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Biclique Cryptanalysis of Lightweight Block Ciphers PRESENT, Piccolo and LED

Kitae Jeong and HyungChul Kang and Changhoon Lee and Jaechul Sung and Seokhie Hong

Abstract: In this paper, we evaluate the security of lightweight block ciphers PRESENT, Piccolo and LED against biclique cryptanalysis. To recover the secret key of PRESENT-80/128, our attacks require $2^{79.76}$ full PRESENT-80 encryptions and $2^{127.91}$ full PRESENT-128 encryptions, respectively. Our attacks on Piccolo-80/128 require computational complexities of $2^{79.13}$ and $2^{127.35}$, respectively. The attack on a $29$-round reduced LED-64 needs $2^{63.58}$ 29-round reduced LED-64 encryptions. In the cases of LED-80/96/128, we propose the attacks on two versions. First, to recover the secret key of $45$-round reduced LED-80/96/128, our attacks require computational complexities of $2^{79.45}, 2^{95.45}$ and $2^{127.45}$, respectively. To attack the full version, we require computational complexities of $2^{79.37}, 2^{95.37}$ and $2^{127.37}$, respectively. However, in these cases, we need the full codebook. These results are superior to known biclique cryptanalytic results on them.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Block cipher, PRESENT, Piccolo, LED, Biclique, Cryptanalysis

Date: received 2 Nov 2012, last revised 8 Nov 2012

Contact author: kite jeong at gmail com

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