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Secure Connectivity Model In Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) Using 1st Order Reed Muller Codes

Pinaki Sarkar and Amrita Saha and Morshed Udan Chowdhury

Abstract: In this paper, we suggest the idea of separately treating the connectivity and communication model of a Wireless Sensor Network(WSN). We then propose a novel connectivity model for a WSN using first order Reed-Muller Codes. While the model has a hierarchical structure, we have shown it works equally well for Distributed WSN. Though one can use any communication model, we prefer to use communication model suggested by Ruj and Roy [1] for all computations and results in our work. One might use two suitable secure (symmetric) cryptosystems on the two different models viz. connectivity and communication. By doing so we have shown how resiliency and scalability are appreciably improved as compared to Ruj and Roy [1].

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Connectivity, Communication, Reed-Muller Codes, Reed-Solomon Codes, Security.

Date: received 19 Jun 2010

Contact author: pinakisark at gmail com

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Note: This paper separates the idea of secure communication and secure connectivity for the first time in an Wireless Sensor Network. We have have also shown how a distributed sensor network can be treated as a special case of hierarchical sensor network in our model. Our model is perfectly secure against channel attacks.

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