Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2011/419

On the security of a certificateless short signature scheme

Miaomiao Tian and Liusheng Huang and Wei Yang

Abstract: Certificateless public key cryptography is an attractive paradigm for public key cryptography since it does not require certificates in traditional public key cryptography and, at the same time, solves the inherent key escrow problem in identity-based cryptography. Currently, certificateless short signature is receiving significant attention as it is particularly useful in low-bandwidth communication environments. However, most of the certificateless short signature schemes only support low-level security. Recently, Choi et al. presented a certificateless short signature scheme and claimed that it is provably secure against the super adversaries. Nevertheless, in this paper, we show that their scheme is insecure even against a strong Type I adversary. We also propose a new certificateless short signature scheme which is more efficient and more secure than Choi et al.'s scheme.

Category / Keywords: Cryptanalysis; Certificateless cryptography; Short signature; Bilinear pairing

Date: received 3 Aug 2011, last revised 11 Nov 2011, withdrawn 21 Mar 2012

Contact author: miaotian at mail ustc edu cn

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