Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/340

A Strong and Efficient Certificateless Digital Signature Scheme

Mohammed Alfateh Hassouna and Mohsin Hashim

Abstract: This paper extends the certificateless public key infrastructure model that was proposed by Hassouna et al by proposing new digital signature scheme to provide true non-repudiation, the proposed signature scheme is short and efficient, it is also has strength point that the KGC has no contribution in signature generation/verification process, therefore any compromise of the KGC does not affect the non-repudiation service of the system. Furthermore, even the KGC cannot do signature forgery by (temporary) replacing the userís public key.

Category / Keywords: certificateless signature

Date: received 14 May 2014, last revised 15 May 2014

Contact author: m fateh at ribat edu sd

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