Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/197

Discrete logarithm in GF(2^809) with FFS

Razvan Barbulescu and Cyril Bouvier and Jérémie Detrey and Pierrick Gaudry and Hamza Jeljeli and Emmanuel Thomé and Marion Videau and Paul Zimmermann

Abstract: We give details on solving the discrete logarithm problem in the 202-bit prime order subgroup of $GF(2^{809})^\times$ using the Function Field Sieve algorithm (FFS).

To our knowledge, this computation is the largest discrete logarithm computation so far in a binary field extension of prime degree. The Function Field Sieve is the traditional approach for solving these problems, and has been used in previous records for such fields, namely GF(2^{619}) and GF(2^{613}).

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / discrete logarithm problem, number field sieve, function field sieve

Date: received 6 Apr 2013

Contact author: Emmanuel Thome at gmail com

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