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Efficient Group Key Management Schemes for Multicast Dynamic Communication Systems

Muhammad Yasir Malik

Abstract: Key management in multicast dynamic groups, where users can leave or join at their ease is one of the most crucial and essential part of secure communication. Various efficient management strategies have been proposed during last decade that aim to decrease encryption costs and transmission overheads. In this report, two different types of key management schemes are proposed. First proposed scheme is based on One-way function tree (OFT). The proposed scheme fulfills the security gaps that have been pointed out in recent years. Second proposed scheme is based on logical key hierarchy (LKH). This proposed scheme provides better performance for, rather inflexible and expensive, LKH scheme.

Category / Keywords: applications / Group communication, key management (KM), logical key hierarchy (LKH), one-way function tree (OFT)

Publication Info: Unpublished work.

Date: received 5 Nov 2012

Contact author: yasir_alf at yahoo com

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