Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/734

Efficient Oblivious Transfer Protocols based on White-Box Cryptography

Aram Jivanyan and Gurgen Khachatryan and Andriy Oliynyk and Mykola Raievskyi

Abstract: Oblivious transfer protocol is an important cryptographic primitive having numerous applications and particularly playing an essential role in secure multiparty computation protocols. On the other hand existing oblivious transfer protocols are based on computationally expensive public-key operations which remains the main obstacle for employing such protocols in practical applications. In this paper a novel approach for designing oblivious transfer protocols is introduced based on the idea of replacing public-key operations by white-box cryptography techniques. As a result oblivious transfer protocols based on white-box cryptography run several times faster and require less communication bandwidth compared with the existing protocols.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / oblivious transfer, white-box cryptography, applications,secure function evaluation, cryptographic protocols

Date: received 26 Jul 2016

Contact author: jivanyan at gmail com

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