Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/078

Non-Interactive Verifiable Secret Sharing For Monotone Circuits

Ge Bai and Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi and Yu Xia

Abstract: We propose a computationally secure and non-interactive verifiable secret sharing scheme that can be efficiently constructed from any monotone Boolean circuit.

By non-interactive we mean that the dealer needs to be active only once, where he posts a public message as well as a private message to each shareholder. In the random oracle model, we can even avoid interaction between shareholders. By efficient, we mean that we avoid generic zero-knowledge techniques.

Such efficient constructions were previously only known from linear secret sharing schemes (LSSS). It is believed that the class of access structures that can be handled with polynomial size LSSS is incomparable to the class that can be recognized by polynomial size monotone circuits, so in this sense we extend the class of access structures with efficient and non-interactive VSS.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / computational secret-sharing

Original Publication (in the same form): AFRICACRYPT 2016

Date: received 28 Jan 2016

Contact author: orlandi at cs au dk

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