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A Simple Scheme, for Strengthening Product-sum Type PKC


Abstract: In this paper we present a very simple scheme for strengthening the conventional product-sum type PKC which has been long considered insecure against the various attacks such as the secret key attack, LLL attack, etc. We show that with the proposed strengthening scheme, the securities of the conventional product-sum type PKC's can be much improved.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Product-sum type PKC, Merkle-Hellnan PKC, knapsack type PKC, Shamir's attack, LLL attack

Original Publication (with major differences): IEICE Technical Report, ISEC2015-13, (2015-07), Ref[13]

Date: received 4 Aug 2015

Contact author: kasahara at ogu ac jp

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Note: This paper was published as an IEICE technical report [13] without peer review. IEICE allows this paper be published elsewhere. The paper is carefully and honestly revised, more than 80%.

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