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Secure password-based remote user authentication scheme with non-tamper resistant smart cards

Ding Wang and Chun-guang Ma and Peng Wu

Abstract: It is a challenge for password authentication protocols using non-tamper resistant smart cards to achieve user anonymity, forward secrecy, immunity to various attacks and high performance at the same time. In DBSec'11, Li et al. showed that Kim and Chung's password-based remote user authentication scheme is vulnerable to various attacks if the smart card is non-tamper resistant. Consequently, an improved version was proposed and claimed that it is secure against smart card security breach attacks. In this paper, however, we will show that Li et al.'s scheme still cannot withstand offline password guessing attack under the non-tamper resistance assumption of the smart card. In addition, their scheme is also vulnerable to denial of service attack and fails to provide user anonymity and forward secrecy. As our main contribution, a robust scheme is presented to cope with the aforementioned defects, while keeping the merits of different password authentication schemes using smart cards. The analysis demonstrates that our scheme meets all the proposed criteria and eliminates several hard security threats that are difficult to be tackled at the same time in previous scholarship.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / identification protocols

Publication Info: It is the full version of a paper to be presented in DBSec 2012.

Date: received 24 Apr 2012, last revised 21 Aug 2012, withdrawn 12 Apr 2013

Contact author: wangdingg at mail nankai edu cn

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