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Security Enhancement of the Vortex Family of Hash Functions

Shay Gueron and Michael Kounavis

Abstract: Vortex is a new family of one-way hash functions which has been submitted to the NIST SHA-3 competition. Its design is based on using the Rijndael block cipher round as a building block, and using a multiplication-based merging function to support fast mixing in a small number of steps. Vortex is designed to be a fast hash function, when running on a processor that has AES acceleration and has a proven collision resistance [2]. Several attacks on Vortex have been recently published [3, 4, 5, 6] exploiting some structural properties of its design, as presented in the version submitted to the SHA-3 competition. These are mainly »rst and second preimage attacks with time complexity below the ideal, as well as attempts to distinguish the Vortex output from random. In this paper we study the root-cause of the attacks and propose few amendments to the Vortex structure, which eliminate the attacks without a«ecting its collision resistance and performance.

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Date: received 2 Dec 2011

Contact author: michael e kounavis at intel com

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