2017/327 ( PDF )
MQ Signatures for PKI
Alan Szepieniec and Ward Beullens and Bart Preneel
2017/326 ( PDF )
Labeled Homomorphic Encryption: Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Processing of Outsourced Data
Manuel Barbosa and Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore
2017/325 ( PDF )
CHVote Protocol Specification
Rolf Haenni and Reto E. Koenig and Philipp Locher and Eric Dubuis
2017/324 ( PDF )
Family of PRGs based on Collections of Arithmetic Progressions
Ch. Srikanth and C.E. Veni Madhavan
2017/323 ( PDF )
Revocable Identity-based Encryption with Bounded Decryption Key Exposure Resistance: Lattice-based Construction and More
Atsushi Takayasu and Yohei Watanabe
2017/322 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Approximate Polynomial Common Divisor Problem Relates to Noisy Multipolynomial Reconstruction
Jun Xu and Santanu Sarkar and Lei Hu
2017/321 ( PDF )
How Fast Can We Obfuscate Using Ideal Graded Encoding Schemes
Dingfeng Ye and Peng Liu and Jun Xu
2017/320 ( PDF )
Speeding up Huff Form of Elliptic Curves
Neriman Gamze Orhon and Huseyin Hisil
2017/319 ( PDF )
Embed-Augment-Recover: Function Private Predicate Encryption from Minimal Assumptions in the Public-Key Setting
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/318 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Key-Aggregate Searchable Encryption with Constant-Size Trapdoors for Fine-Grained Access Control in the Cloud
Sikhar Patranabis and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
2017/317 ( PDF )
Solidus: Confidential Distributed Ledger Transactions via PVORM
Ethan Cecchetti and Fan Zhang and Yan Ji and Ahmed Kosba and Ari Juels and Elaine Shi
2017/316 ( PDF )
Exploring Potential 6LoWPAN Traffic Side Channels
Yan Yan and Elisabeth Oswald and Theo Tryfonas
2017/315 ( PDF )
Multimodal Indexable Encryption for Mobile Cloud-based Applications (Extended Version)
Bernardo Ferreira, Joaão Leitão, Henrique Domingos
2017/314 ( PDF )
Post-quantum cryptography---dealing with the fallout of physics success
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
2017/313 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Generic Approach to Identity-based Sequential Aggregate Signatures: New constructions from 2-level HIBE Schemes
Yanqing Yao, Hua Guo, Zhoujun Li
2017/312 ( PDF )
Limits on Low-Degree Pseudorandom Generators (Or: Sum-of-Squares Meets Program Obfuscation)
Boaz Barak and Zvika Brakerski and Ilan Komargodski and Pravesh K. Kothari
2017/311 ( PDF )
Constructing Multidimensional Differential Addition Chains and their Applications
Aaron Hutchinson and Koray Karabina
2017/310 ( PDF )
KDM-Secure Public-Key Encryption from Constant-Noise LPN
Shuai Han and Shengli Liu
2017/309 ( PDF )
Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Scheme against Rational Adversaries
Maiki Fujita and Takeshi Koshiba
2017/308 ( PDF )
Faster Gaussian Sampling for Trapdoor Lattices with Arbitrary Modulus
Nicholas Genise and Daniele Micciancio
2017/307 ( PDF )
Efficient Synchronous Byzantine Consensus
Ittai Abraham and Srinivas Devadas and Danny Dolev and Kartik Nayak and Ling Ren
2017/306 ( PDF )
Cube Attacks on Non-Blackbox Polynomials Based on Division Property (Full Version)
Yosuke Todo, Takanori Isobe, Yonglin Hao, Willi Meier
2017/305 ( PDF )
A Zero Knowledge Sumcheck and its Applications
Alessandro Chiesa and Michael A. Forbes and Nicholas Spooner
2017/304 ( PDF )
Provably Secure NTRUEncrypt over More General Cyclotomic Rings
Yang Yu and Guangwu Xu and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/303 ( PDF )
Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes in the Bounded Retrieval Model
Dana Dachman-Soled and Mukul Kulkarni and Aria Shahverdi
2017/302 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Quantum preimage, 2nd-preimage, and collision resistance of SHA3
Jan Czajkowski and Leon Groot Bruinderink and Andreas Hülsing and Christian Schaffner
2017/301 ( PDF )
Limits on the Locality of Pseudorandom Generators and Applications to Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Alex Lombardi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/300 ( PDF )
Tortoise and Hares Consensus: the Meshcash Framework for Incentive-Compatible, Scalable Cryptocurrencies
Iddo Bentov and Pavel Hubáček and Tal Moran and Asaf Nadler
2017/299 ( PDF )
Fast Private Set Intersection from Homomorphic Encryption
Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Peter Rindal
2017/298 ( PDF )
An Investigation of Sources of Randomness Within Discrete Gaussian Sampling
Séamus Brannigan and Neil Smyth and Tobias Oder and Felipe Valencia and Elizabeth O’Sullivan and Tim Güneysu and Francesco Regazzoni
2017/297 ( PDF )
A Terrorist-fraud Resistant and Extractor-free Anonymous Distance-bounding Protocol
Gildas Avoine and Xavier Bultel and Sébastien Gambs and David Gérault and Pascal Lafourcade and Cristina Onete and Jean-Marc Robert
2017/296 ( PDF )
Topology-Hiding Computation on all Graphs
Adi Akavia and Rio LaVigne and Tal Moran
2017/295 ( PDF )
Improved key-reconciliation method
Ludo Tolhuizen and Ronald Rietman and Oscar Garcia-Morchon
2017/294 ( PDF )
Secure searching of biomarkers through hybrid homomorphic encryption scheme
Miran Kim and Yongsoo Song and Jung Hee Cheon
2017/293 ( PDF )
Montgomery curves and the Montgomery ladder
Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange
2017/292 ( PDF )
Involutory Differentially 4-Uniform Permutations from Known Constructions
Shihui Fu and Xiutao Feng
2017/291 ( PDF )
How to Achieve Non-Malleability in One or Two Rounds
Dakshita Khurana and Amit Sahai
2017/290 ( PDF )
Double DIP: Re-Evaluating Security of Logic Encryption Algorithms
Yuanqi Shen and Hai Zhou
2017/289 ( PDF )
On the Hardness of Trivium and Grain with respect to Generic Time-Memory-Data Tradeoff Attacks
Matthias Krause
2017/288 ( PDF )
Security of Symmetric Primitives under Incorrect Usage of Keys
Pooya Farshim and Claudio Orlandi and Răzvan Roşie
2017/287 ( PDF )
Towards Sound and Optimal Leakage Detection Procedure
Liwei Zhang and A. Adam Ding and Francois Durvaux and Francois-Xavier Standaert and Yunsi Fei
2017/286 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Impossible Differential Attack on Midori128 Using Rebound-like Technique
Wenquan Bi and Zheng Li and Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/285 ( PDF )
Implementation and Evaluation of Improved Gaussian Sampling for Lattice Trapdoors
Kamil Doruk Gür and Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Gerard W. Ryan and Erkay Savaş
2017/284 ( PDF )
SafeDRP: Yet Another Way Toward Power-Equalized Designs in FPGA
Maik Ender and Alexander Wild and Amir Moradi
2017/283 ( PDF )
On the Easiness of Turning Higher-Order Leakages into First-Order
Thorben Moos and Amir Moradi
2017/282 ( PDF )
Collapsing sponges: Post-quantum security of the sponge construction
Dominique Unruh
2017/281 ( PDF )
Practical Secure Aggregation for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
Keith Bonawitz and Vladimir Ivanov and Ben Kreuter and Antonio Marcedone and H. Brendan McMahan and Sarvar Patel and Daniel Ramage and Aaron Segal and Karn Seth
2017/280 ( PDF )
Amortization with Fewer Equations for Proving Knowledge of Small Secrets
Rafael del Pino and Vadim Lyubashevsky
2017/279 ( PDF )
Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge and Signatures from Symmetric-Key Primitives
Melissa Chase and David Derler and Steven Goldfeder and Claudio Orlandi and Sebastian Ramacher and Christian Rechberger and Daniel Slamanig and Greg Zaverucha
2017/278 ( PDF )
New Observations on Invariant Subspace Attack
Yunwen Liu and Vincent Rijmen
2017/277 ( PDF )
Minimizing the Complexity of Goldreich's Pseudorandom Generator
Alex Lombardi and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/276 ( PDF )
Obfuscating Compute-and-Compare Programs under LWE
Daniel Wichs and Giorgos Zirdelis
2017/275 ( PDF )
Simple and Generic Constructions of Succinct Functional Encryption
Fuyuki Kitagawa and Ryo Nishimaki and Keisuke Tanaka
2017/274 ( PDF )
Lockable Obfuscation
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/273 ( PDF )
Two-Round and Non-Interactive Concurrent Non-Malleable Commitments from Time-Lock Puzzles
Huijia Lin and Rafael Pass and Pratik Soni
2017/272 ( PDF )
Dissecting Leakage Resilient PRFs with Multivariate Localized EM Attacks - A Practical Security Evaluation on FPGA
Florian Unterstein and Johann Heyszl and Fabrizio De Santis and Robert Specht
2017/271 ( PDF )
High Order Masking of Look-up Tables with Common Shares
Jean-Sebastien Coron and Franck Rondepierre and Rina Zeitoun
2017/270 ( PDF )
Rational Proofs against Rational Verifiers
Keita Inasawa and Kenji Yasunaga
2017/269 ( PDF )
Extending Glitch-Free Multiparty Protocols to Resist Fault Injection Attacks
Okan Seker and Thomas Eisenbarth and Rainer Steinwandt
2017/268 ( PDF )
Efficient Sanitizable Signatures without Random Oracles
Russell W. F. Lai and Tao Zhang and Sherman S. M. Chow and Dominique Schröder
2017/267 ( PDF )
A Masked White-box Cryptographic Implementation for Protecting against Differential Computation Analysis
Seungkwang Lee
2017/266 ( PDF )
From Higher-Order Differentials to Polytopic Cryptanalysis
Tyge Tiessen
2017/265 ( PDF )
Enhanced Outsider-anonymous Broadcast Encryption with Subset Difference Revocation
Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta
2017/264 ( PDF )
A note on how to (pre-)compute a ladder
Thomaz Oliveira and Julio López and Hüseyin Hışıl and Armando Faz-Hernández and Francisco Rodrıíguez-Henrıíquez
2017/263 ( PDF )
Bivariate attacks and confusion coefficients
Sylvain Guilley and Liran Lerman
2017/262 ( PDF )
When It’s All Just Too Much: Outsourcing MPC-Preprocessing
Peter Scholl and Nigel P. Smart and Tim Wood
2017/261 ( PDF )
Side-channel Analysis of Lightweight Ciphers: Does Lightweight Equal Easy?
Annelie Heuser, Stjepan Picek, Sylvain Guilley, Nele Mentens
2017/260 ( PDF )
Message-Recovery MACs and Verification-Unskippable AE
Shoichi Hirose and Yu Sasaki and Kan Yasuda
2017/259 ( PDF )
Gaussian Sampling over the Integers: Efficient, Generic, Constant-Time
Daniele Micciancio and Michael Walter
2017/258 ( PDF )
Pseudorandomness of Ring-LWE for Any Ring and Modulus
Chris Peikert and Oded Regev and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz
2017/257 ( PDF )
Threshold Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Aayush Jain and Peter M. R. Rasmussen and Amit Sahai
2017/256 ( PDF )
A Framework for Universally Composable Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Ralf Kuesters and Daniel Rausch
2017/255 ( PDF )
New and Old Limits for AES Known-Key Distinguishers
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger
2017/254 ( PDF )
Towards Easy Key Enumeration
Changhai Ou and Degang Sun and Zhu Wang and Xinping Zhou
2017/253 ( PDF )
A Modular Security Analysis of EAP and IEEE 802.11
Chris Brzuska and Håkon Jacobsen
2017/252 ( PDF )
High-Order Conversion From Boolean to Arithmetic Masking
Jean-Sebastien Coron
2017/251 ( PDF )
A Lattice-Based Universal Thresholdizer for Cryptographic Systems
Dan Boneh and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder and Sam Kim
2017/250 ( PDF )
Indistinguishability Obfuscation from Trilinear Maps and Block-Wise Local PRGs
Huijia Lin and Stefano Tessaro
2017/249 ( PDF )
Proof of Luck: an Efficient Blockchain Consensus Protocol
Mitar Milutinovic and Warren He and Howard Wu and Maxinder Kanwal
2017/248 ( PDF )
IPcore implementation susceptibility: A case study of Low latency ciphers
Dillibabu Shanmugam and Ravikumar Selvam and Suganya Annadurai
2017/247 ( PDF )
Efficient Multivariate Ring Signature Schemes
Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed and Albrecht Petzoldt
2017/246 ( PDF )
An Analysis of FV Parameters Impact Towards its Hardware Acceleration
Joël Cathébras and Alexandre Carbon and Renaud Sirdey and Nicolas Ventroux
2017/245 ( PDF )
Cache-Base Application Detection in the Cloud Using Machine Learning
Berk Gulmezoglu and Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
2017/244 ( PDF )
Model-counting Approaches For Nonlinear Numerical Constraints
Mateus Borges and Quoc-Sang Phan and Antonio Filieri and Corina S. Păsăreanu
2017/243 ( PDF )
Key Recovery: Inert and Public
Colin Boyd and Xavier Boyen and Christopher Carr and Thomas Haines
2017/242 ( PDF )
Full accounting for verifiable outsourcing
Riad S. Wahby and Ye Ji and Andrew J. Blumberg and abhi shelat and Justin Thaler and Michael Walfish and Thomas Wies
2017/241 ( PDF )
Linear Consistency for Proof-of-Stake Blockchains
Erica Blum and Aggelos Kiayias and Cristopher Moore and Saad Quader and Alexander Russell
2017/240 ( PDF )
Lattice-Based SNARGs and Their Application to More Efficient Obfuscation
Dan Boneh and Yuval Ishai and Amit Sahai and David J. Wu
2017/239 ( PDF )
Boosting Authenticated Encryption Robustness With Minimal Modifications
Tomer Ashur and Orr Dunkelman and Atul Luykx
2017/238 ( PDF )
Mixing Confidential Transactions: Comprehensive Transaction Privacy for Bitcoin
Tim Ruffing and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez
2017/237 ( PDF )
Switch Commitments: A Safety Switch for Confidential Transactions
Tim Ruffing and Giulio Malavolta
2017/236 ( PDF )
A new rank metric codes based encryption scheme
Pierre Loidreau
2017/235 ( PDF )
Efficient Oblivious Transfer from Lossy Threshold Homomorphic Encryption
Isheeta Nargis
2017/234 ( PDF )
Automatically Detecting the Misuse of Secrets: Foundations, Design Principles, and Applications
Kevin Milner and Cas Cremers and Jiangshan Yu and Mark Ryan
2017/233 ( PDF )
Simplifying Design and Analysis of Complex Predicate Encryption Schemes
Shashank Agrawal and Melissa Chase
2017/232 ( PDF )
TwinsCoin: A Cryptocurrency via Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake
Alexander Chepurnoy and Tuyet Duong and Lei Fan and Hong-Sheng Zhou
2017/231 ( PDF )
EHE: nonce misuse-resistant message authentication
Sergey Agievich
2017/230 ( PDF )
Smart Contracts Make Bitcoin Mining Pools Vulnerable
Yaron Velner and Jason Teutsch and Loi Luu
2017/229 ( PDF )
Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs: Unsound Foundations
Claude Crépeau and Nan Yang
2017/228 ( PDF )
Efficient and Secure Outsourcing of Genomic Data Storage
João Sá Sousa and Cédric Lefebvre and Zhicong Huang and Jean Louis Raisaro and Carlos Aguilar and Marc-Olivier Killijian and Jean-Pierre Hubaux
2017/227 ( PDF )
Towards Shared Ownership in the Cloud
Hubert Ritzdorf and Claudio Soriente and Ghassan O. Karame and Srdjan Marinovic and Damian Gruber and Srdjan Capkun
2017/226 ( PDF )
JIMU: Faster LEGO-based Secure Computation using Additive Homomorphic Hashes
Ruiyu Zhu and Yan Huang
2017/225 ( PDF )
Bandwidth Hard Functions for ASIC Resistance
Ling Ren and Srinivas Devadas
2017/224 ( PDF )
Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library - SEAL v2.1
Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Rachel Player
2017/223 ( PDF )
0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy
Felix Günther and Britta Hale and Tibor Jager and Sebastian Lauer
2017/222 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Note on Obtain Confidentiality or/ and Authenticity in Big Data by ID-Based Generalized Signcryption
Nizamud Dina, Arif Iqbal Umar, Abdul Waheed, Noor ul Amin
2017/221 ( PDF )
A Hybrid Lattice Basis Reduction and Quantum Search Attack on LWE
Florian Göpfert and Christine van Vredendaal and Thomas Wunderer
2017/220 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of PMACx, PMAC2x, and SIVx
Kazuhiko Minematsu and Tetsu Iwata
2017/219 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Encryption from Identity-Based Encryption
Chun-I Fan and Yi-Fan Tseng and Chih-Wen Lin
2017/218 ( PDF )
Repeated Games for Generating Randomness in Encryption
Kenji Yasunaga and Kosuke Yuzawa
2017/217 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of Wang et al’s Certificateless Signature Scheme without Bilinear Pairings
Kuo-Hui Yeh
2017/216 ( PDF )
SCRAPE: Scalable Randomness Attested by Public Entities
Ignacio Cascudo and Bernardo David
2017/215 ( -- withdrawn -- )
SEVDSI: Secure, Efficient and Verifiable Data Set Intersection
Ozgur Oksuz and Iraklis Leontiadis and Sixia Chen and Alexander Russell and Qiang Tang and Bing Wang
2017/214 ( PDF )
Low Cost Constant Round MPC Combining BMR and Oblivious Transfer
Carmit Hazay and Peter Scholl and Eduardo Soria-Vazquez
2017/213 ( PDF )
Quantum Information Set Decoding Algorithms
Ghazal Kachigar and Jean-Pierre Tillich
2017/212 ( PDF )
Montgomery curves and their arithmetic: The case of large characteristic fields
Craig Costello and Benjamin Smith
2017/211 ( PDF )
Multi-level Access in Searchable Symmetric Encryption
James Alderman and Keith M. Martin and Sarah Louise Renwick
2017/210 ( PDF )
Public Key Cryptosystems with Noisy Secret Keys
Charles Herder and Benjamin Fuller and Marten van Dijk and Srinivas Devadas
2017/209 ( PDF )
Exploding Obfuscation: A Framework for Building Applications of Obfuscation From Polynomial Hardness
Qipeng Liu and Mark Zhandry
2017/208 ( PDF )
SoK: Security Models for Pseudo-Random Number Generators
Sylvain Ruhault
2017/207 ( PDF )
Private Queries on Encrypted Genomic Data
Gizem S Cetin and Hao Chen and Kim Laine and Kristin Lauter and Peter Rindal and Yuhou Xia
2017/206 ( PDF )
Quantum Resistant Public Key Encryption Scheme RLCE and IND-CCA2 Security for McEliece Schemes
Yongge Wang
2017/205 ( PDF )
ZETA: Towards Tagless Authenticated Encryption
Anindya Shankar Bhandari and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2017/204 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis Using Low-bias Linear Approximations
Tomer Ashur, Daniël Bodden, and Orr Dunkelman
2017/203 ( PDF )
Proofs of Useful Work
Marshall Ball and Alon Rosen and Manuel Sabin and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/202 ( PDF )
Average-Case Fine-Grained Hardness
Marshall Ball and Alon Rosen and Manuel Sabin and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/201 ( PDF )
Giving State to the Stateless: Augmenting Trustworthy Computation with Ledgers
Gabriel Kaptchuk and Ian Miers and Matthew Green
2017/200 ( PDF )
Anonymous Attestation with Subverted TPMs
Jan Camenisch and Manu Drijvers and Anja Lehmann
2017/199 ( PDF )
Improved Attacks for Characteristic-2 Parameters of the Cubic ABC Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme
Dustin Moody and Ray Perlner and Daniel Smith-Tone
2017/198 ( PDF )
FHE with Recursive Ciphertext
Masahiro Yagisawa
2017/197 ( PDF )
A Construction of Bent Functions with Optimal Algebraic Degree and Large Symmetric Group
Wenying Zhang, Zhaohui Xing and Keqin Feng
2017/196 ( PDF )
Attribute-based concurrent signatures
BaoHong Li, Guoqing Xu and Yinliang Zhao
2017/195 ( PDF )
Design of Lightweight Linear Diffusion Layers from Near-MDS Matrices
Chaoyun Li and Qingju Wang
2017/194 ( PDF )
Improved upper bounds for the expected circuit complexity of dense systems of linear equations over GF(2)
Andrea Visconti and Chiara Valentina Schiavo and René Peralta
2017/193 ( PDF )
SecChisel: Language and Tool for Practical and Scalable Security Verification of Security-Aware Hardware Architectures
Shuwen Deng and Doğuhan Gümüşoğlu and Wenjie Xiong and Y. Serhan Gener and Onur Demir and Jakub Szefer
2017/192 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Improved Hybrid Consensus Scheme with Privacy-preserving Property
Shuyang Tang and Zhiqiang Liu and Zhen Liu and Yu Long and Shengli Liu
2017/191 ( PDF )
CoverUp: Privacy Through "Forced" Participation in Anonymous Communication Networks
David Sommer and Aritra Dhar and Luka Malisa and Esfandiar Mohammadi and Daniel Ronzani and Srdjan Capkun
2017/190 ( PDF )
The first collision for full SHA-1
Marc Stevens and Elie Bursztein and Pierre Karpman and Ange Albertini and Yarik Markov
2017/189 ( PDF )
Global-Scale Secure Multiparty Computation
Xiao Wang and Samuel Ranellucci and Jonathan Katz
2017/188 ( PDF )
Division Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers with a Binary Diffusion Layer
Wenying Zhang and Vincent Rijmen
2017/187 ( PDF )
The discrete logarithm problem over prime fields: the safe prime case. The Smart attack, non-canonical lifts and logarithmic derivatives
H. Gopalakrishna Gadiyar and R. Padma
2017/186 ( PDF )
A Post-Quantum Digital Signature Scheme Based on Supersingular Isogenies
Youngho Yoo and Reza Azarderakhsh and Amir Jalali and David Jao and Vladimir Soukharev
2017/185 ( PDF )
A Virtual Wiretap Channel for Secure MessageTransmission
Setareh Sharifian, and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, and Fuchun Lin
2017/184 ( PDF )
Linking Online Misuse-Resistant Authenticated Encryption and Blockwise Attack Models
Guillaume Endignoux, Damian Vizár
2017/183 ( PDF )
Analysis of Software Countermeasures for Whitebox Encryption
Subhadeep Banik and Andrey Bogdanov and Takanori Isobe and Martin Bjerregaard Jepsen
2017/182 ( PDF )
The Approximate $k$-List Problem
Leif Both and Alexander May
2017/181 ( PDF )
New techniques for trail bounds and application to differential trails in Keccak
Silvia Mella and Joan Daemen and Gilles Van Assche
2017/180 ( PDF )
Robust P2P Primitives Using SGX Enclaves
Yaoqi Jia and Shruti Tople and Tarik Moataz and Deli Gong and Prateek Saxena and Zhenkai Liang
2017/179 ( PDF )
REM: Resource-Efficient Mining for Blockchains
Fan Zhang and Ittay Eyal and Robert Escriva and Ari Juels and Robbert van Renesse
2017/178 ( PDF )
Optimal Differential Trails in SIMON-like Ciphers
Zhengbin Liu and Yongqiang Li and Mingsheng Wang
2017/177 ( PDF )
Some results on the existence of $t$-all-or-nothing transforms over arbitrary alphabets
Navid Nasr Esfahani, Ian Goldberg and D. R. Stinson
2017/176 ( PDF )
Probabilistically Checkable Proofs of Proximity with Zero-Knowledge
Yuval Ishai and Mor Weiss
2017/175 ( PDF )
Analysis of Burn-in period for RC4 State Transition
Goutam Paul and Souvik Ray
2017/174 ( PDF )
Cost-Aware Cut-and-Choose Games with Applications in Cryptography and Prefix-Free Codes
Ruiyu Zhu and Yan Huang
2017/173 ( PDF )
Speeding up detection of SHA-1 collision attacks using unavoidable attack conditions
Marc Stevens and Dan Shumow
2017/172 ( PDF )
On The Exact Security of Message Authentication Using Pseudorandom Functions
Ashwin Jha and Avradip Mandal and Mridul Nandi
2017/171 ( PDF )
Quantum Key Search with Side Channel Advice
Daniel P. Martin and Ashley Montanaro and Elisabeth Oswald and Dan Shepherd
2017/170 ( PDF )
Error-free protection of EC point multiplication by modular extension
Martin Seysen
2017/169 ( PDF )
UFace: Your Universal Password That No One Can See
Nicholas Hilbert, Christian Storer, Dan Lin, Wei Jiang
2017/168 ( PDF )
AES-GCM-SIV: Specification and Analysis
Shay Gueron and Adam Langley and Yehuda Lindell
2017/167 ( PDF )
Cloud Storage File Recoverability
Christian A. Gorke and Christian Janson and Frederik Armknecht and Carlos Cid
2017/166 ( PDF )
A roadmap to fully homomorphic elections: Stronger security, better verifiability
Kristian Gjøsteen and Martin Strand
2017/165 ( PDF )
SymSum: Symmetric-Sum Distinguishers Against Round Reduced SHA3
Dhiman Saha and Sukhendu Kuila and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
2017/164 ( PDF )
Conditional Disclosure of Secrets: Amplification, Closure, Amortization, Lower-bounds, and Separations
Benny Applebaum and Barak Arkis and Pavel Raykov and Prashant Nalini Vasudevan
2017/163 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Encryption without Gaussian Noise
Anamaria Costache and Nigel P. Smart
2017/162 ( PDF )
Analysis of AES, SKINNY, and Others with Constraint Programming
Siwei Sun and David Gerault and Pascal Lafourcade and Qianqian Yang and Yosuke Todo and Kexin Qiao and Lei Hu
2017/161 ( PDF )
Security Notions for Bidirectional Channels
Giorgia Azzurra Marson and Bertram Poettering
2017/160 ( PDF )
Conditional Cube Attack on Round-Reduced ASCON
Zheng Li and Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang
2017/159 ( PDF )
Cube-like Attack on Round-Reduced Initialization of Ketje Sr
Xiaoyang Dong and Zheng Li and Xiaoyun Wang and Ling Qin
2017/158 ( PDF )
Passphone: Outsourcing Phone-based Web Authentication while Protecting User Privacy
Martin Potthast and Christian Forler and Eik List and Stefan Lucks
2017/157 ( PDF )
Detecting General Algebraic Manipulation Attacks
Kim Ramchen
2017/156 ( PDF )
Trust Is Risk: A Decentralized Financial Trust Platform
Orfeas Stefanos Thyfronitis Litos and Dionysis Zindros
2017/155 ( PDF )
Random Sampling Revisited: Lattice Enumeration with Discrete Pruning
Yoshinori Aono and Phong Q. Nguyen
2017/154 ( PDF )
Linear Cryptanalysis: Key Schedules and Tweakable Block Ciphers
Thorsten Kranz and Friedrich Wiemer and Gregor Leander
2017/153 ( PDF )
Storage Efficient Substring Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Iraklis Leontiadis and Ming Li
2017/152 ( PDF )
Encryptor Combiners: A Unified Approach to Multiparty NIKE, (H)IBE, and Broadcast Encryption
Fermi Ma and Mark Zhandry
2017/151 ( PDF )
Practical Functional Encryption for Quadratic Functions with Applications to Predicate Encryption
Carmen Elisabetta Zaira Baltico and Dario Catalano and Dario Fiore and Romain Gay
2017/150 ( PDF )
Group-Based Secure Computation: Optimizing Rounds, Communication, and Computation
Elette Boyle and Niv Gilboa and Yuval Ishai
2017/149 ( PDF )
Bitcoin as a Transaction Ledger: A Composable Treatment
Christian Badertscher and Ueli Maurer and Daniel Tschudi and Vassilis Zikas
2017/148 ( PDF )
Pattern Matching on Encrypted Streams
Nicolas Desmoulins and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Cristina Onete and Olivier Sanders
2017/147 ( PDF )
Ad Hoc PSM Protocols: Secure Computation Without Coordination
Amos Beimel and Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz
2017/146 ( PDF )
Toward Fine-Grained Blackbox Separations Between Semantic and Circular-Security Notions
Mohammad Hajiabadi and Bruce M. Kapron
2017/145 ( PDF )
The Multi-User Security of Double Encryption
Viet Tung Hoang and Stefano Tessaro
2017/144 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Search of Similar Patients in Genomic Data
Gilad Asharov and Shai Halevi and Yehuda Lindell and Tal Rabin
2017/143 ( PDF )
Constraint-hiding Constrained PRFs for NC1 from LWE
Ran Canetti and Yilei Chen
2017/142 ( PDF )
Computing generator in cyclotomic integer rings, A subfield algorithm for the Principal Ideal Problem in L(1/2) and application to cryptanalysis of a FHE scheme
Jean-François Biasse and Thomas Espitau and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Alexandre Gélin and Paul Kirchner
2017/141 ( PDF )
Partitioned Group Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange
Dario Fiore and Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco and Claudio Soriente
2017/140 ( PDF )
Estimation of the Hardness of the Learning with Errors Problem with a Restricted Number of Samples
Nina Bindel and Johannes Buchmann and Florian Göpfert and Markus Schmidt
2017/139 ( PDF )
Revisiting AES Related-Key Differential Attacks with Constraint Programming
David Gérault and Pascal Lafourcade and Marine Minier and Christine Solnon
2017/138 ( PDF )
How (not) to Use Welch's T-test in Side-Channel Security Evaluations
François-Xavier Standaert
2017/137 ( PDF )
Modifying an Enciphering Scheme after Deployment
Paul Grubbs and Thomas Ristenpart and Yuval Yarom
2017/136 ( PDF )
Dispersed Cryptography and the Quotient Ring Transform
Anna Johnston
2017/135 ( PDF )
Hashing Garbled Circuits for Free
Xiong Fan and Chaya Ganesh and Vladimir Kolesnikov
2017/134 ( PDF )
A Provably Secure PKCS\#11 Configuration Without Authenticated Attributes
Ryan Stanley-Oakes
2017/133 ( PDF )
Composable and Robust Outsourced Storage
Christian Badertscher and Ueli Maurer
2017/132 ( PDF )
Attacks on Karlsson and Mitrokotsa's Grouping-Proof-Distance-Bounding Protocol
Roel Peeters, Jens Hermans and Aysajan Abidin
2017/131 ( PDF )
A Practical Multivariate Blind Signature Scheme
Albrecht Petzoldt and Alan Szepieniec and Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed
2017/130 ( PDF )
Topology-Hiding Computation Beyond Logarithmic Diameter
Adi Akavia and Tal Moran
2017/129 ( PDF )
Sublinear Zero-Knowledge Arguments for RAM Programs
Payman Mohassel and Mike Rosulek and Alessandra Scafuro
2017/128 ( PDF )
New Collision Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak
Kexin Qiao and Ling Song and Meicheng Liu and Jian Guo
2017/127 ( PDF )
Robust Transforming Combiners from Indistinguishability Obfuscation to Functional Encryption
Prabhanjan Ananth and Aayush Jain and Amit Sahai
2017/126 ( PDF )
Boolean Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Worst-Case Sub-Linear Complexity
Seny Kamara and Tarik Moataz
2017/125 ( PDF )
Non-Interactive Secure 2PC in the Offline/Online and Batch Settings
Payman Mohassel and Mike Rosulek
2017/124 ( PDF )
On the Exact Round Complexity of Self-Composable Two-Party Computation
Sanjam Garg and Susumu Kiyoshima and Omkant Pandey
2017/123 ( PDF )
Separating IND-CPA and Circular Security for Unbounded Length Key Cycles
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/122 ( PDF )
One-Shot Verifiable Encryption from Lattices
Vadim Lyubashevsky and Gregory Neven
2017/121 ( PDF )
Twisted $\mu_4$-normal form for elliptic curves
David Kohel
2017/120 ( PDF )
Separating Semantic and Circular Security for Symmetric-Key Bit Encryption from the Learning with Errors Assumption
Rishab Goyal and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/119 ( PDF )
Quantum Authentication with Key Recycling
Christopher Portmann
2017/118 ( PDF )
A New Structural-Differential Property of 5-Round AES
Lorenzo Grassi and Christian Rechberger and and Sondre Rønjom
2017/117 ( PDF )
The SM9 Cryptographic Schemes
Zhaohui Cheng
2017/116 ( PDF )
Masking Proofs are Tight (and How to Exploit it in Security Evaluations)
Vincent Grosso and François-Xavier Standaert
2017/115 ( PDF )
An efficient self-blindable attribute-based credential scheme
Sietse Ringers and Eric Verheul and Jaap-Henk Hoepman
2017/114 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Proximity
Itay Berman and Ron D. Rothblum and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/113 ( PDF )
Algebraic Fault Analysis of SHA-3
Pei Luo and Konstantinos Athanasiou and Yunsi Fei and Thomas Wahl
2017/112 ( PDF )
Zero-Knowledge Proxy Re-Identification Revisited
Xavier Bultel and Pascal Lafourcade
2017/111 ( PDF )
EC-OPRF: Oblivious Pseudorandom Functions using Elliptic Curves
Jonathan Burns and Daniel Moore and Katrina Ray and Ryan Speers and Brian Vohaska
2017/110 ( PDF )
A Smart Contract for Boardroom Voting with Maximum Voter Privacy
Patrick McCorry and Siamak F. Shahandashti and Feng Hao
2017/109 ( PDF )
Unilaterally-Authenticated Key Exchange
Yevgeniy Dodis and Dario Fiore
2017/108 ( PDF )
Photonic Side Channel Attacks Against RSA
Elad Carmon and Jean-Pierre Seifert and Avishai Wool
2017/107 ( PDF )
Secure Logging with Crash Tolerance
Erik-Oliver Blass and Guevara Noubir
2017/106 ( PDF )
$\mu$chain: How to Forget without Hard Forks
Ivan Puddu and Alexandra Dmitrienko and Srdjan Capkun
2017/105 ( PDF )
A Secure and Fast Dispersal Storage Scheme Based on the Learning with Errors Problem
Ling Yang and Fuyang Fang and Xianhui Lu and Wen-Tao Zhu and Qiongxiao Wang and Shen Yan and Shiran Pan
2017/104 ( PDF )
Implementing BP-Obfuscation Using Graph-Induced Encoding
Shai Halevi and Tzipora Halevi and Victor Shoup and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz
2017/103 ( PDF )
Reconciling d+1 Masking in Hardware and Software
Hannes Gross and Stefan Mangard
2017/102 ( PDF )
Quantum Authentication and Encryption with Key Recycling
Serge Fehr and Louis Salvail
2017/101 ( PDF )
Optimizing Implementations of Lightweight Building Blocks
Jeremy Jean and Thomas Peyrin and Siang Meng Sim and Jade Tourteaux
2017/100 ( PDF )
Private Puncturable PRFs From Standard Lattice Assumptions
Dan Boneh and Sam Kim and Hart Montgomery
2017/099 ( PDF )
Making NSEC5 Practical for DNSSEC
Dimitrios Papadopoulos and Duane Wessels and Shumon Huque and Moni Naor and Jan Včelák and Leonid Reyzin and Sharon Goldberg
2017/098 ( PDF )
Designing Fully Secure Protocols for Secure Two-Party Computation of Constant-Domain Functions
Vanesa Daza and Nikolaos Makriyannis
2017/097 ( PDF )
Boolean functions with restricted input and their robustness; application to the FLIP cipher
Claude Carlet and Pierrick Méaux and Yann Rotella
2017/096 ( PDF )
Asymptotically Compact Adaptively Secure Lattice IBEs and Verifiable Random Functions via Generalized Partitioning Techniques
Shota Yamada
2017/095 ( PDF )
Attacks on Secure Logging Schemes
Gunnar Hartung
2017/094 ( PDF )
Quantum Tokens for Digital Signatures
Shalev Ben-David and Or Sattath
2017/093 ( PDF )
On new multivariate cryptosystems based on hidden Eulerian equations over finite fields
Vasyl Ustimenko
2017/092 ( PDF )
Small CRT-Exponent RSA Revisited
Atsushi Takayasu and Yao Lu and Liqiang Peng
2017/091 ( PDF )
Design and Implementation of Low Depth Pairing-based Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Vincent Herbert and Bhaskar Biswas and Caroline Fontaine
2017/090 ( PDF )
Crypt-DAC: Cryptographically Enforced Dynamic Access Control in the Cloud
Saiyu Qi and Yuanqing Zheng
2017/089 ( PDF )
On a Linear Cryptanalysis of a Family of Modified DES Ciphers with Even Weight S-boxes
Yuri Borissov, and Peter Boyvalenkov, and Robert Tsenkov
2017/088 ( PDF )
A Differential Fault Attack on Plantlet
Subhamoy Maitra, Akhilesh Siddhanti
2017/087 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of full round Fruit
Sabyasachi Dey and Santanu Sarkar
2017/086 ( PDF )
Homomorphic Proxy Re-Authenticators and Applications to Verifiable Multi-User Data Aggregation
David Derler and Sebastian Ramacher and Daniel Slamanig
2017/085 ( PDF )
Information Security Applications of Bit-Mixers
Laszlo Hars
2017/084 ( PDF )
Hardware Bit-Mixers
Laszlo Hars
2017/083 ( PDF )
Shor's Algorithm and Factoring: Don't Throw Away the Odd Orders
Anna Johnston
2017/082 ( PDF )
Replay Attacks on Zero Round-Trip Time: The Case of the TLS 1.3 Handshake Candidates
Marc Fischlin and Felix Günther
2017/081 ( PDF )
Estonian Voting Verification Mechanism Revisited Again
Ivo Kubjas and Tiit Pikma and Jan Willemson
2017/080 ( PDF )
From Minicrypt to Obfustopia via Private-Key Functional Encryption
Ilan Komargodski and Gil Segev
2017/079 ( PDF )
Faster Bootstrapping of FHE over the Integers
Jung Hee Cheon and Kyoohyung Han and Duhyeong Kim
2017/078 ( PDF )
LPN Decoded
Andre Esser and Robert Kübler and Alexander May
2017/077 ( PDF )
Quantum algorithms for computing short discrete logarithms and factoring RSA integers
Martin Ekerå and Johan Håstad
2017/076 ( PDF )
DFA on LS-Designs with a Practical Implementation on SCREAM (extended version)
Benjamin Lac and Anne Canteaut and Jacques Fournier and Renaud Sirdey
2017/075 ( PDF )
A First DFA on PRIDE: from Theory to Practice (extended version)
Benjamin Lac and Marc Beunardeau and Anne Canteaut and Jacques Fournier and Renaud Sirdey
2017/074 ( PDF )
Honey Chatting: A novel instant messaging system robust to eavesdropping over communication
Joo-Im Kim and Ji Won Yoon
2017/073 ( PDF )
Visual Honey Encryption: Application to Steganography
Ji Won Yoon, Hyoungshick Kim, Hyun-Ju Jo, Hyelim Lee and Kwangsu Lee
2017/072 ( PDF )
How to Circumvent the Two-Ciphertext Lower Bound for Linear Garbling Schemes
Carmen Kempka and Ryo Kikuchi and Koutarou Suzuki
2017/071 ( PDF )
Efficient Differential Trail Searching Algorithm for ARX Block Ciphers
Seojin Kim, HyungChul Kang, Deukjo Hong, Jaechul Sung, Seokhie Hong
2017/070 ( PDF )
Symbolic Models for Isolated Execution Environments
Charlie Jacomme and Steve Kremer and Guillaume Scerri
2017/069 ( PDF )
The Exact Security of PMAC
Peter Gaži and Krzysztof Pietrzak and Michal Rybár
2017/068 ( PDF )
Authenticated Encryption in the Face of Protocol and Side Channel Leakage
Guy Barwell and Daniel P. Martin and Elisabeth Oswald and Martijn Stam
2017/067 ( PDF )
Computation of a 768-bit prime field discrete logarithm
Thorsten Kleinjung and Claus Diem and Arjen K. Lenstra and Christine Priplata and Colin Stahlke
2017/066 ( PDF )
Subring Homomorphic Encryption
Seiko Arita and Sari Handa
2017/065 ( PDF )
FHE Over the Integers: Decomposed and Batched in the Post-Quantum Regime
Daniel Benarroch and Zvika Brakerski and Tancrède Lepoint
2017/064 ( PDF )
Fast Montgomery-like Square Root Computation over $GF(2^m)$ for All Trinomials
Yin Li and Yu Zhang
2017/063 ( PDF )
Optimal Extension Protocols for Byzantine Broadcast and Agreement
Chaya Ganesh and Arpita Patra
2017/062 ( PDF )
Efficient Maliciously Secure Two Party Computation for Mixed Programs
Arash Afshar and Payman Mohassel and Mike Rosulek
2017/061 ( PDF )
Short Digital Signatures and ID-KEMs via Truncation Collision Resistance
Tibor Jager and Rafael Kurek
2017/060 ( PDF )
Zero Round-Trip Time for the Extended Access Control Protocol
Jacqueline Brendel and Marc Fischlin
2017/059 ( PDF )
Adaptively Secure Recipient Revocable Broadcast Encryption with Constant size Ciphertext
Kamalesh Acharya and Ratna Dutta
2017/058 ( PDF )
WalnutDSA(TM): A Quantum-Resistant Digital Signature Algorithm
Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E Gunnells
2017/057 ( PDF )
Single--Trace Template Attack on the DES Round Keys of a Recent Smart Card
Mathias Wagner and Stefan Heyse
2017/056 ( PDF )
Verifiable Classroom Voting in Practice
Feng Hao and Dylan Clarke and Brian Randell and Siamak F. Shahandashti
2017/055 ( PDF )
A Probabilistic Baby-Step Giant-Step Algorithm
Prabhat Kushwaha and Ayan Mahalanobis
2017/054 ( PDF )
Attribute-Based Encryption Implies Identity-Based Encryption
Javier Herranz
2017/053 ( PDF )
Horizontal isogeny graphs of ordinary abelian varieties and the discrete logarithm problem
Dimitar Jetchev and Benjamin Wesolowski
2017/052 ( PDF )
A short note on the security of Round-Robin Differential Phase-Shift QKD
Boris Skoric
2017/051 ( PDF )
A note on VRFs from Verifiable Functional Encryption
Saikrishna Badrinarayanan and Vipul Goyal and Aayush Jain and Amit Sahai
2017/050 ( PDF )
An Obfuscating Compiler
Peter T. Breuer
2017/049 ( PDF )
LARA - A Design Concept for Lattice-based Encryption
El Bansarkhani Rachid
2017/048 ( PDF )
ROTE: Rollback Protection for Trusted Execution
Sinisa Matetic and Mansoor Ahmed and Kari Kostiainen and Aritra Dhar and David Sommer and Arthur Gervais and Ari Juels and Srdjan Capkun
2017/047 ( PDF )
On dual lattice attacks against small-secret LWE and parameter choices in HElib and SEAL
Martin R. Albrecht
2017/046 ( PDF )
Practical Passive Leakage-Abuse Attacks Against Symmetric Searchable Encryption
Matthieu Giraud and Alexandre Anzala-Yamajako and Olivier Bernard and Pascal Lafourcade
2017/045 ( PDF )
Efficient Round-Optimal Blind Signatures in the Standard Model
Essam Ghadafi
2017/044 ( PDF )
Anonymous contribution of data
Matthew McKague and David Eyers
2017/043 ( PDF )
Accumulators with Applications to Anonymity-Preserving Revocation
Foteini Baldimtsi and Jan Camenisch and Maria Dubovitskaya and Anna Lysyanskaya and Leonid Reyzin and Kai Samelin and Sophia Yakoubov
2017/042 ( PDF )
Indifferentiability of Iterated Even-Mansour Ciphers with Non-Idealized Key-Schedules: Five Rounds are Necessary and Sufficient
Yuanxi Dai and Yannick Seurin and John Steinberger and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam
2017/041 ( PDF )
Reducing Garbled Circuit Size While Preserving Circuit Gate Privacy
Yongge Wang and Qutaibah m. Malluhi
2017/040 ( PDF )
Practical Non-Malleable Codes from $\ell$-more Extractable Hash Functions
Aggelos Kiayias and Feng-Hao Liu and Yiannis Tselekounis
2017/039 ( PDF )
SePCAR: A Secure and Privacy-Enhancing Protocol for Car Access Provision (Full Version)
Iraklis Symeonidis, Abdelrahaman Aly, Mustafa A. Mustafa, Bart Mennink, Siemen Dhooghe, Bart Preneel
2017/038 ( PDF )
CCA-Secure Inner-Product Functional Encryption from Projective Hash Functions
Fabrice Benhamouda and Florian Bourse and Helger Lipmaa
2017/037 ( PDF )
Double-base scalar multiplication revisited
Daniel J. Bernstein and Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup and Tanja Lange
2017/036 ( PDF )
Low-Complexity Cryptographic Hash Functions
Benny Applebaum and Naama Haramaty and Yuval Ishai and Eyal Kushilevitz and Vinod Vaikuntanathan
2017/035 ( PDF )
Privacy-Preserving Classification on Deep Neural Network
Hervé Chabanne and Amaury de Wargny and Jonathan Milgram and Constance Morel and Emmanuel Prouff
2017/034 ( PDF )
Analysis of the NORX Core Permutation
Alex Biryukov and Aleksei Udovenko and Vesselin Velichkov
2017/033 ( PDF )
Analyzing the Shuffling Side-Channel Countermeasure for Lattice-Based Signatures
Peter Pessl
2017/032 ( PDF )
Cryptanalysis of GlobalPlatform Secure Channel Protocols
Mohamed Sabt and Jacques Traoré
2017/031 ( PDF )
Honey Encryption for Language
Marc Beunardeau and Houda Ferradi and Rémi Géraud and David Naccache
2017/030 ( PDF )
Authenticated Garbling and Efficient Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation
Xiao Wang and Samuel Ranellucci and Jonathan Katz
2017/029 ( PDF )
Bounded-Collusion Attribute-Based Encryption from Minimal Assumptions
Gene Itkis and Emily Shen and Mayank Varia and David Wilson and Arkady Yerukhimovich
2017/028 ( -- withdrawn -- )
A Decentralized PKI In A Mobile Ecosystem
Varun Chandrasekaran and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
2017/027 ( PDF )
Scalable Multi-Party Private Set-Intersection
Carmit Hazay and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/026 ( PDF )
Constant Round Adaptively Secure Protocols in the Tamper-Proof Hardware Model
Carmit Hazay and Antigoni Polychroniadou and Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam
2017/025 ( PDF )
Improved Structure Preserving Signatures under Standard Bilinear Assumptions
Charanjit S. Jutla and Arnab Roy
2017/024 ( PDF )
Searchable Encrypted Relational Databases: Risks and Countermeasures
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem, Tobias Andersson and Christian Gehrmann
2017/023 ( PDF )
Dual System Framework in Multilinear Settings and Applications to Fully Secure (Compact) ABE for Unbounded-Size Circuits
Nuttapong Attrapadung
2017/022 ( PDF )
Privacy for Distributed Databases via (Un)linkable Pseudonyms
Jan Camenisch and Anja Lehmann
2017/021 ( PDF )
A Generic Approach to Constructing and Proving Verifiable Random Functions
Rishab Goyal and Susan Hohenberger and Venkata Koppula and Brent Waters
2017/020 ( PDF )
concerto: A Methodology Towards Reproducible Analyses of TLS Datasets
Olivier Levillain and Maxence Tury and Nicolas Vivet
2017/019 ( PDF )
SmartPool: Practical Decentralized Pooled Mining
Loi Luu and Yaron Velner and Jason Teutsch and Prateek Saxena
2017/018 ( PDF )
Verifiable Random Functions from Non-Interactive Witness-Indistinguishable Proofs
Nir Bitansky
2017/017 ( PDF )
Improved Algorithms for the Approximate k-List Problem in Euclidean Norm
Gottfried Herold and Elena Kirshanova
2017/016 ( PDF )
Provable Security of Substitution-Permutation Networks
Yevgeniy Dodis and Jonathan Katz and John Steinberger and Aishwarya Thiruvengadam and Zhe Zhang
2017/015 ( PDF )
Tight Upper and Lower Bounds for Leakage-Resilient, Locally Decodable and Updatable Non-Malleable Codes
Dana Dachman-Soled, Mukul Kulkarni, Aria Shahverdi
2017/014 ( PDF )
ORAMs in a Quantum World
Tommaso Gagliardoni and Nikolaos P. Karvelas and Stefan Katzenbeisser
2017/013 ( PDF )
Pinocchio-Based Adaptive zk-SNARKs and Secure/Correct Adaptive Function Evaluation
Meilof Veeningen
2017/012 ( PDF )
Universal Samplers with Fast Verification
Venkata Koppula and Andrew Poelstra and Brent Waters
2017/011 ( PDF )
Chameleon-Hashes with Ephemeral Trapdoors And Applications to Invisible Sanitizable Signatures
Jan Camenisch and David Derler and Stephan Krenn and Henrich C. Pöhls and Kai Samelin and Daniel Slamanig
2017/010 ( PDF )
Circuit-Private Multi-Key FHE
Wutichai Chongchitmate and Rafail Ostrovsky
2017/009 ( PDF )
Access Control Encryption for Equality, Comparison, and More
Georg Fuchsbauer and Romain Gay and Lucas Kowalczyk and Claudio Orlandi
2017/008 ( PDF )
Externally Verifiable Oblivious RAM
Joshua Gancher and Adam Groce and Alex Ledger
2017/007 ( PDF )
Algebraic Attack Efficiency versus S-box Representation
Hossein Arabnezhad-Khanoki and Babak Sadeghiyan and Josef Pieprzyk
2017/006 ( PDF )
Reduced Mumford divisors of a genus 2 curve through its jacobian function field
Eduardo Ruiz Duarte
2017/005 ( PDF )
High-speed Hardware Implementations of Point Multiplication for Binary Edwards and Generalized Hessian Curves
Bahram Rashidi, Reza Rezaeian Farashahi, Sayed Masoud Sayedi
2017/004 ( PDF )
A New Approach for Practical Function-Private Inner Product Encryption
Sungwook Kim and Jinsu Kim and Jae Hong Seo
2017/003 ( PDF )
The STROBE protocol framework
Mike Hamburg
2017/002 ( -- withdrawn -- )
Generalized Tweakable Even-Mansour Cipher with Strong Security Guarantee and Its Application to Authenticated Encryption
Ping Zhang, Honggang Hu, and Peng Wang
2017/001 ( PDF )
Equivalences and Black-Box Separations of Matrix Diffie-Hellman Problems
Jorge Luis Villar

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