Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/525

Torus-based compression by factor 4 and 6

Koray Karabina

Abstract: We extend the torus-based compression technique for cyclotomic subgroups and show how the elements of certain subgroups in characteristic two and three fields can be compressed by a factor of 4 and 6, respectively. Our compression and decompression functions can be computed at a negligible cost. In particular, our techniques lead to very efficient exponentiation algorithms that work with the compressed representations of elements and can be easily incorporated into pairing-based protocols that require exponentiations or products of pairings.

Category / Keywords: Cyclotomic subgroups, torus-based compression, exponentiation, pairing-based cryptography

Date: received 13 Oct 2010, last revised 20 Oct 2010

Contact author: kkarabin at uwaterloo ca

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