Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/389

Accelerating NTRU based Homomorphic Encryption using GPUs

Wei Dai and Yarkın Doröz and Berk Sunar

Abstract: In this work we introduce a large polynomial arithmetic library optimized for Nvidia GPUs to support fully homomorphic encryption schemes. To realize the large polynomial arithmetic library we convert the polynomial with large coefficients using the Chinese Remainder Theorem into many polynomials with small coefficients, and then carry out modular multiplications in the residue space using a custom developed discrete Fourier transform library. We further extend the library to support the homomorphic evaluation operations, i.e. addition, multiplication, and relinearization, in an NTRU based somewhat homomorphic encryption library. Finally, we put the library to use to evaluate homomorphic evaluation of two block ciphers: Prince and AES, which show 2.57 times and 7.6 times speedup, respectively, over an Intel Xeon software implementation.

Category / Keywords: Homomorphic encryption, GPUs, NTRU, Prince, AES

Date: received 28 May 2014

Contact author: sunar at wpi edu

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