Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/830

Unique Signature with Short Output from CDH Assumption

Shiuan-Tzuo Shen and Amir Rezapour and Wen-Guey Tzeng

Abstract: We give a simple and efficient construction of unique signature on groups equipped with bilinear map. In contrast to prior works, our proof of security is based on computational Diffie-Hellman problem in the random oracle model. Meanwhile, the resulting signature consists of only one group element. Due to its simplicity, security and efficiency, our scheme is suitable for those situations that require to overcome communication bottlenecks. Moreover, the unique signature is a building block for designing chosen-ciphertext secure cryptosystems and verifiable random functions, which have found many interesting applications in cryptographic protocol design.

Category / Keywords: Unique signature, strongly unforgeable signature, verifiable unpredictable function, verifiable random function, bilinear map, random oracle model

Original Publication (with major differences): The 9th International Conference on Provable Security (ProvSec 2015)

Date: received 25 Aug 2015, last revised 19 Oct 2015

Contact author: rezapour at cs nctu edu tw

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