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Unconditionally Reliable Message Transmission in Directed Neighbour Networks

Shashank Agrawal and Abhinav Mehta and Kannan Srinathan

Abstract: The problem of unconditionally reliable message transmission (URMT) is to design a protocol which when run by players in a network enables a sender S to deliver a message to a receiver R with high probability, even when some players in the network are under the control of an unbounded adversary. Renault and Tomala [JoC2008] gave a characterization of undirected neighbour networks over which URMT tolerating Byzantine adversary is possible. In this paper, we generalize their result to the case of directed networks.

Category / Keywords: foundations / information-theoretic security, directed neighbour network, Byzantine adversary

Date: received 6 Jan 2011

Contact author: shashank agrawal at research iiit ac in

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