Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/028

Optimal software-implemented Itoh--Tsujii inversion for GF($2^m$)

Jeremy Maitin-Shepard

Abstract: Field inversion in GF($2^m$) dominates the cost of modern software implementations of certain elliptic curve cryptographic operations, such as point encoding/hashing into elliptic curves. Itoh--Tsujii inversion using a polynomial basis and precomputed table-based multi-squaring has been demonstrated to be highly effective for software implementations, but the performance and memory use depend critically on the choice of addition chain and multi-squaring tables, which in prior work have been determined only by suboptimal ad-hoc methods and manual selection. We thoroughly investigated the performance/memory tradeoff for table-based linear transforms used for efficient multi-squaring. Based upon the results of that investigation, we devised a comprehensive cost model for Itoh--Tsujii inversion and a corresponding optimization procedure that is empirically fast and provably finds globally-optimal solutions. We tested this method on 8 binary fields commonly used for elliptic curve cryptography; our method found lower-cost solutions than the ad-hoc methods used previously, and for the first time enables a principled exploration of the time/memory tradeoff of inversion implementations.

Category / Keywords: implementation / finite fields, inversion, number theory

Date: received 13 Jan 2015

Contact author: jeremy at jeremyms com

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