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Lightweight Cryptography - Cryptographic Engineering for a Pervasive World

Axel Poschmann

Abstract: In the near future myriads of low-cost pervasive computing devices will enable the ubiquitous computing era that is widely believed to be the next paradigm in computing. Along with all its benefits come new security and privacy risks, which, given the severe cost constraints, provide a remarkable challenge. The thesis at hand provides an engineering approach to lightweight cryptography, a research field that aims at providing low-cost cryptographic solutions for constrained devices. Trade-offs for lightweight cryptography are discussed and, since this thesis has a strong emphasis on hardware implementations, application specific integrated circuit design is briefly introduced. Several lightweight cryptographic primitives for encryption, hashing and identification schemes are presented and their implementation for software and hardware platforms is discussed in detail.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Lightweight Cryptography, Design, Embedded Systems, Hardware, ASIC, S- boxes, Block ciphers, Hash Function, Pervasive Security, IT Security

Publication Info: The Thesis has been published by Europaeischer Universitaetsverlag, in the IT-Security series, no 8. ISBN 978-3899663419

Date: received 23 Oct 2009

Contact author: axel poschmann at gmail com

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