Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/353

On Reconfigurable Fabrics and Generic Side-Channel Countermeasures

Robert Beat and Philipp Grabher and Dan Page and Stefan Tillich and Marcin Wójcik

Abstract: The use of field programmable devices in security-critical applications is growing in popularity; in part, this can be attributed to their potential for balancing metrics such as efficiency and algorithm agility. However, in common with non-programmable alternatives, physical attack techniques such as fault and power analysis are a threat. We investigate a family of next-generation field programmable devices, specifically those based on the concept of time sharing,within this context: our results support the premise that extra, inherent flexibility in such devices can offer a range of possibilities for low-overhead, generic countermeasures against physical attack.

Category / Keywords: implementation / hardware security, fpga security, cryptography, time multiplexed field programmable gate array

Date: received 21 Jun 2012, last revised 26 Jun 2012

Contact author: wojcik at cs bris ac uk

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