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New Identity Based Encryption And Its Proxy Re-encryption

Xu An Wang and Xiaoyuan Yang

Abstract: Identity based encryption (IBE) has received great attention since Boneh and Franklin's breakthrough work on bilinear group based IBE [4]. Till now, many IBE schemes relying on bilinear groups with diff erent properties have been proposed [5, 25, 29, 14]. However, one part of the user's private key in all these IBE schemes is constructed as y = f(msk), where msk is the master key and y is an element in the underlying bilinear group G. In this paper, we propose a new IBE: one part of the private key is y = f(msk), where msk is the master key and y is an element in Z_p . Here p is the underlying bilinear group's prime order. By using some novel techniques, we prove this new IBE is semantic secure under the selective identity chosen plaintext attacks (IND-sID-CPA) in the standard model. Based on this IBE scheme, we construct an IND-ID-CCA secure identity based proxy re-encryption (IBPRE) scheme which is master secret secure and efficient for the proxy compared with other IND-ID-CCA (IBPRE) schemes.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography /

Date: received 3 May 2012, last revised 3 May 2012

Contact author: wangxahq at yahoo com cn

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