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Unrestricted Identity-Based Aggregate Signcryption in the Standard Model from Multilinear Maps

Hao Wang

Abstract: Signcryption is a relatively new cryptographic technique that is supposed to fulfill the functionalities of digital signature and encryption in a single logical step and can effectively decrease the computational costs and communication overheads in comparison with the traditional signature-then-encryption schemes, and aggregate signcryption scheme allows individual signcryption ciphertexts intended for the same recipient to be aggregated into a single (shorter) combined ciphertext without losing any of the security guarantees. In this paper, we present a new identity-based aggregate signcryption scheme using multilinear maps. To the best of my knowledge, our new scheme is the first identity-based aggregate signcryption scheme that admits unrestricted aggregation.

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Date: received 24 Feb 2014

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