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Estimating the Φ(n) of Upper/Lower Bound in its RSA Cryptosystem

Chenglian Liu and Ziwei Ye

Abstract: The RSA-768 (270 decimal digits) was factored by Kleinjung et al. on December 12 2009, and the RSA-704 (212 decimal digits) was factored by Bai et al. on July 2, 2012. And the RSA-200 (663 bits) was factored by Bahr et al. on May 9, 2005. Until right now, there is no body successful to break the RSA-210 (696 bits) currently. In this paper, we would discuss an estimation method to approach lower/upper bound of Φ(n) in the RSA parameters. Our contribution may help researchers lock the Φ(n) and the challenge RSA shortly.

Category / Keywords: RSA cryptosystem; Euler's totient function; Factoring;

Date: received 25 Nov 2012, last revised 27 Feb 2013

Contact author: chenglian liu at gmail com

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