Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/761

Implementation of the SCREAM Tweakable Block Cipher in MSP430 Assembly Language

William Diehl

Abstract: The encryption mode of the Tweakable Block Cipher (TBC) of the SCREAM Authenticated Cipher is implemented in the MSP430 microcontroller. Assembly language versions of the TBC are prepared using both precomputed tweak keys and tweak keys computed “on-the-fly.” Both versions are compared against published results for the assembly language version of SCREAM on the ATMEL AVR microcontroller, and against the C reference implementation in terms of performance and size. The assembly language version using precomputed tweak keys achieves a speedup of 1.7 and memory savings of 9 percent over the reported SCREAM implementation in the ATMEL AVR. The assembly language version using tweak keys computed “on-the-fly” achieves a speedup of 1.6 over the ATMEL AVR version while reducing memory usage by 15 percent.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Cryptography, encryption, MSP430, assembly, speed, efficiency

Date: received 30 Jul 2015

Contact author: wdiehl at gmu edu

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