Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/731

Same Value Analysis on Edwards Curves

Rodrigo Abarzúa and Santi Martínez and Valeria Mendoza

Abstract: Recently, several research groups in cryptography have presented new elliptic curve model based on Edwards curves.

These new curves were selected for their good performance and security perspectives.

Cryptosystems based on elliptic curves in embedded devices can be vulnerable to Side-Channel Attacks (SCA), such as the Simple Power Analysis (SPA) or the Differential Power Analysis (DPA).

In this paper, we analyze the existence of special points whose use in SCA is known as Same Value Analysis (SVA), for Edwards curves. These special points show up as internal collisions under power analysis. Our results indicate that no Edwards curve is safe from such an attacks.

Category / Keywords: applications / Elliptic curve cryptography, Side-channel attack, Same value analysis, Edwards curves, Smart cards.

Date: received 21 Jul 2015

Contact author: rodrigo abarzua at usach cl

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