Paper 2010/410

Wild McEliece

Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, and Christiane Peters


The original McEliece cryptosystem uses length-n codes over F_2 with dimension >=n-mt efficiently correcting t errors where 2^m>=n. This paper presents a generalized cryptosystem that uses length-n codes over small finite fields F_q with dimension >=n-m(q-1)t efficiently correcting floor(qt/2) errors where q^m>=n. Previously proposed cryptosystems with the same length and dimension corrected only floor((q-1)t/2) errors for q>=3. This paper also presents list-decoding algorithms that efficiently correct even more errors for the same codes over F_q. Finally, this paper shows that the increase from floor((q-1)t/2) errors to more than floor(qt/2) errors allows considerably smaller keys to achieve the same security level against all known attacks.

Note: expanded version of the SAC proceedings version

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Public-key cryptography
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Published elsewhere. accepted to SAC 2010
McEliece cryptosystemNiederreiter cryptosystemGoppa codeswild Goppa codeslist decoding
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c p peters @ tue nl
2010-10-06: revised
2010-07-24: received
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