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A New Efficient Authenticated ID-Based Group Key Agreement Protocol

Morteza Arifi and Mahmoud Gardeshi and Mohammad Sabzinejad Farash

Abstract: Group key agreement (GKA) protocols Play a main role in constructing secure multicast channels. These protocols are algorithms that describe how a group of parties communicating over a public network can gain a common secret key. ID-based authenticated group key agreement (AGKA) cryptosystems based on bilinear pairings are update researching subject because of the simplicity of their public key management and their efficiency. The key agreement protocol is a good way to establish a common session key for communication. But in a group of memberís communication, we not only need to establish a common session key, but also need to concern the member changing situation. In this paper we propose a protocol based on Weil pairing, ID-based authentication and complete ternary tree architecture. We show that our protocol satisfies all known security requirements, and therefore it is more secure and efficient than the compared group key exchange protocols that we discuss in this article.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Group key agreement, ID-based Authentication, Pairing, Ternary Tree.

Date: received 16 Jul 2012

Contact author: sabzinejad at tmu ac ir

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