Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2012/204

Unique Group Signatures

Matthew Franklin and Haibin Zhang

Abstract: We initiate the study of unique group signature such that signatures of the same message by the same user will always have a large common component (i.e., unique identifier). It enables an efficient detection algorithm, revealing the identities of illegal users, which is fundamentally different from previous primitives. We present a number of unique group signature schemes (without random oracles) under a variety of security models that extend the standard security models of ordinary group signatures. Our work is a beneficial step towards mitigating the well-known group signature paradox, and it also has many other interesting applications and efficiency implications.

Category / Keywords: anonymity, anonymous authentication, detection algorithm, group signature, unique signature, verifiable random function.

Publication Info: The proceedings version appears in ESORICS 2012. This is the full version.

Date: received 12 Apr 2012, last revised 13 Jul 2012

Contact author: hbzhang at cs ucdavis edu

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