Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/448

A Comment on Gu Map-1

Yupu Hu and Huiwen Jia

Abstract: Gu map-1 is a modified version of GGH map. It uses same ideal lattices for constructing the trapdoors, while the novelty is that no encodings of zero are given. In this short paper we show that Gu map-1 cannot be used for the instance of witness encryption (WE) based on the hardness of 3-exact cover problem. That is, if Gu map-1 is used for such instance, we can break it by solving a combined 3-exact cover problem. The reason is just that no encodings of zero are given.

Category / Keywords: Multilinear maps, GGH map, Gu map-1, Multi-party key exchange (MPKE), Witness encryption (WE), Lattice based cryptography

Date: received 10 May 2015

Contact author: yphu at mail xidian edu cn

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