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Fair Exchange of Short Signatures without Trusted Third Party

Philippe Camacho

Abstract: We propose a protocol to exchange Boneh-Boyen short signatures in a fair way, without relying on a trusted third party. Our protocol is quite practical and is the first of the sort to the best of our knowledge. Our construction uses a new non-interactive zero-knowledge (NIZK) argument to prove that a commitment is the encryption of a bit vector. We also design a NIZK argument to prove that a commitment to a bit vector $v=(b_1,b_2,...,b_\secparam)$ is such that $\sum_{i \in [\secparam]}b_i2^{i-1}=\Blinding$ where $\Blinding$ is the discrete logarithm of some public value $D=g^\Blinding$. These arguments may be of independent interest.

Category / Keywords: Fair exchange, short signatures, gradual release of a secret

Date: received 22 May 2012, last revised 18 Nov 2012

Contact author: philippe camacho at gmail com

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