Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/372

New Preimage Attacks on Hash Modes of AES-256

Deukjo Hong and Dong-Chan Kim and Daesung Kwon

Abstract: We study the slow diffusion of the AES key schedule for 256-bit keys and find weakness which can be used in the preimage attack on its Davis-Meyer mode. Our preimage attack works for 8 rounds of AES-256 with the computational complexity of $2^{124.9}$, while the best previous attack works for 7 rounds of AES-256. It is also extended to the preimage attack on some well-known double-block-length hash modes assuming the underlying block cipher is 8-round AES-256, whose computational complexity is $2^{252.9}$.

Category / Keywords: Preimage attack, Hash modes, AES-256

Date: received 3 Jul 2012, last revised 30 Aug 2012, withdrawn 3 Sep 2012

Contact author: hongdj at ensec re kr

Available format(s): (-- withdrawn --)

Note: Now we recognize the biclique attacks on full rounds of AES can be converted to preimage attacks on hash modes of AES. So, the novelty of this result is small.

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