Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2010/066

Some Observations on TWIS Block Cipher

Bozhan Su and Wenling Wu and Lei Zhang and Yanjun Li

Abstract: The 128-bit block cipher TWIS was proposed by Ojha et al in 2009. It is a lightweight block cipher and its design is inspired from CLEFIA. In this paper, we first study the properties of TWIS structure, and as an extension we also considered the generalized TWIS-type structure which can be called G-TWIS cipher, where the block size and round number can be arbitrary values. Then we present a series of 10-round differential distinguishers for TWIS and a n-round differential distinguisher for G-TWIS whose probabilities are all equal to 1. Therefore, by utilizing these kinds of differential distinguishers, we can break the full 10-round TWIS cipher and n-round G-TWIS cipher.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Block Cipher, TWIS, G-TWIS, Differential Distinguisher, Differential Cryptanalysis.

Date: received 7 Feb 2010, last revised 8 Feb 2010

Contact author: subozhan at is iscas ac cn

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